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Bitfinex is a platform for trading major cryptocurrencies, which is one of the most popular online trading platforms.
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Bank card, Cryptocurrencies
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Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, QTUM, Ripple, etc.
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    Bitfinex is it a scam? Reviews and description

    24 October 2017

    Bitfinex is the first platform in the list of our detailed reviews of crypto exchanges. Today, this largest trading platform for major digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.) steadily occupies an honorable third place in the world in terms of daily transactions. It’s one of the most popular sites for Internet traders. Moreover, it’s seen in the TOP-5 of the largest sites for functional and convenient trading in crypto assets.


    Of course, as a potential client of this service, you’d like to know for sure whether Bitfinex is another scam or it’s a reliable company to which you could entrust your money and earn a decent income from trading in digital coins. Let’s answer this question here below.

    Bitfinex Review


    Bitfinex (Bitmix) has been operating since 2013. That’s the leading platform offering traders an excellent opportunity to trade in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it’s the largest site to trade in Bitcoin (learn here how to earn a decent income on Bitcoin) in the world. The resource belongs to the company IFINEX BVI, located in Hong Kong and acts as its operator. The number one concern of the company is to ensure transparent and safe trading (complex verification, encryption of email, binding to IP address, etc.), including a two-factor identification for those users who work with US dollars. has everything required for exchange as well as profitable and functional trading in digital assets. Trades are held in the US dollar and also in BTC, LTC, Ethereum, etc. Among the key advantages of the resource one should mention the most promising and popular currency pairs, one of the lowest tariffs in the market, margin trading, a convenient personal cabinet with interface settings (you determine the location of the elements, the theme of the design, configure notifications, etc.), a large number of tools (the visualization of orders, various types of orders, positions, price alerts, a large selection of convenient charts from TradingView, the provision of Bitfinex API, etc.).

    The resource offers the function of margin trading, which is rarely provided by modern crypto exchanges. That’s an ability to work on credit, using digital currencies or US dollars from traders acting as liquidity providers and receiving in this case revenue from commissions for the use of money. Having taken such a loan from the user, the trader can freely trade these funds. In addition, it’s possible to make use of standard exchange trading with the purchase of crypto assets for personal funds. Traders can access a wide range of order types, which make trading much more productive (a limit order, a market order, a stop order, One cancels other, Fill or kill).

    All information about news, updates and changes in the service is available in the official group of the company on Twitter and also on the official blog on the site. The interface of the Bitfinex exchange supports English, Russian and Chinese. The company offers a convenient mobile application, enabling users to work at any convenient time and at any place. We should note the minimal interface of the site. Nevertheless, it might be quite complicated for newcomers – they will have to get used to the system.

    Charts from TradingView enable you to conveniently work, conduct market analysis, use indicators, graphic elements. That’s a great tool, successfully tested by traders working in different financial markets. As for significant downsides of the crypto exchange, users point to the striking complexity of the verification procedure, high commissions for replenishment and withdrawal of funds in US dollars, high vulnerability to hacker attacks on the resource, including attacks in 2016, which forced some users go to other sites.


    Replenishment and withdrawal of funds

    Today, for its users the crypto exchange offers various ways to replenish and withdraw funds, both with the help of digital currencies and through banks:

    • Ripple,
    • Zcash,
    • Ethereum Classic,
    • Dash,
    • Litecoin,
    • Ethereum,
    • Bitcoin,
    • Bank transfers, etc.

    At the same time, most clients are advised to replenish their accounts exactly with cryptocurrencies (the whole truth about cryptocurrencies is here). Such a move enables them to avoid high and unprofitable commissions that show up when it comes to working with US dollars. It should be noted that at the moment the exchange has stopped working with bank transfers.


    Complaints about Bitfinex

    On the Internet you can’t find many reviews about the company. Sure, there are both positive and negative reviews. As for the indisputable advantages, users point to high ratings and reliability of the exchange, enhanced functionality and tools, user-friendliness, a convenient personal cabinet, great attention to safety, competence of the support service. The positive image of the company was underpinned by its professional reaction to a devastating hacker attack on the resource, which took place in 2016.

    As for negative points, traders point to a complicated verification procedure, unprofitable commissions when dealing with US dollars, frequent hacker attacks on the exchange. Sometimes there are problems with withdrawal of funds, lack of communication with the company’s technical support.

    Regulation of Bitfinex

    IFinex Inc., which owns Bitfinex, has a legal registration in China (Hong Kong) and operates in accordance with the current legislation of this Asian country. The organization doesn’t have a license to work with cryptocurrencies, but it guarantees the complete security of trade. At the same time, users should be aware of the probable risks of trading and dramatic price fluctuations due to market volatility. Clients are responsible for all their actions on the site and the company isn’t responsible for the loss of funds resulting from their transactions on the site.

