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Service for copying trades of successful traders in the market of cryptocurrencies and other trading instruments. The bot can be connected to 7 popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
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Switzerland, Baarerstrasse, 75 Zug 6300 CH
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DD Immo Service Plus GmbH
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7Binance, Bybit, BitMEX, Bitfinex, FTX, Deribit, HitBTC
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Registration$17 for registration and $20 for purchase
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Trading on stocks, futures, forex and cryptocurrencies
7 popular crypto exchanges to connect
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      Switzerland, Baarerstrasse, 75 Zug 6300 CH

      Tiger.Trade is a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 24 June 2022 Updated: 7 February 2023

      Deal copying service Tiger.Trade offers the ability to automatically repeat the actions of experienced traders of cryptocurrencies on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

      Is Tiger.Trade a scam? Reviews


      Registration on Tiger.Trade

      The mobile application "Tiger.Trade: Signals from Binance" can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. The application cryptobot may not download from the first time, so you just need to try a second time. To register for the service you need:

      • email address;
      • verified Binance account;
      • Binance API.

      Before registering on the site tiger.trade The new subscriber client is informed that in order to copy, he must have a start-up capital of $100 and that the cost of a subscription to the trader for a month is, on average, $25. At the same time, when a deposit (wallet) is connected, a welcome 100 tokens will be credited to the new client's balance.

      TigerTrade mobile app

      The subscriber client is also informed right away that in order to deposit funds to Tiger.Trade Copy, it is necessary to have funds on a Binance wallet. Accordingly, it is necessary to have a confirmed Binance account, 2AF-authenticator on the smartphone and quick access to the e-mail address to which the code will come when entering the Binance account. If there is no Binance account, the system will offer instructions on how to create one. The user is identified in the service via his Google or Facebook account, registration directly through the email address is also possible. To enter the terminal, you can generate a pin code, but it is not necessary. After that the service goes to the Binance account connection page via API-keys.

      If there are keys, they will need to be entered, if not, then on the next page of the service you will need to log in to your Binance account to generate the keys. When logging into the crypto exchange, a Binance Futures account will be created in the copy-application and immediately after that the system will start generating APIs. If the user expects to connect through already created APIs, we remind that on the crypto-exchange Binance it is possible to generate keys only after full verification (document verification) and connection of 2AF-authenticator. Keys are created on the page "API management".

      Tiger.Trade Copy API management

      On this page you need to click on the button "API created", in the window that will open give the key a name and click "Next" and pass the "Security check", the code to the email address and 2AF-authenticator at the same time. If the codes are correct, you will need to click on the "Submit" button and the key will be created. On the page "API sheet" the QR-code of the key (API and secret) is indicated, to the right of it, in the top line, the API-key, in the bottom line the secret key. In the service settings the condition "Allow access only to the checked IP-addresses" is marked.

      Also, in order to work with the keys on the Tiger.Trade Copy project, you will need to create a futures account on Binance and set the mandatory restrictions of API-keys. To do this, you need to click on "Change Restrictions" make sure that the parameters are set: "Enable read", "Enable spot and margin" and "Enable futures". Having received the API-keys on Binance, it is necessary to copy them and add to the appropriate lines on the page of the site and click "Connect wallet".


      Trading platform tiger.trade

      The interface and functionality of the trading service is as simple as possible. When the service is connected, you need to study the traders, whose trades are supposed to copy, in the "Traders" section on the main page. The list of traders has a filter by parameters, which are listed at the top of the table. In particular, the "Startup capital" parameter: you may select a trader whose initial capital does not exceed a certain value in the drop-down menu. In the tab "Monthly subscription price" a trader is selected according to the amount of commission. Thus, although the copy service itself is free, the user will be charged a commission for subscribing to the trader's strategy.

      TigerTrade traders deals

      The "Trading volume exceeds" tab selects a trader by trading volume. In the dropdown menu "Sorting" it is possible to select a crypto trader by profitability, trading turnover, startup capital, trading experience. In the table traders are arranged line by line. Each row from left to right indicates the performance of specialists:

      • Commission;
      • trading volume;
      • profitability of the trader's work over a period of time.

      At the end of each line is the "Copy" button. Clicking on it will open a page with additional information about the trader and his/her financial results on the platform for certain periods and for the entire period of trading on the platform. Under the "Copy trader" button, there are links to the social networks in which a particular specialist is represented. If the crypto trader's statistics suits the user, click "Copy trader" and then follow the system's instructions to activate the "Start" button.

