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The oldest Russian stock broker offers clients direct access to the Moscow Exchange for profitable trading.
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Russia, Ekaterinburg, Prospekt Lenina, 101/2
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CJSC Sredneuralsky Brokerage Center
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8 (800) 250-44-20single toll-free number
Russian, English
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From 0.0005% per transaction
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From 0.2 %
Authorized capital
100 million RUB
Trading volume
1970 г. / 398201751 RUB
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CENTRAL BANK OF RUSSIA№166-02672-100000
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Bank transfer, Cash
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Bank transfer, Cash
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Moscow Exchange
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RUSNANO, Volga-Sport, MVideo, Lenta Ltd, Tinkoff, Aeroflot, GAZPROM
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    GrottBjorn is it a scam? Reviews and description

    5 March 2019

    GrottBjorn - example of a successful stockbrokerproviding customers with a unique service and a unique brand concept. The company has been operating since 1995 and today is ready to offer customers a range of options for trading in the stock market. The brand, following the trends of the time, provides its traders with functional service, quality service and favorable rates. GrottBjorn is more often known on the Internet as "financial atelier" and actually presents its services to investors under this name.

    Still, is GrottBjorn a scam or an honest and reliable platform for trading on the stock market, allowing not only to successfully trade, but also to withdraw earnings from the site? Let's talk about it in our review of GrottBjorn.


    Terms of trading with GrottBjorn

    GrottBjorn (ZAO Sredneuralsky Brokerage Center) began its activities as a stockbroker in 1995 in Yekaterinburg. Today the company has representative offices in different regions of the country, from Kaliningrad, Moscow and St. Petersburg to Novosibirsk and Vladivostok. As in the early years, today the organization follows its motto "finances with Nordic accuracy", guaranteeing its clients relevant information about the stock market, asset dynamics and up-to-date analytics from its professional staff of analysts.

    GrottBjorn is a scam? Reviews

    The company is the only financial atelier in the world (the brand name has been used in relation to it since 2012) and, following this unique business format, offers an individual approach to each client, quality service, and modern technology. The client is individual, but the task of the brand is to meet the needs of each trader, to create for each trader an author's unique "pattern" (the accuracy of such "pattern" leads to success, trading results), "style", to offer him something unique, so the broker is always "in motion", creates and builds technical solutions around each client, does it with heart. The name of the broker "GrottBjorn" in Norwegian means "home of the warrior who wins" and it also means that in the company great importance is given to tradition, to the Scandinavian influence on the outlook of employees and management.

    GrottBjorn philosophy

    Employees fully share the values of the company: openness, thoughtfulness, honesty, accessibility, traditionality. Among the tasks of the company: to provide the trader with the maximum information to help him in trading, to guarantee the possibility of constant communication with the managers of technical support, availability of tariffs for profitable trading at the exchange. Perfect financial product of this broker is born thanks to the variety of techniques and materials, non-standard solutions and attention to every client. Forming the offer for the Russian and foreign investor, managers rely on their knowledge of the market, current and profitable trends, use technological innovations (platforms, applications, training). detailed review

    The organization is a prime broker of the Moscow Exchange (Foreign Exchange Trading Section), actively cooperating with the company. Its specialization: access to the exchange, stock, futures, commodity, currency markets for enterprises engaged in foreign economic activity, these are both residents and non-residents. The broker's clients are: independent traders, as well as players who use trust management, individual investment account, as well as natural/legal persons who are interested in trading stocks, options, futures, metals, foreign currencies, commodities markets. All currency market instruments are available for clients: traditional assets, as well as, for example, Hong Kong dollar, pound sterling, Chinese yuan, silver, gold etc. With a large base of regular clients, the company has repeatedly been in the top 10 in terms of volume of operations on the foreign exchange market.

    GrottBjorn individual investment account

    Among the services currently available to traders: working with legal entities and companies, including foreign capital, as well as this trust management, consulting, trading, asset management, investments, consulting, education (seminars, business breakfasts, online courses, etc.). GrottBjorn Financial Atelier offers quality financial education services for both Russian and foreign organizations. It offers free webinars, courses, 8 cities in Russia participate in the "Financial Club", which aims to improve the financial literacy of investors (training in stock market trading). Broker's website informative, made in a unique design, which does not interfere with active work. Here you can explore the data about the company, the available opportunities for traders, you can use a convenient calculator.

