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Discover Cars is an experienced intermediary between drivers and rental organizations around the world, and rentals are free for bloggers.
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Head Office
Jauna iela 35A, Jurmala, Latvia
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Discover Car Hire LTD.
Types of support
Support by phone
English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Romanian, etc.
Project regions
Europe, USA, Australia, Asia, South America
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No mobile apps
Fees for Carbooking services
Economy class / From 1500 RUB
Middle Class / From 3000 to 15000 RUB
Business class / From 30000 to 37000 RUB
Project Features
Mediator between drivers and rental organizations in 137 countries
Regulatory laws of Latvia
Order payment methods
Amex, PayPal, Bank card (Visa/MC)
Mode of operation of the company
24 hours a day
Availability of online payment
Personal account
Rental car with driver
Rent a car without a driver
Long-term lease
Rent a car without a deposit
Delivery of the car to the address
The need to register on the site
Affiliate Program
Registration1.93-4.5% from car rental fees
Affordable rates
Large assortment of offers
Comparison system
Easy way to rent from a website
Collaboration with experienced rolling stockists
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      Jauna iela 35A, Yurmala, Latvia

      Discover Cars is it a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 14 May 2020 Updated: August 15, 2022

      Discover Cars - a company with offices in 137 countries that helps drivers find a rental car in the desired country. It cooperates with many well-known rental organizations and offers a choice of cars from 8,000 locations around the world. The Discovery Cars team assists customers at every stage of the car rental process - before and after the rental process. The user-friendly service is free, and vehicle prices are affordable.

      You can find different reviews about this service on the Internet - both positive and negative. That's why you need to be sure that Discover Cars is not a scam, but a reliable project that helps to find rental vehicle, study this review.


      Why Discover Cars

      Discover Cars is an experienced intermediary between drivers and rental organizations all over the world. Customers often choose this service because of its advantages.

      Discover Cars - is it a scam? Reviews

      Such advantages of the company include:

      • Reservation of any cars practically all over the world. A unique comparison system helps you choose the perfect vehicle at the best price. You can rent a car from more than 8 thousand rental locations in 137 countries (USA, France, Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Spain, United Kingdom, etc.).
      • Round-the-clock support service. The company's employees speak different languages and are ready to help at any time of the day or night. Under "Contacts" you can send an instant message to chat, call, order a callback or write to e-mail.
      • Cooperation with experienced rental companies and organizations with the best reputation. Discovery Cars works not only with well-known companies, but also with small local companies. But the team carefully chooses with whom to cooperate, so that customers are satisfied with service and prices.
      • A simple way to rent from the company's website in minutes.

      The site has several sections that describe the company's terms and conditions in detail. Thus, it is possible to get acquainted with the information about the company, answers to popular questions and details about cooperation for partners. In the "Destinations" section you can view the entire list of countries where cars are offered for rent. Under each name of the state the number of offers and cities, popular options and approximate prices are indicated. car rental locations

      The site also has a section with reviews, which contains not only comments from customers who have used the company's services, but also indicates Discovery Cars' place in the Trustpilot and Review Centre ratings.

      About Discover Cars

      There is a separate section "List of rental companies". It contains a list of cities and rental companies that work in them. For each of the organizations there is a 10-point scale, which allows you to evaluate its work. Interestingly, the list does not include all cities and rental companies. Perhaps the company is still working on filling this section with relevant content.

      Going to the company details page, you can see a search form with pickup and return dates to find the right options. There is also a phone number, instructions on pickup and return locations, and customer reviews and ratings. On each renter's page, you can see the top 18 renters of 2020. rental information fleet of cars

      The company offers a large selection of cars, as they are provided by local renters in the cities the drivers need. On the Discover Cars website, there is an opportunity to select a suitable car using a filter by class, cost, additional services, etc. Keep in mind that the car may be served not as specified in the reservation. Near the name of each car there is information that a similar car can be offered if the chosen one is occupied.

