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Tidex is a crypto exchange that offers trading on a convenient terminal since 2017. Low commissions, lots of cryptocurrencies, discounts for token holders, and a referral program are available.
Cryptocurrency exchange
Official website
Social media
Date of foundation
Head Office
Cayman Islands
Types of support
[email protected]TicketsFAQOnline ChatTwitterFacebook
English, French, Russian, Chinese
The owner of the company
Minimum entry amount
  • From 0.0005 BTC
  • From 0.01 ETH
Not available
  • From 0.0005 BTC
  • From 0.01 ETH
Not available
Maximum input amount
No limits
Not available
No limits
Not available
Minimum withdrawal amount
  • From 0.0005 BTC
  • From 0.01 ETH
Not available
  • From 0.0005 BTC
  • From 0.01 ETH
Not available
Maximum withdrawal amount
No limits
Not available
No limits
Not available
Exchange Commission
Trade Commission: 0.1 % for taker
Withdrawal fee: 0.0004 BTC / 0.007 ETH
Author's platform
Age restrictions
From 18 years
Trading volume per day
12.2 BTC
Number of cryptocurrencies
Margin Trading
Tokenized assets
Own TDX token
Free Demo Account
Types of accounts
Execution of orders
Market order
Methods of replenishment
Withdrawal methods
Account currencies
Types of cryptocurrencies
Mobile applications
No mobile apps
Trader training
A way to store cryptocurrencies
Cold: Yes
Hot: no
Fiat accounts
Stop Loss and Take Profit Function
Exchangeability for fiat currencies
Ability to get a loan
Bail in BTC
Tidex Code
Transferring assets between user accounts
Interest rate - up to 40%
Basic verification
Extended AML verification
Regulatory laws
International data protection law
Canadian law
Affiliate Program
Registration5-25% with referral commissions
Convenient trading terminal
Platform compatibility with mobile devices
Low trade commissions
Lots of cryptocurrencies to trade
Ability to get a loan secured by BTC
Loyalty program with discounts up to 90%
High percentages on steaking
24x7 technical support
Open API for cross-platform trading
Little liquidity for many coins
Not all sections of the site are translated into Russian
No legal information about the company
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    Tidex is a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: 17 December 2021 Updated: 9 May 2022

    Tidex - cryptocurrency exchange registered in the Cayman Islands in 2017. Today, its daily trading volume exceeds $2 million. The exchange has established itself as a service with a convenient platform, low commissions and a large number of available for trading cryptocurrencies. In this review, let's look at information about the company's services, convenience of working with it and study user reviews to find out if scammers are cheating crypto exchange Tidex.

    Tidex registration


    Why Tidex?

    Tidex - a cryptocurrency exchange that started operating in 2017. Its platform is user-friendly, its commission structure is simple, and its support center is available 24 hours a day. In addition, the Tidex trading terminal is compatible with mobile devices. This is useful for any trader who wants to trade and monitor on the go.

    Tidex also makes it possible to get a loan in USDT against BTC. It is necessary to create a loan application, transfer the collateral to the exchange account and get a loan. When the loan and interest are repaid, the cryptocurrency is returned to the borrower. The site has a section with a rate calculator. In the "I want to borrow" field, you need to enter the amount to borrow. The minimum amount is 100 USDT. The calculator will calculate what kind of collateral you need to make, indicate the daily interest rate, daily and annual fees. Pros of Tidex loans:

    • without the need to sell crypto-assets to obtain credit;
    • with no discharge deadlines;
    • without checking credit history;
    • instant loans.

    Tidex loans against cryptocurrency

    The exchange has another tool - Tidex Code. It allows you to transfer assets between user accounts. The client can use this tool to deposit and withdraw funds without commission for any asset that is in the account. It is necessary to select the amount of the asset and create an application. The code can be given to another user or activated independently. It takes a few seconds to activate the code which allows you to top up your balance instantly. Website tidex.com intuitive, all information about the company's services is available. The advantages of the exchange include:

    • Low commissions with a simple structure: 0.1% per transaction.
    • High level of security. Risk management and many internal control methods.
    • 24-hour support center.
    • Open API for cross-platform trading.

