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Mediator between car rental companies and tourists allows you to find cars to travel to famous resorts around the world.
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Kadaka tee 137-65, Tallinn 12915, Estonia
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Renot Software OU
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8 (800) 350-15-14Free call for residents of Russia
+7 (495) 118-29-89For residents of Moscow
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Europe, UAE, Montenegro, Cyprus, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Czech Republic, Turkey
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From 23 yearsAt least 3 years of driving experience
Fees for Carbooking services
Compact Class / From 1800 RUB per day
Middle Class / From 1950 RUB per day
Crossovers / From 2390 RUB per day
Lux / From 3250 RUB per day
Convertibles / From 3700 RUB per day
Minivans / From 2760 RUB per day
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Mediator between tourists and car rentals at the world's best resorts
Estonian tax authorities№12352497
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Bank card (Visa/MC)
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From 09:00 to 18:00 (GMT +03:00)
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Large fleet of vehicles
Free cancellation
Low prices
Ability to deliver cars
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Individual approach to each client
Various promotions and discounts from car rentals
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      Kadaka tee 137-65, Tallinn 12915, Estonia

      Localrent.com (formerly Myrentacar.com) is it a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: May 4, 2020 Updated: 6 September 2022

      Service myrentacar.com (the company is now called localrent.com) was created in 2011 to car rentals in Montenegro. The site was launched by a resident of Montenegro, who had first-hand experience with the problems of renting cars while traveling around the country. Today the service works with many famous resorts, where every traveler can rent a car on favorable terms.

      The peculiarities of the project are full price transparency and no hidden fees or interest. When renting a car on the localrent.com service, you can read a detailed description of its technical characteristics and additional options. You do not need to pay the full amount to place an order. You can pay 15-20% of the cost and the rest of the money on the spot when you receive the car. Let's see if myrentacar.com is a scam and is the service worth trusting?


      Why myrentacar.com

      The main feature of Localrent's service is working with small local rental organizations. In particular, the platform works with family businesses and small companies that were founded more than 20 years ago. In fact, such companies have a small garage for several dozens of cars, but it is this fact that allows you to carefully monitor the work of car rental companies and build long-term, friendly and partnership relations with them.

      Myrentacar.com is a scam? Reviews

      It is this approach to work that allows localrent.com service to provide its customers with only the best services of car rental companies in a particular resort. When you rent a car, you can personally meet or even become friends with the owner of the rental company. You will have no problem exchanging phone numbers and using the company's services in the future. The rental companies featured on the Myrentacar service are regular hardworking people who treat each of their customers with care. Also among the advantages are:

      • A large selection of proven vehicles.
      • Payment of rent on the site is not more than 20%.
      • Free cancellation option.
      • Individual approach to each client.
      • Various promotions and discounts from car rentals.
      • Possibility to order the delivery of the car to the airport.

      On the site localrent.com You can not only rent a car, but also see unique and interesting excursions from the locals, learn more about the country in which you are going to travel, as well as for any questions to contact the support service.

      Myrentakar Auto Park

      Myrentacar service fleet is formed by the possibilities of local car rental companies. Selecting a resort, you can see all the available offers and choose a suitable car for you. On the site localrent.com you can choose any class of car with any technical characteristics. When choosing, you can order available additional options, such as a second driver in the contract, child seat or GPS navigator.

      Rental stations

      After selecting your country of residence, you must choose the city in which you plan your vacation. Depending on your choice, you will be offered the choice of picking up your car at a rental station or having it delivered to the airport or bus station. In total, the site offers more than 10,000 rental stations, which are located in major resort cities.

      Personal Cabinet

      You do not need to register and create a personal account to rent a car. All work on the Localrent website
      occurs on the page of the car rental in a particular country. After selecting the car you need to read its characteristics, specify additional options and click "Book". After that the system will direct you to the payment page, where you can pay only a part of the cost of the car rental. After that your e-mail will receive a booking confirmation voucher with information about the rented car. After you have paid and booked the car, it is automatically removed from the display and becomes unavailable for other users. If suddenly there are any questions or the service is not provided by the rental company, you can always cancel the payment through your bank.

      Mobile application

      At the moment Localrent service does not offer its users mobile applications. And in order to book a car by phone you can use the mobile version of the site, which is an exact copy of the web-service.

