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A new licensed cryptocurrency exchange with favorable conditions, with many additional and useful options for all traders.
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Live Chat: Kick Messenger inside the Kick ecosystem
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Kickex Broker Est OÜ
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10000000 USD
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VISA, Mastercard
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VISA, Mastercard
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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Compound, Kick, Uniswap, Chainlink
FVT000194 by FIU (Активна)
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Legislation of Estonia and the European Union
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RegistrationBonus for each trading commission, which was paid by invited users
Simple platform and bank-grade security
Cashback on all transactions and 24/7 support
European license and fast matchmaker
API and demo mode for beginners
Promotions and bonus offers
Recharges with bank cards
KickEX's own currency drop, token freeze (according to online reviews)
Limited choice of cryptocurrencies and deposit/withdrawal methods
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    KickEX is it a scam? Reviews and description

    30 November 2020

    KickEX - it is one of the most famous, new, but already proven as a reliable companion cryptocurrency exchangeswhich has many additional and useful options for all traders. This exchange was founded from scratch and built entirely on its own software, which implies a high degree of security and lightning-fast response to the possible emergence of any unforeseen situations. KickEX is known not only for its loyalty to its clients, but also for its advanced encryption technology, as well as high banking standards, reliable storage and multifunctional wallets. The story behind KickEX's creation is quite interesting, and dates back to 2015, when there was a worldwide surge in ICOs. Watching closely the development of the market cryptocurrencies, the company decided to create its own crowdfunding project, KikICO, to help startups develop and strengthen its image globally.

    A few years later, the project grew into an entire ecosystem, creating a single referral program, an entry system, and finally the main element of the entire working structure - the KickEX exchange, by May 2020. Overall, the Kick ecosystem is a universal platform for the cryptocurrency community, based on three main functions: digital asset exchange, fundraising platform, and payment acquirer itself. Clients whose choice fell on KickEX simply do not need to use the services of third-party services, as the company provides absolutely everything that a modern trader needs: from the referral system and to the unified knowledge registry, which contains all useful information about working with the exchange and related projects. But before trading on any exchange, a trader must be sure that he is using the services of a reliable company (cryptocurrency trading training). That's why in this review we will analyze in detail the specifics of KickEX, examine the aspects of verification, consider additional options, check the details and get acquainted with the reviews on the Internet. After that, the user will be able to find out whether KickEX can be trusted and whether it is a scam?


    Why KickEX?

    At the present time on the Internet you can find a large number of different cryptocurrency exchanges, offering their customers a variety of favorable conditions and additional options (How to make money on cryptocurrency?). To understand why you should opt for KickEX, you should note its advantages as follows:

    • simple and intuitive platform;
    • bank level security;
    • cashback on all transactions made;
    • 24/7 qualified user support;
    • European license;
    • fast matcher and flexibility in trading strategies;
    • API availability;
    • demo mode for beginners;
    • periodic promotions and bonus offers.

    KickEX is a scam? Reviews


    How to exchange cryptocurrency on the KickEX platform?

    The process cryptocurrency trading on the exchange takes place in several steps, and the procedure itself does not take much time. Any unregistered user can go to the "Markets" tab, where all the currently available offers can be viewed. On a separate page, the client will see the entire list of currency pairs, which are involved in the turnover. Here you can see the latest price, the change in the percentage ratio, as well as the volume of total trades for the last day.

    At the moment you can see such pairs as: ETH/BTC, BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, ETH/PAX, BTC/PAX and many others, which are available to the trader at the start. For example, if a client has a certain amount in bitcoins and wants to exchange it for etherium, then he needs to choose the trading pair ETH/BTC. After selecting the desired pair, the next page opens with an interactive chart showing all the information on the currency for the current week. At the bottom there will be a special form where you will need to enter the price and amount of the currency by selecting the appropriate financial transaction item (buy/sell). However, it should be noted that at this stage the authority of the unregistered user ends, and instead of the "Buy" button two active links "Login" and "Register" will be displayed. Consequently, only traders who have a personal account can exchange cryptocurrencies on the KickEX platform.