    Tidex platform site

    Tidex offers not only cryptocurrency trading, but also stacking. It is a passive income generated by storing assets in a cryptocurrency wallet to support blockchain transactions. A stacker receives regular rewards for services rendered to the network. There are dozens of staking coins, each with its own reward rate and terms. Staking gives you the opportunity to earn passive income with a fixed rate of up to 40% per annum. Rewards are accrued daily and can be withdrawn at any time. The exchange has two options for steaking:

    • Fixed rate. A risk-free type of investment. Users receive remuneration for placing a deposit online. The constant percentage of profit is provided by the reserve fund in the amount of 15% of the total amount of bets on the platform.
    • Flexible Rate. Interchain product DeFi, an investment instrument with a higher floating interest rate.

    The benefits of StakingBox by Tidex:

    • Passive income. Steaking - a good alternative to bank deposits. If you bet on USDT or another stabelcoin, you can avoid volatility.
    • No paperwork or unnecessary proof. No documents are needed for steaking. Registration takes about 3 minutes.
    • No Fees. The exchange does not charge fees for placement and withdrawal services.
    • Instant transactions. No blocking periods like other services.
    • Advantageous terms. A bet on TIDEX yields 5% to 40% per annum. This is one of the highest rates of return on investment in the market.
    • Unlimited investments. Any amount in any cryptocurrency.
    • Security. All funds and assets are protected by smart contracts. Betting is fully decentralized.

    tidex.com profitability table


    How to exchange cryptocurrency on the Tidex platform?

    You can exchange cryptocurrency on the site in the trading terminal or through the mobile version. The site is available in several languages, including English and Russian. The trading terminal is simple and resembles the design of platforms of other cryptocurrency exchanges. On the left there are charts that show price fluctuations and market depth. There are marking tools, and there are many indicators in the menu above the chart. Also available are forms for filling buy/sell orders. At the bottom there is an order book, which is divided into two parts, and a "Transaction History" section, where the user can see a list of his transactions in chronological order.

    Tidex trading terminal

    The exchange supports 90+ cryptocurrencies, including tokens based on Waves and top BTC currencies, LTC, ETH, EOS, DOGE etc. There is an opportunity to buy stabelcoins, tied to national currencies. So, USDT, WUSD and WEUR are available. As for order types, there are only market orders. Limit orders are not available. This makes trading quite risky. Having limit or stop limit orders would add more freedom to the trading process.


    Verification on the tidex.com platform

    The registration process on the exchanger site is simple and straightforward. On the main page near the button "Login" in the upper right corner there is a link "Registration", which you can use to go to the form to create an account. In it you enter your e-mail and password. After sending the completed form, confirmation of the account creation will come to the e-mail. After this procedure must be logged in to the site, specifying e-mail, password and code, which will be sent to the e-mail every time you try to log in to the account. Verification on the site is not required.

    tidex.com registration


    Deposit and withdrawal

    The trading platform does not accept any deposit methods other than depositing cryptocurrencies (options for earning on cryptocurrency). If you don't have cryptocurrency but want to start trading on Tidex, you will first need to buy coins on another exchange and then top up your wallet here.

    To make a deposit on the exchange, you need to go to the "Deposit and Withdrawal" section. Deposits are available in one of 4 currencies: BTC, Waves, ETH and LTC. To deposit money, click on the green button next to the name of the desired currency and send the coins from wallet to the deposit address. Take into account the minimum amount, for example, for BTC it is set at 0.0005 BTC. Depositing from a bank card is also available now. You can buy USDT for US dollars. To withdraw cryptocurrency, you also need to go to the "Deposit and withdrawal" page, click on the red button next to the name of the currency and follow the further instructions.