      Rental stations

      The company's website has a section "List of car rentals," where you can get acquainted with all the organizations that provide cars for rent. For clients' convenience, the list is made by cities with a 10-point scale rating.

      Discover Cars Rentals

      Not all renters are listed in the section. The rest of the options can be found by entering the desired city in the search form on the home page.

      Personal Cabinet

      To enter "My Booking" you need to enter your reservation number and e-mail. It is not possible to register without a reservation on the site.

      Discover Cars Personal Cabinet

      Mobile application

      The company does not have a mobile app.


      Terms and conditions of the Discovery Cars lease

      The rental terms can be found on the site if you go to it from your computer. All the details will be listed under the photo of the car. In the mobile version of the site, the rental conditions are described under the logo of the organization. In addition, the requirements and rules will be specified in the voucher, which will come to the client after the confirmation of the rental by the renter.

      The age limit ranges from 30-65 years old. To find suitable cars by age, you need to enter it when searching for a car on the site. If the driver is under 30 or over 65 years old, the company advises to check the rental conditions to be sure you can rent a vehicle. In some cases, there may be additional costs under such conditions. car rental conditions

      There are also requirements for the driving experience you need to have in order to rent a car. In most cases at least one year should pass from the date of obtaining the license to the term of the car rental. However, some rental organizations have their own requirements, which specify a longer experience. You should clarify this point beforehand.

      The driver must have a fully completed driver's license, and some rental companies require an international driver's license. Once you have picked up a car in the desired location, you can read the rental organization's terms and conditions to get detailed information. If an international driver's license is used, it is also necessary to have a license issued in the country of which the driver is a citizen. Printed copies or scans of the license are not accepted on smartphones.

      The additional driver must have a valid driver's license, which meets the same requirements as for the primary driver. The additional driver, along with the main driver, must have his or her license to sign the contract when picking up the car. If he cannot be present, he may come with the primary driver to the rental office later to sign the contract. But the rental company may charge for the additional driver for the entire trip, while he cannot drive the car until he signs the contract. It is possible to add an additional driver during the booking of the vehicle. Adding him is considered an additional service, so it is payable upon receipt of the car. If you need to make changes to your order, you must contact the technical support or submit a request for such a need through the "My booking" section, if there is at least 2 days left before the rental.

      Discover Cars Customer Service

      The client can change the name of the driver, the rental period and the category of the car. You can also add additional options or insurance policies. Administration will review the request, check whether such changes are possible, make them in the booking and inform about it in the confirmation letter.

      The company cannot guarantee that changes to reservations will be possible, especially if a request is sent less than 2 days before the original rental time. If the request cannot be fulfilled, causing the reservation to be cancelled, the prepayment is non-refundable. In such a case, only the cost of the full cover will be refunded, if it has been paid.

      If the driver wants to make changes to the order after the car has been received, he should contact the rental company. His phone number will be listed on the voucher. Whether the price will be different after making changes depends on the type of request, the availability of the car, the time of pickup and return, and the price that is currently valid. Discover Cars takes into account the prices presented at the time of requesting the change.

      If it is necessary to extend the rental period before receiving the car, the driver can contact the support service. If you need to extend the reservation after receiving the vehicle, you need to contact the rental organization. Discover Cars does not extend the reservation if the rental period has started. The company can only create another reservation, which means you will need to go back to the place where you received the car to extend the contract. If full coverage is arranged and the customer has renewed the contract with the rental company, they need to contact the Discover Cars administration and renew the coverage to remain fully protected for the entire rental period.

      If you need to cancel your reservation, you also need to go to "My Reservations". If the reason for the cancellation is a change that is related to the flight, or other plans, the administration will offer to change the time and date of the order. In the section you can see what funds will be refunded, taking into account the time of the cancellation request. If you apply after the start of the rental period, payments are not refundable.

