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Educational portal for learning foreign languages and classes with tutors in a variety of programs at affordable prices.
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Preply Inc.
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English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese
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Online lessons / From 1 To 40 USD per hourThe cost depends on the type and complexity of the program
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PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, American Express, Discover, Bank Card (Visa/MC)
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Learning foreign languages
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English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Urdu, Portuguese, Greek, Serbian, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Czech, Turkish, Swedish, Indonesian, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Danish
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Platform for easy selection of tutors in various fields of knowledge on a wide range of criteria, including comfortable prices
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A large selection of online and offline courses in various areas from more than 25,000 professional tutors and native speakers at low prices
Individual, flexible class schedule and the ability to choose any tutor based on price, rating and reviews
Verification of all tutors' profiles for secure communication, confirmation of qualifications by tests and exams, cooperation with leading universities
Quality assurance or money back, the ability to replace the tutor and transfer the lesson, convenient filters selection
Free trial lessons, lucrative affiliate program, learning any teacher's resume, limitless learning opportunities
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Training in modern professions, booking classes and a guarantee of quality results
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      1371 Beacon Street, Suite 301, Brookline, MA, 02446

      Preply is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 11 June 2020 Updated: 17 February 2023

      Preply - that online education platformThe platform offers classes with experienced tutors and flexible schedules and affordable prices. The platform offers classes with experienced tutors, flexible schedules and affordable prices. Preply has been offering educational services since 2012. During this time the platform has helped many students to improve the level of foreign language knowledge and today you can learn 27 languages. On Preply you can learn with the best tutors from 185 countries. In addition to learning foreign languages, you can choose tutoring classes in marketing programs, preparation for exams, tighten your knowledge of the school curriculum, learn programming languages and much more.

      Each tutor of the service is carefully selected and proves his qualifications by specialized tests and exams. That's why the administration of the service guarantees that you will study with a real professional. Preply gives 100% guarantee of the quality of their services. If you are not satisfied with the free trial lesson, the platform will offer you a free lesson with another tutor or a refund. But many people think that Preply is a scam? Is it really?


      Why Preply

      Preply is an educational portal that helps you find tutors and manage your lessons. Today, the platform has 25,000 tutors who teach students in 27 languages. According to statistics, every year more than 100,000 students learn a new language on Preply. By tutoring, you will get fast results from your lessons and achieve your goals.

      In fact, Preply gives users almost limitless learning possibilities. Here you can learn not only a foreign language or to improve any of the subjects, here you can discover your creative talent or learn a new profession. The main advantages are:

      • Careful checking of each tutor's profile.
      • Individual schedule of classes.
      • Reasonable class prices.
      • Convenient ways of payment.
      • One hundred percent quality guarantee or money back.

      How to study online at

      In order to start training on the site you only need to follow a few steps. You need to choose a subject and a tutor. To find the right teacher you can use filters that narrow down the search results. You can specify the direction you are interested in, the price range and the preferred time of classes. The administration of Preply service recommends you to use all available filters, which will reduce the time for searching a suitable tutor. Once you've found a tutor, you can send him a personal message to discuss the details of training.

      Keep in mind that you are not allowed to exchange contact information with the tutor, otherwise your account will be blocked. After discussing all the details and choosing a lesson time, you must pay for your first lesson. During this lesson you will be able to determine if the tutor meets your expectations and requirements. If during the lesson you come to the conclusion that the tutor is not suitable for you, the service will refund you 100% of the paid amount or provide you with another tutor for the first lesson.

      After you have chosen a tutor and paid for your first trial lesson, a personal account will be automatically created for you. You can also register on the site by clicking on the "Login" button in the upper left corner of the page. In order to register as a student, you need to provide your email address and come up with a password. The service also offers quick registration using Facebook or Google accounts. Keep in mind that by clicking "Register" you agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. It is recommended to read these documents in advance.

      Personal Cabinet

      After registering and confirming your email, you will have access to your personal account. This is where all the training on the Preply service takes place. Let's take a closer look at the functionality of the personal account Once you enter your personal office, you will immediately see filters and lists of teachers. To find a teacher in the subject you want, you should fill out the search form. First of all, you should select a subject.

