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An international online school offering more than 100,000 courses, discounts up to 80% for new students, and a lucrative affiliate program.
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Head Office
Legal, 600 Harrison Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94107
Date of foundation
The owner of the company
Udemy Inc.
Types of support
[email protected] [email protected]Live ChatFeedback form on the siteOfficeFacebookTwitterInstagram
Social media
English, French, German, Russian, etc.
Cost of training
Paid, Free
Business / From 1790 RUB
Development / From 2790 RUB
Finance and accounting / From 2790 RUB
IT and software / From 1790 RUB
Office software / From 1790 RUB
Personal growth / From 1290 RUB
Design / From 1090 RUB
Marketing / From 1290 RUB
Lifestyle / From 1290 RUB
Photo and video / From 1790 RUB
Health & Fitness / From 1790 RUB
Music / From 1790 RUB
Academic and academic disciplines / From 1790 RUB
Methods of replenishment
PayPal, Bank Transfer, Qiwi, Bank Card (Visa/MC), UMoneu
Buying on credit
Categories of training programs
Intellectual development, IT and digital courses, Business courses, Creativity and art, Beauty and health, Marketing and sales, Learning foreign languages
Languages being studied
English, German, Chinese, Turkish, French, Italian, Czech, Kazakh
Web Development, Data Science, Data Analysis, Drawing, Accountant, Internet Marketing, Testing, Web Design, Interior Design, Targeted Advertising, HR and HR Management
Programming languages
Python, PHP, Go, Javascript, Java
Project Features
Online school with a wide range of training courses of different profiles
Number of courses
Course Types
Short-Term, Medium-Term, Long-Term
Additional education
Webinars, Video courses, Practical exercises, Integrated training materials
Additional services
Corporate training
Employment Opportunity
Collaboration with business
Starting the training
At any time (you can join the course at any time)
Course completion documents
Age restrictions
From 18 years
Mobile applications
There are mobile apps (iOS / Android)
Affiliate Program
RegistrationRemuneration for attracting customers
More than 155,000 courses on a variety of topics
Lifetime access to courses
More than 4,000 corporate courses for companies
The lecturers are the world's leading experts
Employment opportunities for teachers
There are great discounts and a handy mobile app
Money back within 30 days
For new users you can choose any course for 1090 rubles.
Ability to download materials and study offline
Convenient site navigation
The site is translated into 17 languages, and courses are offered in almost 40
The site is protected by a high level web security certificate
There are technical problems at the site
Regulatory agencies and laws
U.S. and Canadian law
local laws
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      The address is
      Legal, 600 Harrison Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94107

      Is Udemy a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: April 27, 2020 Updated: January 30, 2023

      Distance learning portal Udemy - is a virtual site where you can choose a course to suit your taste, needs, and wallet. There are many inexpensive training materials on the site. You can also post your own course here. Everything looks profitable and interesting, but is online learning with Udemy a scam? Let's find out.


      Why Udemy?

      Online training helps you learn new things, learn from home, and get additional education at fairly low prices.

      Udemy.com. - an educational platform that offers courses on virtually any topic. The portal is translated into different languages, made according to a unique template, is informative and easy to open on any device.

      The advantages of the Yudemi site:

      • 100,000 online courses that are constantly updated and new ones are added every month;
      • big discounts (up to 80%);
      • lessons are taught by the world's leading experts;
      • convenient mobile application (using the application, you can display video materials on the big screen);
      • You can upload your own tutorials;
      • there are free programs on the site;
      • you can get a certificate after the training;
      • The service gives you lifetime access to most courses so you can start learning at your convenience;
      • by filling out the questionnaire, you can get additional advice on the selected programs.

      Learning on the Yudemi online site can be very interesting. You only need a mobile device to start learning.

      How to study online at udemy.com?

      It's easy to start learning on the site. Not even registering on the site udemy.comYou can fill out a questionnaire and get personal recommendations on the selected areas. And once you have registered, added your chosen courses to the cart, and paid for them, you can start learning. Registration is fast, your personal account opens immediately after you confirm your account through a link sent to your email.

      Yudemi Private Office

      Your personal account stores information about the purchased training materials, access to them, messages, and assignments. Through a personal account you can buy new courses, as well as leave comments on those that have passed. You can download materials to work offline.