    KickExchange cryptocurrencies


    Verification on the platform

    As the company places great emphasis on the security of the platform and when making transactions, in some cases the user will need to verify his account in order to receive a number of extended functions. For example, a verified user has no deposit and withdrawal limits for one calendar month, and without this procedure the deposit is only available in the amount of €15,000, and the withdrawal - €1,000 respectively. Sometimes verification is a mandatory procedure in case the user resides in a country, which is a high-risk country, but Russia and the CIS countries are not among them.

    KickEX registration

    The procedure itself is carried out in several steps, and the entire identification process takes place on the side of Sum&Substance, one of the leaders in this field. One of the important conditions for successful passing is that the account owner must be over 18 years old and reside in a country that is not on the risk list. In order to understand how exactly one can verify an account, each step should be described in detail:

    • Providing documents. In the user account there is a special tab "Verification", by clicking on which the client opens a separate page with a small form, where you need to write your date of birth. Then it is necessary to go to the next item by selecting the country and type of the document to be uploaded (passport/driving license). It is possible to upload photos both from a mobile device and from a computer. After uploading the document photos, the user proceeds to the next step.
    • Liveless verification. Another identity verification process that will confirm the legitimacy of the documents sent. This requires giving the site permission to use the camera and recording a short video clip where the client is required to make a slight rotation of the head in the center of the lens. Once the recording is complete, the video file is sent to the server and the user can move on to another step.
    • Data validation. The system will ask you to double-check all sent photos and videos, and then you will need to click the appropriate button and all the data will be sent for verification. Usually it takes a few minutes, but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours.

    After successfully completing the verification procedure, the user will be able to withdraw and deposit amounts without any limits, as well as deposit funds by bank card. verification


    Deposit and withdrawal

    To buy and withdraw cryptocurrency on the KickEX exchange, you need to have your own personal account, because the platform does not act as a fast exchange. The process of registering on the site itself does not take much time, and after creating an account, the client will be able to go to the "Wallet" section. Here it is necessary to select all the parameters, including the currency, its amount, and then at the bottom of the page a special address will appear, which is needed for the transfer. It is important to note that before sending it is necessary to make sure that the choice of currency is correct, because in some cases, the payment may not be successful and the funds will simply disappear. For example, when choosing to fund the wallet ETH, the client needs to deposit only the currency ETH.

    KickEx demo mode

    Withdrawal of earnings

    As for the withdrawal of funds, the procedure is almost identical, and differs only in the choice of financial operation in the context menu. The "Wallet" section will display the entire list of available digital currencies, where you can immediately select the type of financial operation (deposit/withdrawal). The interface of the platform is intuitive, so any difficulties should not arise, and the exchange process is carried out in just a couple of clicks. In order to make a financial transaction, the client needs to do the following manipulations:

    • select the desired currency;
    • in the context menu click on the desired type of operation (deposit/withdrawal);
    • enter the desired amount and see additional information;
    • confirm the process by clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.

    On the right side of the same page will be displayed a brief history of all transactions made on the site under the current account. The user will be able to see the coin for which the withdrawal or purchase was made, the status of the request, the amount of currency and the time of the transaction. It is also important to note that when exchanging for any currency on the site the client has a limit on the maximum amount of financial transactions. The same applies to financial transactions via bank cards, as KickEX does not allow deposits and withdrawals to a card without prior verification by the user.

    Cryptoexchange Commission

    As for the additional charges, the basic trading commission is: 0.05%, taker 0.07%, but it can also be reduced by a number of the following factors:

    • for the trading volume of the last 30 days (calculated individually);
    • for the number of KickToken tokens on the balance (10%, if there were tokens on the balance in the amount of at least $50,000);
    • for the number of KEX tokens on the balance (10% if the balance contained tokens of at least $50,000);
    • for paying the trade commission with KickToken tokens (25% discount applies only to the part of the commission that is paid in KickToken).

