Cryptocurrency signals

Cryptocurrency signals are information about a presumed but highly probable (as commonly thought) change in the value of a particular cryptocurrency. Signals can be paid or free. They can help to effectively trade cryptocurrenciesBut they require an understanding of the market and do not guarantee a profit - you should always remember this, guided by any signals, paid or free.

Cryptocurrency trading signals

What are the sources of signals for buying and selling cryptocurrencies? All sources of signals can be divided into three large groups: those derived from fundamental or technical analysis and on the basis of insider information.

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Fundamental analysis focuses on events, news, and rumors that are expected to affect the cryptocurrency price, trading volume, and the market as a whole.

Technical analysis is the tracking of behavior support and resistance lines, study of typical figures on the stock chart, other indicators that may indicate the potential dynamics of the cryptocurrency price.

Signals based on insider information is the dream of many traders, especially beginners. This is information that comes from the biggest market players: individual successful traders and entire teams, from developers of coins and cryptocurrency services. Such information is particularly valuable and is expected to affect the price of a coin in one direction or the other. Signal providers, especially paid ones, claim to base their recommendations precisely on insides.

Insider signals are considered very important, and many traders are willing to pay money for them, sometimes a lot. And this demand generates a corresponding proposal. There are a lot of resources on the Internet that sell signals that are supposedly formed on insider information.

The signal looks like a message on a website, messenger or social network that at a certain time you can profitably buy or sell cryptocurrency. In most cases, these are forecasts for the short and medium term.

Insider-signal provider services, which have a reputation for integrity, are not easily distinguished from pumpp groups, of which there are many more. Such groups are interested in attracting inexperienced traders, "hamsters," who react with excitement to information about an impending rise in the price of a coin. Beginner traders have the right attitude to get useful information. But they don't check the information providers thoroughly enough, they are too hopeful of luck, too greedy, and that's why they fall into the pampers' groups as victims.

The task of manipulators is to force traders to sell coins at a certain price at a certain time. To do this, insider information is "dumped" - most often quite reliable, but the information is given with a slight delay. For successful pumping it is enough to throw in information with a second delay. The money of the "hamsters" at good prices flows into the accounts of the manipulators.

How do you identify a pampa channel? The resource always has a lot of subscribers, from 5 thousand or more. The initiators of a PAMP in advance - several days, sometimes hours in advance - begin to stir up the excitement in the group, "warming up" traders by announcing a sharp rise in the price of some cryptocurrency. Information about the bump is not published until the very last moment.

When the long-awaited message appears, traders attack cryptocurrency exchange hoping to participate in the pamp. At this time, the pamp is already moving at full speed, the inexperienced trader doesn't look at the price and dynamics or inadequately perceive the exchange rate, but immediately sells the coin.

In the vast majority of cases, the trader wins nothing or stays in the red, only the organizers of the pump are in the red. The exact entry points are known only to them and they do not share this information. Some traders are able to calculate this point on their own and make money on the pump, some are just lucky.


Free cryptocurrency signals

Free signals can be a good help in trading, but you should treat them with extreme caution, because free signals providers do not have much motivation to provide more or less accurate signals. It is believed that the maximum accuracy of free signals is at best about 40%.

Nevertheless, there are resources of free signals with a large audience, which have proven to be useful for trading. These include: - formerly, which presents the latest trading advice to traders, as well as news, which in itself are signals for the experienced trader.

The project provides signals to buy cryptocurrencies on different exchanges, forecasts the price dynamics of some coins, announces the upcoming events of the crypto market. But now it is more of an aggregator of news and announcements, there are no operational signals on the resource.

A large aggregator of information for trading with a skimmer that recommends buying or selling cryptocurrency on various exchanges.

An aggregator platform of signal sources, where traders can create signals for themselves.

In this small list of sources it is impossible not to mention CryptoPing - which offers to register an account so that the user can receive signals of cryptocurrency price increase by more than 1%.


