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Robot for automated trading on cryptocurrency pairs, which works through API connection with cryptocurrency exchanges.
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    RevenueBOT is it a scam? Reviews and description

    12 March 2020

    RevenueBOT - is a trading robot, the work of which is based on the use of volatility of cryptocurrency rates. This software is designed for automatic cryptocurrency trading using an API interface. The system was created by experienced developers on October 11, 2018, and has been successfully operating on Binance, Kraken, Bitmax and other exchanges ever since.

    The cryptocurrency market often experiences sharp price spikes, but this robot continues to produce excellent financial results. The service registers more than 4,000 successful trades per day, completed cycles with profit. Still, RevenueBOT is a reliable and efficient cryptocurrency trading robot or another scam and scammer? Let's answer this question in our review today!

    RevenueBOT robot is a scam? Reviews


    RevenueBOT Registration

    Registration on the portal is completely free, the whole process takes literally a couple of minutes. To create an account in this system and receive passive income, you need to click on the main page of the site button "Registration". After that, a special form will appear on the screen to be filled in, in which you need to enter the following data:

    • email address;
    • password;
    • full name;
    • time zone;
    • interface language;
    • referral number (if any);
    • Messenger - Skype, Telegram, MSN, ICQ or Jabber;
    • more information about yourself.

    RevenueBOT registration

    Then you need to agree with the rules of the service and click "Create Account". That's all the registration! Now we have to wait for the answer from the support service. As a rule, it comes to the e-mail within 24 hours.


    Trading platform

    The platform is simple and easy to use. The site is available in 2 languages - Russian and English. Most robots offer an interface in French, German and other languages. But the developers of RevenueBot decided to limit themselves to only two. However, if you think about it, it's quite an adequate solution. After all, private traders are intellectually advanced people, most of whom are fluent in English.

    RevenuBOT reviews

    RevenueBOT can trade any pair of cryptocurrencies available on an exchange chosen by the trader. In addition, the speculator has the right to run several bots at once and simultaneously trade several pairs of cryptocurrencies on one or more cryptocurrency exchanges. The bot works automatically, but it needs to be properly configured to work effectively (How to make money on cryptocurrency?). RevenueBot is an automated bot for trading on popular cryptocurrency markets (BTC, USDT, ETH) on 12 popular cryptocurrency exchanges: choice of exchange

    This trading robot is created for earning on these cryptocurrency exchanges. The service offers built-in efficient strategies to automate cryptocurrency trading. It provides full statistics on trading and income, as well as a convenient interface to access all possible settings of the robot. To start working on the platform revenuebot.ioYou only need to perform a few simple steps:

    • register on the RevenueBot website;
    • choose a crypto exchange and a trading pair;
    • create an API key on the exchange and add it to;
    • Create a virtual wallet - this will help the bot determine the account with which it will work;
    • choose the algorithm and template of the robot settings, or set them at your discretion;
    • run RevenueBOT.

    RevenueBot service works around the clock. The bot's algorithms are based on Martingale systemwhich is successfully used by thousands of exchange players around the world. The system offers more than 6,000 bots, more than 1,500 of which are active every day. According to statistics, over 100 thousand deals are successfully closed per month. At the moment the resource counts about 5500 users, 10-15 new clients are registered in the system every day. Benefits and features of RevenueBot:

    • No hidden fees, commissions or subscription fees;
    • complete security in use, because all funds are stored exclusively on the exchange accounts of users;
    • The versatility of bots with different settings;
    • interesting affiliate program;
    • the ability to track statistics in your personal cabinet.

    RevenueBOT robot capabilities

    The minimum deposit for the work of the bot is calculated on the basis of the number of orders in the order grid used by the bot. The bot divides the amount of funds on the account into parts. Each of the orders in the grid must meet the requirements of exchanges on the size of the minimum amount. It is recommended to allocate to the bot from 150-200 USD. For example, if you have chosen BINANCE, the minimal order size is 0.001 BTC. To make a grid of 20 orders, you must have about 0.02 BTC on your account. If the deposit is lower, the bot simply will not be able to create orders on the cryptocurrency exchange.

    RevenueBOT takes a 20% commission only on the profit a client makes when trading the bot. But this amount cannot be more than $50 per month (in BTC equivalent). With the right setup, private traders earn +0.2-0.7% from their deposit per day. The service works so that cryptocurrency trading uses a grid of orders that the bot places on the exchange. The volume of these orders is determined by the martingale system. In addition, filters are available to start the bot. Thanks to them, private traders can trade only at the right moments. This helps to make the right decisions and not to sell cryptocurrencies too early and cheap or buy them too early and expensive. The bot trades funds that are in the user's personal account on the exchange. In its work, it uses an API interface designed for placing orders (according to a specific algorithm) and tracking their execution. Now RevenueBot offers 2 algorithms of bot operation:

    • Long - assets are first bought in installments when the price falls and then sold at a higher price;
    • Short - the bot sells assets when the price rises, and then buys sold when it falls.

