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An international service that provides customers with transfer services in 150 countries with a choice of transport for every taste.
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    2nd Floor Moore House, 13 Black Lion Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1ND

    HolidayTaxis is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: March 24, 2020 Updated: July 4, 2022

    HolidayTaxis is an international service that began its operation in 2002. The company provides transfer services and currently operates in 150 countries and 21,000 resorts and cities around the world.

    In our review, we will take a closer look at the features that the company provides and the functionality of the official website, and find out whether HolidayTaxis is a scam or a reliable platform to order a cab around the world.

    Is HolidayTaxis a scam? Reviews


    Why HolidayTaxis

    HolidayTaxis is an international service that provides its customers with cab services in 150 countries. The company focuses specifically on the international market, and the official website of the project translated into 8 languages. The advantage of the company is that it operates around the clock and provides emergency coverage for its customers around the world, as well as giving advice before, during and after the trip.

    The platform provides customers with a large selection of private and shared vehicles, including airport cabs, shuttles, minibuses, luxury limousines, wheelchair accessible vehicles, electric cars and even helicopters. The organization has professional and inexpensive airport, port and rail transportation. The site also provides the ability to book transfers from day to day, so it won't be a problem for the client to make a last-minute travel plan.

    HolidayTaxis transfer booking

    The site of the service provides an interesting and informative blog, which constantly appears articles on the topic of travel, as well as the latest news of the company. reviews

    Among the main advantages of the site can be distinguished:

    • action on the territory of 150 countries and 21,000 resorts;
    • security;
    • availability of insurance;
    • the possibility of ordering a transfer at any time;
    • a large selection of vehicles;
    • bonuses and discounts.


    How to register at

    To register a user needs to go to the site Next, the client should click the "Log in" button and enter the following information:

    • email address;
    • password.

    HolidayTaxis registration

    Holliday Taxi Personal Cabinet

    A personal profile allows customers to quickly access their transfer order. Users are also able to track their orders.

    Mobile application

    Unfortunately, at the moment the service does not have its own application. The development of an application in the future will allow customers to quickly access the functionality of the platform at any time and at any place.


    How to rent a shuttle service at

    To rent a transfer on the site, you need to go to the main page and in the appropriate form to specify:

    • to which airport the client will arrive;
    • the address of the end point of the route;
    • arrival time;
    • the number of people (children, adults, and infants).

    Holliday Taxi Book a Transfer

    Next, you need to select the make of vehicle that will come for clients. The maximum number of passengers, luggage and approximate travel time is prescribed for each vehicle. After selecting the appropriate option you should click on the button "Book now". choose your transportation

    The last step is to fill out the order form:

    • email address;
    • first and last name;
    • cell phone number;
    • the number of the outgoing flight;
    • country of departure;
    • airport of departure;
    • flight number;
    • place of arrival;
    • arrival address;
    • payment methods.

    How to book a transfer

    To book a transfer, the client needs to fill in all the information about the date, place of departure and place of arrival, choose a vehicle and pay for the order. The advantage of the company is that the user has the opportunity to order a transfer from one day to the next.

    How to buy a cheap transfer?

    Thanks to a large selection of vehicles, the customer has the opportunity to choose exactly the option that suits his needs.

    Transfer Returns

    On the company's website The information that the customer can get their money back for cancelling orders if it is done in advance is indicated. Cancellations can be made online through a personal account. If the cancellation is made in the order from one day to the next, the money paid is not refundable.

    More features of the HolidayTaxis website

    In addition to ordering services, the customer can also read the informative blog, which periodically features articles about travel, as well as the organization's latest news.


    Paying for a transfer at

    Since the platform is presented online, the payment is made online. You can track your order in your personal cabinet.

    How do I pay for my transfer online?

    The site provides for payment credit or debit card - Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express.


    Holliday Taxi service bonuses

    The company provides various bonuses for customers. To be aware of special offers, the user needs to sign up for electronic mailing list. Thus, the client receives immediately 5% discount for the transfer, and will also periodically send promotional offers.

    Affiliate Program

    For those users who want to earn passive income, an affiliate program has been developed. As part of the program, participants can attract new clients to the project and receive a percentage of the organization's own profits for this. Users can be attracted using external links, banners, website templates and widgets. Partners are provided with clear analytics on invited clients. To participate in the program, you need to register on the corresponding page of the site.

    HolidayTaxis affiliate program


    Complaints about Holiday Taxis

    The company has been on the market for 18 years, and over this period a large number of reviews from clients have accumulated online. In general, the service has a positive reputation, but there are also negative responses to the project. From the positive sides, users note a large selection of transport, affordable prices, and reliability. Of the disadvantages, some customers noted that the organization itself replaced the time of the order, and the transfer was not delivered on time, and there are also problems with feedback and refunds.

    If there is any feedback about the HolidayTaxis service, we will be sure to post it on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Supervisory authorities

    On the site You can find all the necessary documentation, namely the "User Agreement" and the "Personal Data Processing Policy". The head office location and contact details are publicly available to all users. User Agreement

    The "User Agreement" is the main document of the project, which each user should read before using the service. The agreement contains information about the peculiarities of the company's work and the responsibilities of both parties. The disadvantage is that the document is presented only in English. Let's consider some points in more detail. It is mentioned in the agreement that if a user orders any services on the service's website, he automatically concludes a contract with the service provider and not directly with HolidayTaxis Group Ltd. The customer must agree to be legally bound by the terms of the contract applicable to his order.

