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FutureLearn is an online educational platform with more than 900 courses taught by current teachers from the world's top schools, discounts, and free courses.
The company
Official website
Head Office
1-11 Hawley Crescent, Camden Town, London, NW1 8NP, United Kingdom
Date of foundation
The owner of the company
FutureLearn Limited
Types of support
[email protected]ChatHelp CenterFeedback form on the siteFacebookTwitter
Social media
Cost of training
Paid, Free
Online courses / From 36 USD per monthThe cost depends on the chosen course
Methods of replenishment
Bank card (Visa/MC), PayPal
Buying on credit
Categories of training programs
IT and digital courses, Business courses, Creativity and art, Intellectual development, School and academic disciplines, Foreign language studies
Languages being studied
English, Chinese, Irish, Norwegian
Business, CRM and email marketing, Data Science, Data Analysis, HR and HR, Marketing and Sales, Project Manager, SEO promotion, Web analytics, Cooking, Photographer, Writer, Programming, Web Development, Game Developer, Cyber Security Specialist, Nutritionist, Sports, Pedagogy and Teaching Methodology
Programming languages
Python, R, Java
Project Features
An online school with a wide range of courses from the world's leading universities
Number of courses
Course Types
Long-Term, Short-Term, Medium-Term
Additional education
Articles, Seminars, Educational Videos
Additional services
Knowledge Base
Career Tips
Study Guide
Starting the training
By calendar, At any time (you can join at any time for the course)
Course completion documents
Certificate, Diploma
Age restrictions
From 13 years
Mobile applications
No mobile apps available
Affiliate Program
RegistrationSubscription - 41.6%, sale - 10%
More than 900 courses covering the sciences and humanities are available on the site
The courses are taught by current instructors from the world's leading educational institutions
User-friendly informative website
Convenient training schedule
International certificates are issued after the training
There are discounts and a free test period
There are complaints about the low level of free courses
Regulatory agencies and laws
UK law
Company requisites
Overall assessment
Date of update
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      1-11 Hawley Crescent, Camden Town, London, NW1 8NP, United Kingdom

      FutureLearn is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: April 9, 2021 Updated: February 12, 2023

      Learning platform FutureLearn The platform was launched in 2013, offering students courses created in partnership with universities in the United Kingdom. The creators of the platform were tasked with providing a comfortable and effective learning experience for students from all over the world, and this task was accomplished. Today, the platform has students from 190 countries and 2,000,000+ subscribers. The platform offers paid and free training programs, after passing which an internationally recognized certificate is issued.

      In this review, we will analyze in detail the benefits and features of the platform, and answer the question, FutureLearn - is it a scam?

      Fuchelen reviews


      Why FutureLearn?

      FutureLearn offers training courses from 300+ global universities and specialized organizations. The project partners include Birmingham University, Coventry University, Glasgow University, Royal Holloway and other higher education institutions from around the world. It is an opportunity for students to receive additional education, which not only has value for the employer, but also allows you to get up-to-date knowledge. Advantages of FutureLearn :

      • Free courses.
      • Quality Education.
      • Convenient training schedule.
      • International certificate.
      • Large selection of short-term and long-term programs.

      Fuche Len MSc Project Management course

      After completing the course, you can participate in quizzes, problems, and tests to reinforce what you've learned. Study with world-class universities, upgrade your skills, learn a new profession, and earn an international diploma.

      FutureLearn customer reviews

      How do I study online at Fuchelen?

      To start training for the online educational platform you need to register on the platform. Click on the "Register" button at the top right of the page. Fill out the registration information:

      • Name.
      • Surname.
      • Age.
      • Email address.
      • Password at least 10 characters.

      Fuche Len Registration

      All fields are required. After entering your personal information, give your consent to the mailing list and click "Register. After registering, choose a course and start learning. Learning on the platform is in the format of video lessons and lectures. After each lesson, the listener must complete the homework and send it to the instructor for review. After completing the assignment, click on "Next Step" to access the next lesson. Please note that the assignment may not be checked, but it will not affect your further learning. After you have completed the course, you must take a test. If you pass the test with a 70+ score, you will receive a certificate or diploma. You can learn what document is issued after the course in the program description. The certificate is issued electronically, as well as sent by mail in hard copy.

