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Magzter is an American online subscription service for informative and interesting digital publications (newspapers, magazines) from various countries.
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New York City
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Magzter Inc.
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Bank card (Visa/MC)
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Intellectual development, Creativity and art, Business courses, Beauty and health
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At any time (you can join the course at any time)
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From 16 years
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13,200+ digital magazines, 50 categories (topics)
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      New York City

      Magzter is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: May 6, 2020 Updated: December 30, 2022

      Magzter - an American online subscription service for digital publications (newspapers, magazines) from various countries. The collection is regularly replenished as the company offers partners free downloads of their electronic products to its catalog.

      How useful and interesting is the content offered by the resource, and is it worth the money we are asked to pay for it? Or is Magzter a scam? Let's find out.


      Why Magzter?

      Unlike most representatives of the electronic subscription segment, Magzter offers a truly rich collection: more than 13,000 digital magazines and newspapers from 175 countries in 50 thematic categories. In this respect the service is unparalleled. You can subscribe to GOLD for almost all of the content, or subscribe to read a particular edition. And cancel when you get bored, with a refund of the unused part of the money (rounded to the month). And you can also preview (before you buy) the content to assess whether it's even worth buying the magazine.

      Search is easy: by magazine/publisher name, tags (keywords or article topics), categories. Plus adding to favorites for easy navigation. There are no age restrictions on the site, but the mobile app (which, by the way, is very well rated by users) has a parental control function that does not allow minors to access "adult" materials.

      How do I register at

      Registration for is done through the social networks Facebook, Twitter (you will need to provide access to the content of the page) or e-mail.

      In the latter case, we first specify the e-mail address.

      And then fill out a simple questionnaire (all in Latin): full name, country of residence, password, gender. And click Create Account. Now our personal account is available to us.

      Magzter Private Office

      The personal account of the user consists of the following sections:

      • My Profile. Editing your profile.
      • Email Preferences. Enable/disable subscriptions and notifications.
      • Store Credit. Your account balance.
      • My Purchase. Your subscriptions and service gifts.
      • My Orders. Order History.

      You can search for magazines by tags (for example, China, Trade War or NBA), category (there are about 50: fitness, news, show business, science, technology, education, etc.) or title.

      Magzter mobile app

      Magzter has a mobile app for managing subscriptions from Android (4.1 or higher) and iOS (9.0 or higher) devices. It is free to download from the Google Play Market and App Store. The cost of subscriptions here is slightly different from that set for the browser branch, and free access is provided for 30 days, not 7. Users rate the software at 4.4-4.7 out of 5 depending on the platform. The main reason for complaints is problems with content download speeds. In rare cases, there are also difficulties with the connection of free subscriptions for a long period (one-time promotions).


      Magazine categories at

      As mentioned above, the library includes magazines and newspapers in 50 different categories (and not always a breakdown related to subject matter):

      • Featured (recommended).
      • Most Popular.
      • International (international editions).
      • Top Free (the best free editions).
      • New Arrivals (new arrivals to the collection).
      • Business (for business).
      • Lifestyle.
      • New (public news).
      • Entertainment.
      • Newspaper.
      • Home (housekeeping and home improvement).
      • Fashion.
      • Automotive (automotive industry).
      • Men's Interest.
      • Men's Magazines (despite the similarity to the previous name, here we are talking about 18+ content and online publications like MAXIM).
      • Health.
      • Women's Interest (women's magazines).
      • Education.
      • Comics (comics).
      • Computer & Mobile (computer and mobile technology).
      • Art.
      • Sports.
      • Travel.
      • Technology (technology - combines automotive, science, IT and a number of other topics in a cross-section of research and discovery).
      • Children (parenting).
      • Culture.
      • Architecture.
      • Fiction (science).
      • Bridal (wedding magazines).
      • Gardening.
      • Investment.
      • Hobbies & Craft (hobbies and crafts, creativity).
      • Politics.

      - and much more. There are at least 100 titles under each heading, so it's easy to find something to your liking and interests.


      Free magazines on Magzter

      Most of the content on are available by subscription, but there are magazines that you can read for free. The easiest way to find them is by selecting the Top Free category in the catalog section. To read, open the page of a digital product by clicking on the cover or the title, and then click on the green Read Now button. In the opened program will be available:

      • Flipping pages forward and backward (bottom right corner, click on the flap).
      • Zoom in (1 click on an open page).
      • View the list of slides (open at the bottom of the screen by clicking on the triangular arrow below the flip icon).


      Additional services Magzter

      In addition to the content and bonus program, the company only provides online subscription counseling. It is done through a feedback form. There is also a good knowledge base - FAQ.


      Cost of content at

      Subscribing to the 5000+ magazines of the service, Magzter GOLD, is much cheaper than if you subscribe to individual magazines. There is a light version, when you choose only 5 catalog editions (Magzter GOLDLite). Its cost is even cheaper. Obviously, it is 5 times more profitable for active customers to choose the unrestricted version. If we talk about the prices of specific magazines and newspapers, the range is very large, it all depends on the magazine.


      How do I pay for my subscription on the Magzter website?