      If you need to cross the border in a rental car, it is necessary to clarify the rental conditions for a particular vehicle with each rental company. Some companies allow it, others do not. If crossing the border is allowed, there may be charges for insurance policies or taxes. If you cross the border in a rental car without notifying the rental company, any coverage will become invalid. This means that the driver will be solely responsible for any possible damage or extra costs. It is possible to receive the car in one place and return it in another. There are three options for this:

      • receive the vehicle at the airport and return it to the branch of the rental organization in the same city:
      • take the car in one city and return it in another in the same country;
      • get a car in one state and return it in another. the place to pick up and return cars

      Each of these options includes a one-way rental fee. Therefore, the driver should familiarize himself with the price to be paid for returning the car elsewhere. The cost will be different for different cars.


      Rates for Discover Cars services

      Prices depend on the country and city, class of car, rental period and other factors. You can see the rates in the list of offers, which the service selects after selecting the location and date of pickup. Above the list there is a filter by class of cars with the minimum price of their rental.

      Economy class

      These cars are presented in groups of small cars. The price varies from 2.9 thousand rubles (in Athens) to 20-24 thousand rubles (in the U.S.). All rates are for rent for 8 days.

      Middle Class

      The middle class can be found in the sections Medium, Large Cars and SUVs. Prices for such vehicles can start from 3 thousand and reach 15 thousand rubles.

      Business class

      Choosing premium cars, the client can get acquainted with the list of business class cars. Their prices are even higher - from 30 to 37 thousand rubles.

      Image, Sports & Leisure

      For the convenience of choosing a wide range of proposals in addition to the class and size of the proposed group presented a group of minivans passenger cars station wagons convertible. types of cars for rent


      How to rent a car at

      To select a suitable vehicle, the client can go to the "Destinations" section. It contains all countries with an indication of the number of offers and cities where you can get a car for rental, popular options among drivers and the approximate cost per day. There is also a section "List of rental companies", where you can see the rental organizations and ratings.

      How to rent a car on the Discover Cars website

      Online rental Discovery Cars

      To select a car, you can use the search bar on the home page of the site. In the proposed form, you need to specify the place of receipt, the time and date of receipt and return, the driver's country of residence and his age (the price and number of offers may depend on this).

      After clicking on the "Search" button, the service will redirect the client to a list of all options in the selected direction. At the top there may be additional information, for example, that the prices are reduced, or that most of the cars for the specified dates are already taken. Also in the list there is an opportunity to choose one of the classes of cars for a quick search. On the left side there is a filter for displaying only suitable cars. In it it is possible to choose the special offers, technical characteristics of the car, the number of seats, the rental organization, the location of the company, the method of payment, the deductible for damage, the warranty deposit and the fuel policy.

      Online car rental Discover Cars

      Near the name of each car indicates its class, the number of seats for people and luggage, number of doors, availability of air conditioning, type of gearbox, fuel policy, place of receipt, insurance, additional fees, the name of the company that provides transportation with its assessment. Also listed is the rental price for 8 days, free cancellation and instant confirmation. transport rental

      After selecting a car, the driver will be redirected to a detailed reservation form. It will indicate the pickup and return location with times and dates, as well as instructions for these procedures. There will also be written hours of operation for each company.

      Discover Cars Reservation Form

      Below you will be able to look in detail at the rental terms and conditions, the benefits of the offer, and the rating of the organization. Here you can also order full coverage, finding out its price and the costs it covers. Below is a list with additional options and their cost.

      Discover Cars optional extras

      At the very bottom will be described details of the order with the prices for the rental car additional options full coverage. There is also a form in which you need to enter the driver's data, including full name, mail, phone number, date of birth and country of residence. There is an opportunity to enter the flight number and specify additional wishes. By checking the box consent to receive e-mails, the client will be aware of special offers and discounts, which will come to the mail.