      Personal account futurelearn.com

      The FutureLearn Personal Profile is a personal page where you will take your training. After registering, set up your profile and select a course. In your personal profile you will see five tabs:

      • Training. Active courses will be displayed here. Learning materials, tests, assignments, and quizzes will be available on this page.
      • Wish List. Here you can collect a list of courses that you intend to take in the future. You can also add programs to your wish list that haven't started yet.
      • Profile. Here you can edit personal information. Viewing the profile is available to registered users of the platform.
      • Settings. Here you can configure notifications and subscriptions, as well as set the time zone. After setting, click the "Save" button.
      • Account. On this page you need to fill in personal information that will not be displayed in the profile. This data is not available to other users.

      Future Learn personal account

      Fuche Len mobile app

      At the platform futurelearn.com There is no separate mobile app, but studying is available on any device with an Internet connection. You can study from your PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc.


      Courses on FutureLearn Com

      There are 990+ courses available on the FutureLearn platform. Programs are categorized by subject. To find a course, select a subject and browse the available training programs. Each course has a detailed description with course length, university, certificate type, price, and syllabus. Courses by subject are available on the site:

      • Business Management;
      • Creative Arts and Media;
      • Nature and Environment;
      • Politics and Society;
      • Literature;
      • Health and Medicine;
      • Science, Engineering, and Mathematics;
      • Law;
      • History;
      • IT and Computer Science;
      • Training;
      • Language;
      • Learning Skills;
      • Psychology and Mental Health.

      Here you can upgrade your qualifications as well as get a bachelor's or master's degree from one of the prestigious universities. The language of instruction is English.

      Fuchelen to choose the course


      Free Fuchelen Courses

      Platform futurelearn.com offers free tutorials on all subjects. These are short online courses. You can get access to the free lessons for 14 days from the moment you connect. The platform also offers an unlimited trial period of 7 days. At the end of the trial period, you will need to subscribe or join a paid undergraduate or graduate program.

      FucheLen Leadership Course


      Additional services Future Learn

      FutureLearn offers online courses at the best universities in the world. In addition to training programs, the platform also offers additional services.


      The FutureLearn blog features articles and career-building tips. Here you'll learn how to learn a language effectively, find out the latest trends in the job market, and get tips for online learning.

      Future Learn blog

      Study Guide

      This free, sixty-page book is your guide to higher and further education. It contains the best tips for effective study and educational planning. Download the guide at futurelearn.com.

      Knowledge Base

      On the Q&A page, you'll find instructions and tips on how to get started. Here you'll learn how to create an account, select a training program, enroll, and receive your certificate.

      Fuchelen knowledge base

      Guide for Kids

      Children from the age of 13 can be trained on the platform. For young students, the administration of the service has created a safety guide. Here children learn how to behave while studying, why personal information should not be disclosed, and where to complain about violations.


      The platform invites partnerships with universities, educational and specialized companies. Under the guidance of the service's administration, partners create their own training courses, which are then published in the online school.


      At futurelearn.com the company's vacancies are published. Here you can find a job as a programmer, marketer, designer, manager, etc. Follow the "Jobs at FutureLearn" page to choose a vacancy and send your resume.

      Career Tips

      Career advice can help you choose or change careers. Here you will find information about the skills needed for a certain profession and a selection of courses from easy to difficult. With futurelearn.com you can become a psychologist, musician, nutritionist, developer, etc.

      Leadership career tips


      Sign up for the futurelearn.com newsletter and receive new courses and special offers in your inbox, every week. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time in your personal cabinet.


      The cost of training on the website of Futche Len

      The cost of studying at futurelearn.com depends on the program and subscription you choose:

      • Subscription rate "Unlimited" - price 189.99$ per year. Subscription includes access to all platform courses with certificates. The subscription allows you to independently determine the pace and schedule of your studies.
      • Monthly subscription - price £36 per month. The subscription gives you access to career change courses. You can extend or cancel your subscription at any time.
      • Study without a subscription - price from 39$ per month. The price of the course without a subscription is published in the program description. Buying the course gives you access to the program at the recommended pace of study.
      • Degree completion - price from 5000$ per year. Subscription gives access to a bachelor's or master's degree program. The term and price are published in the course description. The university has the right to change the cost of study in subsequent years.
      • Free courses. You don't need a subscription to take the free programs. But if you plan to get a certificate after training, it will cost 49$.

