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The ATON stock broker is the oldest investment company successfully operating in Russia, offering high-quality brokerage services.
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Bank of Russia License No. 177-04357-000100 dated December 27, 2000, for depository activities. (Active)
Bank of Russia License No. 177-03006-010000 of 27.12.2000 for dealer activities. (Active)
Bank of Russia License No. 177-02896-100000 of December 27, 2000 for brokerage activities. (Active)
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    АТОН это развод? Reviews and description

    Published: 17 October 2017 Updated: 26 November 2022

    The stock broker ATON is the oldest independent finance company, which has been operating successfully since 2000 providing quality broker services and access to stock trading in exchanges of Europe and America both for individuals and institutional customers. The company has a long history of development, solid image, won a great number of prestigious awards, it’s recommended for lucrative and safe trading.

    However, is ATON a scam or a noteworthy stock broker? We answer this question in our today’s review.

    Terms of trade with ATON

    ATON has been successfully and dynamically operating in financial markets over 20 years already, in its rich history the company managed to cope with the crisis, to offer maximum space for stock trading for its customer and establish the strong leadership.

    The broker is a part of the finance entities «Aton» (these are also such companies like UK «Aton-management», General Partner (GP), «Aton Capital»). As at February 2016 ATON, being among the top 10 market leaders, is the seventh on the amount of customers registered on the stock market (48 201 men) and active customers (2 937 men), and recently, in September 2017, the broker became the best in Forbes rating of those managing assets of wealthy customers. Today the company is the major one operating with private traders, represented in 30 cities and 75 regions over the world (there are offices in Netherlands, Switzerland and Cyprus), serves over 78 thousand customers and keeps its rapid development.

    Apart from stock brokerage services the company offers the Forex trading in over-the-counter and derivatives markets, as well as the wide range of options for customers: account management, trust management, depositary services, corporate finances etc. Private traders and big investors may flog shares of Nasdaq, ETF and ADR purchasing them in New York foreign exchange trading room and other stock exchanges of USA, in London currency exchange, the access to which is provided by the stock broker. Safe trading is one of the company agenda, so ATON applies sophisticated technologies securing the high privacy, customers’ data and funds protection. All solutions are based on the system evaluation performed by a team of professional analysts (two members of the team were recognized as the best ones according to magazines Institutional Investor`s, Thomson Excel, another two have CFA degree).

    The company has a large number of loyal customers today – these are active traders perfectly navigating capabilities in financial markets. Novices of the stock market are provided with the demo trading option, on a virtual training account, remote courses, instructive course «Exchange mastership lessons», which will be of use also for those investors wishing to upgrade their skill level. For trading there is the terminal QUIK provided, one of those popular by traders.

    Deposit and withdrawal

    ATON offers a minimum of ways for users to deposit and withdraw their funds. To deposit you need to sign up by broker, choose the convenient way for money transfer and debit the account with the sum:

    • through bank transfer on requisites through any bank,
    • in the company office.

    Complaints against ATON

    There are all sorts of references about the stock broker ATON in Internet, both positive and negative. Among positive things the customers point the high service level, unique programs, safety and steady operation of terminals, advantageous tariffs in the market (commissions are among the lowest ones), quick withdrawal, possession of a license and the vast experience of the broker, convenient workflow programs, detailed transaction reports.

    There are also negative points, but much less. Mostly traders complain against terminal failures, servers operation, lame technical support, long deposit and withdrawal. There is a non active manager in Internet, operating on behalf of the company, which traces the references and deals with the negative comments.

    Is ATON a scam?

    ATON is the oldest finance entity, successfully providing trading services in financial markets over 20 years already. This is one of the major brokers of the world with the high rating and prestigious awards. The company staff is half the battle, these are professionals, which know the trade, provide the quality analytics and customer support. So, two team members were recognized as the best ones according to the magazines Institutional Investor`s, Thomson Excel, two others have CFA degree. These facts enhance the credibility of the company proving that it ‘s not a scam artist or a paper corporation.

