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Popular online booking service for spa treatment tours in Europe with customer support at every stage.
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    Sanatoriums is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: February 16, 2021 Updated: August 3, 2022

    Sanatoriums - it's a popular tour booking service sanatorium and spa treatment. The company was established in the Czech Republic and has a central office in Karlovy Vary, as well as several branches in Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Great Britain. Sanataroium positions itself as a reliable organization that posts author's content, including video reviews of all active tours with full descriptions of all additional services. Each page of a sanatorium or spa with therapeutic treatments is filled with video reviews of rooms, interviews with head doctors, and a gallery of real photographs.

    Current tours are arranged online on the website, where you can find a suitable resort and make a reservation in just three clicks. However, before booking a trip, you need to know how reliable the Czech company Sanatoriums is. In this review we will analyze how the service works, consider popular and cheap tours, find out if it is possible to book a cheaper resort and check how convenient it is to use the website We'll also check legal information and examine online reviews from other customers. After that, we'll find out if this company is worth trusting, and if it's a scam?


    Why Sanatoriums?

    Sanatoriums is one of the market leaders in the field of travel services, with an emphasis on customer service and price formation. Most of the resorts on the website are represented by Sanatoriums' partners, who have experience in organizing spa and sanatorium tours. The company tries to accompany the client from beginning to end, from profile consultation with a spa doctor to transfer service at the place of rest. In four clicks a client can book a stay at a health resort or spa hotel, get a comprehensive consultation from experts and visa assistance. Sanatoriums has enough advantages among the nearest competitors, which are worth highlighting as follows:

    • a user-friendly multi-language site;
    • quick search and booking of tours;
    • free online consultation with a doctor;
    • additional tools on the site;
    • Search for airline tickets and visa assistance (voucher);
    • a large selection of communication channels with support.

    Is Sanatoriums a scam? Reviews


    How to register at

    On the site there is no possibility to register and create an account. The customer can browse all resorts, book travel and arrange extras in guest mode. All purchase details will be sent automatically to email. If the customer has any questions about the order, he can contact support on the site, or in social networks, including messengers.

    Personal Cabinet Sanatoriums

    The online service Sanatoriums does not have an account registration system, so it is impossible to create a personal account on the site. To book a tour or spa hotel stay the client does not need to have an account. All additional options that can be in a personal account are posted on for all users.

    Mobile application

    Sanatoriums does not create or support an official mobile app. The customer can browse resorts, book trips, order additional services and contact support using a smartphone or tablet. The mobile version of the site is adapted and has an identical set of tools as the desktop version. If the client opens the computer version of, the mobile version can be opened by clicking on the hyperlink of the same name, which is placed at the bottom of the home page.


    How to buy tours on the website of the Sanatorium

    On the site there are 3 ways to find and buy a tour, each of which has its own differences. On the main page of the site, next to the logo of the company, there is a button "Choose resort". Hovering your cursor over it will open a context menu, where you can select the country and city where the health center or tour operates. When you click on a category, the site will open a list of all active trips.

    Sanatorium choice of resort

    The next way to find a spa is through the main table on the homepage of Here you can find a spa or sanatorium by selecting a city, arrival and departure date, number of people, meals and additional treatments. If you click on the button "Learn prices" the system will automatically find valid offers and will show the results on a separate page. In addition, at you can search for a spa by treatment profile. At the top of the main search table there is another tab, where instead of the city or the name of the sanatorium you have to specify the indication of the treatment and the disease. The search works in exactly the same way as in the previous method. resort search

    How to book tours?

    The suggestions page has a panel on the left with smart filters to help you organize your entire list of active resorts. All search results can be sorted by narrow criteria, including the number of hotel stars, available amenities (pool, internet, parking, fitness, etc.), treatment departments and bases, room facilities and additional options (transfers, excursions).

    Sanatoriums booking tours

    Each offer is placed in a separate block with brief information about check-in and accommodation, a video overview of the room and the "Book" button under the current cost of the service. After clicking on the button the site opens a page with a detailed description of the place, additional photos of all rooms and wellness treatments, expert opinion and choice of treatment package for each. At the bottom is another list of all rooms with other dates and conditions. Clicking again on the "Book" button, the client will open a form for filling out contact information and payment.

    Sanatoriums spas in the Czech Republic

    How to buy cheap tours?

    Sanatorium's website does not have a separate section where information about bargain deals and discounted resorts is published. The client can sort all tours by price, so that the first positions in the search results are the cheapest trips from partner companies. To do this, click on the tab "From the cheapest", which is located immediately before the list of all tours. It is worth adding that during the booking process reduced prices may be displayed, where the old price will be crossed out, and the new one will be highlighted in red.

