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The company, which has been providing the opportunity to book excursions as well as transfers around the world for ten years.
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Date of foundation
Head Office
107031, Moscow, Rozhdestvenka Street, 5/7, building 2, floor 3, room V, room 4, office 165
The owner of the company
OOO Viatlas
Types of support
Viber: +7 (925) 532-88-47
WhatsApp: +7 (925) 532-88-47
Support by phone
8 (800) 555-83-04The call is free of charge from any phone in Russia
English, Russian
Company Services
Excursion Reservations, Excursions Registration, Excursion Search
Project Features
Organization of excursions of any kind around the world
Legislative base of the Russian Federation
Methods of replenishment
Bank card (Visa/MC)
Mobile applications
No mobile apps
Project regions
All countries in the world
Mode of operation of the company
24 hours a day
Availability of online payment
Personal account
The need to register on the site
Affiliate Program
Registration10% for a paid order
Large selection of transfers and excursions
Simple and convenient site
Good deals
Seasonal discounts
Affiliate Program
Ability to select excursions and by given filters
The company is not responsible for the quality of services
No personal account
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      107031, Moskva, ul. Rozhdestvenka, d. 5/7, stroenie 2, etazhie 3, pomeshtenie V, komnata 4, ofis 165

      Weatlas is it a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: March 12, 2020 Updated: 5 September 2022

      Service Weatlas provides services for booking excursions and transfers in any city in the world. The company has been successfully operating on the Russian market for 10 years and is quite popular among users.

      In our review, we will take a closer look at the functionality of the project and find out if Weatlas is a scam or a reliable service for finding and booking excursions and transfers anywhere in the world.

      Is Weatlas a scam? Reviews


      Why Weatlas

      Weatlas is a company that has been providing users with the ability to book excursions as well as transfers around the world for ten years. On the website weatlas.com A wide selection of excursions is available, each of which is described in detail. Users also have the opportunity to select a tour according to the selected parameters. Thus, it is possible to choose walking or driving tours, sightseeing, historical, thematic. Moreover, the site presents special formats of excursions: photo sessions, children's, mystical, recreational and others.

      Viatlas reviews

      In addition to excursions, the service website weatlas.com it is also possible to find a transfer to different points of the world. To do this, you need to specify the place of departure and arrival, and the system will select the most comfortable and favorable ways and ways of transportation.

      weatlas.com find tours

      Among the main advantages of the company are:

      • A large selection of transfers and excursions;
      • simple and easy to use website;
      • favorable offers;
      • various promotions and discounts;
      • affiliate program;
      • the ability to select excursions according to preset filters.


      How to register at weatlas.com

      Online now weatlas.com there is no registration as such. All order status information and vouchers are sent directly to the specified email address. Registration is available only for those customers who want to participate in the affiliate program.

      Weatlas Private Office

      There is no personal account on the site. All orders are placed via e-mail, to which order notifications are sent.

      Mobile application

      Also, the service currently does not have a mobile application. An app in the future would allow users to quickly access the functionality of the project anytime, anywhere.


      How to buy tours on the Viadlas website

      To book a tour, the user must first go to weatlas.com. Then the client should select a city from the list or use the search bar. After selecting the excursion, the user will see information about the selected offer with a detailed description of the places the customer will see, the duration and cost.

      Weatlas to book tours

      How to book tours

      Also in front of the user appears a form for booking an excursion, in which you must fill out the following information:

      • tour date;
      • number of people;
      • email address;
      • phone;
      • first and last name;
      • meeting place.

      Viatlas choose a tour date

      How to buy cheap tours

      On the company's website you can find a large number of offers for every pocket. To find the cheapest options, you should specify in the filter "Cheapest First" and the service will show the best deals.

      Tour return

      The site indicates information that customers have the opportunity to cancel the booking of the excursion, by calling or writing a letter to the specified e-mail address. Funds are refunded within 30 calendar days. If the excursion is canceled at least one week in advance the prepayment will be fully refunded to the user. Otherwise the prepayment is not refundable. The exceptions for refunds are non-refundable tickets and those excursions that caused non-refundable expenses.

      More Weatlas site features

      In addition to booking excursions, customers can also book a transfer to the selected location on the site. Also on the site users can find out about tours to museums. It is not possible to buy a ticket there, but you can find out the cost and features of the place with descriptions and photos.


      Pay and receive tours at weatlas.com

      You can pay for your tour reservation by Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Customers have the option to pay the full price at once or to pay part of it before the tour and another part afterwards.

      How to pay for tours online

      Online payment with a bank card is possible both for partial payment and for full payment, if this option has been agreed upon in advance.


      Viattlas Bonuses

      Sometimes the company conducts various promotional offers for users, but at the moment there are no active campaigns.

      Referral program

      The company has implemented an affiliate program in which it is possible to attract new clients and receive remuneration for this. The site of the service provides information on who the program is suitable for:

      • portals and blogs;
      • services for hotel reservations;
      • travel agencies;
      • services for selecting airline tickets.

      Partners receive a monthly commission of 7%. To participate in the referral program, you need to register on the site in the appropriate section.

      weatlas.com affiliate program


      Complaints about Weatlas

      For 10 years of uninterrupted work, the Internet has accumulated a considerable amount of feedback from customers about the services of the service. In general, the company has a positive reputation, but there are also negative responses to the company. From the positive sides of the users note a wide range of services, loyalty price, the ability to order transfers, and a convenient website interface. The disadvantages are that not all guides are sufficiently qualified, as well as the fact that not all the information listed on the site, corresponds to reality.

