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High-quality recording of tours, in-depth knowledge of tour guides
Non-contact tours and tickets to the world's best sights
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Audio tours are available in all languages
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Earnings for tour authors and easy refunds
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November 29, 2023
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    WeGoTrip is this a scam? Review and Customers Reviews

    Published: 19 April 2021 Updated: 29 November 2023

    WeGoTrip – is a mobile app for tour bookings. The service has hundreds of tours of cities in Europe and Asia. The WeGoTrip app appeared in 2017. At first the service was called Surprise Me, but soon it changed its name to a more thematic one.

    Alexander Golovaty is the founder of the startup. At WeGoTrip, users buy tours to explore the city and its sights on their own. In this review we will find out if WeGoTrip is a scam or an honest project.

    WeGoTrip is a scam? Reviews


    Why WeGoTrip

    The tour is downloaded to the phone and all the user needs are headphones for easy listening to the audio track. This format offers several advantages:

    • There is no need to be tied to a guide’s schedule. You can take the tour at any convenient time.
    • You can go on a tour alone or with a partner.
    • The audio tour can be paused at any time. For example, to go into a cafe.

    WeGoTrip audio tours in Gelendzhik

    The principles of WeGoTrip are simple: a person installs a mobile app on their phone, registers and selects a tour from those available. Then he pays and goes to explore. Tour guides can earn money by posting their own tours on the app. Each time someone buys a tour, the author gets up to 30% of the cost.

    wegotrip.com audio-excursions in Sochi

    WeGoTrip is growing rapidly and covers new locations. In the app, you can find tours of London, Barcelona, Paris, and St. Petersburg. There are also more exotic destinations, like Ljubljana, Utrecht, or Singapore. Among Russian-language tours we found not only Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also Kazan, Sevastopol, Ufa, Suzdal and Sortavala.


    How to register at wegotrip.com

    To start a WeGoTrip account, you’ll need:

    • Go to the home page of the site wegotrip.com and find the “Profile” icon in the upper right corner.
    • Click on “Profile” and click on “Register”.
    • Select the registration method in the window that appears – through Google, Facebook or email.

    If a new member chooses Facebook or Google, the system will automatically connect to an account on these services and create an account for WeGoTrip. If you choose to register via e-mail, you’ll need to enter your e-mail address. You’ll receive an e-mail with a link to open your account. Through the mobile app the registration mechanism is the same: you install the program on your smartphone, enter your e-mail or pair it with your Google or Facebook account. Please note: at first, the site does not require you to make up a password. The first time you access the portal is through sending an email. This is safe, but somewhat inconvenient. Especially when you consider that the site automatically “kicks” out of the account if there is no activity. Later the user can create a password in the personal cabinet.

    WeGoTrip registration

    WeGoTrip Personal Cabinet

    The main section in your personal profile is “My Tours”. This is where the ordered tours go and from here you can activate them to listen to them. Also on the site wegotrip.com there is a “Saved” section. In this list are sent the tours you like, but have not yet bought. There is WeGoTrip Studio in your profile.

    WeGoTrip audio tours in Moscow

    In this section you can become an author by creating and uploading a tour. There’s also a menu of the affiliate program. Studio also has a free demonstration tour of Florence’s museums. You can see it by downloading the application and entering the code DEMO.

    Mobile application

    Purchased tours are played through the mobile app. There are versions for Android and iOS. The app has more than a thousand downloads in Play Market and has an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 possible. In the App Store, VeGoTrip is not yet popular – only two ratings, but both five stars.

    VeGoTrip mobile app


    How to buy tours on WeGoTrip

    On the site wegotrip.com and there is a search in the app. It will help you find tours in the desired city or with a specific attraction. Also a list of available countries and cities is available in the “All destinations” section. It can be accessed from the home page.

    wegotrip.com popular destinations

    How to book a tour

    Once you have chosen a tour, open its page and click on the blue “Book” button. It is available under the photos, next to the itinerary information. In the form that appears, specify the number of excursionists. Then click “Confirm”. A small form will appear, where you will need to enter the client’s first and last name, email address and cell phone number. After payment, a link to access the tour will be sent to this number.

    vegotrip.com tour booking

    How to book cheap tours?

    Tour prices are fixed and do not depend on early booking or time of year. But you can buy tours cheaper if you use promo codes and participate in drawings. We also recommend researching all the tours offered in the city you’re interested in. Sometimes on WeGoTrip you will find tours that are similar in theme and location, but at different prices. For example, the app has five tours around the Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow. But the prices differ by almost three times. Finally, there is the “grandfatherly” way of saving on audio-excursions: you buy a tour for one person, and the headphones are shared by two.

    WeGoTrip tours

    Excursion refunds

    WeGoTrip allows refunds. But it depends on the individual case:

    • If the tour is paid without tickets, but not yet uploaded to the app, you can cancel the order and the money will be credited to where it was written off when payment was made.
    • If an audio guide is purchased with tickets, it can only be cancelled until VeGoTrip assembles the tour. The status of the order is visible in the app.
    • When a customer has bought an excursion, but cannot use it on the appointed date, there is no need to worry: the tour is available at any time after purchase.

    wegotrip.com audio tours in Kazan

    But the audio guide bought together with the ticket for a particular date makes it difficult to exchange the ticket. In this case you should contact the WeGoTrip customer service.

    Additional features of vegotrip.com

    Professional and amateur tour guides create their own tours, and WeGoTrip allows you to monetize them. On the site, in the “Author Help Center” section, there is a whole help center. It describes step-by-step how to create an audio tour and upload it to the app. New tours are moderated before they reach customers. After verification and publication, the author can take the tour off the market or make changes to it. For example, add more information or adjust the itinerary.

