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The legendary stock exchange offers earnings on investments in shares of promising companies in the world, profitable trading, tight spreads, etc.
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    151 W. 42nd Street, New York City, NY, 10036, United States

    NASDAQ is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: 23 August 2018 Updated: 8 April 2022

    NASDAQ is an iconic American stock exchange which is one of the major ones in the world and the biggest one in USA. This is a very respectable and popular financial project with sizeable plough-back (2nd place among exchanges in the world), attractive assets for investments, convenient trading through stock brokers etc. Sure, every ambitious trader is longing to cooperate with this platform, which already proved its reputation.

    And yet, is NASDAQ a scam, which deceives customers seducing them with their unique capacities, or quite the opposite, a safe and stable platform for really gainful investments? The answers and volume of other valuable insights you will find in the latest review of our project.

    NASDAQ exchange, or National Associations of Securitas Dealers Automate Quotations, was founded in 1971 and initially operated as the first message board for purchase and sale of assets. Here the information was provided about a valuable security, its supply and demand price. And yet the exchange had the low yield and wasn’t popular by investors. In 1975 the platform started the cooperation with small entities from around the world, at that the major part were hi-tech companies. Very soon it grew to the ocean spanning platform for stock market trading, which became much more appealing to investors. To the year 1982 there were over 1000 projects already, so they needed the convenient information separation in the system, there was the index NASDAQ National Market implemented, then NASDAQ 100 and NASDAQ Financial Index. Today the plough-back of listed companies is over 6,8 bn USD, which lets it take the honorary second place among similar platforms.

    For the time being it is the entire corporation NASDAQ OMX Group consisting of several companies at once, with platforms in Northern Europe, UAE, Lithuania, Finland, Denmark, Norway etc. It provides advisory services for nearly 80 platforms in 50 countries, and its offices are located across the globe. Over 3.7 thousand brokers are represented here providing 10% of the global stock activity. NASDAQ trades the assets of corporations producing gadgets and electronics, companies engaged in IT, car industry fields etc. Today it effects a lot the global economy, is very popular in the financial world, its data are among the most respectable ones in the market.

    There are a great number of indices offered on the exchange, these are, for instance, NASDAQ Biotechnology, NASDAQ 100, After Hours NDX and so on. Here are also Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 calculated. Generally these indices are studied and traced, as the prices changes constantly, opening the great ways for gainful investments. NASDAQ National Market Composite Index is among the essential ones, with national companies in its listing. NASDAQ 100 Index, Industrial Index and Financial Index are also interesting, with published information of industrial and financial companies. Curiously, on the exchange there are also indices of its competitors introduced, for example FTSE NASDAQ 500 Index, NYSE Composite, S&P etc.

    The advantage of the platform is that it operates on electronic-technical basis, which lets one provide investors with high assets liquidity and trading convenience. Apart from this there was a cryptocurrency exchange for digital assets trading opened recently. Here the cryptocurrencies may be bought on fiat money and the earnings withdrawn quickly.

    NASDAQ offers the entire range of services, among which traders may always find something helpful: shares, derivatives, Forex, ETF etc. Interestingly that the project preserved the initial features of the operation process: during the session the bidders compete for the order execution. The players shall maintain the capacity of the stock turnover, and if they are not in a position to execute an order, they complete it at their own expense. For a trader to be able to seize the stock market opportunities, he deals with a broker providing access to it.For example there are the companies FINAM, United Traders and BKS. Besides, you shall carefully pick such company, for that the actual our stock broker rating is recommended.

    Rules of cooperation with NASDAQ

    • The limited trading time is from 9:30 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. (North American time zone, platforms PRIMEX and Super Montage), then trading takes place in special terminals till 8:00 p.m. (Select Net).
    • There are market makers executing customers’ orders. They set quotations and keep the assets’ liquidity. If there are no offers in the market, they have to execute an order with their own capital.
    • The assets’ quotations are the result of comparison of market makers and alternative systems data.
    • The unique exchange platform will let you get the tidy income from investments in the most promising global companies.
    • Due to implementation of advanced trading solutions (SOES, ECN, SuperSOES, SuperMontage) transactions get executed by very favorable prices. The core role plays ECN (SOES, ECN, SuperSOES, SuperMontage) – the systems, which incur purchase and sell orders automatically.

    The exchange bets on high-tech companies even today. So investors prefer a platform with high volatility, wide range of emerging assets. So here are the shares of startups Cisco, Yandex, Apple, PayPal etc. For the quality exposure of the assets status the company purchases in 2013 the agency Thomson Reuters, which is popular already, this lets it communicate the relevant information about market trends and favorable offers. Trading goes easy, the platform became popular due to comfort, quick access and safety. The brand enjoys investors’ confidence, has the juice, every tenth transaction takes place right here. Traders from over fifty countries attend the trade, it gives them the chance to become a part of the huge system easily.

    The project customers get their earnings from the shares prices run up and down, also you can earn on dividends from assets which are easy to buy. An investor will love the option of investments in domestic enterprises. For the income to be more substantial, there is the leverage level option provided. The official website has the huge news base, which will be convenient especially for those exchange players, who speak English. There are also training materials available, 24-hour support, automated transactions, economic calendar, professional analytics. The website is available on English only, so users not speaking this language will face some inconveniences studying it.

