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TradingView is a social network for traders and a powerful platform for technical analysis, it offers tools for viewing and creating trading ideas.
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RegistrationUp to 30% commission on all referral payments
Powerful social tools for user interaction and an intuitive platform
Personalized technical analysis, more than 100 technical indicators for a thorough analysis of the market
A huge number of charts of different types, a variety of data and exchanges
Alerts in the cloud, instant notifications on market events
Ability to create and distribute their own ideas, financial shows
Paper Trading tool for free trading simulation
Screener for stocks, forex pairs and cryptocurrencies
Excellent reputation in the crypto industry
Regular addition of new features
Demo account and support of popular brokers
Regular addition of new features
Personal Technical Analysis and Mobile App
Few ways to communicate with technical support
Paid subscriptions to get access to all platform features
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May 6, 2024
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    TradingView is this a scam? Review and Customers Reviews

    Published: 10 July 2020 Updated: 6 May 2024

    TradingView is a powerful technical analysis platform and social network for traders. Thanks to real-time quotes and charts in the browser, users can follow the market and make predictions. The platform allows users to analyze charts, view trading ideas, and share their trading ideas.

    But is a reliable web platform for technical and graphical analysis now? Or is it another scammer who decided to get rich at the expense of clients by offering subscriptions to its services? Let’s answer these questions in our detailed review.


    New TradingView users will receive $30 in TradingView Coins when they sign up with our button ($10 in TradingView Coins when they buy a monthly plan).


    TradingView Platform

    The TradingView platform is full of all sorts of menu buttons, as well as various areas with text and graphical data. At the top, you see the quotes of the market assets, and immediately below them, there is a panel with the “TradingView” logo, the “What’s new” button (platform news), the interface language selection menu, and the search form. When you log in, a drop-down menu appears here, titled with the name of the user. Through it, you can go to settings and profile data, statistics on referrals, financial information, subscribers, and published ideas. There is also a switch that allows you to activate the dark theme of the TradingView site interface.

    By using the HTML5 web standard, has the flexibility to customize and scale the graphical information. There are unique graphical tools and chart types. Users have access to spread charts, flexible price scales, more than 50 graphical tools, and much more. The TradingView platform contains 5 main sections.


    This section includes trend analysis, harmonic and chart patterns, indicators, Gann, and more. Traders can share ideas here, any speculator has the right to publish their ideas. Ideas can be trading or educational. The former is characterized by an indication of possible entry points into the market, the latter is characterized by training, which is evident from the name itself. These can be posts about risk management, the necessity of following trading rules, etc.


    The section provides access to information on all monitored financial assets. For example, if you open the category “Cryptocurrencies” the list of coins sorted by capitalization will appear on the screen. The trading volume, price, and other important data will be shown next to each coin.


    In this section technical indicators are available and trading strategies. The scripts are categorized, but you can also set other sorting parameters – for example, by popularity, type, or publication time. Each script is described in detail, with its source code and user manual.


    Here we are talking about sorting trading instruments according to different indicators. In this tab, you will find the stock screener as well as forex signals and cryptocurrency pairs.


    In this section, clients of TradingView can work with both traditional and exotic types of charts – Japanese candles, e.g. “Live Chart” is the main category of the platform, where users can create trading charts and open existing ones. And most importantly – communicate with each other and share experiences.

    The interface of the platform is very concise and intuitive. Visually, on the main chart screen, you can identify 4 control areas, each of which has a specific functionality. The left vertical panel is used to manage the graphical tools, the right vertical panel displays the economic calendar, the idea feed, chats, etc. The lower horizontal panel contains the screener windows with various selection parameters, the trading panel, and the strategy tester, while the upper horizontal panel is the toolbar. This includes selecting a timeframe and a trading instrument, attaching ready-made strategy templates, technical indicators, etc.