      Myrentacar mobile app


      Terms and conditions of myrentacar.com

      Terms and conditions of car rental may differ depending on the chosen country of stay. The standard conditions that apply in all countries are as follows:

      • You must have a driver's license and passport to obtain a car.
      • The minimum duration of the rental car is 24 hours.
      • Extending the term of rental car is possible only by prior agreement with the manager of the rental company.
      • You must return the car with the same amount of fuel in the tank as it had at the time of delivery. If the amount of fuel is less, you must reimburse the renter for the difference at the rental company's rates.
      • When you rent a car, you are insured. If an insured event occurs, you should immediately inform the manager of the rental company.
      • The use of a rental car is only possible within the borders of the state.

      It should be noted that only a citizen who is at least 23 years old with a minimum of 3 years of driving experience can rent a car at Localrent service. If your age or driving experience does not meet these requirements, the manager of the rental company has the right to refuse to rent a car.


      Rates for Myrentacar services

      The cost of renting a car on the site localrent.com directly depends on the country of residence, the class of the car and the availability of additional options. Consider the average cost of the service on the example of car rental in the Crimea. So, on the Crimean peninsula 1310 cars are available from 1800 rubles per day. Consider how the cost varies depending on the class of the car.

      Compact Class

      On the Crimean peninsula there are 35 cars of the compact class, at a cost from 1800 rubles per day. When ordering a car you can see the technical specifications, year of manufacture and the possibility of additional options. Standard features include air conditioning, airbags, audio player and power windows. You can get the standard CASCO insurance, or choose Super CASCO and anti-theft insurance. Of the additional services available child seats, second driver in the contract, gps-navigator, etc.

      Myrentakar compact class

      Middle Class

      The average class of cars on the site Myrentacar for a trip to the Crimea is represented by 69 cars. The price to rent a car of medium class will be from 2160 rubles per day. Depending on the chosen car you will be available the standard MTPL insurance or additional insurance options. When booking, please check the additional options that may be available free of charge or for a fee. If you book a car for 2160 rubles per day for 8 days, you will need to pay 3456 rubles. You will pay the rest when you pick up the car at the rental company.



      On the Crimean Peninsula you can choose 1 of 34 crossovers for your travels at a price from 2390 rubles per day. When choosing a car, please note that for some of them the service returns all paid in advance if you cancel your order. You need to cancel your order more than 24 hours prior to car pickup to get your money back. If you rent a crossover at 2390 rubles per day for 8 days, you need to pay 3824 rubles at the service. In the order form you can see the rental cost, the value of the deposit and the cost of additional services.

      Myrentacar crossovers


      If you are used to traveling with special comfort, you can order 1 of 43 luxury cars. The price for renting a luxury car in the Crimea is from 3250 rubles per day. When choosing a car pay attention to the lightning icon in the description of the car. This icon means that the car is available for instant reservation. This means that the service staff is always aware of when the car is busy or free. The car is shown in the search only when it is completely free for the dates you need. If you rent a car at the price of 3250 rubles per day for 8 days, you will have to pay 5200 rubles on the website. You will pay the rest of the rent amount when you pick up the car at the rental company.

      Myrentakar deluxe class


      Many travelers choose a convertible as a rental car, because with an open top you can enjoy the good weather and unique scenery of resort towns. On Localrent's website you can rent one of the seven convertibles available in the Crimea at prices starting from 3700 rubles per day. When choosing a convertible, look for the lightning bolt icon, which provides instant reservations. Also when choosing a convertible consider the number of people planning to go on a trip. The site has convertibles for both two and four people.

      myrentacar.com convertibles


      If you are going to the resort of a large and friendly company, pay attention to the minivans. You can choose one of 17 minivans available for your trip to the Crimea. The price for renting a minivan starts at 1800 rubles. When choosing a car pay attention to its capacity. If you rent a car at the price of 2660 rubles per day for 8 days you will have to pay 4256 rubles. The remaining amount you will pay when you get the car from the renter after signing the contract.

      Myrentacar minivans

      To find the most suitable vehicle for you, you can use filters. When you open the filters, you can specify your preferred gearbox, engine type, drive type, insurance, and additional options. In addition, you can also specify a specific price and the year of manufacture of the car you want in the filters. After setting, just click on the "Show Cars" button and the system will select the best options for you.


      How to rent a car at myrentacar.com

      In order to rent a car for your trip, you need to go to the main page of myrentacar.com and choose the country you are going to. To date, the service works with the following resorts:

      • Bulgaria.
      • Crimea.
      • Sochi.
      • Kaliningrad.
      • Montenegro.
      • Thailand.
      • Czech Republic.
      • Georgia.
      • Cyprus.
      • Greece.
      • United Arab Emirates.
      • Armenia.
      • Turkey.