    KickEX Commission

    Depositing and withdrawing commission

    When it comes to deposits, KickEX does not charge a fee. And if the user wants to withdraw funds, it is set in blockchain currency and recalculated into the withdrawal currency at the current exchange rate when proceeding to the "Withdrawal" page, before the user enters the transfer amount. Also on KickEX you can see several types of withdrawal fees - dynamic and fixed. So, KICK, USDT (ERC-20), ETH, COMP, LINK, UNI currencies have dynamic commission (at the moments of high trading activity it can be increased). As for the fixed fee, you will have to pay the following amount for transactions of these currencies:

    • USDT (Omni) - 6.5 USDT;
    • BTC - 0.00065 BTC;
    • BCH - 0.007 BCH.


    KickEx bonuses

    Cryptocurrency exchange KickEX periodically conducts various contests and bonus events, the launch of which is notified by notifications in the personal cabinet, or placing special banners on the main page of the site Sometimes these can be both long-term promotions and thematic promotions that have a certain period of validity.


    There is currently one contest at KickEX where you can win cash prizes in KICK and $KEX currencies, with a total prize pool of $10,000. The promotion is held as part of the alternating listings of the most popular DeFi tokens on the exchange, and this time the main currency is designated as LINK (Chainlink). According to the terms and conditions, to take part in the contest, all you need to do is to repost the relevant entry on Twitter, and then continue to actively trade LINK/BTC and LINK/USDT pairs using any type of order. 100 participants will receive a guaranteed prize and additional tokens. contests


    On the company's website You can find information about cashback on all transactions made. By cashback, KickEX means accruing KEX tokens (a seven-stable KickEX exchange token with proof-of-trade mechanics and a fixed price in the Kick ecosystem). At the moment, a trader can get 1 KEX for every 2 USDT of trading commission. According to the company, soon the currency will become the main one and will be in line with BTC, ETH and USDT. Now the trader can use this currency as a means of withdrawal of referral earnings, where it will be required to pay 50% in KEX of the withdrawal amount.

    Referral program

    KickEX has its own referral program (Kickref), which is part of the Kick ecosystem. At the moment there are already more than 1,000,000 people registered in it, and the total number of accrued bonuses within this program reaches about $1,850,000. The referral program of KickEX looks more like a pyramid because its essence is inviting new traders by clicking a special link. The owner of the link receives a bonus for each trading commission, which was paid by the invited users, and the amount of remuneration will depend on the level of the referral. It should be noted that after registration the user is given a gift of 5,000 KICK to the ecosystem account from which the commission for transactions can be paid.

    KickEx referral program


    Complaints about KickEX

    On the Internet you can find not too many reviews about the work of this exchange, because most often there are various discussions about the specifics of its activity, or questions about its functioning. Nevertheless, the comments are still there, and it is worth talking about them in more detail. Many users note the convenience of KickEX, putting special emphasis on its ecosystem and the availability of additional tools. Some people praise the project for the quality and qualified support service, which is multilingual and works around the clock. The next plus of KickEX traders singled out the availability of discounts for commissions, as well as the ability to top up their balance using bank cards. One of the most frequent pluses of the exchange based on user feedback is its design and user-friendly control panel.

    As for the negative points, in most cases, participants complained about a sharp drop in their own currency KickEX, explaining that the exchange is unreliable and should not be trusted with their deposits. We also saw negative comments about the freezing of tokens, which were issued as part of various promotions. In general, most of the negative comments are immediately explained by the reviewers as a consequence of ignorance of the exchange, because it is a relatively new player in the market and has not yet fully demonstrated to traders its capabilities and potential.

    KickEX reviews

    If there are any reviews about KickEX Crypto Exchange, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Crypto exchange regulation

    Every trader, whether a beginner or a professional, before trading on any exchange, must be sure that the project is regulated and has all necessary licenses and accompanying documentation. Since the work on exchanges is directly related to money, the user must be confident in the integrity of the company. The legal aspect of the KickEX exchange is quite extensive, and you can see several documents on the company's website that confirm the fact of reliability on the part of the legal regulation. At the bottom of the site page you can find the tab "Licenses", where you can see that the activity of KICKEX BROKER EST OÜ is regulated by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The company has received the appropriate permission to provide virtual currency exchange services and create an electronic wallet, which is developed as part of the Kick ecosystem.