      Once you have specified the desired subject, you need to set the price range, select the country in which the tutor resides, and select the class time. After filling in these filters the system will show you available tutors today. Once you have selected a suitable tutor, you can view his or her profile. Here you will find information such as work experience, education, schedule, and reviews. It should be noted that each tutor's profile is regularly checked, which means you can be sure that only reliable information about the teacher is published here.

      In the teacher's profile you can book a trial lesson, write a message to discuss details or add a tutor to your favorites. To book a trial lesson you need to look at the tutor's calendar and choose a convenient time for you. Next, you should confirm the booking of the lesson and make payment. After the trial lesson, during which the tutor will assess your level of knowledge and develop a lesson schedule for you to achieve your goals, you can pay for the lesson package and begin full training.

      Preply tutoring is conducted on its own platform. In addition, in your personal account you can track your schedule, pay for lessons, leave comments and feedback on tutors, choose your own convenient time, reschedule classes or apply for a change of tutor. By logging into your personal profile, you can change your settings, view your payment history, select payment methods and change your password to log in.

      Mobile application

      For quick access to classes, you can install the Preply mobile app on your phone. With it you can communicate with a tutor 1 on 1, send your homework for checking, choose new subjects and pay for your studies. You can also use the mobile version of the site, which fully replicates the functionality of the web service.


      Courses on the Preply website

      On the site There are several major categories of courses. Here you can learn languages, tighten your knowledge in basic subjects, and prepare for various tests. Let's take a closer look at what courses you can order. In addition to the programs listed below, the following areas of training are available on the site:

      • IT and digital courses.
      • Marketing and Sales.
      • Business courses.
      • Creativity and the Arts and several others.

      Language courses

      Language courses are the main focus of Preply. Here you can study with the best tutors from all over the world. In total, the site offers courses in 27 languages. Choosing a language course, you can define your goals and objectives and study to achieve them. The service is suitable for mastering a general course as well as for classes for the purpose of relocation, travel, and career advancement. The most popular language courses:

      • English.
      • French.
      • Chinese.
      • German.

      You can also learn Swedish, Danish, Czech, Turkish, Hebrew, Hindi, Polish, Ukrainian, Greek and other languages with Preply. When selecting a destination in the teacher search filter, you can check the box for a native speaker. You can also select the country in which the tutor should reside. This will allow you to choose a teacher for whom the language to be studied will be native, and thus the learning will be the most effective.

      Subject courses

      If you need to improve your knowledge in a certain subject, Preply tutors will do everything to prepare you for exams or tests. Here you can choose to study subjects in your native language or in a foreign language. Often, subject courses in a foreign language are required by students in high school for admission to foreign universities. The most popular subject courses on Preply:

      • Math courses.
      • Algebra courses.
      • Biology courses.
      • Chemistry courses.
      • Physics courses.
      • Geometry courses.
      • Computer science courses, etc.

      When choosing subject courses, be clear about your goals and objectives. In this case, the instructor will choose the most effective program of study for you, which will allow you to achieve high results. When taking subject courses, you will take online lessons and do your homework, which will be checked by the instructor.

      Preparing for exams and tests

      Preparing for the tests is serious work, the results of which can be an admission to the desired university and study abroad. To enter foreign universities, applicants are required to take serious exams, but unfortunately, our education system is not ready to give students the necessary skills, and therefore it is necessary to prepare for the tests additionally. Popular test preparation programs on the Preply service:

      • DELE.
      • TOEFL.
      • DELF.
      • GMAT.
      • IELTS.
      • FCE.
      • TestDaf.
      • Gmat.
      • HSK.
      • BEC.

      With the help of Preply you can effectively prepare for the exams and tests, which will allow you to get the maximum number of points and increase your chances of admission to a foreign university. It should be noted that you need to prepare for the tests at least one year before taking the exam.


      Free Prepley Courses

      You can find free lessons, articles and video tutorials on the blog site Subscribe to the site's news and get a lot of useful information every day. Here you can find out:

      • Modal verbs.
      • The names of fabrics in English.
      • The 10 most beautiful English idioms.
      • 28 questions for small talk.
      • 10 funny English idioms.
      • 10 topics for easy conversation at work, etc.

      You can read the articles and watch the videos on the Preply blog for free and as many times as you wish. This information will help you with your language learning and introduce you to things you haven't even thought of before.


