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An innovative cryptocurrency auto-trading system for passive income created by Fintech Group in 2019.
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1000 5th St., Suite 200 Miami Beach, FL 33139
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      1000 5th St., Suite 200 Miami Beach, FL 33139

      Bitcoin Era is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 26 March 2020 Updated: January 30, 2023

      Bitcoin Era - is a system for automatic cryptocurrency trading, created by Fintech Group in 2019. "Join and get rich with the Bitcoin Era!" - this is the appeal we see on the main page of the site Here the developers of this software assure us that their project is exclusive and created for those who believed in the madness of Bitcoin and managed to make a fortune on it. Members earn money on their laptops every day, literally for a few minutes of "work" a day. And they use the money they get to enjoy vacations around the world every month.

      The creators of the project claim that Bitcoin Era is capable of generating daily profits while simultaneously placing automatic trades on the trading platform. This system executes trades faster than most similar algorithms. It is a fraction of a second faster than standard trading software. But is everything really as the creators of Bitcoin Era say it is? Or is it just another scam designed to "siphon off" money from citizens? Let's consider these questions in our review today!

      Is the Bitcoin Era robot a scam? Reviews


      Bitcoin Era registration

      The process of creating an account takes only 2-3 minutes. It involves 3 simple steps:

      • Registration on

      Enter your name, last name, cell phone number, e-mail and password in the special form on the site (it is created by the system itself; you can create a new password yourself in one "click"). Then click on the "Get access now! After completing these simple steps, you will automatically become a Bitcoin Era client and can use the software for free.

      • Deposit of funds to the trading and guarantee account

      To start trading cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Era, you need to make a deposit. The minimum investment amount can be $250, and the maximum is $15,000. It is up to you to decide how much to start trading on the cryptocurrency market.

      • Trading on the Crypto market in real time

      After making a deposit, all you need to do is click on the "Trade" button. From that moment, the robot is activated, it automatically trades cryptocurrency pairs according to the winning algorithm and brings profit to the user. Clicking the "Auto-Trading" button alone will give you a stable passive income (How to Make Money on Cryptocurrency?)!

      Bitcoin Era Registration


      Bitcoin Era trading platform

      Trade terminal has a user-friendly and simple interface. It is available in 5 languages: Russian, German, English, Spanish and Italian. There is no need to pay anything for using the system, the application is provided at 100% for free. However, at the same time we are promised winning trades with a probability of 99.4%. reviews and benefits

      Let's note such advantages cryptocurrency trading robot Bitcoin Era:

      • the presence of a sophisticated algorithm that guarantees high rates of success in autotrading;
      • 24-hour customer support, available to all users (consultants answer quickly and always on the point);
      • many useful functions;
      • the accuracy of the system of payments and withdrawal of funds;
      • easy process of creating an account - in a few "clicks";
      • numerous awards, including the "#1" award in the category of best auto-trading software from the US Trade Association;
      • a wide selection of cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many others;
      • Transparency of the system - here you can easily calculate your finances and freely open accounts for deposit and withdrawal.

      The Bitcoin Era is fully automated software. That is, all a private trader needs to do is set up the robot and simply turn it on. The user can then track the trades made by the bot on his behalf. As we said before, Bitcoin Era is a free program. Bitcoin Era's partner brokers (no mention of which ones) are regulated brokerage organizations. These companies have supported the funding of the trading software. So it's not surprising that they offer an initial rate of $250.

      The Bitcoin Era system is built using advanced technology. Therefore, it can quickly and efficiently analyze financial markets. Due to this speed, the robot is able to make the best deals, which distinguishes it from other similar trading programs. In addition, the automatic trading feature helps speculators to take advantage of the platform's features with maximum benefit.

      Bitcoin Era reviews

      Bitcoin Era offers video tutorials for exchange players. Users can learn about the platform, the trading process and the toolbar. That is, learn everything that will help to make successful transactions. Although the system is fully automated, traders are offered to trade cryptocurrencies in manual mode. Therefore, the training block is presented here very handy! And in general, the company "Bitcoin Era" offers customers trading software that does not require training or technical knowledge for its use. The user interface is very simple and convenient, and the information available on the platform is reliable. This makes the system understandable even for those who are new to cryptocurrency trading (Cryptocurrency Trading Training).

      In addition, the Bitcoin Era system is controlled by professional brokers who verify the transactions selected by automated bots. The verification system is improved to guarantee the accuracy and correctness of the data entered by account holders. This prevents delays when withdrawing funds from the account and also reduces the likelihood of fraud. Bitcoin Era uses sophisticated computer algorithms to research and analyze the financial market. The use of these algorithms is not something new to the trading market; it is widely used in high-frequency trading.

      High-frequency trading is a method of speculating on traded assets with a high percentage of borrowed funds. In addition, this method uses an intelligent algorithm to analyze data when making a trading decision. The advanced algorithms used by Bitcoin Era monitor market news and automatically open trades. The peculiarity of these algorithms is that they can accurately analyze a huge amount of information in a split second. Because of this, they are able to take advantage of even the slightest market movement, which leads to high returns.



      The creators of Bitcoin Era software convince users that their market entry signals are very accurate. At least on the website We see that Forbes and Financial Time are the providers of trading signals. And as far as we know, these financial publications and the materials they publish are trusted by many stock market players around the world.