    The project received a license number FVT000194 and has the full right to provide financial services in strict compliance with the legislation of the European Union. It is worth noting that companies with such a license will be able to legally protect the digital assets of their users. In terms of security, advanced encryption and banking standards, combined with an official license, have entailed the implementation of several anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism procedures. By adopting specific measures ("Know Your Customer" (KYC), "Anti-Money Laundering" (AML) and "Combating the Financing of Terrorism" (CFT)), KickEX not only increases project security, but also meets the standards of doing business in Europe. User Agreement

    As written above, the site of the exchange contains all necessary documentation, including the user agreement, which is located on the tab with the same name at the bottom of the page. The document itself is voluminous, written in English, and has 29 sections. Here the user can read all the basic concepts of the exchange (transactions, deposit, fiat money, etc.), the registration and verification procedure, see information about the provision of services and internal tokens, as well as learn the rules for deposit and withdrawal of funds from the project. Of the important things to note is paragraph 13.2, which states that KickEX has the right to withdraw funds already made, if the company has received a request from financial institutions about possible unauthorized actions on the part of the client. What is noteworthy is the absence of paragraphs describing the process of contesting such situations. crypto exchange rules

    There is also a paragraph about external links that are posted on The company makes no warranties or representations whatsoever about any content provided by any third party and assumes no responsibility for it, including the accuracy of such content or the use of personal information that is provided to these websites.

    KickEx Guarantee

    As for other documents, the site also has a privacy and personal data protection policy, where the user can read the rules for the collection, storage, processing and transfer of confidential client information. According to KickEX, all aspects of handling such data are handled in strict compliance with European Union law.

    KickEX personal data processing

    The Company may share personal information with any member of the KickEX team, where that includes subsidiaries, affiliates, the ultimate holding company and its subsidiaries. KickEX may also transfer the user's personal information to the following third parties: business partners and counterparties, advertising networks, government agencies and banking institutions.

    Customer Service

    There are the following ways to contact the support team of the KickEX cryptocurrency exchange:

    • by e-mail: [email protected];
    • social media;
    • Kick Messenger (chat within the Kick ecosystem).


    Is KickEX a scam?

    Currently KickEX - is a regulated exchange, licensed by the European Union and headquartered in Estonia, which confirms the constant quality control and compliance with all safety standards. The exchange has a unique interface that allows new traders to quickly get accustomed to the world of trading, and provides extended functionality to experts in the field. KickEX members from over 150 countries trade with low commissions and high cashback, which applies to all trades on the exchange. KickEX also supports the new STO fundraising tool, giving customers the ability to trade both utility and security tokens within a single system. By and large, the functionality of the project is extremely large, and the main advantage is the implementation of all aspects of digital currency trading under the regulation of one company.

    A high level of security, almost complete automation of the process, saturated markets and liquid assets - all this makes KickEX competitive and stands out among similar platforms today. In this review, we have analyzed in detail the specifics of this exchange, studied its features and trading rules, got acquainted with possible bonuses, and also checked the details of the company and read online reviews. Based on the data obtained, we can say that KickEX is not a scam, but a relatively young project, which is just beginning to demonstrate its potential and definitely deserves the attention of traders.



    Exchange KickEX welcomes clients with its design and ease of use, including its own ecosystem with all the necessary tools. Traders can exchange currencies and deposit by card, and the verification procedure is not mandatory in many cases. Low commissions and high security of the project only strengthen the positive image, which can also be said about the EU license, which not all popular exchanges have. If you have had experience with KickEX, write us about it below, in the column "Feedback".