    Deposit and withdrawal

    All transactions relating to money are being performed on a stock market platform, which the trader deals with. In order to work with these transactions more smoothly, you need to study the options of trading platforms and deal with those of them only, which provide the convenient trading terms for the investor.

    Complaints against NASDAQ

    Studying users’ feedback about the NASDAQ exchange, we noticed that there are a lot of comments, at that more often than not traders tell concerned readers about their experience with stock brokers. Usually the exchange is marked favorable because of the option of easy investments to promising companies, earnings from share purchase, wide range of assets, convenient operation, vast experience, the trust to its reputation.

    Negative feedback relate often to broker platforms, which don’t deliver on their commitments before customers: these are the long withdrawal, no contact to managers, unfavorable terms, or instance, high spreads etc. Generally traders trust the global exchange, recommend it to their friends as a perfect option for earnings on investments in shares of the global majors.

    NASDAQ regulator

    NASDAQ has a license of a major regulator SEC securing the safe operation. Traders use its options trading on platforms of reliable stock brokers, this makes the cooperation with the market effective. The company has also licenses of such financial entities like FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and NASAA (North American Securities Administrators Association).

    Is NASDAQ a scam?

    NASDAQ is the one of respectable companies engaged in financial markets. The famous stock exchange is steeped in its development history and considered as one of the major and popular exchanges in USA and in the world. The platform has been keeping its development and managed to grow into the intercontinental online site, which comes second in plough-back. Due to such scale along with the convenient operation way and wide range of assets for work the platform is lucrative to cooperate with both for a novice and a professional market player. Moreover, all professionals are longing to deal with the broker, which is time-proved and has good image.

    This stock exchange provides the convenient and simple investments into shares of various global companies: for instance, famous brands, veteran companies, national brands. Here are IT companies, agencies engaged in aircraft engineering, car manufacturing, biotechnologies and so on. The chance to get the tidy income from investments into shares of Facebook, Google, Cisco, Apple is appealing to traders from all over the world. Also you may earn from returns on investments into purchased assets of companies. The convenient and advanced solution makes possible the access to the platform from anywhere of the world.

    With the broker terminal a trader invests simple and easy, being really sure that he will get the nice profit here. Such cooperation way lets you make a decent livelihood with the exchange options. The broker’s platform makes you see the recent offers and get the quick access to the investments. So after completion of the registration in its platform a trader will easily become involved into the one of the most powerful and solid financial systems in the world. NASDAQ has the license of the major regulator SEC. This also secures the safety and stability of trading proving that the project isn’t a fraud and a scam artist deceiving users, then instantly disappearing from the market. Quite the opposite, with such vast experience and proven track record the exchange is that platform with customers’ trust.

    Due to implementation of advanced solutions the transactions are executed very quickly, all information about the offers of the market is any time available for investors. Users can increase their chances to get profit using tight spreads, leverage level. The platform distinguish also by high volatility level of tools, this also ensures the considerable income. Of course you can use the official website with a lot of news is published, along with the information about brokers the platform cooperates with etc.

    A great number of financial companies trust the resource data, investors apply them in their strategies. There are enough references of traders about the stock exchange, mostly positive. A wide range of shares, quick access to the market, high volatility of assets, considerable income, quick completion of transactions, capacities of leverage level are pointed as advantages. The long withdrawal, the website just in English are considered as problem points. More often than not these references relate to brokers’ platforms. However shall we state that the major stock exchange NASDAQ is a scam? After the detailed study of the platform services we are ready to answer this question with no, as it is the one of the project leaders in the financial market, with good image, a lot of tools, simple and quick access to the latest offers, lucrative shares trading etc.


    NASDAQ is a stock exchange, well known all around the world, with indisputable influence in financial markets. The platform ranks second in plough-back, provides the entire range of unique options for a trader. So, absolutely any player concerned about its capacities may register an account by broker, use the base of market offers and get considerable earnings investing in them. Loads of shares of famous companies, high volatility of assets, leverage level etc. – all this is just attracting solid investors to the exchange.

    In many ways exactly NASDAQ is a symbol of quality, reliable source for nice earnings, which the most promising traders are longing to use. Today, after we studied the exchange options, we will not declare the famous NASDAQ a scam. However we expect here the feedback from traders working in the exchange stock market and ready to share their experience of investments into live stock and tell us about the real advantages and issues of the platform.

    Trading tools and assets
    Fund Deposit and Withdrawal
    Customer Service


    • Bastards, they cheated my husband out of...

      Bastards, they cheated my husband out of money too, he wired them 8,000. Fucking assholes. Don’t be fooled, it’s a scam…

      Reply to this review
      • Yuriy 20 January 2021 at 09:42

        If they had gone further, it would have been even worse I mean Nasdag-market.

      • Pavel Morozov 17 October 2021 at 17:44

        Where did you transfer the money to? How ? Through the Russian Post ?

    • They're deadbeats, they cheat people out of...

      They’re deadbeats, they cheat people out of money and impose credits.

      Reply to this review
      • Pavel Morozov 17 October 2021 at 17:45

        NAsdaq ? Do you even know what it is?

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