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Service for quick exchange of cryptocurrency and fiat funds in popular destinations, additional benefits from attracting referrals.
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    Bchange.cc is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: December 25, 2019 Updated: June 27, 2022

    Bchange.cc - is a little-known exchangerHowever, it has its own audience as well. It was created in 2017, the owner of the service is unknown and is in no hurry to obtain official permission.

    Let's study all the facts and find out: is Bchange.cc a scam or quite a decent exchanger, simply trying to get its users away from bureaucratic procedures? Let's start in order.

    Bchange homepage


    Why Bchange.cc

    Bchange.cc is an automated service that allows you to make an exchange without registration and identity confirmation. You specify the desired amount, choose the method, replenish your account and wait for the execution of the request. Service provider gives a guarantee of execution within 24 hours (in case of violation of the deadline all is canceled and the assets are returned to your balance, if there was no fraud or erroneous details).

    Deposit/withdrawal methods listed on the site bchange.ccare only partially supported (e.g., the form does not allow you to select a bank) Russian Standardmentioned on the home page). And yet the choice is not bad: banking, cryptocurrencies, international payment systems. Support is available around the clock. There is no telephone communication with it - communication takes place by e-mail and online chat. They answer quickly, clearly and don't try to take you out to buy.

    The exchange is made in all 4 directions: fiat - crypto, fiat - fiat, crypta - crypta and crypta - fiat. In general, at first glance, a pleasant resource with everything you need for beginners in the market (for whom, in fact, exchangers are focused, because professionals usually like exchanges that offer market quotes without additional interest).

    bchange.cc benefits


    How to buy cryptocurrency on the platform bchange.cc

    To exchange fiat and cryptocurrencies registration is not needed. You just open the form on the main page, specify the type of c.u. you want to buy/sell, the amount and payment/contact information, agree with the rules of the service and proceed to payment by pressing the appropriate button.

    Bchange buy cryptocurrency

    You will be offered an instruction according to which the transaction is paid. You must credit the funds within 24 hours of creating the request. After that, by clicking on the "I have paid" button, you confirm the transaction. In case of cryptocurrency purchases automatically creates a wallet - the link (key) can be seen in the instructions.

    Bchange deadlines

    Now we just have to wait for the processing. As the operator assures, it takes no more than 24 hours. If the deadline is not met, the funds are returned to the account from which they were deducted.


    Verification on the Bchange platform

    Verification (confirmation of identity, residence address, payment information) is not required to make an exchange on the platform. However, clause 11.4 of the user agreement establishes the obligation of the client (customer) to provide any credentials necessary to check for involvement in fraudulent or other criminal activity.


    Terms of buying cryptocurrency

    Bchange.cc does not impose any restrictions on users: people of any age and nationality can exchange currency. You leave an application and have to confirm it within 30 minutes after creating it (otherwise the exchange request will be cancelled). The rate is fixed at the time of payment, so there may be some discrepancies with the figures that you initially saw in the exchanger.

    Fiat currency is represented by two types: the Russian ruble and the U.S. dollar. Cryptocurrency is represented by five: Bitcoin. Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Litecoin and Tron. Transactions with the latter require at least 2 confirmations. Crediting is possible by means of banking (Sberbank) and international payment systems AdvCash, Payeer and cryptocurrencies. Withdrawal AdvCash is not supported, but added Perfect Money and Payeer. As we already mentioned, when you create an exchange request, a wallet ("hot" storage) is automatically created for you - it will be deleted after the transaction is closed.

    Bchange.cc choice of currency

    Deposit and withdrawal limits

    Deposit limits can be seen directly in the currency calculator, if you enter an amount less or more than the set amount. So, to deposit a minimum of 1,000 RUB/3 USD/0.002 BTC/0.05 ETH/20 XRP/0.25 LTC/200 TRX. The upper limit depends on the reserve. At the time we were online it was 143,124.24RUB/25.73 USD/0.2937986 BTC/199.27475942ETH/39869XRP/9.79303536 LTC/992 289.9337TRX. There is no information on withdrawal. Most likely, limits are set on a case-by-case basis.bchange.cc input restrictions


    All commissions (for the exchange itself, processing, network) in Bchange.cc are already included in the rate: you do not see them, but you are guided by the internal rate of the exchanger. As explained to us online consultant, the difference from the market rate is "several percent. How much exactly, it was not said, but most of the variation is 3%-5%.

    Bchange commission


    Bchange bonuses

    There are no bonuses in Bchange.cc - rewards are provided only to members of the affiliate (referral) program.