    GrottBjorn analysis


    The platform

    The broker pays great attention to the technical side of trading, offering its clients a professional solution for work. All work is done in the QUIK terminal. This unique platform is actively offered by the largest brokers of the market for traders. It can increase the speed of work and in a few minutes organize a professional environment for trading that will also meet the latest trends in the world of online trading. Like the legendary Metatrader, it is popular in the market, though less popular. And yet it will be comfortable for both private traders and the whole organizations. Thanks to the Russian and English language support, it is also convenient for foreign clients.

    The platform is reliable, safe, easy to learn and work with, and would be ideal for long-term investments as well as for scalping. QUIK is the only program of its kind that displays any number of ticks on the chart, which would be ideal for short-term trading. You can easily conduct operations on the currency, stock and futures markets, work with multiple accounts, "Board of options", analytics on asset values, convenient charts, various indicators, use of leverage and orders. The software also supports the option to create robots. trading terminal

    Broker quotes

    The company, providing its clients with the option of trading on the Moscow Exchange, guarantees them always up-to-date data on market quotations, and they are provided "as is". This information is always up-to-date and timely updated, as the broker provides traders with direct access to the exchange. This allows them to use more favorable conditions of cooperation, conclude transactions at current prices and at the same time avoid hidden mark-ups.


    GrottByorn demo account

    The broker does not provide trading on a demo account, which, of course, can complicate the work on the platform. Therefore, it is more convenient and profitable for professional market players to work here.

    GrottBjorn demo account


    Mobile application

    Following innovative trading solutions, the company also provides clients with mobile applications (based on Android and Apple). These solutions, after being installed on the client's smartphone for free, will allow the client to have round-the-clock convenient access to accounts and market opportunities, to conduct dynamic trading, and to work comfortably with investments. From the applications it is possible to trade, work with the personal account, analytics, etc. mobile app


    Deposit and withdrawal

    GrottBjorn is serious about the service provided to the client, offering only innovative solutions. This makes working with the unique platform more comfortable and profitable. As for the issue of transactions in the system, at the moment the system only offers options for depositing and withdrawing capital through bank transfers or cash in the banks. This, of course, will be convenient for large clients, who are favored by the organization, but not quite convenient for a private investor.


    Complaints against GrottBjorn

    The company has extensive and successful experience in the stock market, working with private traders, and with clients - large organizations, which it prefers. Largely because of this there are almost no reviews of the brand in the network. Among those comments that we found on the Internet, there are more positive reviews concerning the educational programs of the broker, the reliability of the brand, access to the opportunities of the Moscow Stock Exchange, convenient trading, favorable tariffs, etc.

    If there are any complaints about GrottBjorn, we will be sure to post on social media. Sign up to stay up to date.

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

    GrottBjorn regulation and license

    In order to ensure the reliability of the company, it is worth carefully considering whether it has a license.


    GrottBjorn broker license

    The broker, working on the market for more than 20 years, does everything to ensure that cooperation with him was reliable, so that clients, including large ones, trust the brand. The issue of regulation is also paid attention here. Following the norms of Russian legislation, the broker is regulated in the country, information about the licenses is available on the company's website:

    • License #166-02672-100000 to carry out brokerage activities (Federal Commission for the Securities Market of Russia, November 1, 2000).
    • License #166-02695-010000 for dealer activity (Federal Commission for the Securities Market of Russia, November 1, 2000).
    • License №066-13298-001000 for securities management (Federal Service for Financial Markets of Russia, 02.09.2010).
    • License №066-13299-000100 for depositary activity, issued by (FFMS of Russia on 02.09.2010).

