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One of the largest hotel groups offers a quick search for a suitable hotel option for your chosen destination and for any date.
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Radisson Hospitality, Inc.
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      701 Carlson Parkway Minnetonka, MN 55305 SSHA

      Radisson Hotels is it a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 26 March 2020 Updated: July 29, 2022

      Radisson Hotels is one of the largest hotel groups, which has 8 hotel brands and more than 1100 operating hotels in 114 countries. The company appeared on the market in 2012 and since then has been actively developing. On the official website the client has the opportunity to book one of the hotels.

      In our review, we will take a closer look at the features and functionality of the project and find out if Radisson is a scam or a reliable platform for booking hotels.


      Why Radisson Hotels

      Radisson company is rightfully one of the largest among its competitors and currently has more than 1,100 hotels, some of which are in operation and others are still under construction. Due to the fact that the organization focuses on the international market and is represented in 114 countries, the main project offices are located in Belgium, the U.S., Singapore and China, where the company's activities are controlled in different parts of the world.

      Is Radisson Hotels a scam? Reviews

      Official website radissonhotels.com has a simple and intuitive interface, which can be quickly understood by both experienced users and beginners. The service is oriented precisely on the international market, as evidenced by the multilingual interface of the official site, translated into 13 languages. The advantage is the availability of Russian-speaking interface. On the website of the platform you can learn more about the history of the service, its brands, partners, to book a room in one of the hotels, to learn more about various bonuses and discounts.

      To get information about the available hotels, the user only needs to specify the place of arrival, check-in and check-out date, as well as the number of people. Due to the presence of various filters, the client will be able to find exactly the option that suits his needs and desires. Among the main advantages of the company are:

      • a large number of hotels;
      • hotels are represented in 114 countries;
      • no service fees;
      • online booking and payment;
      • security;
      • Availability of promotions and bonuses.


      How do I register at radissonhotels.com?

      In order for a customer to get quick access to his bookings and to book a hotel, he can register. To do this, you must go to the website radissonhotels.com and in the upper right corner click on the "Register" button. Next, the user needs to fill out the following information:

      • first and last name;
      • country of residence;
      • language;
      • email address;
      • password.

      Radisson Hotels registration

      Radisson Service Personal Cabinet

      Personal Cabinet allows customers to keep track of their past bookings and quickly make new hotel reservations. To do this, it is necessary to register by filling out the necessary information on the website radissonhotels.com.

      Mobile application

      In order for users to get quick access to the functionality of the platform, a mobile app was created. Thus, with the help of their smartphone, customers can quickly book a hotel room and track their bookings at any time and any place. Both iOS and Android versions are available for download.

      radissonhotels.com mobile app


      How to book a hotel on the Radisson website

      To book a hotel room, the client should go to the main page of the company and in the appropriate form to specify the destination, check-in and check-out date, the number of people and choose one of the available rates.

      Radisson Hotels to book a hotel

      Then all available options for the selected destination appear in front of the user. Using filters, the client has the opportunity to narrow the search by the selected parameters, namely price, rating, available amenities, location. After selecting the hotel, it is necessary to click on the "View Rooms" button.

      Radisson Hotels view rooms

      After selecting a hotel, the page shows all available rooms for the selected dates. For each room the available amenities, the number of people to stay, the type of bed and the total area of the room are prescribed. Then you need to click on the button "Choose" in front of the favorite room.

      radissonhotels.com reviews

      To book a room, you need to fill out a number of data:

      • gender;
      • first and last name;
      • email address;
      • country of residence;
      • participant number, if any;
      • room preferences;
      • method of payment.

      After paying for the room, booking information will come by email or personal account on the site.

      How to book a hotel?

      Hotel reservations on radissonhotels.com are available only after full payment. To do this, the client must choose the favorite option for the specified dates and book a room. If plans change - it is possible to cancel the reservation until a certain date, which is specified for each room.

      Confirmation of reservation

      On the site there is a confirmation of the reservation by e-mail. An email with a link will be sent to the specified address, which the client will have to click to confirm the hotel reservation.

      Radisson Hotels service fees

      Since the company is an amalgamation of 8 hotel brands, presenting their services on the site, there are no additional commissions for payment.

