Our missionis a fair assessment of companies

Our project was created to help Internet users, who make decisions every day and every hour, choose companies, using different resources and still not sure about their decisions. On our website, you will find your company and you won’t regret your choice. To do this, study detailed reviews of the companies, use bonuses and promo codes when ordering, leave reviews, and get feedback from the companies in time. With our project, we also help companies that are interested in feedback from customers, ready to solve problems, and improve their services. We offer you tools to work on your business reputation and attract new customers. Get them by registering on our website.

Our Principles

Any feedback is important

Having worked in the field of company reviews for more than 10 years, we know that more and more negative information and negative reviews are being published online.

According to recent research, more than 80% of reviews posted by customers are negative and only less than 20% are positive. This is because the negative energy dominates over the positive energy. If the client is satisfied, there’s little incentive to leave a positive review—they’re already pleased. However, if the client is dissatisfied, they may harbor negative energy that needs an outlet.

Negativity solves everything

Is that fair? No, because that way you don’t see the “full picture” about the company, you don’t see its positives and negatives. We’re going to change that.

You should be able to find out about any company both positive and negative points and some of them more. Different reviews of a company will help you form a complete picture of it, see its pros and cons and choose the company that suits you best and not be disappointed with it.

Positive reviews should be published and considered when choosing a company. This will balance the negative with the positive. We understand that it’s impossible to get rid of negative reviews completely, but people should know that positive reviews are also needed. If a customer likes a company they should be able to say “thank you”. The company will improve its service, knowing it has grateful clients. The future client will see both the positive and negative sides of the company and make the right choice, which they will not regret.

We want to change people’s idea of feedback as something black, negative, and unpleasant by making it light, positive, and pleasant.

Grateful customers should send reviews to our site, and remember to say “thank you” to the company in the review if it deserves it. Both the company and the users who are looking for a company right now and don’t know about your positive experience need this.

There is nothing more pleasant for business owners and employees than hearing positive words in their address and knowing that the client was satisfied. This is a true “balm for the soul” of the entrepreneur, it stimulates him to new feats, motivates him to become better, and provide his clients with even better service.

We will make the world a better place and people happier.

It is necessary to protect users and companies from scammers

We understand that there is no perfect world in which everyone is happy. Often the quality of service can indeed be abysmal and the attitude toward clients unacceptable. In other cases, the client may just be in a bad mood, a bad day, it could be anything and we are not living in an ideal world. A lot of people are confronted with lewd attitude, and what’s more just plain fraud. Our second mission: to protect people from these kinds of experiences.

Our project is a shield, or in it-speak, a firewall, a protective screen between the user and unscrupulous companies. We want to protect companies from targeted attacks on the business, the machinations of competitors, if that is indeed the case.

There are many sites: second, third, and other echelon sites. These sites are created to specifically write negative reviews about companies and then get paid to remove them. We ourselves have encountered such sites more than once, and we know how they work. We want to create a resource that is much more trustworthy than other sites. Companies would be able to provide reliable information about themselves on our site, shielding themselves from the negativity that is deliberately created on the Internet.

To protect companies and users from negativity, we offer one site where you can track and trust all information, publish reviews, respond to comments, and actively work with the company’s reputation. Users should only rely on reliable information when choosing a company, and the company’s business should not “suffer” because of the actions of competitors, fraudsters.

Negative online content needs to be dealt with intelligently

We understand that there is no such thing as a perfect world where everyone is happy. Even the cleanest, most trustworthy business can slip up and make mistakes, such as a company employee being in a bad mood and sassing a customer.

In such cases, we become a shield between the company and the rest of the Internet. Our project is a kind of “sieve” through which no negativity should pass beyond our portal. There is a wonderful Russian proverb: “don’t take the trash out of the house. We become the first in the way of negativity and allow the company to respond as quickly as possible to a customer’s complaint and resolve it.

As soon as there is a dissatisfied customer, we have to make sure that the first thing they do is come to us and leave their negative feedback. After that we must make sure that this negative feedback immediately reaches the head of the business or an authorized person of the company. It is necessary that the representatives of the business instantly contact the dissatisfied client and solve their problem, so they would not go further on the Internet and would not leave their negative feedback on dozens of other sites. Thus the business owner can keep a hand on the pulse of his business and prevent reputational losses. In life, different things can happen, but our task – in any difficult situation to find a way out.

To keep negativity from spreading online, we offer one site where a company can track negativity in time and address it as quickly as possible. When searching for a company, the user can trust the information on our site and find what they need without being distracted by unnecessary information.

What is the purpose of our project?

Our project was created to help Internet users, who make decisions every day and every hour, choose companies, goods and services. To do this, they turn to various sites and reviews, to the opinion of relatives and friends, they argue and argue with them. They waste their time and nerves, but even after a few days they are not sure that they made the right decision.

Is this the right thing to do? Of course not. We offer to simplify the process of finding a company, product or service. Take a look at our project.

In order to make it informative and useful, we work with a large team. Our authors thoroughly study the activities of companies and write high-quality texts that will be interesting for you to read. Our content managers publish daily reviews and have already published more than 2,500 reviews of companies in various fields. In reviews we tell in detail about companies: about benefits and services, bonuses, discounts and hot promo codes. To keep this information up to date, our team of content managers updates it. Every day our readers leave real company reviews for you to read.

Your comfort and convenience of the site we entrusted to a professional team of developers and designers, and they never cease to amaze us. You will find modern design and service, many times more useful than on another similar site: a convenient personal account with a lot of features, personalized offers from companies, bonuses for activity on the site. You will like it here.

The main value of our work is your right decision and your feedback. Actively publish them and they will help the readers of the project to make a decision, warn against scammers and useless waste of money. We offer you one site that will simplify your life.

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