    Referral program

    All members of the affiliate program Bchange.cc earn from 0.5 to 1% from transactions of their referrals (users who have followed their unique link and made transactions within the exchanger). To become a member of the program, you need to register on the site bchange.cc and place your affiliate (referral link) from your personal account on a public resource (website, blog, social network page, forum thread, collective chat, etc.). Depending on the number of invitees (referrals) you will receive cashback:

    • 0.5% of the amount of transactions - by default (immediately after registration in the program).
    • 0.7% - when the number of active (using the platform) referrals increases to 10.
    • 0.8% with an increase in the number of active referrals to 50.
    • 0.9% - when the number of active referrals increases to 100.
    • 1% - when the number of active referrals increases to 300.

    BChange.cc affiliate program


    Complaints against BChange.cc

    Opinions about Bchange.cc are contradictory. Some users are very satisfied with the work of the exchanger, notes the clarity of the execution of requests, favorable rates and a clear interface.

    Bchange.cc reviews

    Others, on the contrary, claim fraud on the part of the provider who received funds (which, as the authors of the review say, there are confirmations), but not credited virtual currency units to the client details.Anyway, the very presence of specific complaints of manipulation (with the facts provided) spoils the impression of the service.

    bchange.cc reviews

    If there are any reviews about BChange.cc, we'll be sure to post them on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

    Regulation Bchange.cc

    The regulation of resources working with cryptocurrency is a rather complicated issue, because most countries (including Russia) still do not have clear legislation regarding them. Nevertheless, some providers register and confirm their activity with licenses/certificates in order to have more trust among clients. Bchange.cc is not one of them.

    Bchange controller

    It is unknown who owns Bchange.cc - the company owner or just the IP on the site bchange.cc are not specified. So, the service provider can be safely classified as offshore, which means that it does not have any obligations to you in fact (in case of problem situations), if the support does not get in touch you will not do anything. All matters relating to the legal relationship between users of exchanger and its administration are solved on the basis of the user agreement, denoted as "exchange rules".

    Read the terms of the user agreement Bchange.cc on the site of the exchanger.

    User Agreement bchange.cc

    Bchange.cc's User Agreement ("Terms of Service") consists of 12 paragraphs. Let's talk about those that seemed worthy of attention (with the exception of those already mentioned). So, in paragraph 5.1 it is noted that if there is a discrepancy between the amount specified in the application and the amount credited to the account for the exchange by more than 10 percent, the application is cancelled, and the agreement may be terminated altogether.

    Bchange termination of agreement

    Also, the termination of the contract occurs in the case of non-registration of client funds on the balance of the service within 24 hours from the date of confirmation of the application (clause 5.3). Provider is not responsible for delays of third parties (such as payment systems), as it is only an intermediary (clause 5.4).

    BChange.cc service responsibility

    And errors made by you in filling in the details relieve him of responsibility for the effectiveness of the transaction (clause 5.8).

    Bchange.cc error liability

    You may not enter into a contract and there will be no explanation. The same applies to the execution of applications (clause 12).

    bchange.cc refusal to conclude a contract


    Is Bchange.cc a scam?

    Service BchangeOf course, it allows you to quickly buy/sell cryptocurrency and fiat, but it does not provide any legal guarantees, no matter what it says on the site. You know nothing about the operator and its location, and if there is no contact with the helpdesk, you will not be able to apply anywhere. And complaints to the regulatory authorities need to be filed with a specific legal entity. The existence of risks is confirmed by online reviews, the authors of which say (and confirm their statements with screenshots, factual data, etc.) about the problems with the execution of exchange transactions. We cannot say for sure that Bchange.cc is a scam, but the platform does not seem to us to be absolutely reliable.



    Bchange.cc - is a controversial resource. On the one hand, in a situation of urgency, it is a good way to get the money you need in a few minutes. On the other hand, there is a risk that funds will not be received at all. In terms of functionality the platform offers nothing new: 5 major cryptocurrency units, 2 types of fiat, 5-7 payment methods of deposit/withdrawal and standard affiliate program. There are no bonuses, mobile app and tokenized assets.

    The percentage is included in the course (although the consultant tries to convince the client that there are no "hidden commissions") and therefore is unknown, but it differs from the market by several percent. This is not significant for small amounts, but it is significant for large trading volumes. Fiat limits are quite good, but cryptocurrency will not buy much. Summing up, we note that we have serious doubts about the exchanger (due to the presence of confirmed complaints about fraud), but to risk or not you decide. We advise only to trade small amounts.

    Exchange Commission
    Transaction speed
    Technical support


    • There are more and more complaints about...

      There are more and more complaints about the Bchange.cc platform on the Internet. Users write that the first small trial transactions are no problem, but as soon as the amount of payment increases, everything just stands still and does not move. It is not uncommon for the administration of the platform to demand from customers to show a photo of the card with a secret code on the back, which is never done by bona fide exchangers. If you also encounter such requirements or lost your money on this service, write us your feedback, so we and our readers can understand whether Bchange.cc is a scam or I am not, after all.

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