Place a widget on your website to display company reviews and your rating on revieweek.com.

How do I connect the widget?

Just 3 easy steps!
  • 1
    Register or log in.
  • 2
    Find a company in the directory or apply to add a new one.
  • 3
    Select the widget, customize the design and place the code on your site.

Why do you need the revieweek.com widget?

Get another tool for managing customer trust, increasing traffic and conversions. Several widgets are available in your personal dashboard, which you can place on your site.

Show your strengths to customers and attract them to your company. In a convenient and concise form, the widget will show customers the best reviews of the company, its position in the rating, the number of complaints and reviews, evaluation of different company indicators. This information will be useful for clients and will help them decide on cooperation with you.

Show everyone that you are placed with us. Revieweek.com supports businesses and offers a functional platform to help. Here companies manage reputations, run promotions, and customers post reviews, communicate with company representatives, and enjoy personalized bonuses.

Widgets are quick and easy to set up, and you don’t need any programming knowledge to do so. Select one or more widgets to place them anywhere on your website.

Widget with the company rating

Show everyone your ranking position. If you have a high position, you have something to be proud of. Share it on your website. Your customers will be interested in your ranking.

Feedback widget

Show everyone reviews about your company. If you want to show the best testimonials about you and generate interest in your company, choose this widget. Reviews influence the decision to do business with your company and your customers need them.

Search form widget

This widget will be convenient for information portals and will make their project more functional. We add daily reviews to our database, and our readers post hundreds of reviews on different companies. Take advantage of this and your readers will easily be able to find a company or an ideal performer on our site.
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