      To pay for a subscription on the website magzter.comYou need to go to the Magzter GOLD section (you can do it in three ways: by pressing the gold Subscribe button on the purchase page of a particular digital product, by clicking the Try GOLD-Free link in the upper right corner of the site or in My Purchases section of your personal cabinet) and choose the option that suits you (recall that GOLD is a subscription to 5000+ magazines, and GOLDLite is a subscription to 5). A payment form will open. Here you should indicate the number of your bank card (VISA, MasterCard and Maestro are supported), its expiration date, CVC/CVV-code, owner's name in Roman letters and e-mail where the check should be sent. And then confirm the transaction with an SMS code (standard banking procedure).

      Paying for a subscription in myAlpari

      At you can only pay by bank card. Under Store Credit the balance of funds available to you is displayed. And from My Purchases you go to the section with a GOLD subscription.

      Other ways to pay for a subscription

      Apart from online payment, there are no other ways to buy a subscription. The service provides access only in digital format, the address of the physical office is not specified (and it is not clear at all whether there is one), so the top-up


      Magzter Bonuses

      The Magzter bonus program includes a free (demo) period of subscription use, cashback from service partners, and discount coupons. Let's explore it in a little more detail.

      Test period

      The magzter GOLD subscription is free for 1 week due to the test (demo) period. Then the monthly cost will already be standard. Please note that when applying for the "test-drive" you will need to specify the number of your bank card and confirm that it belongs to you (0.10$ trial charge - the money will be refunded immediately). And if you do not cancel after a week of free use, then a paid subscription will be issued automatically, and the funds will be deducted without your prior consent. They can, of course, be returned, but it will take time.

      Cashback when you log in through partners

      The online store itself doesn't provide a cashback for subscriptions. It requires registration and creation of a personal account through which you will log in to to receive up to 40% from each order.

      Discount coupons

      On the site of the digital service provider itself there is a section for exchanging coupons for a discount on an order. You get unique codes for activity or cooperation with Magzter partners, enter them in a special field, and then the bonus is credited to your account. Here it is important that you already have an account at

      Referral program

      The service does not have an affiliate program.


      Complaints about Magzter

      Reviews of Magzter are mostly positive (these are primarily the comments published on the mobile application page). Unless you count the traditional technical errors and difficulties with downloading.

      However, some international users complain about problems with activating or cancelling paid subscriptions. Some are waiting for an already-paid subscription to be activated, while others cannot contact the support team to deactivate it. There are also those who consider the collection of the service outdated and say that many issues are out of date, and there are no fresh ones (of the same edition).

      If there are any reviews about Magzter , we'll be sure to post them on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      All Internet resources, including, are controlled by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) in the USA. At the moment the resource operates legally, but access to the American registers from the territory of the Russian Federation is a big problem even with anonymizers, so there is no point in providing links to the official databases.

      Documents from

      • "Privacy Policy" (See);
      • "Terms and Conditions" (See).

      Magzter User Agreement

      Magzter User Agreement (Terms & Conditions) consists of 16 capacious paragraphs and establishes the rights and obligations of users and administration of the service to each other. Let's look at some of the provisions. In paragraphs. 1-2 says that you have to provide relevant, accurate and truthful information about yourself. And update it if there are any changes (for example, a new phone number or email address). You are also responsible for the security of your username and password.

      At any time and at its sole discretion, the resource administration has the right to refuse your subscription and/or order, as well as to cancel existing orders/subscriptions. In the first place (but not limited to) - if you violate the terms of the agreement or applicable law (paragraph 4).

      Since Magzter is an intermediary between you and the publisher, it is not responsible for the contents of the magazines, their truthfulness, accuracy, reliability. And any damages incurred by you as a result of the use of the published information (item 8).

      The site owners reserve the right (with or without notice) to temporarily or permanently discontinue the site. They shall not be liable to you or any third party in this case (clause 9).

      Customer Service

      Magzter customer support is provided only through the feedback form on the site and chat in the mobile app, as well as administrators of groups in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest). There is no direct communication with companies (by phone, online chat). There is a knowledge base for answering typical questions - FAQs.


      Security of payment data of user is provided by agents (banks) themselves, according to SSL Security certificates and international standards like PSI DSS. Personal information is stored and processed in accordance with the requirements of the privacy policy. Objective: to ensure quality service and legal regulations.


      Is Magzter a scam?

      Magzter is a legally existing American service that offers a huge collection of magazines. However, if we talk about subscriptions, it still does not cover all the content, but about 45%: all other publications have to be purchased separately. In addition, there are clauses in the user agreement which allow the administration:

      • Simply cancel your subscription without explanation.
      • Close the service without notice or reimbursement in advance.

      And at the end of the free test period, if we believe the reviews on the verified sites, many have problems with the rejection of GOLD, and the funds begin to be deducted automatically. Of course, Magzter is not a scam, but in fact the service does not provide any guarantees.



      Magzter - a unique project that brings together news publications from 175 countries and continues to expand its partner network. The cost of training is quite reasonable, and you can pay for 5,000 magazines and newspapers at once with a monthly subscription. You don't choose what will be in the subscription, but you can look. As, indeed, to study the contents of any digital product before you purchase it. Unfortunately, the service has a downside: you are not given any guarantees of content quality, its compliance with your expectations and can suspend access at any time, without compensation for your investment. Take the risk or not, it's up to you.


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