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AgoraDesk is a trading platform where users can buy and sell cryptocurrency to each other. There are many offers to buy and sell BTC and XMR for other digital assets and fiat.
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British Virgin Islands
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English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Russian, Portuguese
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Blue Sunday Limited
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No limits
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Fiat Currency
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No limits
Fiat Currency
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Fiat Currency
Minimum withdrawal amount
No limits
Fiat Currency
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Fiat Currency
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Arbitration Defense Commission: 1 %
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From 18 years
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Affiliate Program
Registration20-40% on the amount of transactions of referrals
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    AgoraDesk is this a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: January 18, 2022 Updated: 20 February 2023

    AgoraDesk - a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency service. It is a trading platform where users can buy and sell cryptocurrency each other. Users, called traders, create ads with the price and payment method they want to offer. Other visitors to the site can browse these listings and search for the payment method that suits them. You can select offers in your area to complete the transaction in person.

    To understand how safe crypto exchange and whether it's worth trading on it, we've studied its work and compiled this review. If you have experience trading on AgoraDesk, help us understand if this company is a fraudulent scheme.

    AgoraDesk registration on the site


    Why AgoraDesk?

    AgoraDesk is a secure and easy-to-use platform that allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies anywhere. Users post ads specifying their preferred payment method (e.g., bank transfer, cash, PayPal, gift cards, etc.), and others respond to them. AgoraDesk takes an arbitrage deposit equal to the transaction amount from the user who is the seller of the cryptocurrency. The seller sends the cryptocurrency to the buyer when it receives payment from the buyer, and the arbitrage deposit is returned to the seller.

    Unlike centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, on the platform you make a transaction directly with another person. This makes the process fast and economical. You get your assets instantly. In addition, AgoraDesk can support more than 60 payment methods, allowing users who do not have access to traditional banking services, cryptocurrency trading.

    For each transaction, AgoraDesk requires the seller to post an arbitrage deposit to protect the buyer of the cryptocurrency. When a transaction begins, an amount equal to the transaction amount is automatically set aside from the seller's AgoraDesk wallet as a deposit. This means that if the seller does not complete the sale, support will send the coins from the arbitrage deposit to the buyer. platform features

    The advantages of the exchange include:

    • the ability to buy cryptocurrency for fiat;
    • buying online and offline;
    • no commissions for buying cryptocurrencies;
    • a wide choice of payment methods;
    • profitable referral program;
    • there is no mandatory verification.


    How to exchange cryptocurrency on AgoraDesk platform?

    The service has two types of transactions: local transactions and online trades. Online trades occur entirely through the trading platform, and you never meet your trading partner. Arbitrage collateral protection is automatically enabled and funded for online trading, so the buyer is automatically protected. Local trades are for offline encounters, and arbitrage bond protection is not automatically enabled. Because of this, it is not safe to pay the seller using the online payment method in a local trade.

    Buying and selling is offered BTC and XMR for other cryptocurrencies and fiat. To buy cryptocurrency online, register, go to the homepage to see the best offers for your region. Buying cryptocurrency for fiat is available. Each offer will specify how payment is accepted. Bank transfers, payment systems, etc. can be used.

    Select the cryptocurrency by clicking the appropriate tab in the row on the ad table. In the left column, click the "Buy" button. You can filter the results by entering the amount, changing the currency or setting the payment method. From the list of ads, choose one. There is a yellow, green, or gray circle next to each trader's name. Green indicates that the seller was online today, yellow indicates that the seller visited the site this week, and gray indicates that the seller has not been online for more than a week. When you click the "Buy" button, you will see more information about the listing and exchange terms. buying cryptocurrency

    To buy currency, enter the amount you want to buy and click "Send Request. The next step will prompt you to enter the address of the wallet to which the coins will be sent. Copy your address and paste it into the receive address field. The merchant page will open in your browser. Contact the merchant via chat to make sure they are ready to accept your payment and to clarify any questions. Complete the payment according to the merchant's instructions. When the trader confirms receipt of your payment, they will begin processing the transaction. This will take anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes. The network transaction fee will be deducted from the transaction amount, so you will receive less than what is stated in the application.

    To sell cryptocurrency, you must first deposit coins into your wallet for arbitrage deposit. You will see your deposit account on the "Get" tab. Go to the main page and select "Sell. Specify the currency you want to sell. You can use a filter by amount, currency, country, and payment method for convenience. From the ads, choose the one that is right for you. Next, you will see additional information about the ad to review it before submitting your request.

    To start the transaction, enter the amount and click "Submit Request. On the trade page, contact the buyer via chat and give him/her the payment details. When the buyer agrees, a notification will come. When you are sure that the payment has passed, click the "Complete" button. At this point you will need to enter a password. When the payment is complete, you will see the details in the "Transaction Details". You must have at least 0.001 BTC in your AgoraDesk wallet to create an ad for sale. One user can create up to 800 listings.

    AgoraDesk trading page


    Verification on the platform

    The exchange does not require mandatory verification. You only need to create an account with your email and password. But in the user agreement there is information that AgroDesk may at any time require identification documents. If the customer refuses, the account can be blocked (with the balance cancelled) or access will be restricted for 180 days. The site specifies how you can protect yourself when making transactions:

    • Request 2 scans of user ID photos (passport and driver's license), make sure the account name matches the ID.
    • Ask the user to send an email from the account. You can ask for a transaction ID or other transaction information.