      Mobile application

      The Udemy mobile app gives you access to all the tutorials that are available on the platform. The app is available in the AppStore and GooglePlay and synchronizes to view lessons with plasma panels. The app largely duplicates the functionality of the portal.


      Courses on the Udemy website

      Platform udemy.com gives access to 100,000 online courses.


      In the section you will find the following courses:

      • Web development;
      • Data development and analysis;
      • Mobile apps;
      • Programming languages;
      • Game development;
      • Databases;
      • Software testing;
      • Software Engineering;
      • Development Tools;
      • E-commerce.

      In addition, lessons on office software and information technology are available.


      There are many courses for entrepreneurship training in the business section:

      • Finance;
      • Entrepreneurship;
      • Business;
      • Communication Skills;
      • Management;
      • Sales;
      • Strategy;
      • Operations;
      • Project Management;
      • Commercial Law;
      • Data and analysis;
      • Home Business;
      • Frames;
      • Industry;
      • Media;
      • Real Estate;
      • Other.

      There are also courses on finance and accounting on the site.

      Personal growth

      The courses in this section will help you move more effectively toward your chosen goal:

      • Personality changes;
      • Productivity;
      • Leadership;
      • Personal Finance;
      • Career advancement;
      • Parenting and Relationships;
      • Happiness;
      • Religion and spirituality;
      • Creating your own brand;
      • Creativity;
      • Impact;
      • Self-Assessment;
      • Management of stressful situations;
      • Study skills and memory development;
      • Motivation.


      All about any kind of design:

      • Web Design;
      • Graphic Design;
      • Design Tools;
      • Interaction with the user;
      • Game design;
      • Design engineering;
      • Interior Design;
      • Other.

      You can also learn everything about photography.


      This section contains courses on all types of marketing:

      • Internet Marketing;
      • Search Engine Optimization;
      • Marketing in social networks;
      • Corporate identity;
      • Marketing basics;
      • Analytics and Meetings;
      • Analytics and automation;
      • Public Relations;
      • Advertisement;
      • Video and mobile marketing;
      • Content marketing;
      • Cracking down on demand growth;
      • Affiliate marketing;
      • Commodity Marketing;
      • Other.


      The section offers the following categories of courses:

      • Arts and Crafts;
      • Food and drink;
      • Beauty and cosmetics;
      • Travel;
      • Games;
      • Home improvement;
      • Training and maintenance of pets;
      • Other.

      Health & Fitness

      This section has tutorials by topic:

      • Fitness;
      • Health is general;
      • Sports;
      • Nutrition;
      • Yoga;
      • Mental Health;
      • Diet;
      • Self Defense;
      • Safety and First Aid;
      • Dancing;
      • Meditation;
      • Other.


      The section contains the following courses:

      • Tools;
      • Production;
      • Music Basics;
      • Vocals;
      • Skill Development;
      • Music Software;
      • Other.

      Academic and academic disciplines

      The section offers the following topics for study:

      • Engineering;
      • Humanities;
      • Math;
      • Science;
      • Online Education;
      • Social Sciences;
      • Languages;
      • Teacher Training;
      • Preparing for exams;
      • Other academic and academic disciplines.


      Free Yudemi Courses

      The list of free training materials on the site is not displayed separately. But the programs that are posted for free are constantly updated and posted in the general registry.


      Additional services udemy.com

      On the platform you can not only study remotely, but also teach. You can become a teacher yourself. After your course is validated, you will get access to your personal teacher's account and can teach your own classes.

      Corporate training

      Udemy offers individual and corporate training services. The main page of the site has a list of major companies - Udemy clients. More than 4,000 courses for corporate clients on topics: marketing, personal growth, organization theory.


      The cost of training on the Udemy website

      The cost is set separately for each program depending on the number of materials, duration of training, "career" of the teacher on the platform. Costs range from $12 to $200 and up. There are frequent discounts on the site.


      How to pay tuition on the Yudemi site

      You can pay online in a variety of convenient ways.

      Regular Udemy students can buy learning materials on credit and pay for them later. There is a guarantee of a refund or compensation if the training program is not satisfactory.

