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Where did it all start?

It all started with the financial markets. And what other field of activity beckons with crazy profits, freedom and prospects? But it turned out that desire and a lot of money are not enough to get a decent income. You need not to become a victim of another fraudulent broker scheme.

How to find an honest broker, to whom to entrust the capital, make a profit and withdraw it without problems? How to protect yourself from swindlers, timely detect schemes of trickery and not to lose your money? These questions interested us and we dived headfirst into financial markets, trading strategies, indicators, terminals and brokers. We offered our readers ratings of honest companies, published reviews of real traders and complaints about scammers. All this was of great help to traders and we received letters of gratitude in our e-mails.

Our readers often asked for help in choosing a reliable company in other areas: what exchanger to use for withdrawal, what school to study in and where to buy a book, a magic trader's mantle or a money cat, which, if stroked, will bring money. This is how we came to our large-scale project, where you will find out information about any companies in different industries, get help and make the right choice.

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