  User Agreement

    This document contains all the important information about working in the broker's platform, about the rules, responsibilities, rights and obligations of the parties concluding the cooperation agreement (the brokerage organization and the client). Even if the trader has not read this document, all actions of the company are made according to its provisions. It has a different name for all similar companies, for the broker we are studying today it is called "Regulations" and it is worth studying even before the user concludes the contract with the company. Let's show by examples what we are talking about here.

    An important block of information are those provisions that regulate the list of obligations of the client. So, he is obliged to provide all the necessary data for opening an account, for betting, in addition, to provide the company with repeated information:

    GrottBjorn User Agreement

    The broker's obligations to the client are also detailed here. Thus, he is obliged to submit applications related to the trading orders of the user in time, to provide him with reports on transactions and the status of accounts, to inform him about the requirements to the traders, about changes in the trading conditions, etc: broker responsibilities

    In addition, the broker may suspend its obligations if the client does not fulfill the requirements of the contract or additional agreements, may require the trader to compensate losses, etc:

    GrottBjorn broker's rights

    The company will not be responsible for the fact that the client provides his data to third parties. At the same time, the client cannot, without the consent of the organization, delete, modify, copy or transfer to third parties the programs that the broker provides him to work: responsibility


    GrottBjorn is this a scam?

    GrottBjorn - the oldest brokerage organization, more than 20 years successfully providing services of access to the futures, currency, commodity, etc. markets for clients. The company works both with large organizations and private traders. The unique philosophy, the organization of the brand as a financial atelier, attention to each client, providing them with modern solutions for profitable and comfortable trading - all this distinguishes the broker from other organizations. The presence of regular clients is the proof that the company is on the right track. Starting cooperation with the broker, the client can implement here a successful investment strategy, use an individual investment account, the option of hedging or getting risk-free income, actively work with the possibilities of commodity, futures and other markets.

    The company is serious about the service it provides to its clients, so only reliable and time-tested functionality is available here, for example, the QUIK trading program, which is one of the most popular terminals among market players. The fact that there is no Metatrader, which is popular among users, of course, can be alarming and discouraging, as it will take time to study the features of another platform. In addition, there is no demo account, which can also complicate the work for a beginner. All this is largely offset by favorable rates on transactions and commissions, the quality of service, the positive reputation of the brand, which occupies a high position in the number of transactions on the Moscow Stock Exchange (included in the top 10), etc. The company has several offices across Russia, actively working with clients, realizing the full extent of its openness. Professional support service is available here, market players can attend training courses, invest money in securities, commodities, use the website etc. It is worth noting that the company also has a license from the Central Bank of Russia, which only increases confidence in it.

    There are very few reviews available on the Internet about working with the company, which can also be alarming, but if you examine its capabilities in more detail, it can also be explained by the fact that the cooperation here is aimed primarily at large organizations, foreign companies, etc. Private trader, with all the advantages of the brand, may not feel comfortable to work here, especially if he is just starting his way in trading, is less confident in his actions and would like to start activities with a demo account. Still, GrottBjorn is the choice of serious traders and organizations who know exactly what they want to achieve in stock market trading. Should we conclude that a brand like GrottBjorn is a scam? Having studied the capabilities of this oldest organization, we won't say so today. However, the reviews of our readers who have experience with GrottBjorn, whom we ask to leave their comments right after the article, will help us to determine the exact rating of this company among other stock brokers of the market.



    GrottBjorn - another example of the oldest and most successful financial organization, providing traders with a range of opportunities. This includes trading on the currency, commodity and futures markets, profitable Internet trading at comfortable tariffs, risk-free trading and hedging options, etc. Still, it will be rather difficult for a stock market beginner to work here, no matter how much he is interested in the opportunities of this market.

    Let the company has enough advantages (experience, reputation, network of offices across the country, regular clients, license, etc.), here there are also those factors which will complicate the work with it (absence of a training account, complicated documentation which is worth studying for a beginner, etc.). Although the unique brand is open to the common trader, conducts training courses for him, but it is more profitable to cooperate with it for serious organizations with big capitals, for experienced traders.

    Trading tools and assets
    Fund Deposit and Withdrawal
    Customer Service


    • I was happy

      They have been my broker for around 5 years in russia. I was happy, well served and they are cheap.

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