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A platform for additional education in in-demand specialties from professors at top U.S. universities.
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381 E. Evelyn Ave., Mountain View, California 94041
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Coursera, Inc.
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English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, etc.
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Paid, Free
Online courses / From 49 USDThe cost is calculated individually
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Bank card (Visa/MC), Bank transfer
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Intellectual development, Foreign language learning, IT and digital courses, Business courses, School and academic disciplines, Retraining courses remotely
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English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese
Web development, HTML layout, CSS layout, Mobile developer, Business, Project manager, Web design, SMM-promotion, Web-analytics, Testing, Content marketing, Interior design, Target advertising, HR and HR management
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PHP, Python, Java, Javascript, Scala, SQL, Learning C from scratch, C, C++
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The platform hosts online courses for distance learning in various fields of knowledge in collaboration with top universities and international companies
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Webinars, Online Lessons, Master Classes, Online Tutorials, Online Consultations, Video Lessons, Tests, Practical Projects
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From 13 years
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You can add your course to the platform if you are a recognized expert
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There are mobile apps (iOS / Android)
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RegistrationPaid order - 7.69%-34.61%
Large selection of current courses from leading universities and international companies, the constant development of the project
Free tuition and an MBA are available
Convenient platform with simple and clear navigation and a mobile app for training
Gaining knowledge from teachers with extensive experience, more than 200 service partners from the world's leading companies and universities
Advantageous partner program and corporate training
Ability to use the diploma project for further employment
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U.S. Department of Education
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      381 E. Evelyn Ave., Mountain View, California 94041

      Coursera is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 5 May 2020 Updated: February 12, 2023

      Coursera - that online education platformThe project was created in 2012 in collaboration with specialists from Stanford, Princeton, and Michigan Universities. The project will help you get additional education in the most in-demand professions. Currently, the company cooperates with many universities and helps you get additional education in almost any field of science.

      There are both paid and free courses, and at the end of each of them you can get a certificate. Everything looks interesting and profitable, but is it really so? Isn't Coursera a scam? Let's take a closer look at the platform.


      Why Coursera

      The Coursera platform was launched in 2012. The project contains a huge number of educational courses in a variety of disciplines. At the moment the number of Coursera students has exceeded 45 million users. Training takes place in the format of video lectures, webinars, and assignments, and at the end of the course each student takes an exam and receives a certificate or diploma, depending on the level of the course.

      The benefits of the Coursera educational platform:

      • more than 3,900 online courses;
      • there are free courses;
      • different training formats;
      • qualified instructors from leading universities around the world;
      • A diploma is issued upon completion of the course;
      • a lot of partners - more than 207 organizations;
      • profitable affiliate program;
      • There is the possibility of corporate training and an MBA.

      Coursera offers a huge range of choices and many opportunities. To begin your studies, all you have to do is register online

      How to study online at

      Once you have chosen the courses you would like to take, you can begin training. To do this, you need to register and create a personal account on the project site Registration does not take much time. Verification can be done through a social media account or through a link that will come to your email. For legal entities, there is a separate entrance to the platform to register and create a personal account.

      Personal Cabinet

      All information about the selected courses, homework, certificates, payment is stored in your personal account on the platform. Through your personal account you can send messages to course supervisors and other students, participate in communities, etc. Coursera has also developed its own mobile application, which fully duplicates the functionality of the personal account platform.

      Mobile application

      The mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play. You can study using your mobile app without having to go to the website Receive assignments, submit them for review, ask questions, and more.


      Courses on the Coursera website

      In addition to short-term courses, it is also possible to earn a degree on the platform, for example, to study for a Bachelor of Computer Science, remotely at Goldsmiths University London. The course of study will last from 3-6 years, and the application can be submitted through the portal twice a year - in April and October. Tuition will cost from £10,592-15,889 for the entire course. The Coursera platform offers online training in a variety of disciplines. Quick links to the most popular courses can be found in the basement of the site.

      All courses on the platform are divided according to general topics:

      • Data Science.
      • Business.
      • Computer Science.
      • Personal Development.
      • Information Technology.
      • Language Learning.
      • Health.
      • Mathematics and logic.
      • Social Science.
      • Natural and Technical Sciences.
      • Humanities and the Arts.

