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CPA-network of affiliate programs operates in the travel-theme, offers transparent terms of cooperation and exclusive offers.
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Suite 1504, 15/F, Chinachem Tower, 34-37 Connaught Rd Central, Hong Kong
The owner of the company
Go Travel Un Limited
Types of support
Feedback form on the site
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Support by phone
Categories of offers
Travel services
Number of offers
60+5% of referral income
Project regions
All countries in the world
Withdrawal methods
PayPal, Webmoney, Bank Transfer, YouMoney
Project Features
CPA-network, working in the travel-thematic
Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
Mobile applications
No mobile apps
Availability of an affiliate network hold
Payment models
Frequency of payments
Once a month
Allowed traffic sources
Cashback traffic, E-mail marketing, Messenger/SMS, PopUp advertising, Type-in, DORWAY traffic, Contextual advertising, Search engines, Social networks, Teaser networks
Tools for promotion
Banners, Link Generator, Landings, Financial API, Widgets, SDK, Mobile App Templates, White Label
Tools for analytics
Affiliate Program
Registration5% of referral income
Transparent terms of cooperation
Support for different traffic sources
Exclusive offers from advertisers with a high price tag
Many tools and options
There is no information about holds
Complaints about low profits
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      Suite 1504, 15/F, Chinachem Tower, 34-37 Connaught Rd Central, Hong Kong

      Travelpayouts is it a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: June 10, 2020 Updated: 5 October 2022

      Travelpayouts - is one of the few CPA networksThe company was opened in 2011. It was launched in 2011. The platform is multilingual: it supports different languages and currencies. In addition to quite convenient functionality, the authors offer a good selection of reference (training) materials and the ability to work not only from a PC, but also from mobile devices.

      Is the network really as good as it is described or is Travelpayouts a scam? Let's study everything carefully and make conclusions.


      Why Travelpayouts

      The service has a number of advantages:

      • Exclusive (expensive) offers.
      • CPA and teaser advertising (CPC).
      • Promotions and contests.
      • Support for a variety of sources to attract traffic, including social networks, e-mail (without spam), contextual advertising (by agreement) and dorwei.
      • The territory of action is the whole world.
      • All the necessary tools (affiliate links, landing pages, banners, widgets, APIs, search forms, plugins for WordPress, etc.).
      • Transparent conditions. The link on the site allows you to open a table uploaded to the "cloud" with the current requirements, remuneration amounts and descriptions from advertisers. And you can evaluate them before you register.
      • Help with recommendations and reference materials.

      Travelpayouts is a scam? Reviews


      The main ways to earn on

      The main way to earn money on Travelpayouts is to promote resources (teaser advertising) and services/goods (CPA) of advertisers. Additionally, you can be rewarded for attracting new members to the network (referral program), but more on that later.

      Earnings from offers

      The idea is that you add your resource to the affiliate network and place affiliate ads/banners (CPC) or widgets (CPA) with a link to the advertiser. In the first case, you get commission per click (user conversion), but the rate is low. In the second, you get paid for conversion, the action set by the advertiser (booking payment, subscription, etc.), which is more difficult to achieve, so the payment is higher.

      Travelpayouts earnings on offers

      For CPAs, the remuneration ranges widely from 4 to 60% (commensurate with the company's price tag). So, for Big Bus Tours, whose average price tag is about $137, this is 10% of the booking price (1% of which will be taken by the network), and for with an average booking price of 131 USD - a minimum of 4% (the service already charges no fees). The current list is published on

      Shares with increased payouts

      From time to time the company publishes offers with higher payouts. Most often they are put up by Aviasales and internal Travelpayouts resources. An example of such a promotion is the double commission for sales in Kazakhstan of the above-mentioned airfare search and booking resource.


      Offers at Travelpayouts

      All in all, there are about 60 offers in the Travelpayouts collection, which is relatively small for a CPA network. And this number is connected with the fact that the projects are high-paying. Accordingly, the requirements for the partner are quite serious. It is allowed to use:

      • Dorwei (automatically generated sites created to attract organic traffic on low-frequency keywords).
      • Pop-Up (windows that pop up on top of the main content when you click anywhere on the site).
      • Communities and pages in social networks.
      • Messengers.
      • Cashback traffic (cashback services for link purchase).
      • Type-in (direct links to the site from bookmarks or by entering the domain name of the site), e-mail mailings.
      • Contextual advertising, if there is a redirection through affiliate domains (within the framework of White Label cooperation).

      However, each customer has its own requirements. Spam is strictly prohibited.


      The CPA network specializes exclusively in tourism topics. Therefore, the categories of offers are as follows:

      • Air travel.
      • Ticket Reservations.
      • Car reservations and transfers.
      • Travel insurance.
      • Online Guides.
      • Hotel search and reservation.