      By choosing a destination, you can rent a car for your trip in just a few minutes. It should be noted that the prices on the Localrent website are final and not subject to change. The price of the rental car will be indicated on your voucher and the rental company has no right to charge extra fees or any additional interest, except for the payment of additional services not ordered on the website.

      Online rental Mayrentacar

      So, having chosen the direction of travel, for online car rental service Localrent has only a few steps to take, namely:

      • Set filters to search for a car.
      • Choose the right cars.
      • Get acquainted with the terms of the lease.
      • Pay in advance.
      • Get and print the voucher.

      After receiving the voucher by e-mail, you can be sure that the car you have chosen will be reserved just for you, for the time that is specified in the order. If you wish to order the delivery of the car at the airport or bus station, you need to specify your flight number in the comments to the order. In this case the manager of the rental company will wait for you at the airport. You can also order car delivery at the city; in this case you should specify the address and exact time of delivery.


      Additional services Myrentacar

      In addition to the main activity, the service offers additional services in the form of excursions.


      In addition to booking a car, you can book an interesting tour from the locals. Once you've chosen your host country, check out interesting information about the best sights in the resort. You can choose either an individual or a group tour, as well as an online tour or a visit to an interesting workshop. To order a tour, you need to choose an interesting destination and place your order online. For each tour you can see a detailed description of what awaits you during this trip.

      Mayrentakar tours


      How to pay at myrentacar.com

      To pay for the service, you need to select the car you like and click "Book". After that you should choose the place and time of the car receipt, place and time of the car return, as well as fill in the personal data of the driver. In the reservation form you need to specify the following data:

      • First name and last name in Latin.
      • Date of birth.
      • Email.
      • Phone number for contact.

      In addition, specify the messengers available on your phone number. The company's employees primarily contact the client with the help of messengers. You can also specify an additional phone number and leave comments to the order. In the comments to the order you can specify the place of the car pickup, flight number, etc. After filling in all the data you need to accept the terms of use and read the privacy policy. Then the button for payment will be available for you.

      On the Localrent service you only need to pay part of the cost of renting a car ranging from 15 to 20%. To make the payment you need to go to the payment page and specify your bank card data. Then follow the system prompts. After making the payment, you will receive a voucher to your e-mail, which you should either print or save on your phone or tablet.

      Payment for services in Myrentacar personal cabinet

      Localrent has no personal account, so all payments are made on the page with the description of the selected car. Many users ask, since there is no personal account, how can you cancel the reservation and get your money back? There are several options. To cancel the reservation you need to contact the managers of the company by any means convenient for you. Also you can write about your desire to cancel your order in response to an e-mail with confirmation of booking, which will be sent to you by e-mail. Please put a waiver mark in your confirmation e-mail. Please note that if you book a car with a special badge "Free cancellation" you will get a full refund. If you book a car without this badge, the cancellation procedure will be standard.

      Other ways to pay for services

      You can pay for Myrentacar services only online, with a bank card. When you receive the car, you can pay the remaining amount using the methods offered by the rental company.


      Myrentakar Bonuses

      The Localrent service regularly offers its users various bonuses and discounts. At the moment, as a bonus, you can rent a car under the "Free Booking Cancellation" program. This program allows you to receive the full amount paid for your reservation if you need to cancel your reservation.

      Discounted rentals

      On the site renting with discounts is possible when such promotions are held by car rental companies. You can find out about such promotions on the pages of social networks or by subscribing to Myrentacar's newsletter.

      Referral program

      Localrent offers a profitable affiliate program for travel portals, travel agents, hotels, concierge services, and airlines. If your website is somehow related to tourism and you want to offer your customers additional services, sign up for the Myrentacar affiliate program and get revenue from every booking using your unique link. You can use the affiliate program page to calculate your expected income in advance. There is a revenue calculator here, where you need to select the region your website is dedicated to and the estimated traffic of the car rental page for one summer month. By clicking the "Calculate" button, you will get an approximate amount of income per month.

      myrentacar.com affiliate program


      Complaints about Myrentacar

      Having studied Localrent service reviews on the Internet, we concluded that more than 70% users recommend the service as a partner for quick and reliable car reservation at the resort. Most users note the ease of use of the service, the honesty of the rental companies and really reasonable prices. But there are also complaints about the service Myrentacar on the Internet. Some users are dissatisfied with the fact that it was difficult for them to return the deposit from the renter. For example, one of the users said that having rented a car in the Crimea, he encountered a problem that when returning the car they extorted 500 rubles from him because the car was allegedly not washed. However, after the client proved that the car was clean, the manager of the rental company found a scratch on the door, which attracted additional costs for the client.