      It is also possible to find a suitable rental option through the "Destinations" section. By selecting a suitable city or rental organization, the driver will be able to see the lowest rental prices, popular offers, useful information about the selected locality, and tops of popular cities and places. Also on the page with detailed information about the city will be a map of rental locations. The average cost and duration of a rental, and popular times for this service are offered to customers for review. At the bottom there is a list of the top 7 rentals in 2020. useful information for customers

      After specifying the pickup location and rental dates, the client will be redirected to the same form with the list of cars as in the previous option. Additionally, the "List of Hire Cars" section is offered. It has a small list of organizations with which Discover Cars cooperates. Choosing the right one, the driver can find out the address and the phone number of the company, the instructions about the place of pickup and return, the availability of the key box, read the reviews and evaluations of other customers. You can also find out which rental offers are chosen most often and which companies are among the top 4 rental companies in 2020. The form itself for finding a suitable vehicle is similar to the previous two options.

      Discover Cars instructions on where to pick up and return cars

      After confirming the rental, a voucher will be attached to the email. You can also find it on the "My Reservations" page on the company's website. By clicking on the appropriate button in the upper right corner and entering the order number and e-mail address, you can see the text of the voucher. If the reservation is confirmed, you can download it. The administration advises to use the digital version and not to print the document on the printer.

      Vouchers are a document that confirms the rental and is issued by the company. It contains the number of rental confirmation, instructions, which will help to get acquainted with the rules of receiving and returning vehicles, conditions, information about the driver, address and phone number of the rental organization. Also, the document indicates the amount to be paid upon receipt of the car.


      Discover Cars additional services

      Each driver can add additional options if needed during the booking process after selecting a rental car. The services are provided depending on if the company has them at the time of receiving the transport. There is a filter for some additional options in the list with offers in one direction or another, allowing you to choose from the options in which they are available.

      It will also be possible to add extras when you receive your car. Such options include, for example, GPS, child car seats and booster seats. One-way rentals, border crossings, roadside assistance, fees for young customers, additional driver, etc. may be offered.

      Full coverage

      When booking a car on the Discover Cars website, "Full coverage" can be selected by default. If the customer prefers not to include this service in the rental, he/she can uncheck the appropriate box. If the driver wants to cancel coverage after the reservation ends, he or she should contact tech support. The service cannot be cancelled if the time to receive the car has passed. full coverage

      Protection from theft

      Theft protection is coverage that limits the driver's liability to a deductible amount in the event of a theft. To meet the terms of this coverage, you must provide a police report and car keys. This service is often included in the rental price. For more information, you should check the terms and conditions.

      Booking credit

      The company offers the use of a reservation credit. This is a customer credit that can be used for future bookings on Discover Cars' website. It can be used for any payment option, for one or more reservations. It expires 3 years after you receive the credit. To find out how much standby credit there is, you must log into My Booking on the website using the original booking number. If the original reservation number has been lost, you can contact customer service for assistance.

      To use credit when making a reservation, you must use the email address that was listed on the first order in the owner information section. The credit will automatically be used in the total amount of the order. If the amount to be paid for the reservation is less than the available credit, you can use the remaining amount the same way.


      How to pay at

      On the site, you can select currencies of different countries, which are listed for the convenience of customers. Discover Cars provides these types of currencies for reference purposes: this makes it easier for customers to navigate the price. Payment can be made exclusively in euros, dollars, pounds or Canadian dollars. At the stage of payment the driver can choose the currency the payment is going to be made in. If the rent of the car is paid at the moment of collecting the transport, the client should make the payment in the currency of the country where the office is located. It should be taken into account that exchange rates fluctuate every day. It means that the amount that will be taken on the day of receiving the car can be higher or lower than that specified in the voucher.

      If payment is made by credit card, where money is kept in a currency that is different from the currency of the country where the car is received, the bank may charge a conversion fee. In some countries, where there is a high level of exchange rate volatility, payment may be taken in euros or U.S. dollars. The variants of payment depend on the driver's choice at the site. The company offers two payment options:

      • Full prepayment. The client pays the entire rental price directly on the site. Upon receipt, he leaves only the security deposit and pays for additional equipment, if necessary.
      • Partial Prepayment. At the time of booking, you will need to give part of the total cost and the price of full coverage, if purchased. At the rental office, the driver will have to pay the rest of the amount and the security deposit.

