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An international online platform for courses in self-development, basic psychology, personal growth and building relationships with people.
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14525, SW Millikan Way, #31545 Beaverton, OR 97005-2343
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Mindvalley LLC
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Paid, Free
For all courses / From 49 To 499 USDPrices depend on the amount of material and interactivity of the course
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Bank card (Visa/MC), PayPal, Discover, American Express
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Own program of payment division into 3 parts
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Business courses, Intellectual development, Creativity and art, Beauty and health
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An international online school specializing in courses on self-development, personal growth and building relationships with people
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Short-Term, Medium-Term, Long-Term
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Podcasts, Master Classes, Live Meetings
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From 18 years
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A large number of self-development and personal growth courses
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      14525, SW Millikan Way, #31545 Beaverton, OR 97005-2343

      Mindvalley is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: May 13, 2021 Updated: February 12, 2023

      Mindvalley - is an international online platform for courses in self-development, basic psychology, and sports discipline. The company was founded in New York City in 2002, and today it has an audience of more than 10,000,000 people.

      The educational programs are translated into all languages of the world and support original subtitles. The student gets access to courses with a regular update feature. In this review, we will analyze the work of online schools Mindvalley and find out if it's worth studying here, and is it not a scam?


      Why Mainwelley?

      Mindvalley is a multiplatform project designed for online-only learning with no ties to the student's geography. The client can install apps or add applications to AppleTV. The company has cleverly separated the software for studying the material and connecting with other students, thus forming its own educational ecosystem. For new community members, Mindvalley has organized existing programs into categories and developed a subscription system that is identical to online TV rates. Other pluses of the platform can be highlighted as follows:

      • updating course materials;
      • the installment payment function;
      • a set of built-in options;
      • official translation and subtitles;
      • a refund within 15 days;
      • forum and help center.

      How to study online on the Mindvalley platform?

      Platform home page mindvalley.com is made in the form of a beautiful presentation, where the user is open to all available types of project description. Immediately you can watch the welcome promo, which describes the success after the training and demonstrates a large community of Mindvalley participants around the world. The company positions itself as a leader in personal growth training along with the basic aspects of psychology, as well as a unique educational model. The platform calls its programs quests, emphasizing interactivity with the student and constant feedback. The collected cases are authored by many coaches, motivational speakers and psychologists who teach material for spiritual growth and personal reinvention in an online format.

      Educational programs are sold separately and run at different times, which are fixed in advance by the company. On the course catalog pages, the user will see a calendar or notification showing the next start date of the new program. If the student is unable to attend a lecture at the specified time, the website mindvalley.com The program provides the function of moving to the next stream or postponing classes to an earlier date.

      On the home page, the student will see three ways to search for educational programs: through the main catalog, the interactive menu, and thematic labels. Each course card is filled with information about the contents of the lectures, a brief biography of the author of the material, and localized reviews. Just below will be a separate block with data on the current subscription and a button to proceed to payment. Separate sections are provided for viewing the free material and the welcome video from the lecture.

      Only users who have completed the registration procedure on the platform in advance can apply for training and pay for programs. You can also create an account through the mobile app by filling out a small questionnaire. To register, you can use a simplified method, where it is enough to sign in using social networks. The student then applies for the program, pays for a subscription or a specific course, and attends the platform on the day the training begins. Mindvalley's quests run through its own streaming network without the use of third-party programs. You can see information about an upcoming course or platform innovations in your personal account.

      Personal Cabinet

      After successfully registering an account, the student is taken to the profile dashboard page. Here you will see a list of the main sections and an updated line menu, which is aimed at purchasing educational programs. In the personal profile the user can add more personal information about themselves, including links to social networks to communicate with other Mindvalley participants. Other sections of the profile are arranged in this order:

      • "Settings" (tab for changing the current password and editing privacy settings on the platform).
      • "Language" (here you can change the language of the user interface and the courses that will be displayed in the catalog).
      • "Payment" (information about active subscriptions and history of previous transactions on the project).
      • "Support" (button for quick access to the Mindvalley Help Center).

      The mindvalley.com mobile app

      The Mindvalley Education Center has placed three separate applications on the iOS and Android marketplaces. To enter the personal account and attend classes, the student needs to install the main application with a similar name. The software provides a similar set of tools, including searching for new educational programs and renewing the current subscription. All Mindvalley applications are installed free of charge.

      When it comes to feedback and interaction with other course participants, the ecosystem has created an app called Connections by Mindvalley. The overall architecture of the program resembles a standard social network, where you can share photos, correspond in personal chats, and view publications on users' walls. An additional app from Mindvalley is "Omvana - Meditation for Performance & Flow States." The program is designed for listening to relaxing melodies, meditation, and yoga classes. A separate website has been created for the application, where you can find detailed information about its tools and functions.