      FutureLearn to pay for the course


      How do I pay for FutureLearn?

      The FutureLearn platform determines the payment currency by the IP address of the listener. This is the currency of the invoice. The billing currency cannot be changed. Once billed, you can pay for your studies in two ways:

      • Bank card Visa, American Express.
      • PayPal.

      By confirming your desire to receive an invoice for payment, you agree to the terms of cooperation and undertake to pay the invoice.

      Fuchelen MSc Digital Marketing with Data Analytics


      Fuchelen Bonuses

      Users who subscribe to the service's newsletter receive special weekly offers from the online school. These are personal discounts on courses, promo codes, invitations to participate in contests and quizzes. For others, general promotions are available.

      Free period of 7 days

      When you sign up for a career change course, get a free test period of 7 days. During this time, study the courses and start learning a new profession.

      Leadership free period

      30% discount on unlimited tariff

      Sign up for a one-year unlimited subscription and get a 30% discount. The discount is available to new users as well as to those who haven't signed up for the plan yet.

      Fuchelen discount 30%

      Affiliate program futurelearn.com

      FutureLearn's affiliate program can be found in major CPA networks. In the affiliate network Admitad there is an online school offer with affiliate rewards up to 41.6%. Anyone can connect to the offer, and online school can be promoted without reference to the region.


      Complaints about Fuche Len

      Despite the fact that FutureLearn Online School is taught in English, we found a lot of reviews about the platform on the Internet. Based on the analysis of these reviews it became clear that the online school is recommended by 90+% trainees. Listeners praise the quality of the training programs on the site and call the platform the best for self-study.

      Future Learn is a scam

      We also checked the reviews on English-language platforms. There we found not only positive reviews, but also complaints about FutureLearn . Students are dissatisfied with the quality of the free programs. According to them, they expected more from the course than they got. Also, some students are unhappy about having to pay to get a certificate. The percentage of positive reviews on English-language platforms was 85+.

      Fuche Len reviews

      If there are any reviews about FutureLearn's online learning service, we will be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      The online school is owned by FutureLearn Limited, officially registered in the UK with registration number 8324083. The company has licenses for partner courses.

      FutureLearn Com User Agreement

      The FutureLearn User Agreement is called the Terms and Conditions. The document is freely available. Read the agreement carefully before joining the training program. According to its terms, the user can use the platform for personal purposes.

      Futche Len client agreement

      Disputes and disagreements arising out of the use of the platform will be resolved by negotiation. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute through negotiation, it will be referred to the courts of England.

      Future Learn Dispute Resolution

      Fuche Len Customer Service

      The FutureLearn support team can be contacted via online chat or a feedback form. The online school's helpdesk accepts and responds to inquiries in English. Before contacting support, look for answers to your questions in the Help Center section.


      Security of using futurelearn.com is ensured by observing the privacy policy. Personal data is stored in a secure directory of the service and is not shared with third parties. The platform does not accept online payments, which means that payment data cannot be stolen.


      Is FutureLearn a scam?

      FutureLearn - a UK-based distance learning platform. Here you can take professional development courses, learn new skills, learn a new profession, or obtain bachelor's and master's degrees. Having analyzed the online school, the legal information, and the feedback of trainees on the work of the helpdesk, we came to the conclusion that FutureLearn is not a scam. But when signing up for a free course, remember that it is only an introduction to the profession. It will not give professional knowledge and is suitable for deciding on a choice. If you want to get serious knowledge, change careers, or get a degree, subscribe for a fee.



      Online School FutureLearn offers training programs created in collaboration with global universities. Among the platform's partners are 100+ universities around the world, whose degrees are valued by employers. If you want to gain knowledge and are ready to learn on your own, as well as speak English, FutureLearn will be useful.

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        For several years I have been taking courses on this platform, which I need to improve my professional skills. I can note the high quality and interesting presentation of the material. The only drawback is that they don’t give me a certificate when I take the free course.

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