    It turns out that the success of cryptocurrency trading is determined by the number of orders in the grid, the distance between them and the difference in their weight, as well as the indent of the first and last order in the grid from the current price. All these parameters are set in the bot settings. To learn how to create and manage a bot for automated trading, please refer to the FAQ at

    Robot signals

    The creators of RevenueBot do not provide information about the providers of trading signals. However, private traders consider them accurate for entering a trade. To get a high income, you need to choose the right trading pairs with good volatility. Trading signals for each of the cryptocurrency pairs and volatility indicators are presented on exchanges.


    Demo account RevenuBOT

    Study account on the website there is, but it is significantly different from the demo account of other similar systems. On this site you can use the bot for free until it brings income (cryptocurrency trading training). After the bot receives the first profit, the account balance becomes negative. From that moment, the user has 3 days of free use to get acquainted with the work of the bot and evaluate its effectiveness. Then, if desired, you can replenish the trading account and continue to use the service.

    RevenuBOT demo account


    Mobile application

    The robot runs from the cloud 24 hours a day, so you do not need to install software on your PC and leave it on so the bot does not interrupt your work. Thanks to the cloud launch there is no need to download and install any software. That is, you can earn by using your computer in normal mode.


    Bonuses from RevenueBot cryptocurrency trading robot

    There is no information about bonus programs or promotions on RevenueBot's website. We recommend looking for information about bonuses on the portals of crypto exchanges that this system works with. only has an affiliate program, and it may be of interest to many speculators. Thanks to the RevenueBOT referral program, you can earn passive income just by recommending the robot to your friends or acquaintances, visitors or subscribers. You can get 30% from the earnings of your referred users. Webmasters earn up to 15 USD per month in BTC equivalent from one referral. The minimum payment amount is 0.003 BTC. In general, there are 2 types of promo materials available to partners:

    • Dynamic referral banners of popular sizes in Russian and English.
    • Referral links - text links, HTML links, forum links (with HTTP and HTTPS).

    Payment of referral remuneration is made on request from the site's admin panel. All you need to do to get the profit is to log in to your account and click on the Referral Program link in the top menu. Then choose the appropriate advertising format (link, slogan or banner) and promote it through the Internet - social networks, forums, etc.


    Deposit and withdrawal

    When you create an account at, a BTC wallet is automatically created. The account balance is replenished on the profile page or in the dashboard tab. To do this, click on the link Top-up balance. As soon as the QR code scanning window opens, a transfer to the BTC-purse is made. RevenueBot does not store or accept users' money. All funds are kept in traders' personal accounts on cryptocurrencies. You can deposit your account balance via BTC, BCHABC or ETH. Deposits of BCHABC and ETH are automatically converted to BTC at the current exchange rate. For withdrawals from your account the situation is similar. If you want to get money from commissions on referral program, send your request manually. To do this, enter bitcoin-wallet address in profile settings.


    Complaints about RevenuBOT

    Having studied the reviews of this robot, we noticed that they are mostly positive. Experienced traders use to trade cryptocurrencies and don't regret it one bit. Users write that they like creating and managing their own bots. The martingale system has never failed them. However, there are some complaints. Some users complain about the long wait for answers from the support service. Others do not see the benefits of RevenueBot at all. They write that they only lost their deposit and never managed to earn anything with this robot.

    As far as we understand, newcomers to cryptocurrency trading are losing their deposits. And that's not surprising! You have to know at least the basics of cryptocurrency trading to start making money. The robot has a bunch of settings and interesting functions, it is multitasking and requires the right settings for trading. Only by picking up the right settings, it is possible to trade cryptocurrencies profitably. Otherwise, the deposit will still be drained!

    If there are any reviews about RevenueBOT cryptocurrency trading robot, we will definitely publish the information in social networks. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Robot controller

    The issue of regulation is very important for companies engaged in the financial sector. However, does not offer trust management services for cryptocurrencies and does not advise clients on financial issues. Apparently, this is why RevenueBOT does not have a license. This automated system does not impose any specific settings on users and does not recommend successful strategies in the form of template bot settings. It's up to the trader to decide how the robot will work. User Agreement

    Unlike most automated trading systems, RevenueBot has an "agreement" on its website. It spells out the rights and obligations of the parties, the terms of cooperation between the company and its clients. If you have problems when working with a particular exchange, the management of will not take responsibility: responsibility

    RevenueBOT is not responsible for the profitability of the service, because the client is in charge of the bot settings. There are also restrictions on the number of bots for one account and the conditions for replenishing the balance:

    RevenueBOT robot limitations


    RevenueBot cryptocurrency trading robot is a scam?

