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Online bus ticket booking service in 80 countries on 4 continents offers convenient search and affordable prices.
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      5425 Casgrain, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1X6, Canada

      Is Busbud a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: March 30, 2020 Updated: 27 November 2022

      For those who like to travel, but are afraid to fly by plane, there is a great alternative: travel by tourist buses! It's much more interesting due to the fact that all the scenery can be viewed in close proximity, as opposed to flying in the sky. Today we're looking at a company Busbudwhich has been engaged in passenger transportation since 2011 and, as stated on its official website, tries to do everything to make travel easier.

      The website busbud.com is presented in different languages. Let's find out what exactly does Busbud (Bb) do, how much do the tickets sold by the company cost, and how honestly does this operator work. Does Busbud not cheat its website visitors, and are there a lot of satisfied customers who have already used its services.

      Is Busbud a scam? Reviews


      Why Busbud

      Site Developers busbud.com state that they can use quick searches through cross-platform applications, in the local language and in local currencies. Today, Busbud's partner base includes 3,900 bus companies, connecting more than 21,000 cities in more than 80 countries. You can choose from 2.3 million available routes. The main route destinations the company focuses on are in North and South America as well as Europe.


      How to register at busbud.com

      To register successfully and take advantage of the site's services busbud.com at the maximum level, find the "Sign in" button in the upper right corner of the home page. We are offered two ways to create an account. You can do it by allowing access to the Facebook page or via email. Choosing the second method, enter your first name, last name, email address and come up with a complex password, which will consist of Latin uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and some punctuation marks. By creating a difficult password on any resource, you significantly increase the security of your personal data. Here you can also subscribe to the monthly newsletter from Busbud, to keep up to date with new promotions and special offers from the company. You can do this by ticking the appropriate box. Having entered the necessary data, press "Sign Up". You will receive an email with a link to confirm it.

      Busbad registration

      Personal Cabinet Basbad

      Personal Cabinet looks pretty simple and without frills:

      • tabs on the left to view information about booked tickets;
      • personal data that can be edited if necessary;
      • box to change your email address and password;
      • tab for entering the data of additional passengers, i.e. fellow travelers.

      Their data, as well as your own, can be specified at once, so that you do not have to do it every time you buy new tickets.

      busbud.com personal account

      Also in the personal cabinet you can find links to the regulatory documentation of the company, more detailed data on the coverage areas (all bus routes, stop stations, cities, countries and transport companies). From the same block you can contact the technical support and study the ticket refund policy.

      Mobile application

      On the site busbud.com stated that the Busbud mobile app is the only bus booking app in the world, offering more than one million departures each week across four continents. Browse various bus ticket options for your desired route. Use your current location to view nearby cities and popular routes, as well as directions to the nearest bus stop. Save your travel information for quicker and more convenient booking on your next trip. The app is self-explanatory at an intuitive level, with the exception of a few points that can be understood within one hour.

      Busbud reviews of the mobile app


      How to buy a ticket on the Busbud website

      To buy the right ticket, first choose the type of trip you want to take. It can be a one-way trip (One way) or a round trip (Round trip). Select the departure and arrival city, in our example it is a trip from London to Paris. Specify the date of departure and the number of passengers. Click "Search now". For the specified query, eight offers from an environmentally friendly bus company will pop up Flixbus.

      Busbad to buy a ticket

      How to book a ticket

      When booking a ticket, you need to choose one of the suggested options. To make your search easier, use filters or sorting. You can use sorting by price, by fastest routes, and by earliest and latest flights. Additionally, you can use filters for departure or arrival time and availability of stops along the way. Once you've selected the right ticket, you can view the trip details and see details about the bus, as well as the main provisions and requirements of the transportation company for that flight. To do this, click on "Details" move on to the registration of the ticket by clicking on "Visit". Clicking on this button takes us to the carrier's website.

      busbud.com to book a ticket

      How to buy cheap tickets?

      Find the cheapest deals on busbud.com by using several tools, namely:

      • Cheapest button. This is one kind of sorting. In our case, by price.
      • The "Price range" filter. Price range. It is useful if when choosing a ticket we are guided not only by the cheapness, but also by the quality of the trip.

      Ticket refund

      As mentioned earlier, there is a separate document for ticket refunds. It states that Busbud will refund the full price for the paid ticket if there are technical problems beyond the customer's control. Such problems include the following:

      • The bus ticket was not delivered electronically to the passenger in time for the bus ride.
      • The bus ticket delivered to the passenger in electronic form contains false information.
      • The amount debited from the passenger's bank card does not match the final price of the ticket purchased on the website at the time of booking.

      Each of the following conditions must be met in order to file a valid claim on a technical issue and receive a refund:

      • The card used to make the purchase must match the refund card and be in the name of the refund claimant.
      • It is the passenger's responsibility to bring the problem to the attention of technical support by writing a letter to [email protected] This should be done as soon as the problem is detected, and provide information about the bus ticket and the circumstances of the technical problem.
      • The claim must be submitted no later than 24 hours after the date and time of departure of the bus (as listed on the bus ticket).