      Additional features on radissonhotels.com

      In addition to hotel reservations, the site also offers a gift card that allows the recipient to use it when visiting restaurants, bars and spas participating in Radisson programs, as well as when checking out of the hotel. The user decides how much money to put on the card - 20, 50, 75, 100, 150 euros or 20, 50, 75, 100 pounds sterling. It is also possible to create a card with a custom design.

      Radisson Hotels gift cards


      Paying for a hotel on the Radisson Hotels website

      Since the site provides online hotel reservations, then the payment is made online.

      How do I pay for my hotel online?

      The site provides payment only by bank cards - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, as well as corporate cards of the company.

      radissonhotels.com order payment


      Radisson Bonuses

      For its customers, the company regularly conducts various promotions and accrues bonuses.

      Discount up to 20% on Park Plaza hotels

      As part of the Early Booking Program, customers have the opportunity to receive a discount of up to 20%. Radisson Rewards members also have the opportunity to receive an additional discount of 10%. Accommodation for up to two adults and two children. Discounts and booking deadlines vary by country:

      • Germany - up to 20% when booked 30 days in advance and up to 15% for 21 days;
      • The Netherlands - up to 20% when booked 21 days in advance and up to 15% when booked 14 days in advance;
      • UK - up to 20% when booking 21 days in advance.

      Radisson Hotels discount up to 20% on Park Plaza hotels

      20% discount on accommodation

      As part of the promotion, the customer has the opportunity to receive a hotel discount for a longer stay. For a stay of two nights, the customer receives a discount of 15%, and for a stay of three nights or more - 20%.

      Discounts on special offers

      Regularly on the project website you can find various special offers with a 5% discount. The following discounted programs are currently available: successful business trip, family trip, gourmet vacation, local attractions and others.

      Low Price Guarantee

      The service provides users with a guarantee of the best price on the Internet. Thus, if the client finds a lower price within a day after booking, but no later than two days, he can apply to the administration of the project and it will recalculate the price at a lower rate, as well as provide an additional discount of 25%.

      Radisson Rewards Program

      As part of the program, customers earn points for staying at hotels, organizing meetings and events, and participating in promotions and can spend them at participating hotels and partners. The hotels provide bonus nights, express bonuses, discounts on food and beverages, and additional benefits. Use of points at partners is negotiable. You can learn more about the privileges available to cardholders on the appropriate page.

      Radisson Hotels Radisson Rewards Program

      Registration Bonus

      By registering on the company's website, customers immediately receive a welcome gift, and can earn free hotel nights and receive exclusive discounts.

      radissonhotels.com signup bonus


      Complaints about Radisson Hotels

      Since the company is quite popular and well-known, you can find a large number of reviews from clients on the Internet. In general, the service has a positive reputation, although there are some negative feedbacks. Among the advantages of customers note a large selection of hotels, easy navigation on the site, various promotions and bonuses, a bonus program. The disadvantages are the problems with the work of the site and connection with technical support.

      If there are any reviews about Radisson Hotels booking service, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

      Supervisory authorities

      The organization is a large association of more than 8 hotel brands, so the company works based on the legislation. You can find the necessary documentation on the website, namely the Legal Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Website Use Agreement and others. Contact information and location of the main offices are publicly available for all users.

      User Agreement radissonhotels.com

      The "Site Usage Agreement" is one of the documents with which it is advisable for the user to read before starting cooperation with the company. The agreement contains the rules for using the site, as well as the rights and obligations of both parties. The advantage is that the document is in Russian. Let's consider some points in detail. The agreement says that if the client sends a message, he automatically agrees with the fact that this message is not subject to confidentiality requirements, as well as ownership rights. The company has the right to distribute or use the message. By submitting a communication, the user automatically grants the organization a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide license that permits it to be used, reproduced, created, modified, published, edited, translated, or distributed in any media, in any format.

      In turn, the client assumes full responsibility for its messages, as well as the consequences that may arise after its sending and using the messages of other users. The company declines responsibility for the consequences of sending any messages, as well as for checking and tracking messages that are sent by clients through the site. If the organizer receives a complaint about violations of postings afterwards, the service has the right to conduct its own investigation and at its own discretion remove the message from the site. However, the platform makes no guarantee that such actions will be executed or not executed.