      Demo account Bitcoin Era

      Bitcoin Era provides clients with a demo account. Using it, you can practice before making real trades. In the demo environment, traders learn how to avoid mistakes, which then helps them a lot when using real money in online trading. With a demo account, every user can get acquainted with the Bitcoin Era platform before moving on to trading for real money. After learning how a demo account works, you can also understand how to trade in the Crypto market, including how to choose effective cryptocurrency pairs during real auto-trading.


      Bitcoin Era mobile app

      As we understood, the mobile version of the resource is available, but there are no apps to download to your smartphone or tablet. There are no links on the company's portal to download a mobile app on the App Store and Google Play. No downloads are required to work with the robot, but the site does say something about an app. Apparently, this is referring to the web version of an automated system for cryptocurrency trading. With Bitcoin Era, you can make money on your PC from home or laptop anywhere and anytime.


      Bonuses from cryptocurrency trading robot

      We did not find any information about bonus programs on Apparently, Bitcoin Era does not offer its clients any special and profitable offers. Bonuses, promotions and contests should be found out from the broker-partners of the company. Usually developers of robots do not bother to create affiliate programs and various "plushkas" for users.


      Deposit and withdrawal

      You can refill the balance of Bitcoin Era in one of these ways:

      Funds can be withdrawn quickly and without delay, one of the above methods. Usually funds are credited to the client's account within 24 hours.


      Complaints about Bitcoin Era

      Some users scold and others praise this robot. They write that they earn $1,000 a day, spending only 20 minutes on it. They like the fact that the system has no hidden commissions and broker's commission. They get all their money at 100% and easily withdraw it at any time, without delays. They use the money earned with Bitcoin Era to build houses, buy cars and vacations abroad. But we know that such reviews are written at the request of the project creators. Everything can't be that great, because there are pitfalls everywhere.

      Bitcoin Era reviews

      So, for example, we were able to find an extremely opposite review on the web. And believe me, there are many times more negative comments on the Internet than positive ones. One programmer told a story about his acquaintance with Bitcoin Era on the thematic forum. He wrote that he invested 250 $ into this project, but that amount quickly and mysteriously disappeared from his account. Since then Mikhail closely monitors the Crypto market and invests only in reliable projects.

      If there are any reviews about Bitcoin Era cryptocurrency trading robot, we will definitely publish the information on social networks. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

      Robot controller

      Almost all robots do not have a license to conduct financial activities. And Bitcoin Era is no exception. That is, the company is not responsible for the loss of traders' personal savings. Bitcoin Era does not provide investment or brokerage services, but only informs users. When registering at, a broker is automatically assigned to the client. It is up to you to check whether this brokerage company is regulated in your country. If you find a discrepancy, you need to contact Bitcoin Era representatives and tell them about the problem.

      When creating an account and depositing balance with Bitcoin Era, you must understand that trading cryptocurrencies is a risky business. You can lose money partially or even completely when autotrading. That's why we strongly recommend reading all documents on the robot's website before investing money in the project. Don't forget that capital gains tax should be paid in the country of your permanent residence. User Agreement

      The Bitcoin Era resource offers us 3 documents to review:

      • "Terms of Service."
      • "Privacy Policy."
      • "Disclaimer.

      Agree that it is strange to see the latter document instead of the "User Agreement", which usually regulates the relationship of the 2 parties to the transaction (the company and the client).
      The "disclaimer" states that the creators of the Bitcoin Era will not answer to the law for the fact that we will lose all of our money if we use materials from their site. It also warns us that we should seek advice from subject matter experts if we lack knowledge about trading: responsibility

      It is also stated here that the personal data of users can be used by employees of Bitcoin Era and its partners. Moreover, only for the purpose of informing about their products free of charge:

      Bitcoin Era User Agreement


      Bitcoin Era cryptocurrency trading robot is a scam?

      Creators Bitcoin Era promise huge profits from investing in cryptocurrency. And they give us examples of famous personalities who managed to earn good money on it. But we doubt that Ilon Musk or Bill Gates could be interested in such a dubious project. In addition, the video presented on the site is about cryptocurrencies, not specifically about the Bitcoin Era system. The ad promises to make users millionaires within a few months. And this cheap tactic works! Many Russians have already invested into this project, but not all of them were lucky enough to get passive income. The platform is advertised on YouTube and in various popular social networks. Some review websites skip posts advertising this project and praising reviews, which claim that the robot is legitimate and will bring easy profits due to automatic trading.

      We believe that the creators of the Bitcoin Era are using the names of celebrities like Richard Branson to lure as many people as possible to their site. It is unlikely that celebrities are even aware that their names are being used on portals of such projects. Although there are many positive reviews about the Bitcoin Era robot, we still have our doubts about its reliability. But that's just our personal opinion! If you want to check the quality of this service yourself, you can open your personal account on and fill up your balance. And what if you are lucky...



      Bitcoin Era - is a new platform for automated cryptocurrency trading where everyone can earn passive income. Bitcoin Era trading signals are considered accurate, but the risk of losing all your money does not decrease. Never trade with an amount you can't afford! Otherwise you will quickly lose your deposit and forever be disappointed in cryptocurrency trading.

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