    Exchange Commission
    Transaction speed
    Technical support


    • Happy with the exchange

      The most important thing in the exchanger is security and KickEX in this regard is an excellent exchanger. I am not afraid for my data. That is why I had to leave Binance and find a good substitute, which is KickEX. The exchange is frequently updated, so there are no problems with withdrawal, orders and other little things. The exchange is linked to a token, and the more popular it is and has more volumes, the higher the price of the token. That’s why it’s important to tell all your trader friends about KickEX.

      Reply to this review
    • normal exchange

      If you want to try something new, then kickex is a good option. regular listings, updated referrals, convenient application. overall everything is ok.

      Reply to this review
    • It's okay

      I do not know much about cryptocurrency and trading, everything I know my husband told me and advised me to start trading on KickEX. I immediately liked the exchange because it is easy to use, everything is clear and simple. it is easy to deposit, easy to withdraw. there are coins that my husband and I trade, some new ones appear regularly. there is also an application for my phone, but I do not feel comfortable, on the computer is easier.

      Reply to this review
    • Exchange in general is good for everyone

      Exchange in general is good for everyone. As a newcomer to crypto, I found this exchange very clear and convenient. There are not so many coins, which makes it more convenient, because you do not get lost in a lot of things. I liked the interface itself, and before that, of course, I tested the exchange in demo mode. I’ve been trading small amounts of money so far, but later I will try to increase the volume. I would like to withdraw my star for high commission, but this exchange is good and I do not want to withdraw my star. I hope that more people will learn about the exchange, because the project itself is very cool.

      Reply to this review
    • I think that the strength of the...

      I think that the strength of the project in its team, and the project Kick Ecosystem has a very strong team, so all products are made excellent. I think that the strength of his team and the project Kick Ecosystem has a very strong team and that is why all products are great. I think it will be available on Android soon. For me the most important thing is that there are coins that I trade with. And there are no junk tokens. In terms of volumes the exchange will suit both the beginner and the experienced trader, and to increase the volume you have to invite your friends and you will be happy:) Commission can be controlled, the higher your trading volumes, the lower the commission. I do not know what else to say about this exchange, because it does not stand out in particular, it’s just good. You have to try it yourself to understand it.

      Reply to this review
    • I give it a 5 out of...

      I give it a 5 out of 5. Of course, there are still things to work on, but overall everything is cool. The listings are cool (hopefully only the coolest coins will come next), a super app that makes everything very convenient. Support responds immediately. They have a great chat in the Live Chat where the guys will tell me something and the CEO can answer any questions about the development of the project. They are good. I hope that they will be able to attract major investors to develop further, but for now they pay all attention to the exchange and it is really worth your attention.

      Reply to this review
    • They say that this is in the...

      They say that this is in the plans, and that’s good:) in general, before I started trading on KickEX, I first tried the demo mode to understand how it is in general. i was satisfied and have already started trading. i like that tokens are replenished regularly. i have no problems with withdrawal, and if there were any questions, i wrote to support and got help very quickly. i believe that they will grow next year, both in volume, and in the number of new traders, and in new coins.

      Reply to this review
    • For me it is an ordinary exchange

      For me it is an ordinary exchange, without any super-duper features, but it does not negate the fact that I really like it!) I trade on it not so long, but in general there are no complaints. I have never been used to trade on this site before. I don’t wait for long time to close trades, everything happens fast) They often write some updates and introduce new features that make trading more convenient. I want more volumes, but I think they will be in a couple of months. It is difficult to say whether it is for beginners or not, but it is difficult to say whether it is for beginners or not. I can recommend both the exchange and the token, because I myself am confident in the project.

      Reply to this review
    • I have seen many such projects in...

      I have seen many such projects in my lifetime, which appeared and tried to do something, but ended up deflated. but I can praise kick, their iso has been alive since 2017, and some companies are still collecting money on it, I think this is some kind of indicator of work. Now everything is going well. the exchange is improving, somehow upgraded, the token is a little disappointing, but I think everything is ahead of the team and the token) I recommended the exchange to a couple of experienced people, they did not say anything bad about it, it has room to develop).

      Reply to this review
    • I read a lot of reviews before...

