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FixedFloat is an automatic service for instant cryptocurrency exchange with fixed and floating rates with a profitable affiliate program.
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      FixedFloat is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: January 17, 2022 Updated: March 4, 2023

      FixedFloat - exchanger cryptocurrencieswhich was launched by a team of blockchain specialists who develop web applications. The exchange platform is user-friendly and simple, and its interface is intuitive. It allows you to quickly convert different digital assets using automated processing. But is the platform convenient and isn't FixedFloat a scam? For that, we've compiled a detailed review of how it works exchanger.

      FixedFloat reviews


      FixedFloat currency exchange platform

      FixedFloat is an automated digital currency exchanger with Lightning Network. The service says its advantages are:

      • high speed of operation processing;
      • no compulsory registration;
      • favorable rates;
      • easy and fast processing of the conversion application;
      • the ability to exchange funds on any device.

      The service has a handy site where you can make a request for exchange around the clock. On the main page there is a form in which you must enter the amount to send and the wallet. It is also necessary to select the currencies for conversion and the rate at which the commission will depend. Also on the main page you can explore the benefits of the service, a list of recent transactions, articles, and some answers to popular user questions with a button to go to the "FAQ" section.

      FixedFloat transactions

      There are other pages on the site as well:

      • About us - information about the exchanger, the pros of the service.
      • Blog - articles, news, conversion instructions.
      • API - information for developers.
      • Support - contact information.


      E-money exchange at Offers to convert many popular cryptocurrencies. You can exchange BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, XMR, 0x, BAT, BNB, BUSD, BCH, ADA, LINK, ATOM, DAI, DASH, DOGE, MKR, CAKE, USDP. DOT, MATIC, XRP, SHIB, XLM, XTZ, TRX, TUSD, TWT, USDC and ZEC. The exchange procedure is simple. On the main page there is a field "Send", where you have to select the currency and enter the amount to be converted.

      The next step is to choose a floating or fixed exchange rate. You also need to specify the address where the funds will be credited, and send an application by clicking on the "Start exchange" button. After receiving the required number of confirmations the assets will be transferred to the user's wallet. The fixed rate means that the client will receive exactly the amount which he sees on the monitor when he creates the request. The rate is frozen for 10 minutes. The user pays 1% of the amount and a blockchain fee.

      If the exchange rate changes by more than 1.2% before the transaction comes online, the client will be offered a refund or continue the transaction at the new price. In the case of a floating rate, the price is set when the transaction receives the right number of blockchain confirmations. If the market goes up, the user will receive a larger amount; if it goes down, a smaller amount. With the floating option, the customer pays 0.5% of the amount and a blockchain fee. exchange cryptocurrency

      All exchanges are made within 30 minutes. The speed of the transaction depends on the blockchain network. If the transaction does not appear in the blockchain in half an hour, it is necessary to contact the staff of the exchanger. Transactions in blockchain have their own commission, which is transferred to whoever is served by the network. The higher the commission, the faster the transaction will go through. The optimal commission is usually calculated automatically by the wallet.

      The administration warns not to set a very low commission. In this case the user may get into a situation where it takes too long to complete the conversion. There are several ways to track your order: online on the site, by subscribing to e-mail notifications, or by viewing the transaction in the blockchain using the link from the exchange order.

      Receiving applications

      It is possible to submit an application on the service's website 24 hours a day. The company does not have a mobile application, but the site is adapted for smartphones and tablets, from these gadgets you can quickly send an application for conversion.

      FixedFloat Commission

      The user can choose one of the exchange strategies:

      • with a fixed rate - 1% and network commission;
      • with a floating rate - 0.5% and blockchain commission.

      The exchanger cannot affect the network's commission. It is different in the blockchain for each cryptocurrency and is a reward for miners or validators for maintaining the network (building blocks, confirming transactions, etc.).

      Currency of operations

      Service works only with cryptocurrencies. Fiat is not available for exchange.



