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Online service for easy and profitable booking of excursions around the world, great discounts and many promotions for customers.
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Handy mobile app
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February 29, 2024
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    100 High Street, 13th Floor, Boston, MA 02110, U.S.A.

    Go City is this a scam? Review and Customers Reviews

    Published: 6 March 2020 Updated: 29 February 2024

    Service Go City – is your personal guide, an electronic pass that will not just allow you to choose and book a tour, but by selecting a rate and downloading the mobile app, you can get up to 65% discounts to visit all the paid attractions of the city. The ticket will be a code in your cell phone. You can learn more about the city and the tourist routes, choose the one that suits you best and go on your trip.

    The app includes more than 400 itineraries in more than 26 cities. Such a service can bring benefits, allowing you not only to save money, but also to book tickets to many tourist attractions without queues and overpayments. But isn’t the e-tourist pass and Go City fares a scam? Let’s find out.

    gocity.com reviews


    Why Go City

    Many travel companies, supported by the world’s largest museums, have launched their pass cards that allow tourists to visit most of the city’s museums and attractions for free or at a great discount for a certain period of time. These cards make your trip profitable, because ticket prices in many famous museums are quite high, besides you can spend a lot of time standing in line just to buy a ticket. There are even some museums, where in order to get to a single visitor not in a group, will have to stand in a long line and will be available only on certain days of the week. Go City is not just a mobile app for travel to selected cities. You can use it to:

    • Get up to 65% off tickets to many world museums and other city attractions;
    • Get a great discount or get in for free on the most interesting city tours;
    • Convenient mobile application available for known operating systems;
    • You do not need to waste time paying for the tour – just show the screen with the code of your mobile device to the guide;
    • You can choose a convenient tariff for the desired number of days and the services you will need.

    gocity.com customer reviews

    The company’s application allows you to learn all the most interesting things about the chosen cities, to visit unusual excursions, many of which you did not even know about, to try something new and visit interesting locations, parks, palaces, museums at a great discount or free of charge. Tours of each city are built with the local color and peculiarities of the country in mind. By selecting a city and adventure on the company’s website, you can see how much they would cost without your Go City Pass.


    How to register on Go City

    Almost all transactions through the service offered by the company can be done both on the website gocity.comand through a mobile app. And it will be more convenient to do it through the mobile app, because in the future in your trip you will often have to use your mobile device. The site does not allow you to create a personal account and register, only to select and pay for your tariff.

    gocity.com find tours

    Personal account gocity.com

    No personal account is created on the company’s website. All personal data is stored in your mobile app account.

    Mobile application

    The company’s mobile app is your personal guide. It is available for download in AppStore and GooglePlay, and it stores all the data of your chosen tour fare: dates and names of purchased tours, the period for which the free “pass” to the attractions, city maps, online tours and other information. To save time on paying and buying tickets you just show a window of your mobile device with the application open in it and the QR-code generated by the system to the guide or at the entrance to the museum.


    How to buy tours on the Go City website

    In order to buy your personal online city guide you need to select a city on the site. Selecting the city, your tariff and the number of days you just press the “Buy” button. The fare consists of a specific set of tours, attractions, the value of the discount on tickets and other things. You can do all of this in the mobile app or on the website, you will need to select the number of days for how long you plan your trip. Once you have selected everything you need, you just press the “Buy” button. Once again, you check all the details: adult pass, number, age, time, and more, and enter your bank card details. After that, your app will have access to additional functionality, according to the purchased fare.

    gocity.com buy tours

    How to book a tour

    Booking an excursion is very easy. You can download or print out the data from the tour fare you bought, choose the tour you are interested in and, after booking it through the app, show the guide the printout or the screen of your mobile device with the data of the fare. This will allow you to save a lot of time on booking, paying and choosing a tour. In addition, with the app you can choose many of the most unusual excursions from gastronomic tours to excursions to the scariest places in the city, compare prices with the app and without the app.

    gocity.com to book a tour

    How to buy cheap tours?

    On the site gocity.com and through your mobile app when booking, you can select the fare for which the greatest discount is indicated. There are seasonal and holiday discounts.

    gocity.com tour booking

    Tour return

    You buy the fare depending on the time at which your trip will take place. If the trip for some reason can’t take place, you need to contact the Support service to find out about the possibility of a refund for the purchased excursion fare. If you warn the company about the impossibility of the trip 30 days after payment, you can get a full refund. Please note that the money for tickets to museums and excursions already on the spot through the service is not refundable, we will talk about this later.

    gocity.com return trip

    More Go City site features

    In addition to choosing your tour on the company’s website, you can learn about the types of tours, attractions and the most popular excursions in the cities where the project operates.


    Paying for and receiving tours at GoCity.com

    You can pay for the purchased excursion fare only on the company’s website or through a mobile app.

    How to pay for tours online?

    You can pay the fare with your bank card through the site, after you select all the fare conditions that suit you and enter your travel details following the instructions of the system. All payments are made through a secure connection. You do not pay for the selected excursions themselves – it is included in your fare.


    GoCity bonuses

    The company’s bonus program consists mainly of discounts that you get when you buy tariffs. The first discount in 5% for the selected fare you get when you sign up for the company’s promotional newsletter. Then, as you buy fares for sightseeing tours, you get additional discounts, depending on the tourist season.

