What are Credible Reviews?

Published:7 September 2022 Updated:10 April 2024

On the “Revieweek™ website, there are 20 040 reviews of companies all over the world and their number is constantly increasing. Every day we publish new reviews left by our users. Before publishing reviews, we check them so that our readers see only reliable information and can make the right decision about cooperation with the company. We do not publish reviews if they do not meet our credibility criteria. 28% of reviews are deleted.

How do we check reviews?

Before we publish a review, we check it. We do not automatically approve every review that comes to our website. Revieweek.com has moderators to check reviews before they are approved and published, contact reviewers, and change their statuses. Our reviews have 4 statuses:

  • Credible. Testimonial from a real person, to which are added facts proving the use of the company’s services. Marked with a green checkmark, it participates in the company’s rating.
  • Review approved for publication. If the review is from a real person and seems useful for the website readers but lacks supporting facts to confirm the use of the company’s services, it’s marked with an orange checkmark and contributes to the company’s rating.
  • Inaccurate. If the review text is brief (up to 150 characters) and/or not useful to readers without any facts proving the use of the company’s services, it is marked with a red checkmark and does not affect the company’s rating. The website support moderators can write to an author of the review to add facts and proof of using the company’s services.
  • Resolved. The review is irrelevant. If the situation mentioned in the review is no longer relevant because it has been resolved by the company, it is marked with a purple check mark and does not affect the company’s rating. The website support moderators may contact the review author to request additional facts and evidence regarding their experience with the company’s services.

The author can add information to their review at any time and improve its status.

All reviews are checked by moderators, specially trained specialists, who study the incoming reviews on a daily basis, publish them, request supporting documents, change the status of the reviews. They work remotely and do not know the authors of reviews, do not represent the interests of any companies, they are interested in displaying the real picture about the companies. When requesting corroborating data, documents indicating the user’s identity are not published on our site.

In addition, companies with the status of “Confirmed Company” are active on our site with reviews. These are active brands that are ready to work with their clients on the Internet: it is important for them to get feedback from their clients and eliminate it in case of negativity:

revieweek.com verified company

You can see them in our rankings and they are visible:

it-divorce.ru is a confirmed company in the rating

These companies work with the information on the site, including reviews: thanking them for positive feedback, clarifying additional information, and helping them to understand and improve their business in the case of a negative feedback:

this-divorce.ru is Bitpapa response to the review

How do you know if a review is authentic?

Feedback represents a consumer’s opinion of a service, company, or product. Nowadays, it’s common to encounter such information on the web, often influencing decisions based on reviews. Yet, how can one distinguish unreliable reviews and prevent making decisions based on them?

Inaccurate reviews:

  • Intentionally positive.
  • Duplicated on other sites on the Internet (with the same mistakes, intonation, about the same size, same script, posted at the same time).
  • Without specific details, with abstract and too general formulations. For example, this model, no complaints, etc.
  • With many enthusiastic evaluations, such as super, delight, and never.
  • With intricate turns, it’s called graphomania.
  • With implausible facts that do not coincide with reality, such as promised fast delivery failing to materialize or an inefficient call center.
  • With too many details.
  • With ads and links.
  • With photos from the web, photo stocks are easy to spot: upload the photo to Google Images and if there are a lot of copies, in the review – you will see where it came from. Stolen photos will have many copies.

Credible reviews:

  • Appear at random times.
  • Different from each other.
  • Lots of details.
  • Lots of details, specifications, and epithets tied to specifics.
  • There are no intentional advertising or praise turns.
  • There’s always something to scold a salesman for.
  • There are no pictures online.
  • You can contact the author of the review and more often than not he will be happy to help.

Publish reviews on our website. They help our readers:

  • Make a decision and choose a trusted company
  • To see the experience of cooperation with the company
  • Avoid mistakes and do not waste money and time.

Your feedback helps companies as well:

  • Get feedback from customers
  • See strengths and weaknesses and understand how to improve your service
  • In time to neutralize the negative and show customers a willingness to improve service.
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