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Official website of Alpari

Alpari – is an experienced Forex broker. The company has been working in the field of trading on financial markets since 1998. Many traders use the services of this company due to the simplicity of the work on the platform, informative website, training opportunities, bonuses and discounts offered to regular clients. Alpari’s site is simple, intuitive, and packed with information for novices and professionals alike. Reliability and security, all the functionality you need for trading and the cashback program are additional advantages of the broker that make it so popular with traders.


Why does a trader need an official broker’s website?

When a trader is looking for a broker to partner with for trading in the forex market or binary options, he pays attention to the company’s website. It is necessary for the client to get acquainted with all the terms of cooperation and to find training materials. The sites also offer registration and creation of an account from which the client can trade. Such personal accounts have all the functional for work. The information value of an Internet resource and simplicity of the interface allow to evaluate the broker’s capabilities.


Features of the forex broker website

A good broker’s website should contain detailed information on how to cooperate with the company. It is important that the resource contains information about the trading conditions described in as much detail as possible.

Information on how to deposit and withdraw funds should also be provided. If the broker has several platforms for trading, it should write on the website the features of each platform and the functionality that is used on them. If a company offers promotions and bonuses, there should be a separate section to describe them. If there are several promotions, as well as a loyalty program or referral programs, pages can be allocated for them, so that each brader can read in detail the terms of participation. An important point is the presence of an analytics section. It is good if the site has reviews of markets, analysis tools, Central Bank rates, currency exchange rates and converter, etc.

There should also be answers to popular questions and copies of official documents.


If a broker offers Forex Trading Training he should post information about them in a separate section with news articles and other important information. On the site There are pages for a description of all the courses the company offers, as well as information about the instructors.


It is important that the company knows how to talk about itself. In addition to news and official information, contacts and addresses of the offices should be listed. Traders should also be able to study the sponsorship and other activities of the organization. If the broker offers some additional services, such as investments, there should be a separate section for them. Each client should be able to read the detailed conditions in the open access. All information should be presented in as much detail as possible. It is good if the site has a pleasant appearance and intuitive interface.


Registration on the broker’s website

Before starting to register on the broker’s site, it is necessary to choose a suitable organization. To do this, it is worth studying the website, reading the information about the company and finding out how long the broker works and what conditions it offers. You should also study the reviews of the company on the Internet. Only after this you can proceed to registration. The interfaces of websites differ from company to company, but the approximate order of actions is approximately the same. First you need to find the button “Login”, “Registration”, “Authorization”, “Get Started” or something similar. Usually they are in the upper right corner or at the bottom and are highlighted in large letters. After that, a window will open with lines where you need to keep personal data.

As a rule, brokers ask to specify phone number, name, login, password, e-mail and country. Then you may need to confirm the registration with the link, which will come by letter to the specified mailbox. After that, the client will get access to the personal cabinet, where he can open a trading account and work on the platform in a browser or by downloading the appropriate software to your computer. In order to withdraw funds, you may also need to be verified. Basically, you will need to provide copies of your passport, the card you will use for depositing, and proof of income and address. As the latter, you can send copies of utility receipts for the client’s name and address.


Contacting the technical support of the broker

There should be several channels for contacting the technical support. First of all, the broker should have several phone numbers, paid and free. If the company does not work in one country, it is good to have different phone numbers for different regions. There should also be an email (one general or several for different departments) in the “Contacts” section. A good broker should have pages in social networks. Not only can you read the latest news about the company and changes in working conditions, but you can also get in touch with the employees of the organization.

Recently, various messengers, including Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, have become more and more popular. That is why brokers are trying to ensure their presence in such applications. This makes it possible to contact technical support for help at any time from a mobile device. Some brokers offer Telegram-bots for solving a number of issues, which automatically help clients to understand certain issues or carry out certain operations.

Official website of Alpari

The Alpari website has a nice design, many informative blocks with detailed descriptions of services and other information that traders need to know. The broker’s site has the following sections:

  • Trading on Forex. This block describes the terms of cooperation with the company, methods of deposit and withdrawal of money and the features of the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.
  • Investments. In this section, you can read PAMM ratings and reviews of PAMM accounts, find details about the service, investment conditions, and find a link to download the Alpari Invest application.
  • Promotions and contests. This block contains the conditions of participation in the loyalty program and VIP-club, describes promotions and special offers, as well as contests that are constantly held by the broker.


  • Analytics. This section has several pages with useful information for the broker. Thus, here you can find market overviews, FXstreet calendar, analysis tools, forex exchange rates, currency converter and cryptocurrency charts. There is also a link to the Alpari Mobile application.


  • Training. This block contains detailed information on how to get started with forex. There is also a schedule of training courses from the company and information about instructors. Here you can also find the description of demo accounts and there are pages with articles about Forex.


  • About Us. Here you will find general information: company news, a list of partner offices, contacts, affiliate programs, sponsorship and social responsibility information.
  • Trading by Signals. This page tells about the rules of this work option and contains a rating of signal providers.
  • Platforms and applications. The links to download MetaTrader platform and Alpari Mobile, Alpari Invest and Fix-Contracts applications for trading fixed contracts are collected in one place.


  • Contact. From this page you can go to chats in VKontakte and Viber, Telegram-bot and Messenger Facebook. There are also phone numbers for various departments. For some of them are additionally indicated email and Skype. In addition, the opening hours of these services are spelled out. Social network buttons allow you to go to the company’s profiles on these sites.
  • Contracts and regulations. All documents are submitted in pdf-format. They can be downloaded if needed.
  • Synopsis. A section for new customers with answers to popular questions and other background information.
  • Forum. A service that allows you to communicate with other traders.

Materials from

The site has background information, articles about forex, reviews of PAMM services and copies of official documents of the company.

How to register on the Alpari website

To register on the Alpari website, you need to enter your first name, last name, email, phone number and accept the terms of the user agreement. A code will be sent to the specified mailbox to complete the registration. After that, the trader will have access to a personal account, where they can create the desired number of trading accounts and use other functionality.


How do I contact the technical support of my broker?

On the main page there are phone numbers of the company in Russia and social network buttons. In the section “Contacts” there is detailed information about the opening hours of different services, their phone numbers and e-mail.


Alpari (go to the official site) is an experienced and reliable broker who has developed an informative website with a clear interface, convenient division of information into blocks and sections, and detailed contact information. There are also links to platforms and applications that can be downloaded on PCs and mobile devices.

The registration process is simple, it includes several steps that can be completed in a matter of minutes. All the functionality you need to trade is available in your personal account. That’s why we can say that Alpari has one of the most user-friendly websites and accounts for trading. No wonder this company is considered one of the most popular.

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