      If there are reviews about the Weatlas service, we will certainly publish the information on social networks. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Supervisory authorities

      The site indicates that the company is owned by "Viatlas" LLC, which is a legal entity operating in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Contact information, location of the head office and necessary documentation are publicly available for all users.

      Weatlas.com User Agreement

      "Terms of use of the service" is the main document, which is desirable for each user to get acquainted with before starting cooperation with the project. It contains the basic rules of the company, as well as the rights and obligations of both parties. Let's consider some points in detail. The agreement indicates the information that the company is an intermediary and provides users with a platform through which you can book guides, tours, photographers and order a photo shoot. In turn, the organization does not directly organize tours and photo shoots, but only provides contact information of guides and photographers for users.

      Weatlas User Agreement

      To book a service, the user must make a payment within 24 hours after approval by the service provider. Payment is made through CloudPayments payment gateway. It is possible to pay for the service using all available payment methods provided by this payment system. After the payment for the service has been made, the contact information of the provider is transmitted to the client in a special voucher.

      The users' contact information is also given to the service provider, so that direct contact can be made. If the client has chosen to pay for the service in advance, the remainder will be paid directly to the service provider. If payment of the balance by credit card is desired, this method must be agreed upon in advance. It is entirely the responsibility of the service provider to accept funds and provide reporting documents.

      Viatlas payment for services

      If the user has successfully booked a service, he is obliged to receive the service within the pre-agreed terms from the provider. Also the client has the opportunity to cancel the reservation free of charge in time, at least 7 days before the start of the excursion or photo session. In this case the full cost of the service reservation is returned to the user. In the case of cancellation less than a week in advance, the cost is not refundable.

      If the client has made a reservation, he automatically agrees to the fact that there is no free cancellation in this case, as the tickets are non-refundable. By accepting the rules of the document, the client automatically accepts the fact that the company is not a service provider and absolves itself of any liability associated with the improper performance of its duties to the clients.

      weatlas.com agree to the terms of the agreement

      The organization declines responsibility to users for the use by service providers of materials that belong to third parties. In case the organizer discovers materials that are protected by copyrights, the service immediately blocks this information. All data that the company receives from the service providers regarding the services provided are the property of the providers and they are responsible for it.

      The organization declines responsibility for the information provided by customers and service providers and the quality of services provided. The company limits itself to allowing users to leave comments on the relevant pages of services. Comments become available to all visitors of the site. Also, in case of negative feedback related to the quality of services, the company can take measures and lower the rating of the provider or block it altogether.

      Weatlas responsibility

      Although the company's site is protected from hacking and unauthorized access by modern means, the company cannot guarantee the fact that there is no risk of interception of customer data during their transfer. It is also worth considering the fact that the service does not accept payments from customers directly, and uses CloudPayments payment gateway for this operation. In connection with this fact, the company declines responsibility for the failures that may be associated with the implementation of payments while on the payment system site, as well as for the possible fact of disclosure of credit card and customer account information. Responsibility for acceptance and processing of payments lies fully on the payment system.

      Viatlas payment protection

      Site security

      The company's website details that all user payments go through a secure communication channel to an authorized service. Data is transmitted exclusively in encrypted form. Security of processing Internet payments through CloudPayments is guaranteed by international security certificate PCI DSS.

      Customer Service

      The user has several options for contacting a technical support representative:

      • phone: 8-800-555-8304;
      • Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber: +7-925-532-8847;
      • email: [email protected];
      • online chat;
      • social media.

      You can contact the support service by phone every day from 9:00 to 21:00.


      Is Weatlas a scam?

      Weatlas is a service for searching and booking excursions and transfers anywhere in the world. The company is registered in Russia and has been offering its services to users for 10 years. During this period the service has become quite popular among clients and continues to develop actively. The main office of the company is located in Moscow, from where the project is regulated.

      The site offers a large selection of excursions to different places in the world. With the help of narrow filters, the user will be able to choose the option that is suitable for him. By clicking on any type of tour, the client will be able to see detailed information about the location and the features of this tour. The site also presents the possibility of finding a transfer from different locations. From time to time on the website of the company displays information about various promotions, as well as promo codes. In addition, there is an affiliate program that allows you to invite new customers to use the services of the project and to get a reward of 7% of the amount. Payments are made monthly.

      Due to the fact that the company appeared on the market back in 2010, you can find quite a lot of feedback from customers on the Internet. There are both positive and negative responses to the organization. Among the advantages of customers note a really wide range of proposals and loyal prices. From the drawbacks indicated that not all of the guides lead interesting excursions, as well as some inconsistency of information on the site with reality. After a detailed study of the opportunities that the project provides for its customers, is it possible to conclude that Weatlas is a scam and fraud? No, because the organization has been successfully operating on the market for ten years and provides its services to users.



      Service Weatlas is perfect for those users who are going to go on a trip and spend their time in the most interesting way. The company's website presents a large number of excursions to different parts of the world. Using special filters, the user has the opportunity to choose exactly the option of rest, which is suitable for him.

      Also an advantage is the ability to pay in installments. Thus, the client can pay a part of the amount at once, and the rest after the tour. In addition to excursions, on the website of the project you can book a transfer. If you have used the service, leave your impressions about the company's work on our website to form an independent rating.

      Variety of tours
      Quality of services
      Customer Service


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