    There is also a “More” section on It contains information about the project, its features, prices, solutions for brokers, and other useful information. And in the “Show” section there are thematic selections of videos, with the best ideas from the most popular and authoritative representatives of the financial industry. One of the main components of the TradingView platform is a social network. It includes ideas, chats, videos, graphs and reputation. All materials can be liked, commented, reposted, and applied to yourself with the author’s permission. Traders communicate in public groups on suitable topics and can create new chats – provided that a chat room with such a topic does not already exist. At the moment on TradingView it is possible to trade through such brokers:

    You can also use the Paper Trading simulator: all trades are simulated on TradingView servers and you don’t need a brokerage account for this.

    TradingView rates

    The creators of the project offer the Basic tariff for beginner traders and investors. Free of charge to the users of the site the following functions are available:

    • testing of trading strategies,
    • 12 customizable graph types,
    • more than 100,000 technical indicators,
    • world market data,
    • multifunctional screener,
    • the charts where it all began,
    • 50+ handy drawing tools.

    You can also activate one of these paid subscriptions:

    • PRO: $14.95 per month
    • PRO+: $29.95 per month
    • PREMIUM: $59.95 per month

    TradingView charts are one of the most powerful graphical analysis tools. Their basic functionality is available in the basic subscription, and the Pro status additionally opens the following features:

    • Create an unlimited number of charts and lists of quotes.
    • Unlimited number of indicators.
    • Simultaneous display of several graphs in one window.
    • Customizable timeframes (time intervals).
    • Market volume profile.
    • Additional options for graphical design of graphs.
    • The ability to turn off advertising.


    TradingView: your profitable investments

    TradingView clients can successfully trade a variety of assets. They have access to online stock exchange quotes for such financial instruments:

    Currency pairs

    Everything related to traditional currencies – overview, heat map, cross rates, currency indices. Rare and exotic currencies from Africa, Asia, and the Pacific are supported.


    Allow you to work with contracts to buy or sell currencies, energy resources, metals, currency indexes, agricultural commodities, and interest rates.


    You can choose the stocks with the highest capitalization, the leaders in growth or decline, the most volatile, etc.


    These include currency indices, S&P index sectors, and U.S. indices. Major stock exchange indices follow the exchanges of developed countries, and their names often indicate the number of companies they include. Tracking major indices is important because they often reflect the state of the economy as a whole.


    Bonds are issued by governments of different countries to attract funds into the economy by issuing low-interest loans. On TradingView, you can work with bonds of all countries and select all available bonds with a ten-year maturity.


    General market overview, market capitalization charts, and charts for selected cryptocurrencies.

    CFD market

    Represents derivative financial instruments, so-called contracts for difference. They are concluded between two parties and allow the exchange of the difference between the current price of the asset and the price at the end of the transaction.

    Registration at

    To register on the TradingView platform, click on the “Login/Register” button in the top bar. You can log in using an existing account on one of the following social networks or other sites: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, or Stock Twits.


    Or you can register by filling out a special form on the site. Enter your username, email address, and password, then click “Register”. Then you specify your name and add a photo, and that’s the end of the registration! Now you can choose the tariff, each of which is free for a month. In order to connect the subscription you have to confirm your account with a cell phone number (enter the code from the SMS). Then enter your bank card or account details and PayPal. If you sign up for a trial subscription, you will be charged $1, which will be refunded immediately in the currency of your account. This is how the verification is done. After that, you can proceed to full-fledged work on the trading platform TradingView.


    Demo account

    TradingView provides all the tools you need to practice and become a successful trader. Trading financial assets is quite a risky business. Therefore, before you start trading for real money, we recommend that you first practice on a demo account. You can place orders by opening an account with a supported broker and connecting it to TradingView. Place orders and track your profits and losses in real-time. Practice trading stocks, bitcoins, currency pairs, or futures without the risk of losing real money.


    Mobile application

    TradingView has a mobile app for Android and iOS which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Real-time data will always be at your fingertips. Saved graphs will be available anywhere and anytime. You will be able to communicate and discuss ideas using instant private messages.


    TradingView bonuses

    TradingView has a “Bring a Friend” program. You can share a link with a friend via e-mail or Twitter/Facebook and get up to $30 from a new user. Once your friend creates a profile and buys a paid subscription, each of you will get money in your account. The amount of reward depends on what kind of subscription the new user connects.


    New TradingView users will receive 30 $ in TradingView Coins when they sign up with our button (10$ in TradingView Coins when they buy a monthly plan).