    One of the company’s agenda is investors and traders, worthy of stable relations to be built and for whom the maximum space for trading in financial markets is provided. This is a quality seamless service, assurance of privacy, funds and data protection, professional support service. Quality trading software provision, easy stock trading, low tariffs, commissions are another advantage of ATON pointed by users on related forums and proving again, that we are dealing not with a shadow-company founded to deceive traders, but a solid entity, which main concern is its image and user’s trust. The possession of a license is another factor increasing the user’s confidence.

    In Internet you may study different traders’ references about the broker, yet please note that there are much more positive ones (no terminal failures, convenient paperflow, reports, gainful trading etc.), which establish the credibility of it. Besides there is an inactive manager working on forums on behalf of the company and dealing with negative comments. Trading shares by broker is comfortable not for professional traders only, but also for newcomers. One may use training courses, quality daily analytics of the market performance.

    Shall we assert univocally that ATON is a scam lottery and a bucket shop? Certainly, not, as the company, which has been operating over 20 years and is rapidly developing, proving its reliability, stability and commitment more than one year, shows that it’s concerned about listening to the customer and providing him with maximum space for trading in financial markets. And yet, to avoid the issues dealing with the broker, we recommend you cooperate with your account manager actively, ask him for the full information concerning the trade rules, deposit and withdrawal procedures, broker commissions etc.

    ATON broker regulator

    ATON has the following licenses of the Bank of Russia:

    • for depositary activity №177-04357-000100 of 27.12.2000,
    • for dealer activity №177-03006-010000 of 27.12.2000,
    • for brokerage activity №177-02896-100000 of 27.12.2000.

    The company also has a license CySEC №104/09.


    The stock broker ATON is well-deserved among major companies of the field with a large presence around the world, and has been proving commitment towards its numerous customers (major entities and private investors). ATON has the vast experience, a great number of prestigious awards, appropriate licenses. Opening the access to trading on major international stock exchanges the broker provides the maximum space for investments.

    One may find all sorts of references in Internet on dealing with the company, however today they are more positive today, proving its success and stability. We can but hope that the broker will keep its rapid development and offer more options for its user. Today we will not consider ATON as a scam artist and bucket shop. And yet the feedback of investors and traders we expect relating to this review may not only change the rating of the stock broker ATON on our website, but also caution market players against possible troubles.

    Trading tools and assets
    Fund Deposit and Withdrawal
    Customer Service


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    • 1
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      Trading tools and assets
      Fund Deposit and Withdrawal
      Customer Service
      They block accounts for buying currency

      Under the cover of 115 Federal Law they block accounts for the purchase of dollars. The source of funds is 100% confirmed. I do not recommend it, they can block your account for nothing.

      • There are no pros.
      • Blocking accounts
    • 1
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      Trading tools and assets
      Fund Deposit and Withdrawal
      Customer Service
      A highly incompetent company. Do not consider...

      A highly incompetent company. Do not consider them as a broker at all.
      With them on IIS it is possible to buy only domestic securities (for comparison at all other brokers it is possible to buy foreign, which are on the Moscow and St. Petersburg stock exchanges).
      In 2018 for this reason I asked them… Read more

    • 2.5
      Rate this review 1
      Trading tools and assets
      Fund Deposit and Withdrawal
      Customer Service
      I was their client. As a result...

      I was their client. As a result of their manager’s recommendations I lost 80% of my deposit. I guess if you don’t listen to their recommendations and make all trading decisions on your own, the company will do fine, in terms of trading conditions. I would not have contacted them. In their terms of service… Read more

    • 1.8
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      Trading tools and assets
      Fund Deposit and Withdrawal
      Customer Service
      I have been a VIP client of...

      I have been a VIP client of Aton for two years under the advice of a VIP manager, every time I wanted to withdraw my money the manager encouraged me, sent me articles saying that it was very profitable to stay in a position. At first he advised to give power of attorney to his broker friend who would… Read more

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