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If you're not sure about a company, we'll write a review about it. You will read it and make the right choice.

Why do you need a company check?

To use the services of a company, you have to be sure that it will fulfill its obligations, for example, deliver your cargo on time. Sometimes the experience of acquaintances, reviews on the Internet and word of mouth are not enough to understand whether this company is suitable for you. Then you can contact us and we will thoroughly check the activities of the company.

Our proprietary approach to vetting companies includes a review of the brand's history, services, website, legal information, and documentation. We also study the brand's online reputation, use the company's services to understand how its service is aligned, such as placing an order. As a result you get a detailed review of the company, which you can study and start using its services. This is our work and it's free for you.

How do I leave a request for a company check?

Just 3 easy steps!
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    Register or log in to the system.
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    Apply for a company check.
  • 3
    Wait for a message from us and study the results of the company check.
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If there is no company in our catalog, you can fill out an application to add it or ask us to check it out. It takes a couple of minutes, in the end you will get an expert opinion about the company and determine for yourself whether it is worth cooperating with it.

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We have checked more than 2,500 Russian and foreign companies. We use modern tools and help our readers make the right choice.

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