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The largest platform for buying cryptocurrencies through bank cards (Visa, MasterCard) with the ability to work without registration.
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Suite 4b, 43 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, Westminster, United Kingdom, W1J 5FJ
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Indacoin Limited
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Support by phone
English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Czech, Russian
Number of cryptocurrencies
Minimum input limit
From 10 USDMaximum deposit limit: 200 USD for the first transaction, additional 200 USD for the second transaction available 4 days after the first purchase, 500 USD after 7 days and 2000 USD after 14 days. There are no limits after one month from the first purchase.
Methods of replenishment
Bank card (Visa/MC)
A way to store cryptocurrencies
Cold: no
Hot: no
Affiliate Program
RegistrationRemuneration for attracting customers
Payment methods
Visa and MasterCard bank cards, cryptocurrencies
Successfully operating in the market for many years
Fast purchase of cryptocurrency via bank cards
Good work of technical support
Convenient entry and withdrawal of funds via plastic cards
More than 100 types of cryptocurrencies are available
User-friendly interface
It is possible to sell Bitcoin on 15-20% more expensive than on other platforms
There is a Google Chrome extension and a mobile app
No hidden fees
Simple and fast KYC
Works in more than 100 countries
No fiat money withdrawal
Sometimes there are slight delays in withdrawing money
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    Suite 4b, 43 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, Westminster, United Kingdom, W1J 5FJ

    Indacoin is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: 30 March 2018 Updated: 13 July 2022

    The Indacoin exchange appears to be one of the largest sites for buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies. It was registered in the United Kingdom in 2013. Thanks to the ability to purchase crypto assets with widespread bank cards, the service quickly gained popularity around the world. Today, the site is used by owners of digital assets in more than 100 countries.


    Of course you’d like to know for sure whether Indacoin is just a banal scam or if it’s a trustworthy, reliable platform, enabling profitable trade in digital coins and effortless withdrawal of earnings. We’ll try to answer this question below.

    Indacoin Review

    Indacoin is a modern platform for buying cryptocurrencies (you can find the whole truth about cryptocurrencies here). Over the years, the resource has been able to establish itself as a stable and secure platform, offering its client a lot of useful tools. Due to the possibility of directly purchasing (using any bank cards) cryptocurrencies from a list of 200 available digital coins (both popular crypto assets and altcoins), the resource has become popular with traders around the world. If you wish, you can trade in crypto assets absolutely anonymously. Needless to say, the clients of this crypto exchange praise it highly.

    The main feature of the site is the rapid purchase of crypto assets with bank cards (with the support of 3d secure). These are Visa and mastercard cards, both debit and credit. You’re also free to use crypto wallets. Currently only cryptocurrencies are allowed to be withdrawn from the platform. When buying digital coins for fiat money (US dollar, euro), traders don’t need to separately change the currency of the card to Bitcoin (you can learn how to make money on bitcoin here) or Ethereum. You can even buy digital coins for another person—just specify his or her wallet in the application number.

    The work suggests dealing with an impressive list of cryptocurrencies. You can use both popular assets or rare coins. On the platform you can sell Bitcoin for 15-20% higher than on other platforms. Transactions with cryptocurrencies are carried out via pending orders. The daily chart of each currency pair is displayed here. It also applies to the orders of other users to buy and sell. In order to maintain the liquidity of exchange rates on the platform, market-maker robots are used; they provide the necessary volume for the rate of digital coins, which is as close as possible to the market value.

    It is worth noting that today crypto trading is not implemented on the platform; this function is still being developed. Now the resource only allows you to conveniently and quickly buy digital coins with bank cards. It’s also possible to store cryptocurrency in the exchange’s crypto wallet. For the increased convenience of users, special programs have been developed: a Google Chrome extension and a mobile application (Android). Here you can easily and quickly acquire any system’s cryptocurrency and pay for it with a bank card (credit or debit). There is an option for sending digital coins to other users by mobile phone number, and it’s also possible to create templates for such payments.