      You can choose the desired major and any required academic level. On each course page, you will find a full schedule, teachers, syllabi, and other pertinent information. Let's take a closer look at some of these courses.

      "Artificial Intelligence for Everyone."

      You can begin this course free of charge and, as with many other specializations, take an exam when you have completed the course. The course is in English, but additional subtitles are available in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and French. The course lasts about 4 weeks. The course program assumes an introductory level learning the basics of AI development, engineering practices of companies that are already working with AI, learning the terminology and reviewing the most famous successful examples of using AI.

      "Neural Networks and Deep Learning."

      You can start this course for free at the beginning of May and apply for financial aid to complete this program by the end. The program lasts about 4 weeks and all training is completely online, so you can learn at your own pace. In this course you will learn how neural networks work, the basics, terminology, history of neural network development and more.

      "Financial Markets."

      The course is offered in partnership with Yale University, and you can start free and apply for financial aid in order to complete the program. The course program is designed for seven weeks. During the course, you will learn the basics of financial management, stock markets, financial flows, the history of financial markets, and more.

      "Fundamentals of Immunology."

      Another popular course is Fundamentals of Immunology, run in conjunction with Rice University. You can take this course in about two months, during which time you will learn the basics of immunology, the basic concepts of the field, an introduction to the theory, and time to learn a little about the practice of the science. The course is recorded in English.

      "Fundamentals of Positive Psychology."

      The program is offered in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania. It is a four-month course, during which time you will learn:

      • the most successfully implemented projects in this area;
      • An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Positive Psychology;
      • basics and terms from this area.

      Each course has a practical project that you complete at the end of the course. A huge number of programs allow you to find the discipline you would like to study.


      Free Coursera Courses

      You can choose any of the courses on any topic, from computer science to art history, photography, and any other specialization presented on the platform. You can take any of the courses you choose for free, but if a diploma or certificate of completion is required, many programs will require a tuition fee. On the page of each course you can apply for financial aid or write a special application for a free certificate, stating the reasons, for consideration by a special committee. It is also available on the site to obtain certificates of training in various fields of knowledge for later use in employment.


      Additional services from

      In addition to the fact that on the platform you can take many courses, there you can also join any of the communities that interest you, where you can share new developments, opinions and tips, as well as read articles in the blog.

      Corporate training

      The Coursera platform offers not only individual, but also corporate training, including in various disciplines for state institutions. Among the project's partner companies that have worked together with Coursera and whose employees have been trained on the platform are the largest concerns from various fields, from food production to well-known cosmetics corporations.


      Tuition on the Coursera website

      The cost of the course for each program presented on the portal is calculated separately, depending on the time of the course and the partner that provided the training materials. For each of the courses there is an option of a free period - 7 days.


      How to pay for

      You can pay for your studies on the platform with your bank card. Courser also has a money-back guarantee - your money will be refunded within 14 days.

      Paying for training in your personal account

      The most convenient way will be to pay through a personal account with a bank card or bank transfer.

      Other ways to pay for online courses

      In addition to a bank card you can pay for courses by bank transfer or invoice for legal entities. The invoice is issued in your personal cabinet.


      Coursera bonuses

      The project does not have its own bonus system. But by becoming a program partner, you can receive up to 45% of the cost of each course purchased through your site.

      Referral program

      When you become a Coursera partner, not only will you be able to earn extra income by posting code to go to the project platform, but you'll also get privileges as a project partner. In addition, you will have the opportunity to monetize your site traffic using the platform's online tools.


      Complaints about Coursera

      You can find a huge number of reviews about the online education platform Coursera on the Internet. Among the positive reviews, the project's clients most often praise it:

      • easy to navigate courses;
      • A well-constructed online training for each of the programs;
      • the convenience of completing assignments using the mobile app;
      • a huge range of specializations;
      • the opportunity to take courses for free.

      There are many more positive reviews of the platform than negative ones. In the few negative reviews, students write about the fact that most of the initial courses tend to be of a general nature and lecturers try to fit as much material as possible into compressed lectures. Sometimes there are technical difficulties with synchronization of the mobile app and personal account on the site, but this is quickly resolved by contacting the project's support service. In general, Coursera students, both those who have taken paid courses and those who have chosen free courses to improve their qualifications, speak positively of learning on the platform and prefer to continue receiving additional education with Coursera.