    Cryptoexchange Commission

    Commission tidex.com for takers is 0.10%. These fees are lower than the industry average for centralized exchanges. At the same time, Tidex does not charge any commissions from makers, which contributes to liquidity on the exchange. The withdrawal fees depend on the cryptocurrency, for example, for BTC it is 0.0005. All of them are listed in the table. There is also information about minimum deposit and withdrawal next to the name of each currency.

    Tidex commissions and limits


    Tidex bonuses

    The exchange has a loyalty program. It is also available to participate in the referral program.

    Loyalty Program

    The program is linked to the use of the TDX token, the exchange's service coin. Tidex provides discounts to TDX holders. They range from 5 to 90% depending on the balance. The maximum discount is available to those who have at least 100 thousand tokens on their balance.

    Tidex discount loyalty program

    Referral program

    The Tidex affiliate program is similar to similar offers from other exchanges. Any user can get a referral link and receive remuneration after the registration of each active trader, who has followed it to the exchange. It is 25% from commission of 1st level clients and 5% from 2nd level users.

    Tidex referral program


    Complaints about Tidex

    There are several reviews on the Internet about work at the exchange. Among them there are positive comments from users that rare coins are presented on tidex.com, there is a Russian-language version of the site, although translation is not available on all pages. The pluses also include the simple functionality of the terminal, a profitable loyalty program with discounts for service token holders, low commissions, and the absence of delays in work.
    tidex.com trader reviews

    The disadvantages of the exchange are practically not noted. There are only comments that there is little liquidity on small forks. Users note that Tidex is more suitable for beginners and those who want to understand cryptocurrency trading. For large traders, it is better to choose exchanges from the world's top.

    Tidex user reviews

    If there are any complaints about Tidex, we will be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Regulation of the Tidex crypto exchange

    Today there are many crypto exchangers' websites on the Internet. Therefore, in order to choose a reliable company and not to get into the net of scammers, you need to check the license and study all the documents on the website.


    There is no information about the company's license on the website. There is only a "Legal Information" section, which contains such documents:

    User Agreement tidex.com

    A user agreement has been published on the Terms of Use page. It states that the services of the exchange are aimed at facilitating the exchange of tokens and should not be used as a web wallet. By accessing the site, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old and that you have not used the site's services before. You also represent that you do not live or do business in the United States, the Cayman Islands, South Korea, and the People's Republic of China, excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    Tidex user rights

    There is information about account creation and personal privacy. In a risk statement, the company warns that trading such can be risky. Factors beyond Tidex's control may affect the market liquidity for a particular cryptocurrency. The exchange does not advise users with limited trading experience to engage in active trading.

    Tidex risks on the stock exchange

    Customer Service

    You can contact exchange staff by going to the Support Center site, reading the answers to popular questions, or writing your own ticket. Online chat is also available, where you can ask your question. You can also email your question to [email protected] It's noted that the response time to an email is up to 5 days. The company also has pages on Twitter and Facebook.


    Is Tidex a scam?

    Tidex - cryptocurrency exchange, which began its work in 2017. This is a convenient service with a functional trading terminal, low commissions and a large number of coins for trading. The support center works around the clock, you can ask your question in the online chat or create a ticket on the site. The trading terminal is compatible with mobile devices, which is convenient for those who want to monitor the situation and create transactions anywhere.

    Reviews about the exchange, as a rule, positive. There are virtually no complaints. There is a Russian-language version, but not all pages are translated. The administration should take care of this point. Having studied the work of the exchange, we can conclude that Tidex is not a scam, but a reliable crypto exchange.



    Tidex - crypto exchange, registered in the Cayman Islands, which offers trading in many cryptocurrencies. There is its own service token, to holders of which discounts on trading commissions are available. It has also developed a lucrative referral program. If you have used the services of the exchange, share your opinion with other readers by leaving a comment below.

    Exchange Commission
    Transaction speed
    Technical support


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