      Additional services Preply

      In addition to language courses, school subjects and test preparation courses, Preply offers its users a range of additional services:

      • Professional Training.
      • Newsletter.
      • Free substitutions and lesson reservations.
      • Mentoring system and employment.
      • Tips for preparing video presentations for tutors.

      Professional training

      Preply makes it easy for you to find a new and in-demand profession that will help you reach the next level in your career. Preply specialists create customized training programs to help you learn a profession from scratch or gain additional knowledge to increase your professionalism. Here are some of the professions you can learn at

      • Copywriter.
      • Email marketer.
      • Seo-specialist.
      • 3D Designer.
      • Graphic designer, etc.

      This is just a small part of the professional courses. With Preply, you can become a photographer, journalist, actor, musician, etc. That's why Preply can be seen as a platform for limitless learning opportunities. Here you can get any knowledge on any subject and start your new career.


      With Preply, you can become an online tutor today. You will be able to earn with your knowledge from the comfort of your own home, and develop your business. Becoming a tutor is very simple. You only need to register and fill in your profile. It should be noted that the administration of Preply will carefully check all the data in your profile, so you have to provide only accurate and reliable information. After the registration, your name will appear in the list of tutors, where you will be chosen by the students. Also, to find a job with Preply you can view the vacancies for tutors, where students post applications with specific requirements.


      Tuition at

      A distinctive feature of the Preply service is the fact that you choose the price you want to study at. There are offers from tutors in different price categories, which means that studying on the Preply site is available to everyone. To set the desired cost of the lessons you need to specify in the tutor search filter the approximate price for an hour of training. To set the desired price, you need to move the sliders to get the desired range of prices. After that, the system will select for you the offers that are most suitable for you.

      How to pay for Preply

      Once you choose a tutor, you have to pay for the first lesson in order to start a class with Preply. You can do this in two ways.

      Method 1

      To pay for the first lesson, you need to click on "Book a trial lesson" in the tutor's profile. After that, you will be prompted to pay using the available payment methods.

      Method 2

      For the second method of payment you can go to the "Applications" menu, open the application of a particular tutor and click on the "Buy Watch" button at the top of the platform. After that follow the prompts of the system.

      Paying for training in your personal account

      To quickly pay for lessons at Preply, you need to save your payment information in your personal cabinet. To do this, go to "Payment Methods" in your profile. Then click on "Save card". Then fill in your payment information and click on "Save card". All your payments will be made automatically according to the saved payment details. Today you can pay for services with payment cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

      Other ways to pay for online courses

      Unfortunately, the Preply service does not offer its users any other payment methods, apart from online payment in the personal cabinet. However, tutors are offered other ways to withdraw their earnings: Payoneer, Skrill and some others.


      Prepley Bonuses

      If you want to participate in Preply promotions and get bonuses, follow the news of the service in social networks. You can also check the "Receive special offers and promotions" box in your account. At the moment, Preply offers its users bonuses as part of affiliate programs.

      Referral program discounts

      The referral program allows you to give your friend a discount on the first lesson and earn money in the process. By sending your referral link to your friends, you'll give them a 30% discount on their first lesson. Once your friend uses the discount, your internal account will receive $5 of the cost of the lessons. Invite your friends using your referral link and earn together.

      Referral program

      Every Preply user can become an affiliate. Create a free affiliate account, and start earning money by promoting Preply in your community. When you register as an affiliate, you will receive a tracking link and personalized creative content. With the affiliate program, you can get not only your earnings, but also bonuses. Create 50 sales a month and get $100 in your account as a bonus. And if you manage to create 100 sales in a month, you will get a bonus of $ 200 to your account. For 200 sales the bonus will already be $500. The affiliate fee is $30 per sale.


      Complaints about Preply

      The educational platform Preply offers limitless educational possibilities to its users. Here you can learn languages, achieve specific goals or learn a new profession. If you have decided to enter a foreign university, together with the experts of the service you can effectively prepare for the tests. Today the platform has over 25,000 tutors who are ready to share their knowledge with you and help you achieve your goals. We have analyzed the reviews of Preply service in the internet, and we concluded that the platform is recommended by more than 60% users. Most of the students speak positively about the platform. They note that you can find a tutor here at a reasonable cost. Students also note the high quality of tutoring and prompt support service.

