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Alpari Demo Account

Alpari – the leading broker in Russia, which deals with forex trading and binary options trading. A great deal of experience and innovative methods have made the company known around the world. The main area of activity Binary options broker – providing clients with access to trading on the forex market. Traders can also work in other markets. The company’s services include trading tools, platforms for independent trading, the possibility of investing in the work of other clients.

In addition, Alpari gives you access to the analysis tools of the leading agencies. This approach allows you to stay abreast of all developments and make the right decisions. For example, clients can watch regular expert reviews, Dow Jones analysis, technical tools and follow financial TV broadcasts. Alpari has an informative website and mobile app. It offers an intuitive user interface. Trading is done on the MetaTrader terminal, which can be downloaded or worked on in your browser. It is a convenient platform that is popular with millions of traders. It has a reliable encryption that ensures the safety of transactions, an auto-trading system, many periods and types of graphs, built-in technical analysis indicators.

Binary options trading alpari.fix-contracts is also offered in the web platform and mobile app. Fix-Contracts is a financial instrument that allows trading without a minimum deposit. Contracts start at $1 and payouts can reach 100%. The platform and application uses different technical analysis tools, many types of charts, 4 types of contracts and more than 25 assets. The broker of binary options offers different promotions, special offers, as well as a unique system of Alpari cashback, where users can choose the terms of trading, investing and transferring funds, and the opportunity to earn by attracting acquaintances.



Why do I need a demo account?

Brokers try to provide maximum opportunities for traders to work on the financial markets. Almost all companies, including Alpari, offer a demo account that allows you to learn how to trade. Each broker offers its own terms of use of such a demo account. The functionality, working hours, virtual money amount, instruments and options may differ. But in any case demo account helps to learn the functionality of the trading platform, conduct training transactions, and test strategieswhich helps to create your own scheme of work (Binary options trading training).

It is impossible to assess the demo mode as a full-fledged work, but training with its help helps to avoid losses of real money in the future. The advantages of demo accounts include the ability to work for free without having to make a deposit, getting acquainted with the broker platform and its features, the history of transactions, the cabinet, gaining experience, trading in a real environment without having to deposit real money.

What are demo accounts?

Each company has its own conditions for providing work in demo mode. Demo accounts can be such:

  • Available after the first recharge. The broker offers to invest their own funds, and then gives the opportunity to work with the account. This allows the company to be sure that the trader, who has deposited his money, will continue to trade with this particular broker. But clients often do not want to use such a mode as it is necessary to understand how the work on the company’s platform goes and whether it is worth investing their money into trading on this or that service at all.
  • Without registration. Such an offer implies working on a separate terminal, which may have limited functionality. It is convenient for quick training of trading basics, but it does not allow you to evaluate the platform’s work in full and try different strategies.
  • With a limited validity period. The broker offers to use a demo account for a certain period of time. This helps to prompt the trader to decide whether to continue working with the company using a real account or leave to look for another option.
  • No restrictions. This is the most convenient option for traders, which gives them an opportunity to evaluate the terminal, check all the functions and tools. You can also test all possible strategies and develop a system that will not be afraid to trade with real money. This is the option offered by Alpari.

Is there a difference between a demo and a real account?

Many brokers, like Alpari, offer a demo account that does not differ from a real one. All functionality, analysis tools and other options are available for use. This is the best option for traders, which gives them the opportunity to test the trading platform and decide whether it is worth investing in trading on it.

But some brokers still impose certain restrictions on the demo account. They may concern the validity period. It means that work in a demo mode can only be for a certain period of time. After its completion, you need to decide whether to open a real account or refuse services of this company. Another variant of restrictions – fewer features and tools. Consequently, it will not be possible to fully evaluate the work of the terminal. This method is therefore suitable for experienced traders who only need a limited amount of functions to be able to appreciate the convenience of the platform and personal account. For beginners, however, it’s better to look for brokers that offer a demo account without restrictions.


Alpari broker demo account

Trading on an Alpari demo account is an easy way to learn how to trade without risking real money. It gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with MetaTrader platforms and work out different trading strategies. MetaTrader versions 4 and 5 are used for trading.


These are terminals with rich functionality, which are easy to use and as reliable as possible. They allow you to safely make transactions and trade on different devices. The latest version has more than 20 new indicators, strategy tester, 12 timeframes to improve strategy effectiveness. It also uses the increased performance of MQL5, which helps create effective trading advisors and indicators. Alpari also offers the opportunity to get real money for working in the demo mode. To do this, you have to register for the Virtual Reality contest, show your maximum profitability on your demo account and get a cash prize. To do this, you need to register for the contest in myAlpari.