      The "Portfolio" section is a list of all strategies selected by the user. The "Bookmarks" section contains all crypto-traders selected by the user. Copying of trades is fully automated. The subscriber does not interpret the trader's signals, he can track the trading dynamics and monitor the status of the deposit. According to the terms of the copy service, traders do not offer trades with doubtful, low-liquid or too risky assets for copying.


      TigerTrade Deposit and Withdrawal

      Important: to be able to copy traders in the app, the money must be in the USDS-M futures account, namely in the form of USDT tokens. According to the terms of the copy service, for the correct operation of the mobile application, the subscriber's Binance wallet, at the time of connecting to follow the trades of the trader, must not have other cryptocurrencies, except USDT. The traders selected by the user are placed in the "Portfolio" tab. After selecting the desired trader from the portfolio, you should click "Copy".

      The system activates the "Add" button (add) and the "Take" button (take). Accordingly, "Add" represents deposit, and "Take" - withdrawal of earned funds. The account that the user creates in the Tiger.Trade Copy application is nothing else but a Binance account. API keys guarantee full protection of the account, providing private access to it in the copy-application. The funds to be deposited and withdrawn are displayed on the deposit of the Binance account.


      Tiger.Trade User Agreement

      "Terms of Use" of the "Tiger.Trade: Signals from Binance" application are placed on the website of the trading and analytical platform TIGER.TRADE, separately on the pages for downloading and installing the service. The way to these pages is as follows: main page of TIGER.TRADE - section "Partners" (left bottom corner of the site) - "Copytrading" (bottom center of the page).

      There is no "Agree to Terms..." function in the mobile app, but it is recommended that you read them in full, even though it is a large document. However, the terms of service are standard for this kind of app. The Terms of Service are subject to change, and the client will be notified five days in advance of the change.

      Tiger.Trade Copy Trading


      Tiger.Trade and the Tiger.Trade Copy site

      Copying transactions in the service Tiger.Trade Copy does not imply compulsory registration on the trading and analytical platform Tiger.Trade. However, many traders combine copying and trying to work independently, using copied strategies of experienced traders as educational material.

      Tiger.Trade is a quite powerful external platform for trading stocks, futures, options, cryptocurrencies and Forex and connects to Binance, Bybit, BitMEX, Bitfinex, FTX, Deribit etc. It is a paid service, with a license cost of 8900 rubles for 3 months, with a 14-day free period, during which you can trade cryptocurrencies. To trade in the terminal of the site will need to register and download the desktop application. Verification is not required.

      From the trading and analytical platform there is an entrance to the site tiger.trade in the "Copytrading" section. The user is identified in the copy service by the registration address on the platform. Functionality and order of actions in the browser version is the same as in the mobile version, but it's important to know that TIGER.TRADE platform doesn't present the browser version anywhere, doesn't inform about it. That is, perhaps this version is still being finalized or is at the testing stage. Technical support also does not confirm that this browser version is a full-fledged copying terminal. Tiger.Trade Copy is positioned exclusively as a mobile application.


      Tiger.Trade Copy: a scam or not?

      According to our own data, only traders who meet such criteria are selected for the copying service:

      • have nothing to do with the structures Tiger.Trade;
      • at least 3 years working on the stock exchange;
      • show an annual return of 20%+;
      • have a sales turnover of $10 million or more per month.

      This is a good starting point to treat copying as passive income for the subscriber, but with a non-guaranteed profitability, because not all trades of traders are profitable. Also, you need to consider the subscription fee when calculating the likely profits and losses. As for reviews of the Tiger.Trade Copy application, there are almost none, most likely because the service has been introduced to the market recently.

      Withdrawing money


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        Withdrawing money
        Tiger.Trade lost my deposit of 4.3 million rubles in 1 minute and 27 seconds

        It all started with the fact that on June 27, 2022 on the terminal Tiger.Trade (which I use for many months) I put a limit order to buy NGQ22 in 275 contracts. I had the Stop, Take, and No Loss set up in the terminal strategy. Everything was the same as hundreds of times before. The terminal started… Read more

        • User-friendly interface, that's what I fell for
        • Can turn you into bankrupt in a minute
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