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Kiwitaxi is a convenient and secure transfer booking service with a choice of car features and additional options.
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    Kiwitaxi is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: 17 March 2020 Updated: August 3, 2022

    What is a transfer, how does it differ from an ordinary cab, and when is it beneficial to use the services of a transfer company? When you arrive in a new city, the first question that comes up is where to drop your suitcases - in a rental apartment rented from a private individual or in a hotel room. Let's assume that you took care of your accommodation in advance, and all you have to do is get there by some means. And it's important that it was comfortable! After a flight there is so little energy left, you want to relax and not to spoil the first day in another city or country. If you don't have much with you, you can take the bus or the subway, and if you also have a suitcase with you and more than one suitcase, then public transportation is out of the question.

    It remains to use the services of private carriers. Near the terminal, as before, back in Soviet times, there are many "bombshells" who will gladly take you wherever you need to go. But the price is often several times higher than normal. To avoid wasting time looking for a car after you arrive, book a car in advance with a transfer company. The difference from the cab will be in several ways. One is that before you leave you can reserve a car, which you choose yourself on the website of the company. When ordering a cab you do not know what car will be served, you may be caught at the old "kopeck" smelling of cigarette smoke. When ordering a transfer through the website, you can choose not only the make and model of the car, but also the color and even internal additional options in the cabin.

    This review is just dedicated to one of the transfer companies. Today we will take a look at Kiwitaxi and find out how well this organization works in good faith. Can you trust and order cars through and find out how much people who have already experienced the service of the company on themselves. Simply put, let's find out if Kiwitaxi is a scam or not.


    Why Kiwitaxi

    When traveling with a large group of friends, an ordinary sedan is not enough. Kiwitaxi offers in such cases to order through the website minibus of different capacity (maximum 19 people). It is possible to choose both a budget car for the family and a premium car for business trips around the city. What are the advantages of this transfer operator? According to the official website, there are several:

    • Shuttle is served in advance. The carrier knows the flight number on which you are arriving and the time of arrival. He will wait for you with a sign with your name on it, as close to the boarding area as the airport authorities allow. The same applies to train and bus stations, as well as river and sea ports. In the direction from the hotel to the airport, the scheme is similar.
    • You can order a car with a child seat. When making a transfer in Kivitaxi you can specify the number and age category of special seats for the youngest passengers. When calling a cab you will have to wait longer than usual until the operator will find a suitable car. And you do not know whether it will be a reliable car seat or a cheap booster seat, which can only protect against the traffic police officers, and not the child but the driver. And if you need not one but two car seats? Calling a suitable cab will be much more difficult.
    • Quiet Riding. Your preferences will be known in advance. So if you do not like to talk with carriers, argue about the prices of services, politics and gasoline, then specify it in your wishes. Kiwitaxi will try to make your trip as comfortable as possible.
    • Mini-tour. Transfers are primarily a service for tourists. And tourists love excursions. Therefore, the driver will be able to tell you about the sights of the city or interesting places for entertainment. In this way, your holiday will start as soon as you land.
    • Transportation of non-standard luggage. If you are traveling with skis or a surfboard, an ordinary trunk is not enough. If you are traveling with this kind of cargo, check in advance with Kiwitaxi's support service about the possibility of placing non-standard luggage in the car. It may turn out that the company will not be able to provide such a car in the city where you are going. But it won't be an unpleasant surprise for you.

    The car is of the class that was booked. Anything can happen in life. And the ordered car may break down on the way or get into an accident. In such situations Kivitaxi will provide a car of the same class, and if the car is not available, a car of a higher class will come. But not vice versa.

    Is Kiwitaxi a scam? Reviews


    How to register at

    To use all features of Kiwitaxi transfer booking service you do not need to register as a separate operation. You will get access to your personal cabinet when booking a car. Login will be your email, specified earlier. The password you will also think up beforehand. And not to enter a username and password every time you enter your personal cabinet, put a tick in the special place, and the system will remember your login data. registration

    Personal Cabinet of Kivitaxi

    Your personal profile shows your past and upcoming trips. You can change your personal data in the profile and add your wishes for transportation. Personal cabinet, as well as registration is available after booking and card linking. Bank card must be linked even if you pay for the trip in cash. From the office you edit the transfer, you can add or remove additional options, as well as completely cancel the trip.

    Mobile application

    For the convenience of orders, the company's programmers have created a mobile application for smartphones and tablets based on Android and iOS. Now you can order a transfer from anywhere in the world where there is a mobile Internet connection. To understand the application is not very difficult. It is intuitive and simple. Specify the car, route and time of travel, and you will be met when and where you specify.

    Kiwitaxi mobile app


    How to buy a transfer on the Kiwitaxi website

    If you need to make a transfer, visit the website and find the "Find prices" button. Before you click on it, specify in the appropriate fields the minimum parameters necessary for the search. Namely - where from and where you will go, as well as how many people will be with you. This information will be enough to search for available cars.