Paid cryptocurrency signals

Paid signals for cryptocurrencies are often more informative than free ones, the accuracy of signals is not known, you can meet claims of accuracy over 80%, which is very questionable for the cryptocurrency market.

The problem is that it is difficult for a trader who is just starting to trade to choose a reputable source of signals. There are many resources on this market that just collect money from gullible users, and the information on them is the most common, accessible and free.

When choosing paid signals, one should pay attention to how long the resource has existed, how large and active the community around it is, and what reviews the site has. It is worth bearing in mind that reviews cannot be trusted on 100%, platforms can organize a series of positive reviews themselves, and competitors or dissatisfied customers, in turn, can pay for a series of negative reviews.

It is worthwhile to periodically review the ratings of resources for paid signals, which, again, should not be completely trusted, because the independence of such ratings is always questionable. In the end, it can be said that the trader in any case chooses a resource at his own risk.

When choosing a source of paid signals, you need to pay attention to the terms of cooperation provided by them, they vary greatly on different sites. A plus is the demo version of the service, which shows how it works.

The signals are coming in real time, so it's a good idea to learn how to react to them quickly. That doesn't mean you have to take every signal right away, which is a mistake beginning traders tend to make: when they get a signal to buy, for example, they immediately buy a coin. And it keeps falling in price. The signal is not an obligation, but a suggestion, which is worth thinking over and watching the further dynamics of the coin.

The resource is positioned as a signals and analytics service. Signals are formed on the basis of insider information, fundamental and technical analysis and are provided in a package with an educational course. Three types of programs are offered, costing from $20 to $600.

It provides a subscription for traders for a month and for three months, for this it is necessary to register on the site. There is a demo subscription. The team provides authoring signals, for which it accepts payment in several cryptocurrencies and fiat currency.

"Independent Investors Club" Golden Island offers signal packages - short-term, medium-term and long-term based on presumably insider information on cryptocurrency prices. Packages are paid, from $35 to $500.

It positions itself as no less than "the world's first cryptocurrency insider signals channel. Those who wish can subscribe for a month, six months and a year, payment in bitcoins.


Cryptocurrency signals online

Traders can receive signals in the account of the service, in messengers and social networks online.

The most popular now are the signals presented by services in Telegram. Let's consider the most popular channels at the moment. There are paid and free channels, but in most cases, resources offer both options for signals.

Positioned as a team of experienced traders who since 2013 are engaged in fundamental and technical analysis with an emphasis on short-term and medium-term trades. Crypto-Raiders signals are published on the site and in the telegram channel They are charged in bitcoins.

The site focuses on finding information that can cause the price of a cryptocurrency to rise. The authors allegedly communicate with coin developers and then provide traders with classified information, which should provide a price increase. The "Closed Channel" section leads to the Telegram channel Payment for the opportunity to receive signals is possible in bitcoins and fiat.

The resource, according to its own data, relies on paid information from abroad; its creators trade in cryptocurrencies themselves. The site provides profitability forecasts, it also offers to go to a paid Telegram channel, payment 0.008 BTC per month.

Telegram bot, "the world's first social trading bot. Service that transmits signals that can influence the price of cryptocurrency on a paid subscription. Subscription costs a lot - 0.05 to 0.15 BTC per month.

A fairly popular pay-as-you-go telegram channel. It is argued that you can pay only for signals that were effective, you can also get free signals by connecting to a referral program. Signals are not generated automatically, their author is trader Maxim Lieberman.

On October 8, an announcement appeared on the channel (Fig. 1):

Cryptocurrency signals online

Fig. 1

But trading recommendations continue to be published in the channel. It is hard to say what happened to the bot and why someone would make intrigues against Liberman Trading Signals & Tips - there are plenty of free and paid signal resources on the market.

But cryptocurrency market participants may remember that the "decline" of various cryptocurrency projects usually starts in a long falling market. So this in itself is a bad signal for those who are waiting for price growth.

