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OMGFIN is a young cryptocurrency exchange that offers low commissions, cashback and a profitable affiliate program.
Cryptocurrency exchange
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Types of support
[email protected]FAQTelegramFacebookTwitterInstagramReddit
The owner of the company
OMGFIN Limited
Minimum withdrawal amount
  • From 0.002 BTC
  • From 0.02 ETH
  • From 1 UQC
  • From 0.002 BCH
  • From 1 NEO
  • From 5 GAS
  • From 0.2 XVG
No limits
  • From 0.002 BTC
  • From 0.02 ETH
  • From 1 UQC
  • From 0.002 BCH
  • From 1 NEO
  • From 5 GAS
  • From 0.2 XVG
No limits
Maximum withdrawal amount
  • Up to 2 BTC
  • Up to 1 ETH
  • Up to 1,000 UQC
  • Up to 50 BCH
  • Up to 100 NEOs
  • Up to 500 GAS
  • Up to 10,000 XVG
No limits
  • Up to 2 BTC
  • Up to 1 ETH
  • Up to 1,000 UQC
  • Up to 50 BCH
  • Up to 100 NEOs
  • Up to 500 GAS
  • Up to 10,000 XVG
No limits
Exchange Commission
Trade Commission: 0.1 % for maker / 0.1 % for taker
Withdrawal fee: 0.0005 BTC / 0.005 ETH / 3.26 UQC / 0.001 BCH / 0.025 NEO / 0.005 GAS / 0.101 XVG
Age restrictions
From 18 years
Trading volume per day
1314 BTC
Number of cryptocurrencies
Number of trading instruments
Margin Trading
Up to 1:3
Tokenized assets
Free Demo Account
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Execution of orders
Market order, Limit order
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Withdrawal methods
Account currencies
Types of cryptocurrencies
EFIU Licenses No. FVR000604 (for virtual currency to paper currency exchange services) and No. FRK000513 (for virtual currency wallet services) (Active)
Mobile applications
No mobile apps
Trader training
FAQ with instructions for registration, deposit and withdrawal of coins, etc.
A way to store cryptocurrencies
Cold: Yes
Hot: no
Fiat accounts
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Exchangeability for fiat currencies
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Working with indicators, graphical tools
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Extended AML verification
Regulatory laws
Estonian law
International data protection law
FATF (Financial Action Task Force)
Read morePublic Rest API for OMGFIN
Affiliate Program
Registration15% commissions on transactions of invited users
Optimal conditions for trading
High level of security
Intuitive interface
Wide range of digital assets
Round-the-clock support
Low commissions
Cashback program
Few payment methods
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    OMGFIN is a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: November 16, 2021 Updated: February 4, 2023

    OMGFIN - that cryptocurrency exchangewhich entered the market in 2018. The company creates systems for trading digital assets aimed at young investors. The aim of the project is to unite traders so that they can exchange experiences and help each other to achieve their individual goals in terms of profit. In this review, we will look at what exactly the crypto exchange offers to its clients and whether it is a scam. reviews


    Why OMGFIN?

    OMGFIN positions itself as the most reliable exchange of digital assets. It offers its users:

    • 53 digital assets - BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, REP, BAT, ZRX, BCH et al;
    • 140 trading pairs - ETH/BTC, UQC/BTC, LTC/BTC, BCH/ETH, BTT/UQC, BTC/.USDT et al;
    • optimal trading conditions and low commissions;
    • affiliate program and cashback;
    • fast transaction processing;
    • training materials and instructions;
    • 24-hour technical support;
    • simple and straightforward interface of the platform.

    OMGFIN to trade cryptocurrency


    How to exchange cryptocurrency on the platform

    To exchange cryptocurrencies You need to register on the site After registration, a list of all current digital assets will appear in the personal cabinet. Next to each currency there are "Deposit", "Withdrawal" and "Exchange" buttons. Actually, by clicking on these buttons, you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another.

    OMGFIN exchange cryptocurrency

    You can also exchange cryptocurrency by trading it on the OMGFIN platform. You specify what coins you want to bet and what coins you want to get. If you make a successful transaction, you will not only exchange the currency, but also make a profit.


    Verification on the OMGFIN platform

    OMGFIN offers two levels of verification. For basic KYC1 verification, it is enough to register and confirm your email by following the link in the letter. But to withdraw larger sums of money, you must go through extended verification KYC2. To do this, go to the section "Account" and select "Identity Verification". verification

    Here you need to enter your full name, phone number and address. And also upload a passport photo and selfies with the document and a note with the word "OMGFIN" and today's date.


    Deposit and withdrawal

    To deposit to your account, you need to click on "Balance" and click on "my balance". Then choose the currency you want to deposit. In the example of Ethereum, click the appropriate "Deposit" icon.