    If the customer wants to place an order, he must follow the appropriate ordering procedures, which in turn are placed on the ordering page of the website. All orders must be placed at least 48 hours before the departure date. In case the user wants to place an order from the day of departure, it is necessary to place it at least two hours before departure. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the delivery address and destination, which were provided when placing the order, are complete and accurate. Correction of any errors will be in accordance with company policy. It is necessary to understand and accept the fact that the organizer has the right on behalf of the service provider to refuse the customer in any order placed. Also, the company does not guarantee a successful vendor allocation for each request. If the organization will not be able to transfer the client's request for a reservation to the service provider, the user will receive a notification about this fact. In this case, the customer will be offered an alternative, which may include additional charges. The company will confirm the customer's request by issuing the appropriate voucher to the specified email address. The data of the carrier is provided only after the successful distribution of the order.

    Holliday Taxi User Agreement

    After the order has been successfully distributed, the client will be emailed a voucher with travel details, carrier details and a unique number. The client assumes the responsibility to verify the reservation details on the voucher prior to travel and must notify the company if they find any inaccuracies. The company declines the responsibility in case the data entered during the booking is incorrect. The voucher should be given to the driver at the beginning of the trip. Also the driver has the right to refuse to provide services if the reservation voucher is not provided. voucher provision

    If the customer is going to travel with children, he should know that children under three years old can travel for free if they sit on the lap of an adult during the trip. Children over the age of three are considered full-fledged passengers, can occupy a seat and must also pay the full fee. If the customer has a child under two years old, it is necessary to notify the organizer at the time of booking in order to provide an appropriate seat.

    HolidayTaxis transportation of children

    Users should be aware of the fact that there may be changes or errors in advertised and confirmed prices and other details on the site. In case the user needs to make changes to the reservation in case of incorrectly entered address, he should be aware that these changes may entail additional costs. The customer has the opportunity to make corrections himself through the site three days before the date of the reservation. In another case, the customer is obliged to send a request for changes in writing to the e-mail of the organization or call by phone during business hours.

    If the user has made an order for a transfer from one day to the next, he can not make changes, and in the case of cancellation, the funds are non-refundable. If changes are made outside of company business hours, they may not be accepted. The organizer does not guarantee the fact that all requests for amendments of the order will be accepted and satisfied. There may also be a fee for changes. The service will charge an administration fee of £10 per booking and any changes to or cancellation of an order.

    Holliday Taxi Commission

    The company acts solely as a booking agent. This means that the project disclaims any responsibility for the actual provision of services. It should be understood that the organizer's responsibilities are limited:

    • publication on the site of information about the services provided by carriers;
    • transmission of data on the reservation of suppliers, as well as informing customers about forced changes in the conditions of the reservation of the transfer.

    The organization is not responsible for any transfer information that is given to users in good faith, nor for any illness, injury, death or loss of any kind. This includes loss, damage or theft of any luggage or personal belongings that you or your group is carrying. Any claims for loss, injury, illness or death must be handled directly by the supplier or may be covered under the terms of the customer's insurance. The company assumes liability to the user only for claims arising solely as a result of negligence. responsibility

    The organizer may change these conditions from time to time and publish a new version on the website, after which all use of the website will be governed by the new version. In turn, the user must regularly check the terms and conditions on the website. The terms and conditions governing the purchase of any service will be the same as those in force at the time of the order.

    HolidayTaxis change of agreement

    Site security

    Although there is no information about the security of the platform on the site, it can be concluded from the documents on the site that the use of the service is completely safe for customers to use.

    Customer Service

    Customers can use the following methods to contact a customer service representative:

    Before contacting customer support directly, customers can read the section that contains answers to the most popular user requests.


    Is HolidayTaxis a scam?

    HolidayTaxis is an international company that began its operations in 2002. During this period, the service has been actively developing and currently offers its services in 150 countries and 21,000 resorts. The platform focuses on the international market, as evidenced by the multilingual interface of the official site. The company works around the clock. Emergency coverage is also provided for travel. On the site of the site you can find a large selection of vehicles, including airport cabs, shuttles, minibuses, luxury limousines, wheelchair vehicles, electric cars and helicopters.

    Customers can both book a transfer in advance and make an order on the same day, which allows them to make a route of the trip immediately if necessary. From time to time different special offers appear on the website. For many years of experience the company has accumulated a considerable number of reviews from users on the network. In general, the organization has a positive reputation, although there are negative comments about the service. From the advantages customers note the loyal prices, the ability to order a transfer from one day to another, a large selection of transport of different price categories. The disadvantages are transferring of transfers to another day without notification to customers, the delays of cabs, problems with refunds. After studying the options offered by the project, is it possible to conclude that HolidayTaxis is a scam and fraud? No, because the project has been operating successfully for 18 years and provides its services to customers.



    HolidayTaxis - is a service that offers customers an airport shuttle service. This type of service is excellent for those users who travel and want to plan everything in advance. Thus, the client will be able to plan his route at once. Another advantage is the fact that on the site you can immediately find out the cost of transfer from the airport to the selected point and pay in advance the specified amount.

    This fact is extremely important, because when ordering a transfer on the spot, often the client has to pay a higher price. The user also has the opportunity to cancel the order and get a refund. If you have used the services of the company - leave your impressions about the service on our website to form an independent rating.

    Variety of tours
    Quality of services
    Customer Service


    • Many customers of the international HolidayTaxis service...

      Many customers of the international HolidayTaxis service have been satisfied with the services they have received. Among the advantages of the company they note the following: high level of service, polite communication of service personnel, easy booking, affordable prices, convenient payment procedure. Among The few negative reviews you can find complaints about problems with refunds when transferring or canceling a transfer. And our readers have used HolidayTaxis? Leave us your feedback, it’s important!

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