The vast majority of free signal sources are also represented in Telegram, let's look at them:

The channel claims the triggering of 95% signals, which of course is incredible. The free signals, which are not published every day, are based on information from the "VIP channel", which, of course, is paid. Paid signals are formed from some insider information.

Provider of not only paid, but also free signals on the channel\ from a group of crypto traders who also supply signals from third-party sources.

The channel publishes free signals, not every day. Analytical information, motivational articles about the future of the cryptocurrency market are presented. Officially stated as a channel for popularization of blockchain technology.

- has a channel of free signals, from this channel you can go to the site to study the analytical information.

Signals are presented both on the website and on the channel For traders, the channel is more informative than the website. The resource shares not only signals, but also educational information and tips for more effective trading.

  • Stratton.Trading

- "the world's first insider signals channel" has a free telegram channel with signals for American and Russian traders. However, for the most part, the channel shows profits received from some of the previous signals of the resource and for some reason actively advertises the face of Oscar-winning American actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The free channel is an aggregator of information from 12 sources, there is a private channel, but it is also free.

Telegram bot that delivers signals on changes in the price to the dollar and trading volume of 25 cryptocurrencies on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Also a free Telegram bot that informs users about upcoming plumps on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Let's look at an example of how to use a resource to trade on EXMO cryptocurrency exchange. Use Cryptochan_HighLowPulse,

We go to the telegram bot, in front of us a sample of the latest information on prices (Fig. 2).

Cryptocurrency signals

Image. 2

We see that the price of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is falling. Maybe we should buy in? At the very least, let's go to the exchange and see what's going on there.

By clicking on the link and answering the question "Open this link?" from the telegram bot, one can go directly to the crypto-exchange (Fig. 3), where the conditions we find interesting. Of course you have to be registered on it. Once we enter the exchange, on the right side we see quite a lively chat room. Chat is not the safest place, especially for beginner traders, because it can be used to mislead newbies and organize local pamping. It can be turned off by clicking the cross at the top right in the chat window, there is not much useful information in it.

Cryptocurrency trading signals

Image. 3

We need to find a pair of BTG/USD. This can be done quickly by using the exchange search (Fig. 4)

Free cryptocurrency signals

Image. 4

Once we have found the right pair, we make sure that the price of BTG is really falling (Fig. 5) It seems that the resource has not failed, now we need to decide what to do with this information.

Paid cryptocurrency signals

Image. 5

By clicking on the line BTG/USD, we see on the left side of our office a chart. It's not that the drop is big and the trend is likely to continue in the same direction and we don't know anything to stop it. The chart doesn't look like it requires an urgent need to stock up on the "gold bit," it's probably more rational to wait and see what happens next (Figure 6).

Free signals in Telegram

Image. 6

But let's assume that we need this particular cryptocurrency right now and we decide to buy a little bit more BTG. Let's look at what the stock ticker shows (Fig. 7). In it, we see that there is a multiple excess of buying over selling.

Best signals for cryptocurrency trading

Image. 8

Let's follow the majority, let's participate in the purchase by setting in the service for the purchase the number of coins to be purchased, by marking the price and clicking on "Buy BTG" (Fig. 8)

Buying cryptocurrency by signals


As soon as there is someone willing to sell the coin at the offered price, the transaction will be completed.

Telegram feeds are currently the fastest format for receiving signals for buying cryptocurrencies. When choosing a Telegram channel, one should pay attention to who created the channel (a trader or a company of traders) and how high the authority of the project initiators is on the cryptocurrency market. The channel should be analyzed: the number of subscribers and views, the period of existence, reporting on the results of signals, the availability of feedback, the ability to ask a question and get a quick answer.

The trader does not need to subscribe to many channels, one or two are enough. Not necessarily both of these channels must be paid. But in any case, even a very reputable channel should not be completely trusted, as well as the reviews of traders who suddenly got rich off the signals of a particular channel.


Top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges for working out signals


Best cryptocurrency signals

Still, what are the best signals for trading? The quality of the signal can, in theory, play a decisive role in the success of a trade.