    Experienced traders can use the site without registering, which is very convenient. Verification is also not an obligatory procedure, but one can undergo it very quickly. The informative site Indacoin is stable and safe for work. Thanks to the availability of the Extended Validation SSL certificate and a two-factor authentication, all of the trader’s information is reliably protected. It’s worth mentioning that the interface is convenient and intuitive. In addition, the site provides analytical, training materials (after logging in) and actual news about the exchange and the crypto market in general. For a quick resolution of issues, there is an online chat that’s available around the clock.



    For the purchase of cryptocurrencies, the user doesn’t need to register. However, the registration procedure offers a lot of advantages to the permanent user of the platform. When registering, you will only need to create an account on the site. To do this, fill in a simple form, where you must specify your email, enter the captcha and click on the «Create» button. A link to activate your account will be sent to your e-mail address. One of the greatest advantages of the system is a convenient and functional personal cabinet, where a number of settings are available: alerts upon logging in, work with orders, interface design (dark or light version of design), a two-factor authentication, and password change. It is easy to create a ticket with customer support.

    Verification of the account is not required. If the trader would like to complete the process, however, it requires two steps: first you need to specify a 4-digit code sent to the phone number specified during registration, and secondly you specify a 3-digit code from the history of payments to your Internet bank.


    Replenishment and withdrawal of funds

    Indacoin is ready to cater to all users around the world. However, there aren’t many options for conducting transactions. At the moment, the platform suggests conducting transactions in the following ways:

    • Credit or debit cards Visa and mastercard;
    • Crypto wallets.

    At the initial stage of working with the system there are limits:

    • The first purchase – 200 USD;
    • After 4 days – the amount will increase to 500 USD;
    • After 7 days, 2000 USD will be available.

    In just a month, you can spend up to 10,000 USD. The purchase and withdrawal of crypto assets is carried out without commission. Transactions are processed through 4 or 2 confirmations. Currently, only cryptocurrencies are available for withdrawal from the platform.


    Complaints about Indacoin

    The crypto exchange Indacoin has been successfully operating in the market for many years, so the Internet offers a lot of diverse reviews about it. A large number of traders from all over the world emphasize the attractiveness of the exchange, the convenience of its interface, the rapid response of technical support, the use of online chat, up-to-date information on the site in the «News» section, and the convenient opportunity to replenish and withdraw funds via credit cards. After a recent update, the site offers more than 200 types of cryptocurrencies for sale. Those users who have personally appreciated their work with Indacoin confidently recommend it to friends and other folks.

    The main negative nuance in working with this crypto exchange is the absence of the withdrawal of fiat money. However, the exchange administration is considering the possibility of reinstating this function. Also temporarily at work users observed small delays when withdrawing their earnings; now all payments are made in a regular mode.

    Regulation of Indacoin

    Indacoin is officially registered in London and subject to British laws. It’s crucial for the organization to ensure the safety of its users, their funds and confidentiality. The site is obliged to store, process and protect personal information and information about ongoing operations. In order to ensure the policy of internal security of the service, the exchange uses special services that collect data about users, including cookies.

    To enhance the security of the exchange, Indacoin uses the technology Extended Validation SSL-certificate, as well as a two-factor authentication with a mobile application, which guarantees the protection of transmitted information. More detailed information on the rules of working with the site can be read on the website of the Indacoin exchange in the section «Terms of Use».

    Read the «Rules of use of the Indakoyn Exchange» on the website


    Is Indacoin is a scam?

    The crypto exchange Indacoin has been successfully working on the market for many years, proving its effectiveness and attractiveness for traders. The company is steadily functioning, providing its users with unique opportunities and convenient and comfortable services. At the moment more than half a million people are registered on the site, which proves the success and stability, as well as the high quality of the services provided. With Indacoin, you can easily and quickly replenish and withdraw funds and buy cryptocurrencies, having only bank cards (Visa, mastercard) at hand. For conducting trades, more than 200 cryptocurrencies are available, including the most popular in the market such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.

    The organization has official registration in the UK, and it carries out its activities in accordance with the laws of the regulatory country. It’s crucial for the company to ensure the safety of work on its resource and the safety of user information. An additional level of security is provided via the use of an SSL certificate and two-factor authentication.