      Radisson Hotels User Agreement

      The organizer reserves the right to perform the following:

      • investigate the communication for non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the company;
      • record the discussion on the website;
      • delete messages that do not comply with the terms of the agreement;
      • restrict the user's access to the site;
      • track, edit, and publish any post;
      • edit and delete messages posted on the site.

      Radisson Hotels company rights

      The Client understands and accepts that he or she uses the platform and the content posted on it at his or her own risk. The information may contain technical inaccuracies as well as various typographical errors that may relate to rates, fees and availability for a specific transaction. The organizer itself and its partners are not liable for such errors, inaccuracies and omissions, nor for obligations to comply with reservations or use content distorted as a result of errors. The organizer has the right to make changes, corrections as well as cancellations at any time, even after the transaction. The user also accepts that the content of this site is provided on an "As Is" basis, and the company makes no warranty of any kind as to merchantability. The organization does not guarantee to its customers that this site will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that it will be free from viruses or other harmful components. The service disclaims any liability with respect to any results that may be obtained by the user through the use of content provided on the site. All costs that may arise in connection with the maintenance, repair and correction of errors shall be borne by the client.

      The client is aware of the fact that the company declines responsibility for any kind of losses, namely direct, indirect, intentional or punitive penalties, which may include loss of expected profit or income, as well as other economic losses that have arisen due to actions or inactions of the organization, as well as its partners and employees. Also, the organization is not liable for damages that have arisen as a result of breach of the terms of the agreement or confidentiality policy. The total amount of liability that the company bears to the client for any damages cannot exceed the amount that the client paid for access to this site. The user cannot make claims or lawsuits after one year since the occurrence of the incident.

      radissonhotels.com responsibility

      By using the website, the user understands and accepts full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of his or her profile and password, and must restrict access to his or her own computer or telephone. The client is responsible for any activities that have been carried out from his account. The Company reserves the right to refuse to provide services or block the Client's account at its sole discretion. The client undertakes to defend and indemnify the company as well as its officers, partners, employees and other members from material liability, and not to provide any claims, suits, demands, obligations and payments, including expenses that may have arisen as a result of violation of the agreement by the user himself/herself.

      Radisson Hotels user responsibilities


      Site security

      Based on all the legal documentation that is presented on the site, we can conclude that the use of the service is completely safe for users.

      Customer Service

      The customer has several ways to contact a technical support representative:

      • phone: +7-499-281-61-20;
      • feedback form;
      • social media.

      Also, before contacting customer support directly, the user can read the answers to the most popular requests on the company's website.


      Is Radisson Hotels a scam?

      Radisson Hotels Group is the largest hotel group, which unites 8 hotel brands. At the moment the project has more than 1,400 hotels, some of which are already successfully operating, and another part is under construction. Service appeared on the market in 2012 and for 8 years has become quite popular among customers. The company operates in 114 countries and focuses on the international market. The interface of the official website of the project is presented in 13 languages, including Russian, which is an advantage for customers from the CIS countries. On the site of the organization each client can book a hotel, selecting the destination, dates, number of people and the program for booking.

      Thanks to the filters, you can quickly find exactly the option that best suits the client. Also for the convenience of users a mobile application was created. Thus, you can choose and book a hotel at any time and any place without using a computer. For regular customers a large number of promotional offers and various bonuses. During eight years of successful functioning, a considerable number of feedback from customers has been accumulated on the Internet. In general, the project has a positive reputation among users, although sometimes there are negative comments about the company. After a detailed study of the opportunities that the organization has implemented for its customers, is it possible to conclude that the Radisson Hotels is a fraud? No, because the company has been successfully operating for a long time and provides its services to customers around the world.



      With the active development of technology, more and more people prefer online shopping and booking. With the help of Radisson Hotels users are able to quickly find a suitable hotel option according to the chosen destination and dates. The company brings together more than 1,100 active hotels in 114 countries around the world.

      Thanks to a simple and clear interface, as well as convenient navigation, any user can use the services of the platform. Moreover, if the plans change, the client will be able to cancel the reservation with a refund. If you have used the company's services, leave your opinion on our website to form an independent rating of hotel booking services.



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