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FlixBus is an online service for finding and booking low-cost bus tickets and excursions throughout Europe, the U.S. and South America.
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80639, Birketweg 33, Munich, Germany
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André Schwämmlein
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Bus Reservations, Bus Ticket Reservations, Bus Tour Reservations, Sightseeing, Gift Certificates, Bus Ticket Finder, Bus Ticket Purchase
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The possibility of a quick selection of cheap bus tours
District Court of MunichHRB 197620
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Bank card (Visa/MC), GPay, PayPal, Cash
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Europe, USA, South America
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A quick selection of bus tours throughout Europe and America
The buses have free Wi-Fi, a coffee machine, and a toilet.
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      80639, Birketweg 33, Myunhen, Germany

      FlixBus is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: March 19, 2020 Updated: February 12, 2023

      FlixBus - is a young company engaged in passenger transportation on a new level. It is a team that since 2013 has been providing millions of people in the Old World with an interesting travel model. During its existence, Flixbus has created one of Europe's largest bus transfer networks. The company's mission is to create opportunities for people to discover new horizons for reasonable affordable money. Flixbus travel buses meet European Union requirements for safety, comfort and environmental friendliness. Travelling around Europe with Flixbus is a great alternative to a private car, allowing you to relax on the road and protecting the environment from harmful emissions.

      As you know, nowadays we are surrounded by all kinds of crooks and scammers who want to steal other people's money. Does Flixbus bus travel service belong to these socially dangerous characters, or we should not worry and we can safely order tickets online? Can we transfer money to them or is Flixbus a typical scam! Find out by reading this article.

      global.flixbus.com reviews


      Why Flixbus

      By choosing to travel with Flixbus, you can visit more than 30 countries and more than 2,500 localities through which the bus routes pass. Every day, more than 400,000 flights depart between European cities at half-hour intervals for tourists so that those wishing to travel don't have to wait long.

      Flixbus has already transported more than a hundred million passengers. Almost half of them were transported by the company in 2017. After the collapse of the rail monopoly in Germany in 2013, the company, combining the Munich and Berlin offices, became the leader in international bus transportation in Europe. Flixbus management continually invests in marketing, driver training, maintaining and increasing the environmental friendliness of its buses, and customer transportation safety. The company employs several thousand people, concentrated in different European cities.


      How to sign up for Flix Bass

      Online now global.flixbus.com not available for private customers. You can register for trading partners or log in through the single sign-on system. The service cooperates with travel agencies, ticket offices.

      Personal account flixbus.ru

      The company offers to manage their reservations, while it is not possible to register accounts and use the features of the personal account. At the top right corner there is a client icon, clicking on which the user will see a window with information that now you can't create an account, and a button to go to the page with the management of the reservation.

      Flixbas booking check

      Mobile application

      Understanding the psychology of the modern European and knowing that nowadays people are used to using a smartphone, that they are nowhere without their little electronic friend, the company has created a useful sought-after solution. Now in order to buy a ticket for a tour in Europe, you do not need to go to the bus station or search for the site in a search engine. It's enough to download and install the specially designed Flixbus application on your phone or tablet. It is just as good in its design and content as the company's website. You can view the bus stops nearest to you, where the bus is leaving from, and buy and change tickets. That's not all. In the app, you can participate in special offers from the company and use promo codes.

      global.flixbus.com application

      By saving the payment method in the app, you can buy tickets in two clicks. In addition to showing you the bus stops, you will also see bus arrival and departure times, the full schedule of all routes, and which luggage you are allowed to take on any particular flight. Enable Flixbus notifications and you will be notified in advance of any changes concerning your trip, for instance if there is a delay or a change of stop, or if a new special offer or promotion will be posted on the website. Find out in advance in the app and be prepared for all unexpected changes and surprises.

      If you accidentally forget things on the bus or just need help, write to customer service. Specialists speak English, Russian, German, Czech, and other languages. At the moment, you can download the app to Android-based smartphones only. Fans of the bitten apple are not yet available Flixbus service in a mobile version. The app is free to download.