      Exchange Administration Notes that registration on the site is optional. It is possible to conduct operations without logging into the account. But registered users can participate in the affiliate program and view the history of conversions.

      To register, click the appropriate button in the upper right corner. It will open a form where you have to enter your email and password. After that the user can open the cabinet. It has the following tabs:

      • Personal information - information about e-mail and the ability to change the password.
      • History of Exchanges.
      • The affiliate program is a token, a simple link and a link with a choice of currencies.
      • Withdrawals - the field for specifying the amount of BTC to withdraw from the balance of funds earned on the referral program. The minimum amount is 0.001 BTC.

      FixedFloat output



      Service offers only participation in an affiliate program.

      Referral program

      The Exchange offers users to participate in an affiliate program. It gives an opportunity to get 40% from the profit of each attracted client. To start cooperation, you have to register in the program and get a link to invite referrals. Those users, who click on it and make an exchange, bring profit to partner. All transactions made by such clients will be displayed in the account on the site. Payouts can be made in any currency that is available for conversion. The minimum amount - 0,001 BTC. After sending the request for withdrawal it will be checked by the administrator. Money will be transferred immediately after its confirmation. referral program


      Complaints about FixedFloat

      Users who have exchanged funds on the service's site leave their feedback on its work. Most of them like the speed of transaction processing, favorable rates, small minimum amounts for conversion. They also like the large number of exchange destinations and the profitable affiliate program. There are practically no complaints. Negative comments relate to small delays in payments and suspension of application processing due to suspicions of fraud. reviews

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      Regulation and licenses

      Before making any exchanges on FixedFloat, it's worth researching the information about the service and the documentation it has.

      License and regulator

      The company's site only has the text of the user agreement and privacy policy. There is no information about licenses and legal details. You can find out more about them from the staff of the exchanger.

      • Information from "Terms of Service" (See).

      Where can I complain about

      If you have any problems, you can write to technical support in chat, by e-mail or on Telegram. The site also has links to the company's social networking pages. You can also use them to contact FixedFloat staff. If you do not manage to solve the problem, you can find sites on the Internet, which leave feedback about exchangers. Often such comments are answered by representatives of the service and help solve the problem.

      FixedFloat Support

      The site of the service has a "Support" section. It contains all the contacts you can use to contact the staff of the exchanger. The following channels are available:

      You can also find answers to your questions in the "FAQ" section.

      FixedFloat support service User Agreement

      Although the site has versions in several languages the text of the user agreement is only available in English. The document states that only legally capable clients of legal age may use the services of the exchanger. It is not allowed to exchange funds for illegal purposes, or to violate the laws of any jurisdiction. It is also stated that the administration of the exchanger has the right to refuse service to any user for any reason.

      FixedFloat user agreement

      Prices for services are subject to change without notice. The administration is not responsible for any price change, suspension or termination of services.

      FixedFloat responsibility


      Is FixedFloat a scam?

      FixedFloat - automatic cryptocurrency exchanger. On the website of the service at any time you can make a request for conversion. It offers 2 rate options - fixed and floating. The commission paid by the user depends on the choice of the rate. It is not necessary to register on the website, you can make the exchange without authorization. But users who create an account can participate in affiliate program and get 40% from the exchanges of the attracted referrals.

      There are practically no complaints about the work of the exchanger. The company's website is called user-friendly and intuitive, the application process is simple and fast. The rates are favorable and there are no hidden fees. Customers also like the small minimum amounts available for conversion. Taking into consideration such user feedback and the convenience of the website, we can conclude that FixedFloat is not a scam. It is a convenient service where you can quickly exchange digital currencies.



      FixedFloat - a cryptocurrency exchanger that offers quick conversion requests without registration, receive funds within 30 minutes and participate in an affiliate program. The exchanger offers many destinations, including popular digital currencies. The comments are mostly positive, so you can be advised to use the service.

      If you have exchanged money with FixedFloat, leave your opinion about the company under this review. Reviews based on real experiences will help other readers to decide whether or not to use the exchanger's services.


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