    Sanatoriums cheap tours

    Refunds for tours

    Immediately after booking a tour, the user receives an email with a link to the cancellation page. The Sanatoriums website offers free cancellation and fine options. When selecting a hotel or spa, the page will have a separate "Payment and Cancellation Terms and Conditions" link. Here you will find detailed information about the resort's booking and cancellation policies. Since the company's service is positioned as an intermediary, such conditions may vary depending on the trip and the organizer.

    If the customer needs to change the booking conditions, this can be done during the penalty period. All penalties will not apply if the customer makes a new booking for the same resort with the same dates after the cancellation. Information about the amount of the penalty will be additionally duplicated on the page of the last booking step (under the final price). If there are any questions about the refund, the user can contact the support service in any possible way.

    Additional features

    The Sanatoriums website has a number of additional and useful tools, including services from partners. All the active features of the online service will make the search for a resort easier and more convenient. To understand what exactly is available on, you need to consider all such options.


    Sanatorium together with official representatives conduct individual and group tours, as well as excursions to the main attractions of the Schengen countries. The program includes comfortable transportation, shopping in European stores and professional guides. To find out about the planned excursions, you need to contact the managers of the company. Contact details will be published on the page of the sanatorium or spa hotel, as well as in the letter confirming the reservation.

    Doctor's consultation

    In order to make your vacation in a spa hotel or sanatorium really effective and correct, you need to consult with a doctor or an experienced expert beforehand. On the website of Sanatoriums you can leave a letter to a spa doctor, who is well aware of the peculiarities of each spa hotel that is on the list of current offers. To do this, go to the tab "Consultation of a doctor", fill in the fields with contact information and write your question. medical consultation


    Useful service from the company, which implies ordering transport to arrive to the resort or spa hotel. On the tab with the same name there is a list of all countries and cities where this service operates. When you choose a city, the site will open a form for filling in contact information. You need to specify type of transfer, date, country and place of destination, flight number and mobile number. Payment is made in cash to the driver, and in the waiting room at the airport will be a person with a sign with the client's name and surname. Sanatorium transfers are individual and collective (departure together with other travelers to the destination point in one vehicle).

    Sanatorium transfers

    Airline tickets

    On the site there is a function for searching and booking airline tickets. The service works with many well-known airlines in the world and selects all available flights at the moment. The user needs to select the route, date and number of passengers. During the search, you can use additional filters and sorting options. Reservations and payment for the ticket are made on a secure server of the payment system.

    Sanatoriums flights

    Help Center

    In the lower sections of the website, there is a "Frequently Asked Questions" tab with detailed information about how to use the site and additional tools. All questions are sorted into categories for easy retrieval. Here you can explore information about treatment at the resort, about food, about the peculiarities of booking and cancellation, transfers, as well as about prices and opening a visa.

    Sanatoriums Reference Center

    Newsletter Subscription

    Sanatoriums offers to subscribe to the site's newsletter to be the first to know about the latest news about new resorts, current discounts and other offers from the company. There is a separate window at the bottom of the homepage where you need to enter your email address. You will receive emails and promotional materials from the Sanatorium. newsletter


    A separate tab on publishes useful information for clients of the service and those wishing to go to a sanatorium. The user can read recommendations for treatment and prevention within sanatoriums, learn more about blood tests, understand the peculiarities of therapy and the healing properties of natural elements.

    Sanatorium articles and news


    Payment and receipt of tours on the website Sanatoriums

    After selecting a tour and all the additional conditions of stay, the site takes the user to the booking and payment page. Here you need to specify your contact information, consent to the processing of personal data and familiarize yourself with the terms of

    How to pay for tours online?

    Buyer pays 100% cost by bank card after booking confirmation. The service will be valid for one hour only and after the deadline expires, the request will be automatically cancelled. Immediately after confirmation you will receive an email with payment details. Bank cards VISA, Maestro and MasterCard are accepted for payment. Transfer of funds is made in the national currency of the country where the resort was booked.

    Sanatoriums payment for tours


    Bonuses Sanatoriums

    The Sanatoriums online portal site does not have a separate "Promotions" or "Hot Offers" section, which publishes resorts with discounts and free extras. There is also no savings program, which some services or travel agencies have. You can see all of the current promotions when you view the current offers from partner organizers. If any discount is applied to a resort, its old price will be crossed out and the new price will appear above in a red frame.

    There are other types of bonuses at Information about them is displayed next to the resort card, on the left in the form of a small notation. Most often it is an offer of a free transfer to the hotel, which is organized by Sanatorium. When the service launches promotions, the user receives an email, which notifies about the validity of the current offer. To receive such letters, you need to subscribe to the newsletter from the company.

