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Robot for automatic cryptocurrency trading at BINANCE cryptocurrency exchange, which offers favorable terms of cooperation.
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      eTrader is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 15 May 2020 Updated: January 30, 2023

      eTrader - it's a self-contained robot for cryptocurrency trading or as it is called by the creators of the project, the electronic trader for automated trading on the cryptocurrency exchange BINANCE. Using this program, you can make good money in the market cryptocurrencies. And all this thanks to the unique algorithm of market analysis and the most effective closing of profitable deals.

      But is eTrader really the robot for cryptocurrency tradingwith which to be successful on the crypto exchange BINANCE and get a good income? Or is it just another scam designed specifically to deceive citizens in order to get their money? Let's answer these questions in our review today!

      Is eTrader a scam? Reviews


      Registration eTrader

      To register on the eTrader platform, you need to go to and at the top right corner click on the "Cabinet" button. This form will appear in front of you on a separate page:

      eTrader registration

      Here we press the "Registration" button and in the form that opens, enter the following data:

      • login;
      • e-mail;
      • password.

      After sending these data to e-mail will receive a link to follow to complete the registration process. That's it! Now you have an account on the eTrader platform. All you have to do is to choose a service package, sign up for BINANCE Crypto-currency Exchange and start earning with the unique eTrader program.


      Trading platform eTrader

      The eTrader program was developed as part of the "Easytrading" project. The eTrader trading platform is convenient and easy to use, the creators of the project have removed all unnecessary and automated all routine processes. This system is specially designed for those who want to earn on the cryptocurrency market without deep knowledge in the field of trading (How to make money on cryptocurrency?).

      eTrader benefits

      The eTrader program uses an advanced algorithm to open and close trades automatically. Market analysis is performed on the servers of the project creators. The algorithm checks the entire market - all currency pairs currently traded on the BINANCE crypto exchange. Moreover, it does this around the clock and in automatic mode. The server of the project's creators is searching for deals, which checks all timeframes of each currency pair for suitable conditions in real-time mode. All cryptocurrency pairs are automatically analyzed and the most effective points to enter profitable transactions are identified. Potentially profitable trades are displayed in the "Trading" section as tiles. Each of them has its own rating, which the algorithm puts on a 5-point scale. trading platform

      The peculiarity of this program is that it can adjust to the growth of the price. If the price rises above the expected level, then the Take Profit, which should close the trade, is pulled up after this price. And if the price starts to turn and rests against Stop Loss, then the transaction is automatically closed. Thus, the program not only closes profitable deals, but can adapt to the movement of the market (cryptocurrency trading training). As long as trades go above the green line, we are in Take Profit (close the deal in the plus) and make a profit. But as soon as we fall below the green line, it means that the market goes down and turns out to be in Stop Loss. In this case all open trades are closed and we get a loss. The green line itself is BuyStop, it triggers the strategy.

      The eTrader platform also has a "Trailing Stop" function - a trailing order following the price. It is an opportunity to follow the price upwards. The position should be closed at the peak. If the price goes above the initial forecast, "Trailing Stop" moves after this price. If the market does not go in our direction, the deal is closed automatically. You can also work with the eTrader manually. To do this you need to add API-keys, by which the program will connect to your account at BINANCE. In the "Balance" we specify the currency, in which we will trade - it may be a dollar or Bitcoin. In the "Overview" you can see the current balance in $ and in BTC, as well as free balance, which is not involved in transactions. The platform also has a built-in "Support" section, where you can ask questions to the technical support specialists.

      eTrader feedback

      As soon as you get to the platform, you should immediately turn on the big blue "Play" button. It starts loading potentially possible strategies and displays them in the field on the right. You can disable them all with one button when you want to close all trades at once. There is also a button "Autostart strategies" for launching strategies. In general, you can trade automatically or run the strategy you like manually. If you wish, you can open trades yourself, but it is better to work in the "Autostrategy" mode.

      There are transactions that are in "Wait" mode. On them at once approximate % of a profit and % of risk are specified. The next mode "Start" - at this stage funds are withdrawn from your balance, on this money deals are actually concluded. After this, the transaction passes to "Work" state, i.e. it is taken in work. As soon as this happens, the amount for which the trade was opened appears, as well as % of profit at the current moment and at what stage of profitability the trade is now. The % of profitability or loss is shown. Thus, it is better to open and close transactions in the automatic mode. In the section "History" all information about transactions is specified:

      • start time;
      • title;
      • the price that was used to open the trade,
      • the price that came out of the market;
      • % profits, etc.

      You can also set the risks in "Settings". To begin with, it is better to choose "Low" mode - if something goes wrong, you will lose only 1% at most.

      eTrader robot settings


      The creators of Easytrading's eTrader software claim that their signals for entering the market are accurate. As you understand, the provider of trading signals is the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. And as practice shows, the accuracy of these signals is from 70%. The system is accompanied by flexible settings, including the number of trading signals per day.


