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EKTA is a reliable insurance company with a narrow profile. Easy execution of an inexpensive travel insurance policy online, without a visit to the office.
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      EKTA is it a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: December 24, 2020 Updated: September 19, 2022

      "EKTA."insurance companyThe company specializes in the sale of travel insurance. You can buy a policy online by selecting the appropriate rate. All you need is a fast Internet connection and your computer or cell phone.

      On the site you can buy medical insurance, as well as insure your equipment and luggage. In order to understand whether insurance from "EKTA" is a fraud, let's take a closer look at the work of the company.


      Why "EKTA"?

      "EKTA" is a young insurance company, but it has already made a name for itself among companies offering insurance services for tourists. Advantages of insurance in ekta.insure:

      • You can get insurance online, you don't have to go anywhere;
      • 24/7 support;
      • relatively low prices;
      • convenient rates;
      • managing your subscription via messenger.

      The site is made so that you can download it from any device.


      Insurance from travel.ic-ekta.com

      EKTA specializes in travel insurance, but you can also buy regular medical insurance or insure household appliances and digital devices from the company.

      Travel insurance programs by EKTA

      You can buy insurance for your trip online on the company's website. To do this, you need to choose a rate and specify the term and country where you plan your trip. The rates are presented in the form of subscriptions, so that you immediately know what set of services you are buying. In addition to health insurance, before your trip you can insure: luggage, flight, equipment.

      Health insurance

      "EKTA offers you to take out a full or partial health insurance policy. Apply for the policy on the website ekta.com can be a natural person as well as a legal entity. Health insurance includes: emergency care, in-patient treatment, house calls, dental treatment, clinic consultations, etc.

      Machinery insurance

      The company can insure your appliances against breakage and theft. You can insure: large household appliances, small appliances, electronics, and mobile devices. You can find out the cost of the service from the company's managers by phone.

      How to arrange insurance at travel.ic-ekta.com?

      You can arrange for insurance on the website or by calling the toll-free multi-channel phone number, which is available at travel.ic-ekta.com.

      How do I pay for insurance at EKTA?

      You can pay for travel insurance online immediately after registration, with your bank card. Medical policy or property protection policy is paid after agreement with the manager by transfer according to the received details.


      Bonuses from EKTA

      The company does not have its own bonus program, but from time to time there are bonus offers or seasonal discounts. And there are also possible discounts for regular customers, but these are individual offers.

      Referral program

      The service has an affiliate program from CPA-networks Admitad. Service partners receive remuneration in the amount of 17.93-26% of the paid policy amount.


      Reviews of travel.ic-ekta.com

      Although the company is relatively young, but on the Internet you can already find many reviews of EKTA's work, and they are mostly positive. The rare negative records are associated with those cases when there was a failure or delay in payment. The support service tries to keep track of such reviews and promptly resolve issues with payments.

      The company's website also has most positive reviews. Most customers write that after an insured event they quickly received all payments under the policy without waiting and drawing up additional paperwork. It is worth noting that almost all reviews are related to the registration of the most popular insurance program - travel insurance.

      If there are any reviews about EKTA Insurance Company, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulation and license ekta.com

      Before concluding a contract with any company, not only insurance, you should always check all of its freely available documents, so as not to fall into the trap of fraudsters.

      License and regulator

      The company "EKTA" was opened in 2018 in Kiev. All necessary licenses, as well as the certificate of registration of the legal entity can be found in the section with the documents on the website. Many documents are scanned copies that are available for downloading and viewing. The company has a license for insurance activities.

      EKTA Customer Service

      You can contact the insurance company's support service by phone or by calling back from the website. You can also write a message by mail or use the feedback form on the website. EKTA support service is available 24 hours a day. It is also possible to send a message through social networking groups. According to the feedback, the support service responds quite promptly.

      User Agreement travel.ic-ekta.com

      When you order a policy, your user agreement is prepared individually. It will include personal information and insurance options. But there is a standard user agreement on the site, which, like the rest of the documents on the site.

      In the agreement you can find the details of the company. In addition, all the services that are included in the rates are duplicated there, for example, treatment in case of Covid-19 disease is included even in the simple basic rate. If you need urgent dental care, dentures, X-rays, etc. abroad - this is not included in the insurance and you will have to pay about 500 euros separately, depending on the services rendered.

      There is a table in the agreement that shows the rules for the rates. And when you buy a monthly subscription, the rates are valid if the stay abroad does not exceed 15 days.

      The contract is quite detailed. It contains all the clauses related to compensation of expenses in case of insured events. And one more important point: the validity of the insurance contract is 40 days. And after it expires, if you still need treatment, it is better to contact the insurance company to draw up a new contract.


      "Is EKTA a scam?

      "EKTA." - is a young insurance company, which head office is located in Kiev. The main specialization of the company: travel insurance. This type of insurance you can arrange online and pay with a bank card, as quickly as possible. You can contact managers and support service 24 hours a day. We have studied how EKTA service works, its features, pros and cons and although there are no signs of fraud.

      When you sign up for insurance, keep in mind that except for travel insurance on the website there is no more information about the prices of other types of insurance, all information must be obtained from the managers. But despite this, reviews of the company's work are mostly positive, all documents and licenses are presented on the site and are available for downloading and viewing.



      One of the benefits of insurance in "EKTA." is that you can take out a travel insurance policy at any time and from any place by paying with a bank card. The site is made according to a typical template and it is easy enough to find the information you need, although there is not much information on the types of insurance presented. If you have any questions when taking out an insurance policy, our managers will answer them promptly. The platform is protected by a network security certificate, so payments through the site are secure.

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