      Travelpayouts offers

      Unique offers

      Travelpayouts works primarily with exclusive offers: Aviasales, Omiom, Hotellook,,, AirHelp,, Get Your Guide, BlaBlaCar, etc. And the average check at such organizations is quite large (at least $30). Considering the size of the commission, the amounts "accrue" are quite decent.


      The Travepayouts affiliate network includes 15 territories ("locations," as it is labeled on the, including the United States, India, Australia, and European countries (United Kingdom, Denmark, Estonia, etc.). The platform is multinational and translated into different languages.


      How to get started at

      Before you start working with the platform, you need to register on the website After that, you will have access to your personal cabinet and the selection of offers (here we remind you that you can read all the conditions in the downloaded in the "cloud" table - the transition from the knowledge base of the site).

      Registration on the Travelpayouts website

      Click the big blue button in the upper right corner of the site and fill out the registration form that opens with your email address and password. To activate your account, traditionally use the link in the email sent to the specified email address. That's all. Go to your personal account. registration

      Personal Cabinet

      The first time you enter your personal cabinet, you will see the administration's tips and advice on working with Travelpayouts. After answering all the questions (they relate to your goals and the theme/direction of the resource), you can go to the menu of the Personal Area, which includes the following sections:

      • "Home.". A summary of active orders (shows, clicks, orders in processing, cancellations, payments, income and projected income).
      • "Programs.". The list of recommended offers with a detailed description of the concept and trading conditions.
      • "Reports.". Statistics of connected providers for the selected period with the ability to unload.
      • "Finance.". Current status of balance, history of payments and adding details for crediting remuneration.
      • "Tools.". Available widgets, links, plugins, White Label, APIs, mobile app templates, data files, banners.
      • "Services.". Bonuses from partners.
      • Changeblog. List of updates on the platform.

      The profile settings are available by clicking on the logo icon.

      Travelpayouts personal account

      Mobile application

      Travelpayouts has a fairly handy mobile app that allows you to work with offers on the go (which is quite rare for modern industry representatives). The software covers all the main areas: airfare, car rental, transfers, travel insurance, hotels, etc. Rated not bad for software of this orientation: 4.4 on a five-point scale among owners of Android devices (by the way, the stated requirements - OS not older than 5.0) and 3.7/5 - among "apple" (versions from 9.0 and above are supported).

      How to connect to an offer

      Connection to the offer is made from your personal cabinet. The "Home" section of the Personal Area displays the projects available to each member of the network. This is another feature of the network: not all offers are available to you, but only those whose owners have set the criteria that match your profile. Next, click "Connect" opposite to the appropriate item, read the terms of the package and, if they suit us, confirm the choice by clicking the button again.

      Travelpayout connection to the offer

      How to work more productively with Travelpayouts

      To increase the productivity of advertising, you can use the tools Travelpayouts:

      • Widgets (cheap tour calendars, search strings, excursion offers, etc.) with a link to the advertiser. Screen users who are not targeted to order, accelerate the achievement of the desired conversion.
      • Affiliate links that can be inserted in reviews and news (more natural and less intrusive advertising).
      • White Label. Travelpayouts services that you use under your brand, giving a percentage of each order and picking up the balance.
      • Plugins for WordPress (tables, search strings, subscription forms, etc.).
      • API. Source code, which you can modify (except for links) to suit your needs.
      • Banners. Ready and quality graphics - all that's left is to place them.
      • Mobile app templates with customization options (for those who don't have their own).


      Travelpayouts payments

      Payments to representatives of CPA-networks, attracting traffic to advertisers, are accrued automatically according to the schedule - you do not need to make an application. The main thing is to specify the details and accumulate a minimum amount on the balance. It is interesting that the order of payments is valid. It depends on the withdrawal method you choose. Let's list from the first to the last:

      • Electronic wallets WebMoney and Yandex.Money (enrollment within 1 day).
      • System PayPal (several working days).
      • Bank transfer to a currency account in USD/EUR - SWIFT (within a few days with possible delays on holidays).
      • Cashless transfer to the details of the legal entity (the same as in the previous case).

      All transaction fees and conversion fees are paid by you. Helpdesk starts working with the assets of the previous month from the 10th of the next month. If you do not receive anything by the 20th, it is worth contacting the helpdesk. payouts

      Minimum payout

      The minimum amount of your payout depends on the transfer method:

      • Cashless payment to the requisites.
      • Bank transfer to a foreign currency account - 500 USD.
      • PayPal - 50 USD.
      • WebMoney - 10 WMZ.
      • Yandex.Money - 10 USD.