      If there's any feedback about the Coursera service, we'll be sure to post it on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

      Free legal advice at

      If you're having trouble getting a refund for your course, you can get help from a lawyer. Answer a few questions and get expert help. The lawyer will contact you with a ready solution.


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      Coursera, Inc. is legally regulated by the U.S. Department of Education.

      View the rules of the Coursera online platform User Agreement

      The User Agreement, as well as other documents that you sign when registering on the site, is posted in the basement of the site.

      Please note that the educational platform has an age restriction - up to 13 years old, and the project does not work in some geographical regions. Payment for all courses on the Coursera portal is made in dollars, if you pay in another currency, there may be a small percentage for currency conversion.

      In the event of a dispute that cannot be resolved through the helpdesk, the case will be taken to court and resolved under the laws of the State of California. You can pay for different courses on the platform in different ways: you can pay for a course in full or monthly, or you can buy a special Coursera plan. Each plan has a different refund policy. If you are requesting a refund, keep in mind that you can get your money back within 14 days after you start your course.

      If your subscription is a pay-per-month plan, it will be difficult to get a refund on this plan. Each course has a free 7-day period. In addition to the offer agreement, you sign a copyright agreement and a confidentiality agreement.

      Customer Service

      The platform's support team is very responsive, both through the website and through the mobile app. You can leave a message through your personal account or through social networking groups. The platform also has a user support center, where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions or ask your own.

      Site security

      The site is protected by a high-level security certificate. All payments through the site go through a secure connection with additional encryption.


      Is Coursera a scam?

      Project Coursera - is an online supplementary education platform that was launched in 2012 in partnership with several prominent universities in the United States. The platform was constantly developing, new partners appeared not only among universities from all over the world, but also among large companies of business schools and other organizations. At the moment, the project has more than 207 major partners, more than 4,000 courses are presented on the platform, and the number of clients is more than 25 million.

      After you finish each course, you can get a diploma, and your diploma project can be a real project that you can use in the future. After carefully studying how the Coursera platform works, the portal navigation, the learning system, documents, and customer feedback, we can say with confidence that Coursera is not a scam. The huge range of specializations available will help you find exactly what you need, and the free period of access to a course is very convenient if you want to see if this is the course you need. According to feedback from Coursera students, studying on this platform is simple, convenient, and easy.



      The convenience of the platform for additional education Coursera Not only can you take any of the courses you choose at your own pace, but you can also choose the level of the program you want. You can choose short courses that will earn you an additional certificate, or you can choose full distance learning courses at one of the partner universities that will earn you a degree and send you your documents by mail.

      A huge selection of free short-term courses will help to improve your professional level, or just learn something new, and the company's mobile app will allow you to do your homework and study anywhere you like. The project is constantly developing, adding new training programs for both regular students and corporate clients.

      Ease of learning
      The level of knowledge obtained
      Training prices


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      • 2.5
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        Ease of learning
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        Training prices
        Overpriced for this

        The certificate is not accepted in any way. There is no number, no duration, no subjects. The specialization simply includes a set of certificates received. No specialty obtained is indicated. The cost of the specialization is not worth that much money. In Alison, Udemy at least there is a number and… Read more

        • Universities
        • Overpriced
        • The certificate is not accepted
        • Specialization is just a set of certificates
      • 3.3
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        Ease of learning
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        Training prices
        Coursera is one of the giants of...

        Coursera is one of the giants of online education and we managed to find a huge number of reviews on its work. But lately we have seen comments that curators of many courses began to delay checking homework, prices for classes are increasing, and technical support — is working worse and worse. And how… Read more

      • 1
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        Ease of learning
        The level of knowledge obtained
        Training prices
        Coursera tech support doesn't work at all

        Coursera tech support doesn’t work at all. They only answered one question about registration, because it depended on it whether they would get my money. That’s it! After that, not a single question was answered. I read in the forum on Coursera itself, where students write about mistakes and typos -… Read more

        • Ruslan Bai Elena LV 21 April 2021 in 14:15
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          Ran into a Coursera scam today. Signed up for a free 7 day trial period to study the course. I unsubscribed 2 days before the end of the course. But today the money was still taken from the card. The support service said that the money will not be refunded. Everyone who will give their card information on Coursera is at risk of being ripped off.

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