Such a signal must be really significant, predicting either unambiguously the growth of the price, or unambiguously its fall. The signal must be published in time, the source of the signal must be sufficiently authoritative.

Most likely, such a signal will be presented most quickly on a paid telegram channel. But it may not be presented.

At the same time, it can be argued that the maximum results are not so much the signals themselves, no matter how qualitative they may be, but the ability to correctly interpret them and accurately respond to them.

With this skill, even free, publicly available information is enough for effective crypto-trading, and in the absence of the necessary skills, the most informative paid signal will be useless and will only lead to unnecessary costs.

Which brings us to the idea of the necessity of compulsory preliminary cryptocurrency trading training and the ability to analyze the information obtained, even from a paid resource. Signals should be only an additional trading tool for an experienced trader, such traders never trade based only on signals.

Also, we should keep in mind that the dynamics of cryptocurrency prices correspond to the overall trend of the crypto market, which, in turn, is determined by the dynamics of bitcoin price, which now occupies about 54% of the entire cryptocurrency market (Table 1, Table 2). There are no secret techniques or insides that would make any coin go against the trend long enough. Information that can reverse the prevailing trend of bitcoin and the entire crypto market becomes available almost immediately and cannot be missed by anyone who trades.

Beginner investors are recommended to trade coins from the top 150 cryptocurrencies ranking, or better 10-20 major ones. For such coins, all forecasts, analytics and signals are available open sources, in abundance, there is no need to pay for additional information.

Paid signals are probably needed by experienced traders who try to earn against the trend, on some little-known coins, even on shytcoins, not wanting to spend time on analyzing the price dynamics of these coins and ready to lose some money without critical consequences if the signal does not work. Such traders invest money in tens and hundreds of coins, some of them bring profit, some don't.

Now the cryptocurrency market is in decline (if you compare it to how the situation developed about a year ago), bitcoin for several months can not overcome the psychologically important mark of $7000 for a long time. If the trend changes and bitcoin starts to grow, and this period will be long enough, then capitalize on the market can anyone, without additional signals, as was already the case at the end of 2017. And, note, not a single paid or free resource has predicted a prolonged period of falling bitcoin prices and the entire crypto market since January 2018, which with minor fluctuations continues to this day. At the same time, leading crypto-enthusiasts have repeatedly publicly promised a new jump in bitcoin's value.

  1 hour 7 days
Bitcoin -0.16% -4.85%
Ethereum -0.44% -11.58%
XRP -0.21% -14.32%
Bitcoin Cash -0.32% -12.71%
EOS -0.05% -8.69%
Stellar -0.05% -9.96%
Litecoin -0.25% -7.27%
Tether -0.22% -1.07%
Cardano -0.30% -10.36%
Monero -0.11% 10.38%
TRON -0.43% -0.05%
IOTA -0.79% -12.48%
Dash -0.13% -13.16%
Binance Coin -0.11% -8.71%
NEO -0.15% -12.23%
Ethereum Classic -0.18% -13.27%
NEM -0.07% -10.04%
Tezos -1.87% -8.21%
VeChain 0.05% -11.63%
Dogecoin -0.10% -6.53%

Tab. 1 Changes in the price of cryptocurrencies of the top 20 to the dollar for 1 hour and for 7 days, 13.10.2018, 21.00, according to Coinmarketcap.


HalalChain -0,19% -14,04%
Blackmoon -0,23% -8,25%
Melon -0,56% -8,32%
DATx -0,15% -4,01%
Bankex -0,38% -6,65%
Primalbase Token -0,36% -4,50%
Flash -0,36% -13,97%
Diamond -0,15% -10,29%
TraDove B2BCoin -0,20% 21,66%
QunQun -0,60% -6,56%

Tab. 2 Cryptocurrency price changes from 456 to 465 top 500 to the dollar in 1 hour and 7 days, 10/13/2018, 9pm, according to Coinmarketcap.

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