      In the case of returning the ticket of your own volition, you need to contact directly to the customer support service of the carrier. And clarify with the managers the possibility of returning the ticket and changing it.

      Additional features of the Busbad site

      Busbud.com offers additional features, including useful information for travelers. There are recommendations on what you should take with you on a trip and what you should refrain from. There are the most popular bus routes and interesting facts about Busbud.

      Busbud useful information

      There is a link to travel ideas, where a professional guide gives an e-tour of different cities in the form of a blog. You can ask questions and comment on what you read in the form of reviews, at the bottom of the page.

      Busbad Blog

      In addition, the site has a link for members of the press where they can leave requests for more information about the company, as well as request an interview with Louis-Philippe "LP" Maurice, General Manager. This block also contains archived Busbud press releases. In the DOLLAR BUS CLUB section, it is possible to find inter-city rides for as little as $1. You can subscribe to this blog and get tweets about the cheapest tickets.

      busbud.com subscribe to the blog


      Paying for and receiving tickets on the Busbud website

      If you pay for your ticket online, you will receive it electronically to your e-mail address. Here it is important to remember that for some transportation it is sufficient to show the ticket on your smartphone screen, while for others, printing it out is a mandatory requirement. So it is better to have a ticket on paper, so as not to risk it. Some transportation companies allow you to make a free reservation on the website, and buy a ticket directly on the bus, then you must have a printed version. The Busbud service does not accept any payments from passengers, but is only an operator working according to the referral system. This means that when you buy a ticket, you do not transfer money to the aggregator's account.

      How to pay for tickets online?

      Payment for tickets is made on the websites of transport companies, almost all have the same principle. You can use bank credit or debit cards, some electronic payment systems and ATMs. All passenger data is transferred to the bus companies directly from Busbud. You enter your bank card details, press the payment button and receive your ticket by e-mail.


      Busbud bonuses

      Affiliate Program

      Busbud invites you to join their friendly team and become a partner. If you have your own bus fleet, connect to the Bb system and fill the empty seats on your buses with new passengers from all over the world.

      Busbud affiliate program

      Busbud API

      Connect to the API to add bus ticket booking to your own travel search engine. Get referral commissions for doing so.


      Complaints about Busbad

      As you might expect, there are a lot of reviews about the company on the Internet. There are both complaints and, on the contrary, positive comments. Most of the complaints are not about Busbud, but about the carriers, dirty buses and inadequate drivers. Of course, Bb cannot control every driver, so the company has only to choose their partners more carefully. People write that they are very happy with busbud.com, the convenient filters and the many available transportation options at reasonable prices.

      If there are any reviews about the Busbud service, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Supervisory authorities

      Busbud is registered at 5425 Casgrain, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1X6, Canada. It operates under the laws of Canada.

      Busbud.com User Agreement

      The user agreement contains information about the responsibility of the user of the site for the personal password, for its transfer to third parties and the possible consequences. Prohibited activities related to Bb resources are described. You may not do the following:

      • Use the site or its contents for any commercial purposes.
      • Copy, use and distribute any content on the site, without written permission from company representatives.
      • Use obscene language on Internet resources in reference to the company.
      • Attempt to probe, scan or test a vulnerability in the site or any related system or network. Violate any security or authentication measures.
      • Attempts to decipher, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any software used to provide the site are prohibited.

      Busbad User Agreement

      These are not all of the restrictions, but they are the main ones. By scrolling below, you will find information that the company may, at any time, at its discretion, block access to the site and delete a user's account. This will happen if the requirements for using the site outlined above are violated.

      busbud.com blocking access to the site

      Site security

      The privacy policy clearly describes what information busbud.com collects about its visitors. Busbud collects personal information about you when you register to become a user of the site and when you otherwise submit such information over the internet (including partner sites) or via email. For example, without limitation, to maintain your account, Bb collects and stores your name, addresses, email address, and phone numbers in a database.

      In addition to personal information, data about the IP address and browser software is automatically collected. This is done to improve the site for the benefit of visitors by finding out their capabilities and needs. The transfer of personal information obtained from you may only be made to third parties involved in a commercial transaction between the customer (you) and the provider (the bus company). It can also be provided to law enforcement authorities, after receiving an official, written request.

      Customer Service

      To get help in using the site or consultation on the search for tickets, as well as to resolve controversial issues, you can use the feedback form, or write to the technical support service to the e-mail address: [email protected] In addition, you can find the answer to your question in the list of frequently asked questions.


      Is Busbud a scam?

      To summarize today's review, we found the following:

      • The company Busbud has been on the market for 9 years.
      • Covers four continents and most developed countries.
      • Busbud does not accept payments from passengers.
      • Has many positive characteristics on independent portals on the Internet.
      • Has a handy app.

      Based on the above, we concluded that Busbud is not a scam. You can safely use Busbud bus ticket search and booking service.



      Team Busbud imagines a world in which everyone can satisfy their need to travel. A world where you can easily visit family and friends, access education and economic opportunities, and explore the natural environment almost anywhere in the world. By empowering travelers through technology, Busbud aims to create a more open world for everyone by offering affordable transportation.

      Service usability
      Variety of tours
      Customer Service


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