To create a demo account, you must register on the broker website and go to your personal cabinet. Alpari allows you to create several demo accounts. You can see them in the “Trading Accounts” section of myAlpari under the “Training Accounts” tab. When creating such an account, you are offered several account types, currencies to choose from, and the ability to set an initial balance.



The main advantage of the Alpari demo mode is the full feature set, which does not distinguish this account from a real one. You can work on the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms, just like traders who trade with real money. Their functionality is not limited, which means that you can use all the tools and test different strategies. Another advantage of a demo account is the ability to choose the initial deposit amount and add virtual money to the balance as needed.



Alpari allows you to create several demo accounts, which is useful if you want to test several strategies at the same time. Each of them will be assigned a code and password, which can be used to log into the MetaTrader platform. It is not limited to the demo mode, all functionality is present, you can trade just like with real money.


The Alpari demo account also gives you the opportunity to participate in the “Virtual Reality” trader contest. If the client shows the maximum profitability, they can get a real cash prize. To register, go to the “Additional Services – Traders’ Contests” section in your personal cabinet. In the form below, select the contest type, enter your nickname and check the box next to the contest rules. The duration of a Virtual Reality contest round is 11 weeks. There are 4 rounds in total. Alpari allocates $2,190 and 50,000 bonus points for 30 prizes.



Alpari gives you the opportunity to work on popular platforms. MetaTrader 4 is feature rich, reliable and easy to use. You can choose between the mobile terminal and the PC platform. It also provides a secure execution of operations and a user-friendly interface. MetaTrader 5, along with all the advantages of the previous platform, has several other advantages. Thus it has 12 additional timeframes, 20 new indicators, a strategy tester and new arcs to improve performance. The productivity of labor in the increased that allows you to create trading advisors.

You can work with the terminal directly from your browser by logging into your cabinet under one or another account. It is also possible to download the platform to your computer and use it as a program. You can customize the terminal charts by changing their appearance (bars, candlesticks, lines), switch from version 4 to 5 and change accounts. Also directly from the platform you can open an additional demo account or connect to a trading account. The interface is multilingual, so if you want you can choose the appropriate option.

There is an opportunity to read an overview of the market, insert the necessary indicators, lines, objects, channels, tools Fibonacci, Elliott, Gunn. You can change the period of the graph, increase or decrease it, use auto-scrolling and shifting.

You can turn options on and off using the context menu or the icons above the chart. The terminal also has a one-click trading function. It works in two modes. The standard one consists of two stages. First, the client calls the order creation window, then the appropriate type of trade order, its characteristics and confirms. The second mode consists of one step. The order will be sent in one click:

  • when you press the bid or offer price button on the trade panel;
  • by pressing the “Buy” or “Close” buttons in the “Depth of Market” window;
  • when selecting the command for placing orders in the chart menu or in the “Depth of Market”;
  • when deleting orders on the trade tab or in the chart menu.

Since no confirmation of the order will be offered, the client cannot cancel or change the order after the click. You can enable the function in the context menu item “Settings”.


How to open a demo account with Alpari?

To open a demo account, you must register on the site. To do this, you must enter your personal data in the form that opens after clicking on the appropriate button in the right corner of the home page.


After receiving the code by SMS or e-mail, the trader can get access to the personal cabinet, where he works with the trading terminal on the training and real accounts.


In the “Trading accounts” section of the “My accounts” section there is a button “Training accounts”, which opens the list with all the existing options and gives an opportunity to open a new one. To create a new account in the opened form it is necessary to choose its type, currency (rubles, euros, dollars and GoldCoin) and amount. You can also tick the checkbox to agree to create an account at After the account is created, the client will receive a code and password to enter the terminal and be able to trade in the demo mode.



How to trade forex with

In order to trade on the Alpari platform, you need to register on the company’s website. After that, you need to create a live or demo account in your personal cabinet. The minimum deposit for the real account is 20 dollars/20 euros/1300 rubles/20 GLD. Then choose the account you would like to trade from and log in to the terminal MetaTrader 4 or 5. After adjusting the chart to your needs and choosing its type, you need to insert the necessary indicators.

There is a window at the top of the chart which opens an order where you can configure all the parameters of the order, select the currency pair, volume, stop loss, take profit. It is also necessary to specify the type – immediate execution or pending order. In the latter case, the order type and price will be offered. For those new to forex, Alpari offers plenty of educational literature, a glossary with detailed descriptions of terms and courses.



Alpari (Open a demo account) is an experienced broker who has been working on the Russian market for a long time. It offers trading on popular platforms with all the necessary functionality for transactions. For beginners, the company offers not only training materials and passing courses, but also demo accounts that allow you to learn, test new strategies and create your own trading schemes. Experienced traders can also use this opportunity to evaluate the service and try new tools. Clients can then decide whether to trade on the Alpari platform with real money or look for another broker.

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