      Paying for training in your personal account

      After selecting a course you can pay for it through your personal account with a bank debit or credit cardwhich you can link to your account or mobile app. Please note that payment by national cards payment systems (МИР) may not be available.

      Other ways to pay for online courses

      In addition to a bank card, you can pay by transfer from your web wallet PayPal, Qiwi-wallet, account YuMoneyor by bank transfer or via a mobile payment application - ApplePay/GooglePay.

      Udemy bonuses

      There are special offers on the platform that are constantly being updated. At the moment, many courses are available with discounts. The best way to keep track of promotions and offers is through the company's mobile app or by subscribing to the newsletter.

      Referral program

      For its students, teachers and all wishing to become partners of Udemy on the site launched an affiliate program in the CPA-network Admitadwhich will allow you to get an additional benefit for each purchased course by clicking on a link from your resource. By becoming a partner of Udemy, you can get a commission for every course you buy and access to exclusive discounts and offers that are valid only for partners of the company. You can monetize your own resource by attracting additional customers using Udemy's marketing tools.

      Discounts up to 80%

      There are discounts on some online platform training programs. As of today, certain programs are available at a discounted rate of 80%.

      Low prices for new users

      When you first visit the online platform, the best training materials are available from 1090 rubles.


      Complaints about Yudemi

      There are many reviews of the platform in English, Russian, and other languages. They praise mostly the low prices, the variety of teaching materials, the convenience of the mobile application, and the fact that there are free classes on the Udemy platform. Among the negative reviews write mainly about the fact that there are often technical problems - the payment page is sometimes unavailable. There are dissatisfied opinions that many programs are not particularly informative and it would be nice to add more accompanying material.

      If there are any reviews about the Udemy online marketplace, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      Udemy, an online education platform, is governed and regulated by U.S. law.

      Udemy User Agreement

      Udemy User Agreement is translated into 17 languages and can be found in the basement of the site.

      The agreement is quite extensive.

      Access to the selected tutorials after registration and payment is granted without time limit. But the license can be revoked in some cases, for example, if the program contradicts Udemy policy.

      If the course you paid for does not meet expectations, you can get a refund within 30 days.

      Learning platform Udemy can be used not only to view courses, but also to place their own training materials - this is also governed by the agreement.

      If a dispute arises that cannot be resolved by contacting customer support, it will be resolved through U.S. arbitration.

      By registering on the site, you sign the Privacy Policy.

      udemy.com customer service

      The company's support service acts quickly, quickly answering questions and trying to correct technical errors right away. You can contact support via chat in the app, the feedback form on the site and by email. The site has a help section, which gives detailed answers to almost all questions that arise from customers Udemy. The section has not been translated into Russian yet.

      Yudemi site security

      Udemy platform, all user data and bank payments are protected by a high-level web-security certificate. Certificates of this level protect bank sites and payment systems.


      Is Udemy a scam?

      Udemy - is a distance education site that has been operating for more than a year. During this time the number of courses on it has exceeded 100 thousand. Having studied the site, course navigator, reference database, general training mechanism and customer feedback, we can definitely say that Udemy is not a scam. The site is made of high quality, Udemy mobile app duplicates the functionality of the site and makes learning convenient. And the ability to download materials to study offline will not depend on the Internet. At the moment there are discounts on the site.



      Online education is not only fashionable and profitable. It is an opportunity to acquire knowledge and learn new professions anywhere at any time. Udemy - is a platform for teachers and students. Thanks to convenient navigation, you can choose the course that will be of interest to you. There are free educational programs. After graduation, you get a certificate. The site is translated into 17 languages, and lessons are available in almost 40. It is also possible to become a teacher and, having passed the test, to put your programs and earn additional income. According to customer feedback, Udemy is easy to use, and learning there is fun.

      Ease of learning
      The level of knowledge obtained
      Training prices


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        Is the Udemy certificate of completion accredited?

        Udemy.com is not actually an accredited distributor of virtual learning. It does not provide certain accreditations for any of its courses. Even then, with this timely practice, shed some light on this; show your dedication and work ethic with Udemy electives.

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        I learned a lot at udemy.com, a very useful school and good discounts there always!

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        I advise to pay attention to the...

        I advise to pay attention to the new platform Coursebook.ru judging by its functionality can be cooler than Yudemi!

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