      Courses on the Mindvalley platform

      Frequently visited programs at Mindvalley Online School can be found on the homepage or by clicking on internal hashtags. To view the full list of active educational programs, the student should go to the line menu and select the "Programs" tab. A contextual window will open just below, displaying a list of materials available for viewing or purchase. Mindvalley Education Center teaches in the areas of spiritual development, basic nutrition and personal growth. In the course materials, instructors minimally touch on the scientific context and focus only on their own experience and practical recommendations from popular psychologists, coaches, and motivational speakers.

      Each lesson on Mindvalley deals with a specific topic and covers all areas of life, including working on sleep, self-esteem, immunity, and character traits. For ease of navigation, most of the thematically similar programs are organized into general categories, which can be found at mindvalley.com. Since the educational center covers most of the components of human life, the catalog of courses has more than 25 comprehensive programs and 200 trainings. Before subscribing to Mindvalley, you need to understand the content of the categories and the material available for study.

      The Mind

      The first section in the list of programs, which is devoted to the development of intellectual abilities and the proper generation of thoughts. Here you can choose a course on embodying the habits and beliefs of leaders, transforming the mind to achieve goals, and proper meditation. The Mindfulness category is also filled with courses on planning, time allocation, and harmonizing the emotional background.


      A collection of practical guidelines for working on habits, dogmas, and psychological attitudes. Courses in this category will help you understand the nature of the brain, thinking, leadership, and courage. You can also find programs on working on speed-reading and concentration.


      Most of the programs in the "Body" category consist of the author's methods for improving a person's physical condition. The courses raise issues of longevity, proper fasting, and quality of sleep. Mindvalley offers to learn more about immunity, yoga culture and kettlebell training.

      The Soul

      A large section in which educational programs focus on the exploration of the human inner world. Teachers will discuss with students the nature of duality, energy medicine, conscious dreaming, and chakra healing. Courses in self-esteem and empathy development can be found within the category.


      The Career category contains programs of a motivational nature. Author's courses will help you overcome the barrier of doubt and create the right emotional background to develop your business. Course participants will gain the knowledge to build a good career, including no burnout, the ability to persuade, financial freedom, and an increase in motivation. The Mindvalley platform has a similar category, Entrepreneurship, where you can find programs for businessmen and self-employed people.


      A list of educational programs designed to strengthen relationships. Most of the courses focus on sexual issues, including restoring former emotions toward a partner. In this category the user will find programs on improving love life, humility after a breakup, and competent communication with important people. Since this section only partially covers relationships with children, Mindvalley has a separate subcategory that focuses on parenting. There are 3 programs published here where teachers talk about parent-child friendship and discovering a child's talents.


      Free Mainwelley courses

      On the site mindvalley.com There is a separate category with master classes that you can watch for free. Most of them are considered introductory lessons before buying basic material on a particular topic. To get a master class, the user needs to submit an application and select a time to watch it.


      Additional features

      Since Mindvalley positions itself as an international community, there are many useful features in its toolkit that complement learning. Such features enhance the interaction with the online school, the instructors, and the company as a whole.


      A topical forum from Mindvalley that focuses on organizational questions about learning and various events. The student can find the block of information he or she wants by using the search bar or by creating his or her own topic to get a response from forum visitors. To comment on publications and add to favorites, you need to register.


      Individual short programs published in audio format. They can be accessed at mindvalley.com, or on the music platforms Spotify and iTunes. The project is designed for additional training, as well as for learning new material before choosing a main course.

      Mindvalley for Schools and Business

      The company is open to cooperation with businesses and schools, in which they can provide their materials. For detailed information, the client should leave an application form or e-mail Mindvalley representatives.


      At mindvalley.com there is a separate tab for job seekers, where open jobs around the world are published. The user can choose a branch of the profession, find out more about the company's work, and send a resume.


      Tuition at mindvalley.com

      Prices for educational programs at Mindvalley depend on the amount of material and interactivity of the course. Looking through the school catalog, you can see that the prices for the lessons start from $49. The maximum amount per course was $499. But the platform has a subscription system where the 30-day plan costs $99 and the annual plan costs $41.60 per month.


      How do I pay my tuition at Mindvalley?

      You can pay for the subscription directly on the home page by clicking on the appropriate link. The site will open a payment page, where you need to specify contact information and payment details. Mindvalley supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover bank cards. Of the online services for payment is available only PayPal. To purchase an individual educational program, you must first create an account at mindvalley.com. Payment data will automatically appear in your personal account, where you can track the history of previous transactions.

      Paying for training in your personal account

      You can't pay for a course through your account dashboard, but you can use it to go to the plan selection page. Under "Payment" the student will see a "View Subscriptions" button, which, when clicked, will take the user to a list of current plan packages.

      Other ways to pay for online courses

      You can pay for the educational program in installments by splitting the current payment into three parts. On the tariff selection page the user will see an active inscription where Mindvalley notifies about the availability of payment in installments. By clicking on it the client gets to the standard subscription form, but with the total sum equal to the first installment. The installment is given for 90 days and limits the part of content, which is provided in the program until the next payment.