      As a rule, you will need a credit card to pay. Most rental organizations use this option, as they consider it the safest. If the company also accepts debit cards, this information will be displayed in the rental conditions.

      Most rental companies keep a security deposit on the driver's card for the duration of the rental. Usually this amount is not deducted from the account, but is blocked so that the company gets the necessary guarantees. If the vehicle is not defeated, the deposit is unblocked within 21 days after the car is returned. If the deposit was only blocked in the account, the unblocked funds will not show up as a new transaction. If less than 21 days have passed since the car was returned, you must wait a few more days to unlock. If the driver does not get the deposit back within 21 days, you should contact the bank or send an email to Discover Cars administration.

      A deductible may also be charged. This is the maximum the driver will have to pay if the rented car is damaged or stolen. Each vehicle has its own deductible amount. To find out the exact amount, you need to check the rental terms and conditions for each specific offer. If the rental car gets damaged, you should first contact the rental company. If only the basic coverage has been paid for, the client will have to reimburse the damage up to the deductible amount. If full coverage was purchased by Discover Cars, it is necessary to contact the technical support service of the company and provide information about the accident. When the administration receives the necessary documents, they will analyze the situation and reimburse all the expenses related to the damage. If coverage has been purchased from the rental company, the driver needs to contact them specifically. If you have your own insurance, you should contact your insurance company and follow their procedure for requesting payment.

      Payment for services in the personal cabinet

      Personal Cabinet will be available only after the booking is made. It can be accessed by order number.

      Other ways to pay for services

      Only full or partial payment by credit card is offered as the main methods. No other options are available.


      Discovery Cars Bonuses

      From time to time the service offers reduced prices for some destinations. You can find out that the rates are lower on the page with the list of cars in the selected locality. Also, after ordering, the client can agree to receive special offers and discounts by e-mail by ticking the appropriate box.

      Affiliate Program

      Discover Cars offers to make money with the help of an affiliate program. Its main advantages are an attractive profit sharing scheme, a one-year cookie storage period, and the availability of a special account manager. Revenue sharing consists in receiving a high commission for renting a car and additional remuneration from the full coverage, if it is ordered by the attracted user.

      Discover Cars Affiliate Program

      The account manager provides a personalized approach, which makes the affiliate program even more unique. He provides full support, gives tips on making a profit and quickly answers any questions. Promotional materials are offered in the form of banner, text links, widgets, landing page generator and XML API integration.

      To participate in the affiliate program, you need to register, place the suggested links on your site and profit from the bookings that will be made through this link. In the "Affiliate Program" section, you can read partner reviews, a list of sites the company works with, and answers to popular questions. Here you can also fill out a registration form for the program.

      Offer for bloggers

      Discover Cars offers free car rentals for bloggers and website owners. The service organizes free short-term rentals at a selected location in exchange for writing an article or social media post about the trip. To participate in this offer, customers need to write the name of the site along with information about how long and where they would like to rent a vehicle for free. Every month, 5 winners will receive a free rental car. The driver will receive this letter with further instructions if they win. free rentals for bloggers


      Complaints about Discover Cars

      The company's website has a "Reviews" section, where you can find many positive comments about the service. reviews

      Third-party sites also have comments from the service's clients. Most of them are positive, but there are also rare complaints. They relate to the fact that the company takes a prepayment, and the driver may not get a car for various reasons.

      Reviews of Discover Cars

      If there are reviews about Discover Cars, we'll be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      The head office of Discover Cars is located in Jurmala, Latvia. The Company was registered as a legal entity in 2013 (No.40103690968). It operates in accordance with the norms of international financial law and Latvian laws.

      Discovery Cars User Agreement

      The company's website has sections with privacy, cookie policy, terms and conditions. It is in the last section that the user agreement is described. car rental terms and conditions

      It contains information about the conditions of the reservation, the procedure for creating an order, payment, the right to cancel, cancel the reservation and get a refund. There is also information about making changes, getting a car, full coverage, liability and termination of the agreement.