    In accordance with the legislation of the regulatory country, the company must ensure the safety of work on the resource (a two-factor authentication, restriction of access to the account by the IP address, encryption of letters using OpenPGP, cold wallets, protection against DDoS attacks, etc.). Additionally, it’s expected to guarantee confidentiality of personal information, prevent fraudulent and other illegal actions by users (AML, CTF, transaction monitoring, user actions, storage of user information, etc.). It should also support an anti-spam policy and welcome requests of law enforcement bodies. Using the resource, clients are expected to agree with the terms of work on the site. In case of disagreement with this the user must leave the resource.

    Read the Privacy Policy on Bitfinex
    Read the Terms of Service on the Bitfinex website
    Read the Risk Disclosure Statement on the Bitfinex website
    Read the Policy on law enforcement requests on the Bitfinex website
    Read the Anti-Spam Policy on the Bitfinex website


    Is Bitfinex a scam?

    Today the Bitfinex exchange is deservedly considered to be one of the leading sites to trade in digital currencies. In spite of the fact it’s still young, it boasts a strong reputation, high ratings and it’s very popular with traders. The site is included in the TOP-5 of the largest resources for trade in crypto assets (here you can find out the current forecast for digital currencies for 2018). It steadily occupies an honorable third place in the world in terms of the volume of daily operations. The company is rapidly developing, demonstrating decent results in one of the most popular areas of Internet trading and proving in practice that it’s not a scam.

    The platform is trusted by traders around the world. The resource offers enhanced opportunities for work: lucrative currency pairs, a rich choice of orders, margin trading options, a convenient mobile application, which makes trading more comfortable. The exchange has deserved more than enough positive reviews for a decent functional, a great variety of opportunities for trade. What’s more – you can even take advantage of trading even without funds at all- for this purpose there is a service of margin trading.

    At the same time, it is worth pointing to issues with communication (except email). However, it doesn’t prevent most traders to earn a decent income on the site. Additionally, the withdrawal of money in dollars is unprofitable here. Others complain at a complex verification procedure (the provision of documents in high-quality English), while constant hacker attacks on the stock exchange can hardly create a feeling of security.

    Among the reviews about the company available on the web today you can find both positive and negative ones. In general, the resource is trusted. It’s considered to be safe and reliable for everyday trading. The exchange isn’t a scam because at the moment it completely fulfills its obligations to users (it steadily makes payments of earnings, monitors the work of payment systems and the site, security of the service in order to prevent hacker attacks, etc.). The vast majority of users positively assess its behavior after hacking in 2016, when the exchange adequately reacted to the situation by paying lost funds to traders from its budget. Talking about the reliability of trading on the crypto exchange, it’s important to understand the complicated status of such specific assets, the lack of clear regulation, non-trading risks (a probable bankruptcy of the site, prohibition of cryptocurrencies and transactions with them, etc.).

    Should we consider Bitfinex to be a scam? We guess we should answer in the negative because the crypto exchange is deservedly popular with traders around the world. It has a large user base, impressive turnover, expanded opportunities for work. The big popularity of the exchange was not affected by the serious situation with a hacker attack, when the company had to pay out its own funds to traders. Having resolved that issue with great dignity, it deserved greater trust of its clients.



    The Bitfinex exchange is currently considered to be one of the leading trading platforms for digital currencies, which holds leading positions among competitors in the dynamic crypto market. It has gained great popularity with traders around the globe due to such virtues as favorable working conditions, enhanced functionality, comfortable trading, a variety of withdrawal and replenishment options, margin trading opportunities, personal cabinet settings, convenient transaction history, etc. Today, the company strives to drastically improve crypto trading (read here how to quickly earn on digital currencies) in terms of sercurity and make the overall process more transparent. The company is also known for its warm client-oriented approach. It adequately responded to the hacker attack in 2016.

    We hope that Bitfinex will proceed with its dynamic development and preserve its leading positions in the crypto market. It’s also expected to provide maximum opportunities to its users. Today, we won’t label this company as a scam. However, the traders’ responses we are waiting for this review will greatly influence the ratings of Bitfinex, and even warn crypto enthusiasts of possible problems.

    Exchange Commission
    Transaction speed
    Technical support


    • bitfineh

      don’t be fooled, it’s a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Scam

      Ultimate people who deceive people.All is well up down winnings chic as a result need verification to pass, well pass it turns out after you have to pay tax.ruble do not bet finished people who deceive people

      Reply to this review
    • Fraudsters

      Hello Day 2 can not withdraw the money to the wallet and Kiwi wallet tried to the card too, in the end, just need to fill up the balance 3500 thousand.Guarantee is not what.LOGHTON.As you have carried the earth, deceive people.

      Reply to this review
    • Hello, I can not withdraw funds, tech...

      Hello, I can not withdraw funds, tech support all the time requires recharge! What is it?