    OMGFIN deposit

    Then click on "Show address" and send coins to this address. You can copy the deposit address or scan the QR code.

    OMGFIN recharge

    There is also an "Withdraw" button next to each currency. Click it next to the desired cryptocurrency. withdraw funds

    Enter the pickup address and the amount you want to withdraw. Enter the login password and 2FA code from the application. Click Submit. Check the email inbox you used to register your OMGFIN account and click on the link. When the withdrawal is complete, the status will show "Withdraw successfully". You can check the status of your withdrawal by clicking "Balance" and then "History.

    OMGFIN Crypto Exchange Commission

    OMGFIN offers commission from 0.045%. For the takeers and makers the commission for trade is 0.1%. And the commission for the withdrawal is as follows:

    • BTC - 0.0005 BTC;
    • ETH - 0.005 ETH
    • UQC - 3.26 UQC;
    • BCH - 0.001 BCH;
    • NEO - 0.025 NEO;
    • GAS - 0.005 GAS;
    • XVG - 0.101 XVG, etc.


    OMGFIN bonuses

    OMGFIN offers a 25% discount, cashback up to 30% and a referral program. That's what we'll talk about next.

    Discount 25%

    By default, if you hold UQC in your account, trading commissions will automatically be deducted from your UQC balance. Using UQC for transaction fees provides a 20% discount on your trading fees, which will apply for the first 6 months and 10% for the next 6 months. The value of the UQC amount depends on the market price. You are only eligible to use one coin to pay the discounted amount.

    Cashback up to 30%

    You can share your purchases and sales with your friends on social networks and get up to 30% in cashback. You'll get the same cryptocurrencies you earned. For example, if you trade in bitcoins, you will receive a certain amount in bitcoins after the transaction is completed. It's important that the people you share the link with complete the same transaction. When the number of people you share with and the total amount reaches the required minimum, the cashback system is automatically activated and calculates the reward for all participants in the transaction. The reward amount is added to the account after the transaction is completed.

    Affiliate Program

    You can use the referral link and invite friends to the site For this you will be provided with 15% commissions from their transactions.


    Complaints about

    There are reviews online that accuse OMGFIN of fraud. They write that this project is a big scam and the profits from this site can never be withdrawn. However, these articles do not provide specific examples and arguments - reviews of real clients, etc. So there is reason to believe that the reviews are written at the request of competitors. At least, we did not manage to find any complaints about this crypto exchange on the web. This company is new, we did not find any reviews about it - neither negative, nor positive. The project has not been noticed in any frauds. If there was anything wrong, the Internet would be filled with complaints about this crypto exchange.

    If there are any complaints about OMGFIN, we will be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Regulation of OMGFIN crypto exchange

    Among crypto exchanges there are both honest companies and scammers. To understand the integrity of a crypto exchange, it is necessary to study its regulation and check whether it has a license. That's what we're going to do next.


    OMGFIN Limited is registered under registration number 14556327 under the laws of the Republic of Estonia. Licensed and regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit under license number FVR000604 for the provision of virtual currency to paper currency exchange services and FRK000513 for the provision of virtual currency wallet services.

    User Agreement

    The document states that the company has the right to block customer accounts if it notices violations on their part.

    OMGFIN User Agreement

    Here traders are also notified that trading in digital assets is very risky.

    OMGFIN reviews

    The management of the cryptoexchange warns about the possibility of changing the content of the site at any time, without warning. site change

    The "agreement" spells out the rules for registration, stating that the user must provide a valid email address and password.

    OMGFIN conditions of registration

    The document states that the company is not responsible for the loss of income and information by customers.

    OMGFIN exchange responsibility

    Customer Service

    The support team can be contacted as follows:


    Is OMGFIN a scam?

    OMGFIN is not a scam or fraud. This is a young cryptocurrency exchange, which appeared on the digital asset market in 2018. The company offers a variety of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs, cashback and affiliate program, low commissions and a simple platform interface. There are several ways of contacting the support team to choose from. The activity is regulated by the legislation of Estonia.

    We did not find any reviews about the platform on the web. But there are articles accusing the company of fraud. They write that it is possible to invest money in the project without problems, but it is impossible to earn and withdraw profit. There is no proof of this fact. Most likely, these articles are written at the request of competitors. If there were complaints, we would have found them on the Web.



    OMGFIN - is a young cryptocurrency exchange, which offers low commissions, cashback and affiliate program. There should not be any difficulties when working with this company, all the rules of working with platform are described in the "Support" section. The knowledge base tells how to register on the site, how to deposit and withdraw coins, what is the cashback program, and much more. If you have any additional questions, you can always contact the support team by e-mail or in social networks.


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