      Meindevelli.com Bonuses

      Mindvalley online school rarely runs promotions and bonus events for its educational programs. On the homepage of the project the user will not see advertising banners or a section with the list of valid discounts. The school provides a function of viewing courses for participants who have bought a basic or extended subscription to the service. Thus, Mindvalley students have access to the archive of educational programs without having to buy each material separately.

      Subscription discount

      The annual subscription for the school's quests costs $349 at the new price, and payments are broken up into 12 months in equal installments ($29). This price is set for most of the courses at Mindvalley, so choosing the current plan would be a smarter decision. A student can also opt for a monthly subscription, which costs $79. It also includes a set of 25+ educational programs and additional author materials of the online school.

      Affiliate Program

      In the catalog Admitad a fresh offer from the representatives of Mindvalley online school appeared. Within the framework of cooperation the company is ready to pay a reward for each completed subscription to courses. There is also a separate tab on mindvalley.com, where information about cooperation with the school is published. Owners of online communities, entrepreneurs, and authors of articles to fill out a branded blog can apply for partnership. When you sign up for the referral program at mindvalley.com, the company promises up to 30% base commission with an average order of $300.


      Complaints about Mindvalley

      There is not a single negative or neutral review on the platform's website, which may indicate a deliberate over-rating and unreliability of the publications. Nevertheless, on the TrustPilot site we found a separate discussion thread about Mindvalley online school, and the service has a high rating of 4.6 points there.

      If there are any reviews about Mindvalley, we'll be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      At mindvalley.com there is no legal information about the owner of the project, as well as about the executive bodies that control the work of the platform. The privacy policy lists only the head office address: 14525 SW Millikan Way #31545 Beaverton, OR 97005-2343. The school recommends contacting customer service for more information. The project is known to be run by Mindvalley LLC, which was created by Vishen Lakyani in 2002. Despite the start of activities in America, the legal basis of the project was moved to Malaysia, along with the central office. The platform has been controlled by the Malaysian government's executive branch since 2004.

      Mindvalley.com User Agreement

      The standard mindvalley.com user agreement is published in English at the bottom of the site. The content of the text is similar to similar foreign projects, so here the user will see only general information about the rules of using the school materials. Most of the text refers to the disclaimer of responsibility for possible risks of mindvalley.com, including links to third-party sources and downloading materials. The company warns the user that all published materials are only of an educational nature. Health advice, psychological improvement and relationship work is not defined as medical care or counseling.

      When it comes to customer personal information, mindvalley.com collects a lot of data, including marital status, religious views, parental status and active location. By analyzing them, the company develops personal recommendations, collects statistics, and keeps administrative records. Users have the right to request removal of personal information, or to request that information about them that Meindevelli has collected in the current 12 months be sent to them.

      Customer Service

      Mindvalley managers handle customer inquiries only through a feedback form. If a student wants to find information about a school or courses, mindvalley.com has a help center and a forum with a search function by topic. There are separate contacts for partners and advertisers, which are published under the "Support" tab.

      Site security

      At the moment of subscribing or purchasing a course, the client will see a number of active icons that confirm the presence of security certificates. The internal payment panel is connected to external acquiring systems with a high level of protection.


      Is Mindvalley a scam?

      During its operation, the online platform Mindvalley has gathered an audience of over 10,000,000 students worldwide who are interested in self-development and psychology. The company's portfolio includes more than 200 authored courses, translated into all languages with the addition of original subtitles. Students can subscribe and access all materials at mindvalley.com.

      The school has developed a mobile app and a separate social network for the convenience of learning courses. The student can become a member of a forum, live meetings, an author of publications, and part of the company in the person of an employee. We have analyzed mindvalley.com, its courses and payment rules. After that we can recommend this service.



      Online School Mainwelley can be called a successful marketing product, as evidenced by high attendance and large affiliate networks. The architecture of the platform resembles a beautiful presentation, where most of the theses motivate the student to buy a course or subscribe. When it comes to user interface and multidisciplinarity, Mindvalley gets high marks. The company has a large reach and scale community. If you've studied with Mindvalley before or are taking a course now, tell us about it in the Testimonials.

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        Avoid, you will never get a person if you have a problem, and they will never refund you

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        My son and I took the «Superbrains» course. We’re going to buy a year’s subscription. My son liked it. Took a couple more free lessons. The last one was from Marina Pier. Terrific. I recommend it to everyone.

        • The lessons are short. For my teenage son it was very important.
        • I can't change the language in the app
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        I studied for a month, started 7 quests at once. All excellent programs. If you practice and apply what you learn, it works. And if you just listen and do nothing then this entertainment seems to be a divorce. Who is ready to work on their own quests will help, who is not ready — this is not for you… Read more

        • The cost is not expensive, $400 for a year. During this time you can pass all the quests. I think that, individually, these programs are each worth $200-500. There is a handy application in Russian and about 20 quests in Russian. The hosts are international celebrities, their books are bestsellers.
        • I couldn't find a "support" button in the app. There are chats with students, but there are problems with support. In the personal account on the site there is a mail, but I have not tried to contact.
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