      I read a lot of reviews before I started trading on KikcEx, but I can say one thing, that some people just praise it without any constructive feedback. I have not seen anything suspicious on the exchange, in fact, my impressions are good. The trades on the current trading pairs do not hang for a long time, the volumes are quite normal (and if you want more — invite people). They are very impressed by the fact that the chat can write your suggestions about the functionality of the exchange, and it can be fine-tuned. That is, they really listen to users and take into account their opinions. The application was recently released. I would like some kind of movement, maybe a collaboration with someone, but I think that the guys already know everything and are planning) The very exchange for trading is suitable, no extraordinary things it can not, like other exchanges, but it is worth attention!

      Reply to this review
    • I heard a lot of stories about...

      I heard a lot of stories about the token and the exchange itself, of course, it all aroused suspicions, but then, when I tried the team’s products myself, I had no suspicions at all. Yes, the token is cheap, but there is already a question of its recognition and the hype around it, I think that the team is doing something for this. So far, you can only benefit from steaking, well, maybe even buy more if possible. As for the stock exchange, I did not see anything extraordinary. This is the usual exchanger, well put together, it is clear that they work on it and will work. There are nice things like referral and cashback, but so far it is only cupcakes, which you can use to reduce the commission. In short, I think they have room to grow and that’s what they’re going for

      Reply to this review
    • I do not have so many tokens...

      I do not have so many tokens that I can call myself a holder) I will wait for the price increase, see how they will feel, while I get the perks from the steaking. In general, it is a very interesting project, they have a developed ecosystem that contains many products, including the exchange. I do not trade actively on the exchange, I have not yet recovered from coinbase, but I think all is ahead. I hope that the volume will grow in the stock exchange).

      Reply to this review
    • Excellent exchange, both for beginners and pros

      Excellent exchange, both for beginners and pros. The volumes are good, the exchange is becoming more popular, and this means more traders will come. By the way, on the exchange did not notice the bots, which is very good) A big plus — a lot of trading pairs, and well, the transactions are closed fairly quickly. I have not used the referral program, maybe I’ll find someone to invite, because now is the time. I can not miss to note the redesign of the exchanger, it became more convenient. I’m waiting for an application for android)

      Reply to this review
    • I read a lot of stories about...

      I read a lot of stories about tokens and the exchange, and I did not see anything that could strain) I bought some tokens at a low price, I will monitor what happens to it. I think it is a promising project that does not abandon its products, but rather modernizes them.

      Reply to this review
    • You can't call Kick projects a scam

      You can’t call Kick projects a scam, they are very active in developing everything, and they have a very responsive community and support. I like KickEcosystem. Not a single one of their projects is left without attention. Moreover, they are supported by Skolkovo. I bought their tokens and now get rewarded for staking, started trading on their exchange not so long ago. On the whole, I am satisfied with everything they do.

      Reply to this review
    • Thank you for such a detailed and...

      Thank you for such a detailed and detailed analysis and review! We are really working to make KickEX Watch the best exchange, and definitely one of the top 10. And it will be!

      Reply to this review
    • I have been waiting for a long...

      I have been waiting for a long time for Kekex to come out, I am currently trading on it, it is a new market, there are many opportunities in the form of increased cashback, different types of orders. I have been waiting for kekex to open, but now I am new to it and have many good opportunities in the form of increased cashback and different types of orders. I have no sharks yet, trading here (on Kikex) is one pleasure, while I make this commission, I will keep 5 more in my pocket. I recommend it to everyone.

      Reply to this review
    • At its launch, crypto exchange KickEX was...

      At its launch, crypto exchange KickEX was giving away tokens for registration, attracting new customers. But according to recent online reviews, the exchange’s own currency has plummeted and tokens have been frozen. But despite this, a large number of traders claim successful trading on the exchange and that the exchange pays out money without much delay. We have analyzed the service, and concluded that the verification of the account is not obligatory, but you need to verify it on the registration stage to avoid problems with withdrawal. Have you had any experience with KickEX, and what recommendations can you give to those who are new to cryptocurrency trading?

      Reply to this review
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