      Reply to this review
    • Withdrawal of funds

      I got registered in Bot, worked with a trader, called himself Eugene, earned 180000₽, I was told to withdraw, and then I had to verify and deposit 20000₽ to Bot, I can not withdraw! I cannot withdraw! I cannot withdraw! Technical support again asks to deposit 7,500₽, but I have decided that it is a trick!

      Reply to this review
    • Bogdan Krasnov is a scammer!!! DO NOT...

      Bogdan Krasnov is a scammer!!! DO NOT TAKE THE EASY MONEY!!!! HE IS CHEATING PEOPLE!!! THEY ARE CHEATING PEOPLE. AT FIRST, EVERYTHING GOES SMOOTHLY AND ALL HIS SIGNALS WORK 100 PERCENT, BUT WHEN YOU WANT TO WITHDRAW YOUR EARNINGS, YOU GOT PROBLEMS, THEY ASK YOU TO PAY 50,000 RUBLES TO BE VERIFIED, AND THEY REMOVE YOU FROM ALL THEIR CHATS SO THAT YOU COULD NOT OPEN OTHER PEOPLE’S EYES WHO ARE HOOKED ON THESE BASTARDS!!!! THERE ARE A LOT OF FAKE FACES IN THEIR CHATS, TELLING PEOPLE THAT EVERYTHING IS GREAT HERE AND THEY’RE MAKING A FORTUNE!!!!! JUST MORAL FREAKS, MOTHERFUCKERS!!! there is no god in the world and i hope these bastards get their asses kicked soon!!!! I’ve already posted a review on their trading platform Bitfinex, it was immediately removed and I was blocked, and this is the first sign of fraud!!! Don’t let the bastards make money on you!!!!!!!!

      Reply to this review
    • Why are there so many bots here...

      Why are there so many bots here who shit on Bitfinex?)

      Reply to this review
    • So, I inform everyone that it is...

      So, I inform everyone that it is NOT POSSIBLE to withdraw funds from the exchange.
      There were many attempts to contact technical support, but the problem remains.
      There is no way to set a trading password, which is needed to withdraw funds.
      Why is it not possible to set? I just do not get a confirmation message in the mail. Technical support does not know why it is so … and the money is not withdrawn as a result. It’s good that the amount in the account is not large.

      They tried to contact me by mail and asked for my ID and the mail where the password did not come. I said and then silence for 3 days. In telegram they make attempts to help, but the problem is not solved. I have to send an SMS on my phone 15 times in order to finally enter into an account…. In general, conclusions are inevitable

      Reply to this review
    • this bitfinex is more like scamfinex...

      this bitfinex is more like scamfinex

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    • I sent $ 1160 in neo exchanger

      I sent $ 1160 in neo exchanger, day 5 and did not enroll in the account (although the browser has long been in their address) on the first day of the writing off wait and it has been 5 days and have not written off and do not refund,

      Reply to this review
    • tech support has been silent since December...

      tech support has been silent since December 2017, I am writing an appeal to the court.Just freeze 16000 wait we will answer you and half a year of silence

      Reply to this review
    • To trade on the exchange you need...

      To trade on the exchange you need at least $10,000. And this is complete nonsense with the current stability of the cryptocurrency, it may collapse at any time, moreover to invest such large money into an unfamiliar resource is at least stupid, another important factor is that these exchangers are cracking just a spit, the last theft of $500,000 happened on «coinchek» a week ago and it happens regularly in the order of rotation))

      Reply to this review
    • I had no problems with the exchange...

      I had no problems with the exchange — both input and withdrawal of funds is normal. But the cancellation of the same proposed futures-tokens BT1, BT2 ( Segwit2x) — just an outrage! There is no reason for that! — Segwit2x took place. Other exchanges tokens continue to trade. On coinmarketcap they are there. People all over the world lost a lot of money. The reason is the theft of user funds is the only explanation.

      Reply to this review
    • -16800 two weeks on the account, support...

      -16800 two weeks on the account, support is silent, the money was written off when exchanging 4 eth to btc is not clear for what. Also constant scams with price failures so it was 31.11.2017 and 22.12.2017 simultaneously for all crypto at once by 70-80% of the value, and all your money goes nowhere. A scam.

      Reply to this review
      • VIX-15 14 January 2018 at 22:10

        Have we already had 31 cryptocurrency days in November?

      • VIX-15 14 January 2018 at 22:12

        And as for 12/22/17, great pullback on the Fibo to 0.38! Picked up my pivot and up! Technical analysis works better than forex!

    • They are definitely scams. You send them...

      They are definitely scams. You send them to bitfinex the amount for the deposit, comes in 2 times less or does not come at all. Support does not answer. Cryptocurrencies themselves are a pyramid, do not be fooled. The world will get over it and forget it as a bad dream.

      Reply to this review
      • yurkis 15 December 2017 at 13:03

        Did the money come?



      Reply to this review
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