    We cannot name RevenueBot a scam and a fraud. The company has a support service, the website has documents - "User Agreement" and "Privacy Policy". Although the robot does not have a license, but many traders trust it and successfully trade cryptocurrencies with it. Using the "martingale" strategy, the bot overlaps negative trades with larger orders. This allows the speculator to significantly secure his funds. However, it is wise to use bots using this method only on a calm market.

    RevenueBOT takes into account 3 technical indicators (RSI, RB, VOL), each of which can be customized to your liking. The robot operates in the "cloud", so the user does not need to buy a powerful PC or install trading software to work with it. In addition, the first 3 days after the robot begins to produce income are free. In this way the client can evaluate the program and make a decision about further cooperation with

    The RevenueBot secure service can trade quite aggressively. One of the features of the system is an automatic algorithm reversal. In specific cases the robot cancels all current trades, after which a bot with the opposite algorithm is activated, and the user's funds are transferred to it for management. Thanks to this, deposits do not become idle and are used in aggressive trading in cryptocurrencies.



    RevenueBOT - is a cloud bot for automated trading on cryptocurrency pairs. It works according to Martingale strategy and through API connection with popular cryptocurrency exchanges. is a very attractive service for passive income. Moreover, you can earn both from trading cryptocurrencies and from attracting new users to the RevenueBot site.

    Withdrawing money


    • Si vous voulez commencer à générer des revenus passifs, ce site est fait pour vous

      Je gagne de l’argent avec ce site depuis près d’un an, tout est parfait, aucune plainte, pour augmenter le dépôt en toute sécurité, c’est parfait, oui, il faut beaucoup de maux de tête et toutes sortes de paramètres pour essayer de trouver le meilleur pour eux-mêmes, mais si vous ne voulez pas vous embêter avec ça, venez me voir dans un groupe tg, il y a tout expliqué, montré et configuré juste pour vous.

      Reply to this review
    • I've been trading the bot on the...

      I’ve been trading the bot on the spot for less than a month. I started with 300 bucks, but there was not enough for 20 orders with 5% martin (as advised), I traded with 17 and in a week my balance dropped to 500. I am now fine-tuning my settings and I am getting 0.5-2% of the bank daily. For this time there were 2 times problems with service, bots stopped working and orders were crooked, but I corrected them manually and still left in the +. Free help with the settings in tg. Screenshot from the cabinet, the last normal bot B1

      Reply to this review
    • In this service for the 2nd month

      In this service for the 2nd month. The first month went well, although with frequent stops bots. The second month began with problems, when the bots are closing in the negative, while reducing the wallets.
      Support considers this the norm and does not want to fix the problem.
      With such an irresponsible attitude to customers I think it is necessary to leave for another service.

      Reply to this review
      • cmit hloe 8 April 2021 at 15:39

        You need to write the bot yourself

      • Timur Nizamov 5 May 2021 at 01:42

        Please email [email protected] just wanted to buy from him(

      • Oleg ERROR 17 May 2021 at 16:28

        Because you are bad, he has 9 bots active in the area "itvol", even the name shows that it is the same bot setup, the more he provides support and updates bots by mail/etc where you could clarify it.

      • Andrey Sych 22 August 2021 at 22:17

        Good evening. Please email me at [email protected] this configuration.

      • Denis Kačinsykiy 22 November 2021 at 22:38
    • Another pyramidco...

      Another pyramidco

      Reply to this review
      • Z - Studio 12 January 2021 at 00:48

        How about this then ?:

      • Z - Studio 12 January 2021 at 00:49

        take away the grade, for no reason, they’re canceling the project!

    • Well, if that's the case, I invite...

      Well, if that’s the case, I invite you to refs to me, I will help with settings and tips, the experience of trading this bot since September 2019, write to the cart @iz1402 and register

      Reply to this review
      • @iz1402 24 May 2020 at 16:17

        my invitee id 7389 do not forget to get in touch! I will top up the balance on the commission with a bonus for my partners

      • Vladimir Kuznecov 11 December 2020 at 17:22

        So, how is the bot? Did you lose the deposit?

      • Z - Studio 12 January 2021 at 00:48

        No, I didn’t. I made money.

      • Only One 23 March 2021 at 13:17

        Can you show me your stats?

      • cmit hloe 11 April 2021 at 13:23

        May profits. [email protected]
        The third day — has not yet accelerated.

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