    How to buy a transfer at

    How to book a transfer

    In our example, two offers fell out for the specified query. Economy" and "Comfort" classes. Let's choose the more comfortable conditions for the trip. Pay attention to what is included in the price of the transfer. We have one hour of free waiting time, the ability to cancel an order for free, and meeting the carrier with a sign to make it as easy as possible to find him at the airport terminal. how to book a transfer

    So that the car arrives at the right time and is not late, and the driver knows at which gate inside the airport to meet you, specify the exact flight and time of arrival, as written on the ticket. Great! We've told you where to meet us. Where do you want us to go? Specify the exact address or the name of the hotel, i.e. the destination, by scrolling down the page just below. Here you specify additional requirements for the transfer.

    If you need to book a return trip, just tick the box and you won't have to start all over again. Specify the number of passengers. You can request a child seat or booster. This will cost an additional 300 rubles for each restraint. You can also order an extra hour of waiting time for 600 rubles if you suddenly decide to go shopping at the airport after arrival.

    Do you need to stop somewhere on your way to the hotel, bypassing the direct route? With Kivitaxi you can do it, stating the address of the stop in advance and paying an additional 520 rubles. If you're really thirsty, the service will offer a bottle of still water for 120 rubles. After entering all the necessary data, click "Continue".

    Kiwitaxi transfer booking

    How to buy cheap transfers?

    In order not to look for the cheapest transfer from the proposed list, the site developers have added an automatic sorting by price. Thus the list of possible cars for booking starts with the cheapest and ends with the most expensive.

    Transfer refunds

    There are times when we are forced to postpone a trip indefinitely or cancel it altogether. This is not the most pleasant situation, but unfortunately it happens to everyone from time to time. If you have already booked a transfer, but you know that you will not go, do not mislead the driver. Choose the additional option "Free Cancellation at Any Time" with the payment method and cancel the transfer whenever you want, even standing in the driver's face. This service will cost you 225 rubles. But you will get back the full amount paid without any penalties from Kivitaxi. If you don't want to pay extra money, remember that free return of the transfer is possible up to 5 hours before the departure time and in some cases up to 24 hours before the departure time. Learn about this in the contract of offer.

    Kiwitaxi transfer refunds

    Additional features of

    On the official website you can read reviews about the service. But, as practice shows, the sites only post praise reviews. Therefore we will not dwell on them, but read them later on independent portals. Also presented are the official partners of the company, these are quite large and serious organizations. partners

    There is a separate search for ski transfers. Cars with a special luggage box for equipment are served. Realizing that the weather in the mountains can be unpredictable, Kiwitaxi decided not to change the price and at different weather conditions to keep it fixed for the client. With Kiwitaxi Ski Transfers you will comfortably get to the ski resort. The driver will help you to stow your luggage, establish a pleasant atmosphere in the cabin and drive, respecting the rules of the road. ski transfers

    Learn about the most popular places for snow skiing by reading about them in a separate skiing article block.

    Kiwitaxi popular destinations in Russia

    On the main page of the site you will find a detailed description of how the transfer works in general and how it differs from cabs or other transport. Everything is described in detail, and there is a comparison of pros and cons.

    Kiwitaxi is the difference between a transfer and a cab

    Read on what principles the service Kivitaxi works, how it interacts with carriers, how it checks transport companies and on the basis of what documents it conducts its business.

    How Kiwitaxi works

    Among other things, on the website you can rent a car with a driver. In this case you do not need to make an advance payment online, there will be an hourly payment for the use of the service. This is very convenient if you will need to travel a lot to different places, you do not know how much money you can wind up on the meter of a regular cab, and you do not want to take risks. car rental


    Pay and receive transfers on the Kiwitaxi website

    There are several ways to buy a transfer from the place of arrival to the hotel or vice versa. You can pay the full price for the service on the website or make a prepayment and give the rest of the money in cash to the driver at the meeting. Or you can pay the carrier directly, bypassing the operator's service. In any case, you will find the most convenient way of payment. After payment you will be waited for at the appointed time at the appointed place. If you choose to pay in cash to the driver, you will still need to specify your bank card details on the site, as required by the system.

    Payment for the transfer at

    How do I pay for my transfer online?

    When you pay for the company's services on the site, after placing your order, choose the more appropriate method. For example, we choose the first one. We are given no more than 20 minutes to make the payment. If we don't make it in time, we have to do it all over again.

    Kiwitaxi how to pay for transfers online

    Service accepts online payment only bank cards VISA and MasterCard. Then there are standard actions. You need to enter the name of the cardholder, the individual card number, date, expiration date, security code of three digits, located on the back of the card, and click "Pay". transfer payment


    Kiwitaxi bonuses

    The company has an affiliate program geared toward webmasters that will allow you to make a profit on bookings up to 50%. To join the affiliate program, all you need to do is register on the spa network's website Travelpayouts (go online).