      Availability of a hold

      There is no information about the presence/absence of a hold on This may be due to the absence of a hold. Or the service provider has decided not to emphasize this point.

      Frequency of payments

      Payment of rewards for conversions by Travelpayouts is made between the 11th and 20th of each month - provided that you have reached the minimum amount by the ninth day (as we wrote above, the 10th is reconciled). Please note that only the previous month's income counts.

      Travelpayouts payment terms

      How to withdraw money from

      To make a request for withdrawal of funds, we add details - to do this, go to the same name tab of the section "Finance" personal account, select the appropriate method, enter data, if necessary, set a limit (it helps in the future not to be with a small balance, because of which the subsequent payments will not be - you just do not "reach" the minimum) and all confirm. Now it remains to set the preferred method of crediting remuneration in the settings and wait for the required numbers.


      Travelpayouts bonuses

      The main bonus program of Travelpayouts is contests. For example, for attracting new users to advertisers' resources during their contests for potential clients, you can win discounts on services or even services themselves (airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc.) in full value. The prize fund in this case is formed from the personal funds of the organizer. At the moment we didn't find any active promotions, but they periodically appear - you can always check the full list on the official website by following this path: Home - Knowledge Base - Documents - Contests and Promotions Rules.

      Travelpayouts shares

      Bonuses from partners

      The "Services" section of myAlpari contains a selection of special offers from Travelpayouts partners. Most often these are discounts on services: -35% for an annual subscription to the AppFollow application monitoring service, -25% for products from the online printing service Logaster, etc. bonuses

      Referral program

      Assumes monetary rewards for attracting new affiliates to the CPA network. For this purpose, an affiliate link is used, which you allow in any of the available sources (we talked about them above). Everyone who clicked on it and registered in the system becomes your referral. From that moment on you earn 5% of his income.

      Travelpayouts referral program


      Complaints about Travelpayouts

      In most cases the reviews of Travelpayouts are positive. However, there are some complaints: usually about the lack of conversions. It is impossible to judge how true and/or objective they are.

      Travelpayouts reviews reviews Travelpayouts reviews

      If there are any reviews about Travelpayouts, we'll be sure to post them on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      The rights to the platform belong to Go Travel Un Limited, a company registered in Hong Kong (registration number 1658681). It is with this company that you enter into an agreement when connecting to the network. We did not find any information about representative of the legal entity. One way or another, the site is regulated - it is not on the regulator's "black" lists. User Agreement

      The user agreement (public offer) of Travelpayouts defines the rights and obligations of partners and administration to each other. Let's look at some examples. Thus, unlike many of its competitors, the CPA network undertakes to ensure the smooth operation of its Internet services installed on the partner's resources. For your part, you should immediately inform the support team, if you notice any faults, errors or inaccuracies in the system operation. And report all the activities carried out to attract traffic within 1 working day from the date of the administration request. Calculation of remuneration is based on cookies. Clicks made within 30 calendar days (or less, if specifically agreed upon) from the first transition to the site are taken into account.

      Travelpayouts rules of service

      You will be required to provide proof of identity (usually before you receive your payout) upon request by Travelpayouts. The deadline for submission is 5 working days from the date of such a request. The same applies to personal information: it must be accurate and up-to-date and updated as changes occur, such as a different phone number or last name. user agreement

      If incorrect information is detected, the company has the right at its own discretion either to demand correction of errors or to block the partner without compensation of remuneration. If the contract is terminated without stating the reasons (or simply for another reason not related to your violations), then you will be allowed to withdraw your earnings.

      Travelpayouts account blocking

      Customer Service

      To contact the Travelpayouts support team, you can:

      • E-mail: [email protected]
      • Telegram chatbot.
      • Feedback form on the site.
      • Physical office.

      In addition, there is a fairly extensive knowledge base (FAQ).


      Is Travelpayouts a scam?

      Travelpayouts - is one of the few resources that offer reasonable and clear (transparent) terms of cooperation: the terms of the user agreement (contract-offer) that are spelled out in a public document and regularly updated, the terms that are demanding not only of the partner, but also of the company itself, adequate compensation percentages that take into account the size and average bill of the advertiser.

      So it is understandable that there are very few complaints about the vendor. And those that do exist often contain ambiguous information. So it is quite obvious that Travelpayouts is not a scam, but a worthy project.



      Travelpayouts - is an interesting and convenient platform with a good set of tools, support for legitimate traffic sources, serious and mostly exclusive partners, extensive geography and the ability to earn money for action.

      There are some points that raise questions: the lack of information about holdings and a few reviews with complaints about poor earnings. However, on the whole the site leaves a good impression. Especially against the background of most competitors.

      Withdrawal of earnings


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