    The Internet offers different feedback from the clients of the platform. Among the positive things, they mention the pleasant convenience of the exchange, high quality and quick response to technical support requests, convenient online chat, high relevance of the materials provided, and the convenience and speed of withdrawal and replenishment of funds using plastic cards. It is worth noting that traders recommend Indacoin to friends and other people. As for negative comments, which are much less prevalent on the Internet, users usually point to rare delays in the withdrawal of earnings. The resource is currently being updated, and all payments are stable.

    Another important advantage of this crypto exchange is a simple and informative website, with quite an intuitive interface even for a novice user. It is quite easy to work with digital currencies here: you can study analytics and training materials and be up to date with the actual news about the service and the market of crypto currencies in general. Through online chat, traders have an opportunity to ask questions and quickly get answers to them.

    In the history of this crypto exchange there haven’t been any hacker attacks or loss of users’ funds. The platform works steadily and the developers notify customers in advance of forthcoming technical work. Indacoin responds in a timely fashion to their clients’ requests. These things increase the overall level of trust in the resource and prove that it’s not another scam. Again, we note that crypto trading is not implemented on the platform today – this function is still being developed. The resource only allows you to buy cryptocurrencies with bank cards and store the currency in a crypto wallet. We do not label it a scam. We can back this view with such facts as the ongoing success and stability of the resource, its unique services, and the high quality of its materials, not to mention the presence of a large number of positive reviews from traders.



    The crypto exchange Indacoin is a good example of a new and quite successful platform for full-fledged work with cryptocurrencies. The resource can be safely called one of the simplest and most convenient sites for trading digital assets. Since 2013, the service has been functioning steadily, providing a unique opportunity for traders from more than 100 countries to replenish and withdraw funds from their accounts using bank cards. Positive feedback and recommendations for the site from its customers, rapid withdrawal of earnings, the convenience and high informative value of the site, the benefits of communication in online chat, professionalism of the support service – all of this increases the level of confidence in the exchange.

    Today, the editorial office of the project doesn’t regard this crypto exchange as a scam.  However, we are waiting for real feedback from traders about working on the platform, which will help to warn users about possible problems of the resource and also affect its rating in our portal.

    Deposit and withdrawal
    Transaction speed
    Customer Service


    • Complaint

      I’m telling you the deposit address to which you should send the usdt I bought with my Visa cards Bnpparibasj’0x43518b547e382e35ad7f08bd74ae562417279765.
      I will check my wallet on Sango.
      I look forward to a prompt reply.


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    • Scam, dont use it

      Couldnt transfer the coins out, and when they should be returned I got some kind "story" about that they had "IT" issues, dont use them

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    • Withdrawal of funds

      In March and April I wanted to withdraw money. Today I tried to withdraw funds again. The amount was not specified, -do not even appear a line where it was necessary to enter the sum. And at once the answer was: EXCEEDED LIMIT.

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    • Withdrawal of funds

      It is impossible to withdraw funds. In March and April the money was withdrawn from the account. And then it was written that the withdrawal was canceled.

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    • Having studied the latest reviews about Indacoin...

      Having studied the latest reviews about Indacoin platform, we noticed that more and more often exchange clients have problems with withdrawal of money. Payments are cancelled by the bank. Having understood the situation, we realized that such failures occur to the clients who didn’t pass the account verification procedure beforehand. That’s why we recommend users to verify their accounts right away. If you faced with withdrawal or exchange problem with Indacoin, write us your feedback and tell us if your problem was solved.

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      • Aleksandr O 19 April 2021 at 22:08

        On 16.04.2021 at 08:02 I tried to withdraw 77741 dogecoin from Indacoin purse. Indacoin blocked the withdrawal. After that I exchanged 77741 dogecoin into 18222 usdt inside indacoin wallet. But at that very minute indacoin changed its internal ewallet charging to 13220 usdt (fortunately I made some screenshots of the original 18222 usdt charging); dogecoin exchange rate was not reduced to usdt, but only increased, so indacoin stole my personal funds of 5000 usdt, that is during the depositing/sending funds. Later I made many attempts to withdraw remaining 13222 usdt, but indacoin blocked the withdrawal of this money. At the moment indacoin blocked my wallet and stole all my funds totaling 18222 usdt.

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