    The company also offers an affiliate program for travel agents. Create an account on the site as an agent, sell Kivitaxi transfers and get half of the commission of the transfer service. The company writes on the website in the cooperation offer that it gives monthly income statements to its partners to make everything as transparent as possible. Profit is paid once a month. affiliate program

    You can become a partner as a driver. You set the price of transportation yourself, Kiwitaxi commission is imposed on top. You also set your own schedule, when you're ready to do transportation, and choose which orders you want to do. How to become a partner:

    • Fill out the questionnaire on the website.
    • Discuss all the terms of cooperation with a representative of the company.
    • Take a simple, short, free training course.
    • Sign the partnership agreement.

    How to become a Kiwitaxi partner


    Complaints about Kivitaxi

    Now it's time to find out what people write about Kivitaxi on the Internet, how happy they are with the quality of service and customer support. After reading customer reviews on several independent websites, we can say that people are mostly satisfied with the service. There are, of course, and negative reviews, but they are associated with the carriers themselves, for which the transportation company is responsible, not the service for booking transfers. If the driver was disrespectful or demanded an additional fee, it's not Kivitaxi's fault. Yes, the company persuades us that it works only with professional transportation companies, but you know yourself, there is no such thing as perfect. Always and in any organization there are people who spoil the image of business.

    If there are any reviews about Kiwitaxi service, we will definitely publish the information on social networks. Sign up so you won't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Kiwitaxi supervisory authorities

    The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and operates under the laws of England. It is licensed and has the relevant number: UK: SL24264. In the Russian representation the company has the legal name "Tourist Systems Ltd. It is regulated by the laws of our country and the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No. 10 for the Udmurt Republic.

    KiwiTaxi User Agreement

    Kivitaxi's offer includes the terms of the registration, which specify how in advance you need to book a transfer, where the driver can meet you. The minimum time before the start of the trip on the transfer when booking should not be less than 16 hours, if you book cars of economy, micro, comfort and small minivans. And should not be less than 24 hours when booking business class cars, premium cars, minibuses and shuttles. how much time in advance to book a transfer

    The free waiting time before the start of the trip from airports is one hour. If you arrive at the port or train station, make it to 15 minutes, otherwise you will have to pay extra.

    Kiwitaxi meeting date and time

    In the same document you can study in detail the conditions of luggage transportation, the choice of vehicle class, information about passengers and drivers. In the "Contact information" section you can go to the privacy policy, where you can learn what data the service collects about you, how it is used, to whom and in what cases it is transferred.

    Kiwitaxi privacy of information

    It will be useful to know the rules of cancellation in advance in order not to get into an unpleasant situation. Cars of class 1 can be cancelled no later than 5 hours before the arrival of the transfer, class 2 - no later than 24 hours. If you cancel later, we will not refund your deposit. If you have chosen payment by cash and have not gone, from you will be written off all cost of transfer (the card was not tied up for nothing). cancellation of a transfer order

    In the client agreement there is still a lot of information in different sections: refunds, force majeure, driver or passenger no-show, change of application and so on. Study the offer in detail before using the services of Kivitaxi.

    Security of the kiwitaxi site

    The site does not say what means are used to protect customer personal data. But it does say that the security of payments is ensured by Payture. Among its partners and clients are many different large organizations, the most valuable Payture posted on its site.

    Kiwitaxi partners

    Support service

    If you have any questions that you can't solve on your own, use the support service. You can contact the managers on the phone numbers listed on the site or in the online chat. Chat support is available on weekdays from 8:00 to 22:00 Moscow time. You can also solve the problem yourself by finding an answer in the block of frequently asked questions. Or email: [email protected]

    Support service


    Is Kiwitaxi a scam?

    To summarize our review of the transfer booking service KivitaxiBased on the data from the documents of the organization, customer reviews on the Internet and by studying the services on the website and conditions of use, we declare that Kivitaxi is not a scam! This is a convenient, and most importantly, safe service for booking transportation after a tiring flight. You can safely book transfers on the site, without fear of losing money and time.



    To avoid searching for a cab in the parking lot of the train station or airport, it is better to order a transfer. It costs 10-20% more, but it's worth it. In a cab you look for the driver himself, as he has no interest in looking for you on his own. It is more profitable for him to increase downtime and get more money from you. В Kivitaxi you will be met as close to the drop-off point as possible, and with your name on the sign. The problem of meeting the driver is reduced to zero. The capacity of the luggage compartment is also known at once. Choose the characteristics of the car and additional options in advance, and your trip will be very comfortable. And if you're in a foreign country, Kivitaxi will try to find a Russian-speaking carrier. We have not listed all the advantages of the transfer, the other advantages you will find yourself, at least once using the service at


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