    Company stock

    The best way to keep track of a company’s promotions is through its mobile app. Seasonal promotions may allow you to get additional discounts on fares, depending on holidays and tourist seasons.

    Loyalty Program

    The company has no loyalty program.

    Gift certificates, vouchers

    The company has no gift certificates.


    The company does not use a promo code system on its website.

    Discounts for congress participants

    At travel congresses and conferences, depending on seasonal offers, the company may offer additional discounts for participants and future partners of the service.

    Referral program

    The company has developed its own affiliate program. By becoming a partner of the company you can get up to 6% from each client, who will follow the link from your site. The system of the site remembers the transition from your site and even if the client does not book the tour, he can do it within 90 days, the purchase will be valid and you can get a percentage for it.

    gocity.com referral program


    Complaints about Go City

    The company has not been operating for very long, but there are reviews on the app in the English-speaking segment. The feedback from customers is predominantly positive. Those who are used to building their own travels say that the Go City app is a great online guide. In addition to the fact that you get to visit many attractions at good discounts and book unique tours, the app also has a city map and popular routes. Among the negative reviews, customers write that the app is a bit cumbersome and at times slows down the phone, and there are technical glitches when updating. The service is not yet available in smaller cities.

    go city reviews

    If there are any reviews about the Go City service, we’ll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don’t miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Controlling Authorities gocity.com

    Leisurepass Group, the company that owns the service gocity.com, is a registered legal entity. Its registration number is 3497724. The company is governed by the laws of the United States of America.

    gocity.com registration information

    Go City User Agreement

    The document that is your user agreement with the service is the Terms of Service, which is placed in the basement of the site. This is a very small document, which specifies the details of the company and the conditions of work with the service of the company Go City. First of all, the agreement says that those tickets for tours and excursions that you buy are not subject to transfer to other persons and are not refundable.

    gocity.com customer agreement

    This means that through the app you can buy heavily discounted tickets to various attractions, museums, palaces, and so on, and they are not refundable.

    gocity.com buying rules

    Please note that the company’s payment system is the U.S. financial system, and if you transfer money from cards of other European banks, a fee may be charged. Otherwise, the document is legally standard. In addition, there is a document on the storage and use of personal data on the website.

    Go City site security

    The company’s website is protected by a high-level security certificate to preserve customers’ banking data. And customers’ personal data is legally protected by a personal data retention agreement.

    Support at gocity.com

    The company’s support service is available for contact at the phone numbers listed on the website from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. via the feedback form on the website. You can also contact the Support Service via a mobile app. The site has a section with questions and answers – FAQ, where you can ask your question and find answers to the ones already asked by other service users.

    gocity.com customer service


    Is Go City a scam?

    Go City – is a service that will help you make your vacation more interesting and diverse. It is also advantageous from a financial point of view: with the help of a mobile app and purchased fares, you can visit selected excursions and attractions in the city for free at great discounts. All you have to do is show the screen of your phone to the guide and you don’t have to waste time buying tickets.

    We’ve studied how the app and the tour-buying service work and the rates the company offers, and we can say for sure that this service is not a scam. It is suitable for those who often use their mobile device as an assistant and navigator. In each city, users of the service can visit interesting excursions and visit many interesting sights, saving sometimes up to 70% of the cost of tickets and excursions.



    When visiting new countries and cities, you can spend a significant portion of your budget on sightseeing trips and visits to museums and attractions.

    Services such as Go City can be very helpful, in addition to the fact that you get discounts or the opportunity to visit museums and tours for free for a certain period of time. You also have the opportunity to get complete information about the city where you are going, maps and a tour of the city, right in your cell phone. Depending on the tourist season, you can buy your chosen rate at a very good discount.

    Variety of tours
    Quality of service
    Support Service


      Go City reviews

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    • 2.3
      Feedback approved for publication Rate your review 0
      Variety of tours
      Quality of service
      Support Service
      Alléchant et décevant .jamais plus par leurs soins

      Despite QR CODES refusal of the big bus, other excursions 2 accepted and 2 refused.
      Complaint to the tour operator who offers them, unreliable and doesn’t recognize their shortcomings! They don’t know how to make a credit note or a refund!

      • Très alléchant
      • Promesses non tenues accès aux excursions refusées
    • 1
      Feedback approved for publication Rate your review 0
      Variety of tours
      Quality of service
      Support Service

      One solitary star, and I’d grant it none if that were even an option! What a disgrace this company is, an absolute scam of the highest order! Our voucher, without rhyme or reason, withered into nothingness. I meticulously combed through their FAQs, and what do they recommend? Booking ahead! Yet, lo and… Read more

      • No positives
      • Whole experiencewas a joke!
    • 5
      Feedback approved for publication Rate your review 0
      Variety of tours
      Quality of service
      Support Service
      Highly recommend

      My favourite pass is the Explorer pass because i’ve used it around my home city, London, in my own time around work and kids schedules. The app is super easy to use and the variety of attractions let me mix and match what i was doing. eg took the toddler to the hard rock cafe and Westminster Abbey, took… Read more

      • variety of attractions
      • savings
    • 5
      Rate your review 0
      Variety of tours
      Quality of service
      Support Service
      Most customers of the online tour booking...

      Most customers of the online tour booking service Go City are satisfied with the services provided to them. In particular, they note the simplicity and ease of use of the site, so you can book a tour without any problems. The users also liked the prices on the site and the opportunity to go on a tour… Read more

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