      Discover Cars claims and complaints Customer Service

      In the "Contact us" section there is full information about the service's 24-hour technical support. So, the operators can be contacted through online chat, by phone numbers in different countries or by e-mail. It is also possible to order a callback.

      Site security

      The Company uses appropriate organizational and technical means to ensure the security of customers' personal data in accordance with the requirements of the law on the protection of personal information. Discover Cars ensures the confidentiality of personal data and bank card information. Booking through the site is performed using SSL technology, which encrypts all information. The Service complies with legal requirements for the protection of personal information, and in each case it only collects the information that is necessary to achieve the purposes specified in the terms.


      Is Discover Cars a scam?

      Discovery Cars - an experienced intermediary between drivers and rental organizations, through which you can rent a car in many cities and countries around the world. The reliability and safety of the service is proved by the reviews on the company's website and links to the articles in popular media. The comments of clients on other websites also attest that Discover Cars is not a fraudulent scheme.



      Discover Cars - a company that offers drivers to find a car for rent in different countries and cities of the world. Affordable rates, a wide range of offers, and a convenient website are not all the advantages of the service. Other advantages include:

      • a comparison system that helps you choose the perfect vehicle at a bargain price;
      • In more than 8,000 rental locations in 137 countries around the world;
      • 24-hour multilingual customer service;
      • cooperation with experienced rental companies and organizations with the best reputation;
      • an easy way to rent from the site in minutes.

      If you have used the service, share your opinion about it. Customer comments help to evaluate the company's work and make your choice when you need to rent a car.



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      • 1
        Rate the review 1
        The Worst Company!!!!

        Terrible company!!! Paid in full for the car with full insurance in advance, on purpose, so as not to pay anything on the spot. In fact, when we came To get the car we were forced to pay another deposit for the fuel surcharge on the card. The only card we had was not accepted by the renter! We are Don’t… Read more

      • 3.5
        Rate the review 1
        booked a car in Antalya for July 2022

        In February 2022 I booked a car in Antalya for July 2022 for $1,000 for 2 weeks, $200 prepayment. and then in April I got an email that there was an error in system and this car is not available. now the price of this car is already 1900$. i asked about my $200 advance, they said they don’t know anything… Read more

      • 5
        Rate the review 0

        It was the first time we had used our services and we read all the reviews and warnings carefully. We booked at the airport in Abu Dhabi with a small advance payment. We took full insurance. Offered a free upgrade to a slightly higher class. Everything was clear and when we turned the car in. Today… Read more

      • 1
        Rate the review 1
        Be careful! Scammers. They don't reimburse you for full coverage

        I rented a car at Riga airport. Reservation, confirmation, pickup of the car went without any problems. During the rental, the car received a minor The damage during the parking lot was not my fault. Since I did not purchase full coverage from the landlord (my huge mistake, don’t repeat that), but from… Read more

      • Rate the review 0
        Watch out!!! Watch out!!! Scammers!!! I don't...

        Watch out!!!
        Watch out!!! Scammers!!! I don’t know how I ever rented through their service. When I had to cancel the reservation (while respecting the terms of the free cancellation), the money goes to the deposit and is not returned. Where it is this deposit, you personally do not see, there is no… Read more

      • 1
        Rate the review 1
        1 star: Not good. "Free" cancellation -.

        1 star: Not good.
        «Free» cancellation — Didn’t get 25 euros back after cancelling the reservation.
        Booked a car in Turkey — was immediately charged to the card 25 euros. The trip was canceled — I cancelled the reservation. But I didn’t get 25 euros back on my card. It turns out that this amount remains… Read more

        • Valeriia Kotliar Loki Floki 11 February 2022 at 13:19
          Rate the reply 0

          Similar story! As I saw in the confirmation of booking a deposit of 1400 euros, I decided to refuse — the cancellation is free! As a result i got $73 on my account! Why do I need it if I don’t like the amount of deposit?

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