      How to buy a ticket on the Flixbus website

      To purchase a ticket, fill out the search form at the beginning of the site page global.flixbus.com. Choose a route, enter the city from which you are going and the city where you plan to arrive. If you need a two-way ticket, specify it by checking the appropriate box. Choose a departure date and the number of passengers. Children under 14 years of age are a separate category of passengers and enjoy children's tickets at a lower price. There were no offers according to the given parameters, but the next day the system gave out three travel options with different conditions.

      Flixbas ticket search

      How to book a ticket

      Once you have selected the most suitable offer, click "Book". And go to the details of the flight. For example, choose the cheapest flight, which is also the fastest. And if you have a promotional code, enter it into the special field, and you will get an additional discount. If you're not traveling empty-handed, it's a good idea to know that free carry-on baggage includes items with a maximum total of three dimensions of 120 cm and weighing up to 7 kg. And in your luggage you can take a suitcase or a travel bag with the sum of three dimensions up to 180 cm and weighing no more than 20 kg.

      In the next step we are offered to reserve a seat on the bus. It will cost a small additional amount. Or we can choose not to make a reservation and hope that we get a comfortable window seat with a panoramic view. Taking more than one suitcase on the road? Buy an extra piece of luggage and bring what you want within the luggage allowance and the law. This concludes the booking phase. We'll move on to payment in a moment.

      global.flixbus.com select a location

      How to buy a cheap ticket?

      There are several ways to find the cheapest tickets on flixbus.ru. The easiest way is not to search! How so, you ask? It is easy! The site developers have added automatic sorting by price to the search. So the cheapest tickets will be at the beginning of the offers. If you're still not satisfied with the price, you can look for flights on nearby dates - perhaps a day later or earlier there will be a better price.

      Ticket refund

      Have you ever had a trip ruined? If so, you've probably had the opportunity to cancel your tickets and get your money back. If you know you won't be able to use your Flixbus ticket, you can cancel it through the company's official website, at bus station ticket offices or through the company's partner agents. The opportunity to cancel a trip can be used no later than 15 minutes before departure. Ticket refund implies a commission fee in favor of Flixbus. It differs for each route. For a complete detailed list with refund fees please see the general terms and conditions.

      More Features of the Flixbus Site

      In addition to buying tickets, the website global.flixbus.com you can find interesting and useful information about vacationing abroad. A special block presents colorfully picturesque places of Europe. Articles about the azure shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the snowy Alps, the Baltic Sea and the Italian Riviera. It's just a small part of what you can read about on the Flixbus pages. Widen your travel horizons today!

      If you are still at a crossroads and have doubts about your choice of region for a trip, read about travel ideas in the separate section of the site. Here you can give your preferences, when choosing a city, local cuisine or events. Do you like art or sandy golden beaches? Find out where it's at its most seasonal. Make a choice between hiking to rivers and lakes or going to zoos. Or maybe don't make a choice and find the itinerary that combines the most interesting things? And to appreciate the scope of Flixbus, check out the "Route Map" tab, which will show you the bus stop cities and initial ticket prices. Once you've studied the map, you'll be able to plan the best route for your euro-tour.


      Paying for and receiving tickets on the Flix Bass website

      After the ticket is issued, all that remains is to pay for it. You can give an order for a payment receipt to come in the mail. Payment for tickets is possible in several ways:

      • Credit and debit bank cards Master Card, VISA and Amex.
      • Electronic payment systems PayPal and GPay.
      • Buy a ticket for cash directly on the bus.
      • Buy a ticket from a Flixbus partner agent. Also for cash.

      As you can see, there are many ways to pay. It's up to you to choose the most convenient one.

      How do I pay for my ticket online?

      If you choose to pay online, such as with a plastic card, just fill out a simple form with your card information. Enter the cardholder's name, card number, and expiration date. And the three-digit CVC/CVV security code on the back. And click "Pay Now.

      FlixBus payment methods


      Bonuses flixbus.ru

      The FlixBus service does not offer bonuses to customers at this time.