      Mayrentakar reviews.

      But such complaints from Localrent service administration responds that the company is not responsible for relations of car rental companies and the client, but is only an intermediary. To avoid such problems, carefully read the contract of car rental company, which is given to you when booking a car. Also, in order to avoid such situations, you can take out a good insurance, which covers damage to the car in full.

      If there are any reviews about the myrentacar.com service, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      Localrent is officially registered in Estonia and operates in accordance with high European standards. The company's activity is regulated by the European legislation, which excludes the possibility of dishonest attitude towards clients. The company operates officially and has registration number 12352497.

      Myrentacar.com User Agreement

      In the agreement you will find the basic conditions of car rental, as well as the rules of using the online car reservation system. In accordance with this document, the company offers a service to find the best hire and car reservation offer. Individuals over 18 years of age have the right to use the service. When booking a car in the service the user pays only an advance payment from 15 to 20% of the rental price, the remaining amount is paid upon car pickup to the manager of the rental company.

      myrentacar.com user agreement

      Please note that this document contains only general information about the rules of the service, cancellation or change of reservation, etc. When placing an order through Localrent, you should read the offer to conclude a vehicle rental contract.
      In accordance with this document, the client is obliged to read the terms of the agreement, specify the correct authentic data about himself, have the necessary permits to drive a vehicle, make timely payments for services and suppliers, and use the system only for reservation of services. Also in the contract you will find information about the responsibilities of the parties, the order of dispute resolution, rights and obligations of the user and other useful information.

      Myrentacar customer responsibilities

      Customer Service

      According to customer feedback, Localrent's support team is responsive. You can contact the support team via messengers, social networking pages, online chat on the site, the feedback form on the site, or by e-mail. With any request, managers will respond within just a few minutes. If your question requires more time, the manager will contact you, give recommendations, find out the nature of the problem and within a working day will try to solve the problem.

      In order to solve the issue as quickly as possible, customers are advised to specify their personal information, booking information, and describe their problems in detail when contacting the support service. This will allow the managers of the company to immediately begin to solve the issue, instead of having to find out additional details.

      Site security

      Localrent's security has been confirmed by experts and search engines. The service uses reliable security certificates, as well as a system of multi-level encryption of the user's personal data. The user's personal data can only be transmitted to the car rental company where the customer has booked the car.


      is myrentacar.com a scam?

      myrentacar.com (now localrent.com) - a car booking service for famous resorts around the world. At the moment you can book cars in countries such as Russia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, UAE, etc. on the site. A unique booking system that allows you to exclude booked cars from the search, allowing customers to know exactly what car they have booked and not to worry about the fact that this car will get another user.

      It should be noted that the site Myrentacar uses completely different algorithms for booking cars than similar sites. The main advantage of the site is the fact that here you do not need to pay the full amount of rent, you pay only an advance of up to 20% and get your voucher, in which full information about the reservation is available. You can make the rest of the payment to the manager of the rental company already when you receive the car. This gives you a guarantee that you will get a car of proper quality and exactly those technical characteristics that you ordered on the website.

      Having analyzed the work of the service and customer reviews on the Internet, we came to the conclusion that the site Localrent is not a scam, but a reliable partner, which helps to find the really best options for booking cars at famous resorts. From our side we also want to advise users to carefully read the contract of car rental from the car rental company in which there may be additional conditions not listed on the site. In general, we have not found any complaints about the service. The company fully meets its obligations to the service customers, offering the best options for booking cars from reliable car rental companies.



      On the service Localrent you can not only rent a good car at a reasonable price at one of the famous resorts, but also choose an unusual excursion from the locals. Moreover, you can take advantage of the offer of online excursions or attend workshops. Localrent service is one of the most reliable, because it works only with proven car rental companies, which are present in the market of resorts for over 20 years.

      Comfortable vacation in any country of the world necessarily includes a car for free movement around the city and country. Having a rental car allows you to reduce the cost of excursions and make your own excursion program exactly in those places that are most interesting to you. Moreover, by renting a car you can move at any time of day, while the tour buses leave at certain hours, which is not always convenient, because not everyone can get up early in the morning to go on a tour.



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