    Sanatoriums free transfers

    Referral program

    In the lower sections of the Sanatoriums website, there is a tab called "Affiliate Partners," which takes the user to a separate page. Here you can explore detailed information about the company's direct affiliate program, review all the benefits, and learn about the terms of cooperation. From the CPA network Travelpayouts the following remuneration is available: 40% commission on profits, which ranges from 7 to 25% of the booking amount.


    Complaints about Sanatoriums

    The Sanatoriums online portal has a separate category with reviews from real customers who have previously booked a tour or used other services. You should not draw conclusions from an analysis of these comments, as each publication is checked by moderators. This may affect the final selection of all reviews and the formation of an overall rating. Looking at Sanatoriums ratings on other review platforms, you can see that people don't share much about their experiences with the company. More often than not, comments are about the hotels and the level of service at the resorts. There are far fewer online reviews about customer service and the overall work of the site. On the well-known portal Reviewer the company has a mixed rating, in contrast to the reviews on Users note the convenience of the platform, free consultations, quick reservations, and a wide range of support communication channels. Several discussion participants praised Sanatorium for the availability of shuttle service and airline ticket search. reviews

    But there are other, less positive reviews. For some users, the company sent an invoice for payment with a price that was inconsistent with the agreed price. After contacting support, customers never received an answer to their complaint. The company also received a low score for problems with reservations. According to one of the participants of the discussion, the hotel refused to check them in upon arrival, citing the lack of application.

    Sanatorium reviews


    Supervisory authorities

    Company details are published on the "Contact Us" tab at the bottom of the website. The company was registered in the Czech Republic in 2014 in Karlovy Vary. The heads of the organization are Gulali Mirzoev and Ondřej Bouma, and the official representative in Russia is Alexandra Gorbataya. The registered office of the company is at Libušina 2127/19, 360 01 Karlovy Vary. Trading activities are conducted on behalf of "SANATORIUMS.COM sro". The service has received a single VAT number 03104681 in the initial trade register

    Sanatoriums company info

    View the privacy policy at User Agreement

    Of the legal documents on the website, we were only able to find the "Booking and Payment Terms and Conditions" and the "Privacy Policy. In the first document the client can study the information about the conditions of application confirmation and payment, including penalties, VAT collection and the dispute resolution procedure. The "Privacy Policy" describes the rules governing the collection, storage, processing and transfer of personal data of the client.

    According to the company, the handling of personal information is carried out in accordance with the Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter "GDPR"). Sanatoriums collects confidential information for booking services, customer support, for the use of direct marketing (mailing of promotional materials), for the fulfillment of tax obligations and for the subsequent evaluation of the completed resort. The purchaser has the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of such information at any time.

    Sanatoriums personal data protection

    Site security

    All user data is protected and regulated under Czech law. The payment process takes place on the side of the payment system, whose servers use the necessary certificates of the highest level of security.

    Customer Service

    Sanatoriums can be contacted in the following ways:

    • by phone: +420354978952;
    • by mail: [email protected];
    • messengers WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber;
    • Skype:


    Is Sanatoriums a divorce?

    Sanatoriums - is a team of managers, operators and doctors who accompany the client at every stage of the trip. Choosing a resort or sanatorium often requires dealing with organizational issues, including finding lodging, transportation, accommodations, and price comparisons for services. The Sanatoriums online portal site has all the services that may be needed while traveling, making this service versatile and convenient for clients.

    In this review, we examined the company, its website and additional tools, checked legal information and analyzed online comments. Making a conclusion, we can say that Sanatoriums is not a scam, but the negative reviews on the Internet should alert the buyer to possible problems with reservations and additional services.



    Website Sanatoriums has a pleasant user interface and overall design, it will be convenient to search for resorts and read information about tours both from your smartphone and computer. Resorts can be booked in just a few clicks, and the additional tools and services on the service's website will be useful for many visitors. However, mixed reviews online may alert users and make them change their mind about booking a tour at If you've had an experience traveling with sanatoriums, write us about it below in the "Reviews" column.

    Variety of tours
    Quality of services
    Customer Service


    • Sanatoriums online tour booking service for sanatoriums...

      Sanatoriums online tour booking service for sanatorium treatment has a good reputation among its customers. Reviews of the company in There aren’t many online, and most of them are positive. Most customers are satisfied with the fact that the company does not charge upfront fees. Also Users note the pleasant prices, fast booking, a large selection of hotels. In the few negative reviews there are complaints about problems with There were cases when the company did not make any concessions to its clients. And what can our readers tell us about Sanatoriums? To us Your feedback is important!

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