    Affiliate Program

    Using the affiliate program, you can earn on referrals, and use the advertising section to promote your brand, product and analytics on TradingView. To become a partner of this powerful site, you need:

    • Register at;
    • Get a unique referral link and ID;
    • Use this link to invite new users;
    • Follow the changes and get rewarded.

    You’ll have a steady income here. You’ll get 30% commissions from all the payments your users make.



    Advantages of TradingView

    One of the most important advantages of TradingView is the possibility of “live” communication with other exchange players. This is what the project was created for. On the site you can get acquainted with the trading ideas of your colleagues, see their forecasts, and then track their performance. You can also post your own ideas and forecasts. Advantages of TradingView:

    • powerful social tools for user interaction;
    • a huge number of different types of graphs;
    • support for all trading instruments – from cryptocurrencies to government bonds;
    • the opportunity to create and disseminate your own ideas;
    • diversity of data and exchanges;
    • personalized technical analysis, more than 100 technical indicators for thorough market analysis;
    • Screener for stocks, forex pairs and cryptocurrencies;
    • alerts in the cloud, instant notifications on market events;
    • Paper Trading tool for free trading simulation;
    • Demo account and support of popular brokers;
    • excellent reputation in the crypto-industry – TradingView charts can be found on almost all cryptocurrency exchanges;
    • a special programming language for creating scripts;
    • regular addition of new features;
    • News and notes.

    The professional version of TradingView will greatly expand your possibilities, with the help of this service you will be able to avoid serious losses on the exchange.


    Complaints about TradingView

    The TradingView platform is full of tools for trading and analytics. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are a lot of positive reviews about this project on the web. Judging by the comments on the Internet, most users really like this service. They write that the money spent on the subscription is returned in the process of using the tools provided by the platform.

    Of course, there is a lot of negativity, too. But mostly they are complaints about paid subscriptions, which give access to important functions for technical and graphical analysis. But, as we noted above, these costs as a result of working with the site justify themselves. Some also point out that the site design has not been updated for a long time. But otherwise the service works great, so many traders and investors give it a good rating.

    If there are any reviews about the TradingView platform, we’ll post them on social media. Sign up so you don’t miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    TradingView Regulator

    TradingView is an analytical platform, the company does not provide investment or legal services. Therefore, the company is not regulated by the regulatory authorities. Users from all over the world can learn about markets by discussing investment ideas on this platform. TradingView is headquartered in New York and has a head office in London responsible for the European market. User Agreement

    The “agreement” specifies the terms of use of the platform, the company’s policy, and a disclaimer of liability. TradingView cannot guarantee to each user that the information presented on the site will be complete and up-to-date and will be suitable for their needs:


    User agreement -Disclamer and warranties


    The document states that the user must cancel the subscription after the free period of use, otherwise, the payment will be made automatically according to the selected tariff:

    User agreement - Subscription cancelation

    When registering on the website the user agrees to receive special offers and messages from TradingView to their email:

    User agreement - receiving special offers by email


    Is TradingView a Scam?

    TradingView – is a simple platform for beginners and powerful for experts in technical analysis. The service has all the tools to create and view trading and training ideas. Browser charts and real-time quotes allow you to make predictions and follow markets anywhere and anytime.

    Judging by online reviews, TradingView is liked by many users – both beginners and experienced traders and investors. On this site, you can get real-time information and opinions about financial markets, analyze charts, view trading ideas, and share your own on social networks or other sites! TradingView is clearly not a scam or fraud, this project has already attracted millions of speculators. Without a doubt, this project can be called one of the best platforms available today for traders and analysts who need an extensive set of customizable tools for working with charts.



    TradingView – is a unique platform, a “live chart” for market analysis, and a social network for traders. Its users have access to expert opinions, quotes, and free real-time charts. Join a community of investors and traders in forex, stocks, and futures on TradingView and you’ll never regret it! You’ll have the opportunity to study trading and learn from experienced speculators, and create your own strategies. You’ll also have access to a wide range of tools to help you gain insight into the financial markets.

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      Brokerage commission
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