      Demo eTrader account

      You can try out the eTrader program on a demo account. Access to the demo account is open for 7 days. The software can be downloaded directly from the website The main thing is to make sure you have the latest Net Framework v4.7.2 installed (you can also download it at before installing the program. The thing is that the programs only work on Windows 7/8/10 and Windows Server, and they require this version of the Net Framework. demo account

      The demo account has integration with Binance cryptocurrency, automatic trading, video course on settings and technical support. The demo account fully reveals the functionality of the real eTrader platform. In a week you can get acquainted with all the features of this platform and decide for yourself whether you want to earn with this robot or not. If you are satisfied with it, you can pay for Easytrading services and get a licensed version of eTrader for 1 year. This pleasure will cost $250.

      eTrader rates


      Mobile application

      As we mentioned above, eTrader is designed to run only on the Windows family of operating systems. In the future, the creators of the project are considering expanding the list of supported platforms. In the meantime, you can use a virtual machine or run eTrader on a VDS to run on MacOs. This will save your computer from having to be constantly up and running to perform crypto-trading.


      Bonuses from eTrader cryptocurrency trading robot

      There is nothing about bonuses on Easytrading. The only thing that can be done here is to connect 2 cryptocurrency trading robots (eTrader + eTerminal) at a bargain price. Therefore, information about bonus programs is recommended to look directly on the BINANCE crypto exchange. On this site there are welcome bonuses, not bad % on affiliate program and much more.


      Deposit and withdrawal

      To download eTrader, you must first register on the project website Then you need to top up your balance. It is recommended to buy a service package at once for 1 year. And in general it is possible to deposit any amount, but it is better to start with $100. If you deposit, for example, 40 dollars, then there will be little transactions in work. Accordingly, it will reduce chances of success in receiving a good profit. To deposit funds, you can use the currency exchanger Top Exchange. Funds can be deposited in the following ways:

      The same methods can be used to withdraw funds from the account to your bank card, electronic or cryptocurrency wallet.


      Complaints against eTrader

      The project Easytrading appeared on the market in 2017, but we almost did not find any reviews on the network about its software. Judging by the activity in social networks, people use this program and put "likes". Some write that they installed the program on their PC, started trading cryptocurrency and are waiting for the results on the transactions. However, there are no positive or negative reviews about the eTrader robot. Maybe they are in the closed groups of the project.

      If there are any feedbacks about the eTrader robot, we will definitely publish them on social networks. Sign up to make sure you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulator of the eTrader robot

      Like any robot, this system for cryptocurrency trading is designed to inform users. In fact, the company does not provide investment or brokerage services. That is why its activity is not regulated by regulatory authorities, i.e. has no license for the right of financial activity. The creators of the project are not responsible for any losses that users may incur while using their software. If you have decided to trade cryptocurrency, you should understand that it is risky. With autotrading, you can lose your money partially or even completely. And whether to engage in cryptocurrency trading or not is up to everyone!

      User agreement portal presents "Easytrading Desktop Software License Agreement". It contains general provisions, information about software updates, etc. From this document we learn that the user has no right to distribute and reproduce the program without the consent of the copyright holder:

      eTrader User Agreement

      It also says that there may be situations where the software fails. In these cases, the copyright holder is not responsible, nor is he responsible for the use of the system itself: responsibility

      You should understand that recommendations for trading operations are not recommendations for action. If you have any questions about the operation of the eTrader software, you can always contact the support service. However, there are exceptions, when technical support will ignore your request:

      eTrader support work


      Is eTrader cryptocurrency trading robot a scam?

      Robot eTrader has been on the market for three years, but we almost did not find any reviews about it on the web. Perhaps they are in closed groups of the project or they are cleaned up by the creators of the program itself. In general, it is not clear. However, according to the activity in social networks, we understood that this cryptocurrency trading robot is actively used by traders.

      eTrader is an interesting and multifunctional platform, which not every similar project can boast. On the website you can read useful articles that will help you to understand the peculiarities of auto-trading. According to the creators of the project, when using their software, the size of the profitability can be from 5 to 35% per month. The amount of income depends on the size of the deposit, risk settings and the presence/absence of a trend. It should be understood that the market does not always have the right conditions to make money. But automatic account management and built-in money management allow you to wait out bad periods, with minimal financial losses.

      Otherwise, the built-in profit optimization functions allow you to get the most out of each trade. Easytrading does not have a license for financial activity. However, almost all companies offering automated systems for cryptocurrency trading do not. So, this is not an indicator of the program's quality. That's not to say that eTrader is a scam. Such projects exist, they are used, and often private traders are happy with their results.



      eTrader - is a robot for cryptocurrency trading, a unique system for auto-trading. This program connects to BINANCE crypto exchange and you can earn good money with it. The main thing is to realize the risks of cryptocurrency trading and become familiar with the peculiarities of the market analysis algorithm in a timely manner. Only with this approach it is possible to effectively close deals in profit and achieve success on the financial market.

      Withdrawing money


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