      Complaints about Flixbas

      The Internet is full of reviews on independent websites about the Flixbus service. Most often people complain about flight delays and the fact that sometimes, during the trip, the Wi-Fi signal was lost. I also managed to find one review about a bad luggage compartment. That's basically all the complaints. Otherwise, people write that the service is at a high level, many are pleased with the comfortable seats and clean toilets. Have not forgotten to praise the presence of a coffee machine on board the buses. People also write that the Wi-Fi connection is excellent. Apparently, the quality of connection depends not on the vehicle, but on the area where the bus passes.

      If there are any reviews about the Flixbus service, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Flixbus supervisory authorities

      Flixbus is registered in Germany at Birketweg 33, 80639 Munich. The controlling authority is the national law and the District Court of Munich, HRB 197620.

      Flix Bass User Agreement

      The global.flixbus.com User Agreement includes the general booking terms and privacy policy. This document describes important terms and conditions that are highly recommended for anyone who wants to buy a ticket from Flixbus. First, read the information about payment and refund options.

      If you use a bus pass when traveling in Europe, read about the conditions for its use. What are the opportunities it gives you and what restrictions are imposed on it.

      Different countries in Europe have different terms of use regarding payment, cancellation, fees, and more. Familiarize yourself with them so you won't have any unpleasant surprises while traveling.

      Flixbas Returns

      Security of flixbus.ru

      The company collects and processes clients' personal data and does not share it with third parties without your permission. The exception is law enforcement agencies that send a formal request for information to the company. There are also a number of measures to protect personal data. You can read about them in the relevant document.

      Flixbas Helpdesk

      If you have a difficult situation or just need help and advice, you can contact Flixbus customer support. For convenience, there are several ways to get the help you need on the website:

      • Frequently Asked Questions. Before you talk to a manager, look there. It is possible that the answer to your question has already been posted on the site.
      • Fill out the feedback form, write your question, and get an answer to your email. If necessary, you can attach a file.
      • By phone: +49 30 300 137 300.

      global.flixbas.com feedback form


      Is Flixbus a scam?

      After studying the website in detail FlixBusHaving carefully read the documents that regulate the relationship between the company and the customer, as well as having flipped through several pages of reviews on different websites and having found practically only positive characteristics, we have come to our verdict. Since you have read this article to the end, you know that Flixbus is not a scam! This is a truly convenient service for traveling through European countries! You'll arrive in a comfortable seat, with free internet access, a coffee machine, and, as many are very happy, a clean toilet.



      It's great when travel companies care not only about their profits and customer comfort, but also about the environment, as the service does FlixBus. The site also has information about the new virus. It contains information about all the restrictions on travel in Europe and the safety measures applied by Flixbus. And in general, traveling by bus is much more interesting than by plane, because then you won't miss those colorful landscapes that you will never be able to see through a porthole.

      Service usability
      Variety of tours
      Customer Service


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        Service usability
        Variety of tours
        Customer Service
        FLIXBUS - no way and never !!!

        Flixbus is a company I would not advise anyone to get involved with! It is a horrible and dishonest company with respect to passengers. The rudeness of the drivers is off the charts. They can drop a passenger off on a platform in a foreign country, waiting for another bus that won’t come at all. The… Read more

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        Service usability
        Variety of tours
        Customer Service

        On July 9, 2022 I bought Flixbus tickets from Riga to Vilnius and back. The transaction went through a bank. No confirmation, I contacted the service and was told that they do not see any transaction. Since July 9, I am in correspondence with Flixbus and Busbud, because I bought on their site. Alas… Read more

        • Fraud
      • 3.5
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        Service usability
        Variety of tours
        Customer Service
        The online service FlixBus has a mixed...

        The online service FlixBus has a mixed reputation at the moment. Opinions about the company’s work are divided evenly. One half of customers praise it for its low prices, easy ticket purchase procedure, simple website and fast support service. But the other half of the users are not satisfied with the… Read more

      • 4.8
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        Service usability
        Variety of tours
        Customer Service
        God, it's easier to use the services...

        God, it’s easier to use the services of this company than to write such an obvious text to everyone.

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