    VeGoTrip audio tours


    Pay for the tour at wegotrip.com

    After booking a tour on the site, the user can buy a file with the tour by pressing the “Pay” button. A form will appear where you need to enter your bank card details.

    wegotrip.com payment for excursions

    How to pay for tickets online?

    If this is done through the app, the system will offer to pay with Google Pay for Android smartphones and with Apple Pay, for the iPhone.


    WeGoTrip bonuses

    To attract new tourists, WeGoTrip often conducts promotions in social networks. Usually they are drawings on Instagram or Facebook. The format is the same: participants need to subscribe to the official page and copy the post from WeGoTrip in their stories. Then you have to write a personal message to the organizer and pick up a promo code for a free tour.

    WeGoTrip contests


    Using a promo code, the user gets a discount or even takes the product for free. You can get a promo code by participating in official drawings. Sometimes the company sends them to regular customers. More promo codes are handed out by the service’s partners: bloggers, thematic sites, and booking portals.

    Referral program

    Wegotrip.com has an affiliate program. The service pays up to 30 percent of the booked amount if the tour is bought without a ticket. And 20 percent if with tickets. “Affiliate” is focused on bloggers in social networks, as well as on the owners of thematic sites. For the convenience of partners, the developers have prepared a widget builder and API. You can also use the usual referral links and promo codes. The administration says that remuneration is paid during the working week to cards, bank accounts and e-wallets YuMoney and PayPal. CPA network Travelpayouts Offers 30% on every non-ticketed excursion sold and 20% on every ticketed excursion sold.

    VeGoTrip affiliate program


    Complaints about WeGoTrip

    Wegotrip has been working for a long time and has gathered a lot of feedback about its work. We’ve studied the comments of sightseers on sites. Judging by them, the app has a good reputation. The tours provided are interesting and original. The main advantages, according to clients:

    • Ease of use. You can find a tour and pay for it from your smartphone. To play the tour on your phone is enough, no additional devices other than headphones are needed.
    • The original product for the Russian market.
    • Quality tour recording, in-depth knowledge of the tour guides.
    • Various drawings and promotions.

    Some customers have noted technical deficiencies in their reviews. Sometimes there are problems with the sound and integration into the smartphone. Note that the support service responds to negative comments and tries to solve the problem. In addition, if there are technical difficulties, you can get a refund through the application.

    wegotrip.com reviews

    WeGoTrip reviews

    If there are any reviews about the WeGoTrip service, we will definitely publish the information on social networks. Sign up so you don’t miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Supervisory authorities

    The WeGoTrip website and app are owned by Wegotrip OU. This legal entity is registered in Tallinn, Estonia. The registration number is 14861088. The founder and director is Alexander Golovaty. According to public records, the company operates in the information sector. The subject is data processing and web portals. That is, the declared type of activity corresponds to the real business. The company is not involved in lawsuits or unpaid loans. Like all Estonian legal entities, Wegotrip is subject to local legislation and reports to Maksu-ja Tolliamet. This is the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

    View the user agreement at wegotrip.com

    Wegotrip.com User Agreement

    The agreement is posted on the site. The user accepts it as soon as he registers an account with the WeGoTrip service. The second section of the document states that only persons over 16 years old can use the service. Therefore, from a legal point of view, the child can not listen to the tour. Below there is a paragraph that allows the administration to change the prices of the proposed tours. This point is worth considering when refunds for unused tours.

    VeGoTrip User Agreement

    The third section states that the user is responsible for the security of the account. The company does not accept claims if the account is hacked. There is no possibility to delete the profile in the personal account. But the user agreement allows the person to delete the account by contacting the support service. An interesting point is found in the fourth section of the document. It explicitly states that WeGoTrip does not guarantee that the products will meet the expectations of customers. That is, if the tour was not as interesting as the customer thought it would be, no one will give the money back. The administration establishes intellectual rights to all products, except excursions from third-party authors. Users can not copy these files and distribute.

    Site security

    WeGoTrip have secured the site – it is protected by a certificate and the traffic is encrypted. If the user wants to set a password, the system will make him come up with a complex combination of at least eight characters. Bank card transactions go through a secure gateway and the site does not store card data. For more security, customers can set a limit on online spending, and connect confirmation of payments by SMS in the banking settings.

    Customer Service

    The company’s support service responds quickly and tries to answer in detail. There are several ways to address a problem:

    Company representatives also track comments and respond to customers on review sites, the Google Play Market and App Store.


    Is WeGoTrip a Scam?

    WeGoTrip was growing nicely before the pandemic and the decline in demand for travel services. It is a productive startup, offering a clear and inexpensive service. And for tour guides, VeGoTrip has become a source of additional income.

    In our opinion, WeGoTrip is not a scam. This is a real company with a functioning product and a good reputation. WeGoTrip develops partnerships not only with authors, but also with aggregator sites like Yandex.Afisha. Having checked the information from open sources, we did not find any legal problems with the parent company. The fact that the application works directly with banks, accepting payments from users, also speaks in favor of the product. And connecting such a service also requires checking documents.



    Not all tourists like to interact with tour guides. Some don’t like the pace of the tour, others just don’t feel comfortable around a tour guide. WeGoTrip removes these problems and leaves sightseers alone with the sights and interesting information about them.

    If you are fed up with old buildings and sculptures, you can choose something more original in the app. In general, this is an interesting service, which gives a lot more experience than it seems. And for not much money.

    Variety of tours
    Quality of service
    Support Service


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