    Deposit and withdrawal

    To sell cryptocurrency on agoradesk.comyou must first send the coins for the arbitrage deposit to your wallet. You'll need an account, access to coins in another wallet, and your AgoraDesk receiving address. To find it, you need to go to the wallet page and select the corresponding cryptocurrency.

    The top of the wallet page is divided into three parts, allowing you to send and receive cryptocurrency, as well as view transactions. On the "Receive" tab, you will find your receiving address. Transactions take from 10 to 60 minutes.

    You can withdraw coins from AgoraDesk wallet to your personal wallet. To do that, you need to check "I want to get another currency", select the cryptocurrency to receive and enter the address where the coins should be sent and specify the amount. Click "Continue" and you will be shown offers that meet your requirements. If the list is empty, try to change the amount.

    A conversion rate will be displayed for each offer, and if it is acceptable, all you have to do is click "Trade", agree to the terms, and a deal for the appropriate amount will be created automatically. The destination address will be provided to the buyer via trade chat. He will send the desired currency to the address you specified, and after receiving the coins you will complete the transaction. withdrawal of funds

    Cryptoexchange Commission

    Registration, purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies are not subject to a fee. From users agoradesk.comThe arbitration protection fee of 1% for each transaction is charged for each ad created.

    Transactions with external cryptocurrency wallets are subject to the appropriate online transaction fee. The fee is listed on the wallet page under the "Outbound Fees" heading. Transaction fee is paid from AgoraDesk wallet when it is sent.


    AgoraDesk bonuses

    AgoraDesk offers clients to participate in an affiliate program.

    Referral program

    A user can link to any individual page, such as a list of countries or payment methods. He will receive cryptocurrency from users who come to the site using the referral link, register and make transactions. Payments will be made daily to the AgoraDesk wallet in the corresponding cryptocurrencies.

    Commissions will be paid for one year from the date of user registration. Remuneration depends on the income AgoraDesk receives (trading fees). The commission is 20% of the referral's transaction amount. If a user brings two clients who conduct one transaction to buy and sell cryptocurrency, he will receive 40% of the amount.

    AgoraDesk referral program


    Complaints about AgoraDesk

    There are almost no reviews about the exchange. Offers to sell and buy quite a lot, which means that the platform is used. But they do not leave comments. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the company's website, the terms of service to assess whether the exchange is reliable. I managed to find one positive review on the network about AgoraDesk. The client noted that the platform is convenient, but it is necessary to study the reviews of the seller. user reviews

    If there are any complaints about AgoraDesk, we will be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Regulation of the crypto exchange

    Since there are more and more crypto exchanges, it is important to be sure that the company is reliable. Sometimes there are not safe crypto-exchanges, but schemes of scammers. Therefore, it is important to find out if the company has a license, and study all the documents that are published on the website.


    The website of the platform states only that it is owned by Blue Sunday Limited. There is no information about the address, license and other legal information. Only the contract of offer with users is published.

    View AgoraDesk's offer agreement. User Agreement

    The offer agreement states that AgoraDesk is a service that allows users to find others interested in trading cryptocurrency. Each client must study the terms of use of the service and agree to them. There is information that for transactions made through the trading platform, an arbitrage protection fee of 1% is charged to the user who placed the ad.

    AgoraDesk arbitration protection

    There is information on how to register an account. It is specified that the exchange may require additional identification documents at any time, if it deems it necessary. Failure to do so will be considered a violation of the user agreement. The administration may close (cryptocurrency, arbitrage deposit and commission balance will be forfeited), suspend or limit access to the account and other services or restrict access to the deposit and balance for up to 180 days if it considers that the platform is being used for fraud. If the user does not log in to the account within 180 days, the account, arbitration deposit and commission balance will be forfeited. account blocking

    There is a requirement to only have ads active with one account at a time. It is not allowed to have multiple ads in the same city, unless they are for different groups of customers and have a price difference of at least 3%. There are also the traditional clauses for such contracts about confidentiality, trademarks, use of site materials, disclaimer of warranty, resolution of security disputes and indemnification. compensation for losses

    Customer Service

    To contact support, you can open a ticket or send an email to: [email protected] You can also write to Telegram or contact the company via Twitter.


    Is AgoraDesk a scam?

    AgoraDesk - a trading platform where sellers and buyers of cryptocurrencies from different countries post ads. Each seller is charged an arbitrage deposit to ensure buyer safety. Exchanges with/for BTC and XMR with other cryptocurrencies and fiat are available. You can make transactions online or arrange a face-to-face meeting. No commission is charged from buyers. There are a lot of offers on the website, but there are almost no reviews about the company. There is also no legal information.

    The user agreement only states the name of the company, which owns the exchange, and that it is registered in the British Virgin Islands. There is also a clause that suspects the user of fraud, the exchange has the right to block his account and cancel the balance for 180 days. Given these points and the fact that the exchange cannot guarantee that the seller is not a fraudster, because it has no mandatory verification, it is difficult to objectively assess the reliability and safety of the company. It's impossible to say unequivocally that AgoraDesk is not a scam.



    AgoraDesk - an intermediary platform between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency from different countries. Anyone can register an account and start trading. There is no mandatory verification. Therefore, it is necessary to study the feedback about the sellers and ask them for identification documents, if necessary. The platform also offers participation in an affiliate program. If you have used the services of AgoraDesk, write your opinion about the exchange in the comments of the review.


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