      However, despite the large number of positive reviews, there are some complaints on the Internet about the service Preply. Some users have even stated that Preply - is a fraud. For example, one student wrote in his review that the first paid lesson had been canceled without any explanation. When he asked for a refund, the manager of the company persuaded him to find another tutor, but later he got his money back. The student didn't like the fact that he got less money back because of the dollar exchange rate and the conversion. As a result the student was dissatisfied with the quality of service.

      We found several similar complaints on major review sites. All dissatisfied students say that their trial lesson was canceled, but because they did not agree to another teacher, the money was refunded. After analyzing this and similar complaints we came to the conclusion that in fact the platform is not a scam. Users were offered a way out of the situation and the administration of the service was ready to provide a replacement tutor who canceled the lesson, but at the request of the users the money was still returned after deducting the conversion fee, which is common practice in currency exchange on the Internet.

      If you get feedback on Preply, we will publish it on your social networks. Sign up to make sure you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      The Preply service is owned by Preply Inc. and incorporated at 251 Little Falls Drive, city Wilmington, County of New Castle, Delaware 19808. Preply is controlled by the laws and authorities of the United States of America.

      View the Preply service user agreement User Agreement

      You can read the terms of use of Preply by going to the bottom of the main page of the service and opening the document called "Terms of Use". This document is in .pdf format, published in English. This document regulates the relations between the user and the administration of Preply service. According to this document, the student and the parent or the representative can use Preply service without restriction. You can communicate with the tutors providing individual or group tutoring and education services. And the free services of the site, such as blog, Q&A and help, you can use without registration or any restrictions.

      According to this document, the administration of the site states that, although each tutor is checked by the service, the administration cannot give any guaranty about the reliability of the tutors and the information they provide through the website Preply. This is why you should be careful and sensible when communicating with other users, to protect your personal safety and belongings. The administration of the service declines all responsibility for any possible damages resulting from the use of the site.

      Customer Service

      If you have any questions, you can contact the support service Preply. Before contacting the customer support service, the administration of the service strongly recommends you to go to the "Help" section and read the answers to the most frequent questions of users. In 80% cases, the student finds here all the answers to their questions. If you haven't found the answer to your question, you can contact the support service in the site chat or write to support at: [email protected]

      Also, you can ask your questions on the pages in social networks, and you will get an answer from the administration of the service. According to feedback from users, the support service Preply responds quickly and tries to help each student and solve problems as quickly as possible.


      The security of Preply's website complies with international standards. All users' personal and payment data is encrypted and stored in a secure directory. Personal and payment data of users under no circumstances can be transferred to third parties. But in spite of the high security level of the site the administration of the service recommends users to take care of their security as well. The site administration recommends changing the password from your account regularly. Also users are prohibited to transfer login information to the personal account to third parties. In case of hacking of the account through no fault of the user, the administration of the service declines all responsibility and does not pay any compensation.


      Is Preply a scam?

      Service Preply - is an educational platform where you can study with a tutor and get a lot of new knowledge and skills. On the site you can learn foreign languages, learn a new profession or prepare for important exams and tests. Many Internet users, before registering on the service, want to know if Preply is a scam or not. Having analyzed the platform, our team can tell you that Preply is not a scam, but a real opportunity to gain new knowledge and achieve your goals.

      A special advantage of Preply is the loyal pricing policy. Here you can find a tutor for any budget, because the price per lesson is very low. If you decided to learn a foreign language, or if you need to improve your knowledge of any subject, as well as if you want to learn a new, modern profession, register with Preply and make your dream come true.



      Educational online platform Preply has been welcoming its students for more than 8 years. During this time, thousands of students have gained new knowledge here, who were able to achieve their goals and objectives together with the tutors of the service. Those who have just decided to start learning a foreign language, or use other services of the site, you should remember that online learning will bring its benefits only if you really work.

      And if you are a teacher or a native speaker of a foreign language, feel free to register on the platform and start earning with Preply. The platform also offers income options for webmasters and traffic arbitrators. You can not only make money with every sale, but also get bonuses for referred clients.

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        Although many students recommend Preply, recently we have often seen negative feedback from teachers who have collaborated with Preply. Many of them write about the high commissions, and that even they often find it difficult to contact the administration of the resource. Tell me about your experience… Read more

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