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Service helps you find a guide in 600 cities around the world and organize individual or group tours, including author's directions.
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    Archiepiskopou Makariou, III Avenue 155, Proteas House, 3026 Limassol, Cyprus

    Tripster is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: 11 March 2020 Updated: August 3, 2022

    The company Tripster was founded in 2008 by a team of travelers, developers and designers. They created a website, which since 2013 has hosted author tours in 600 cities around the world. There is a choice of group and individual walks. The service provides an opportunity to ask questions to guides, book tours online and make prepayments only 20%. With the help of the company's site you can not only visit interesting places, but also offer your own tours, as well as participate in an affiliate program.

    The best way to tell about the quality of services is to check the reviews of travelers: there are more than 137 thousand of them on the website. If you have doubts about the reliability of the service team, take a look at this review. It will help to make sure that Tripster is not a scam.

    Is Tripster a scam? Reviews


    Why Tripster

    Tripster offers the opportunity to visit interesting places on tours with locals in 600 cities around the world. Tour guides can make their own descriptions of the walks, which after checking the administration are published on the website If necessary, the team helps develop an interesting itinerary. Tripster acts as a guide's agent and helps clients find interesting excursions. Features of the service:

    • convenient online booking in a few clicks;
    • opportunity to discuss all questions of interest with the chosen guide;
    • prepayment 20%, the rest is transferred directly to the tour guide;
    • individual and group walks;
    • tours in 93 countries around the world;
    • unusual suggestions from top photographers, historians, architects and other guides;
    • unique walks that only locals can arrange.

    The website of the project is simple and intuitive. At the top and in the middle of the main page there are search lines where you can enter the name of the city where the client is going to. Popular localities are placed on the main page in a colorful gallery.

    Tripster city tours

    The "See All Cities" button opens a list of all locations, conveniently divided by continent. You can also see slides with popular walks, the latest customer reviews, the main sections of the site and a form with the opportunity to subscribe to news, for which there are weekly discounts. On other pages of the site you can see the scheme of the service, affiliate program, terms and conditions and information for guides. subscribe to news


    How to register at

    You can use Facebook and VKontakte to quickly log in. You can also fill out the traditional registration form, enter your last name and first name, e-mail and password (your own or automatically generated). After that, a personal account will appear, and no confirmation is required. You will receive an email with information about registration, interesting excursions and a link to the site

    Tripster registration

    Tripster Personal Cabinet

    For both travelers and guides, there is one personal account. It is divided into items with information for these two cooperation options. On the page "My orders" you will be able to follow the selected excursions, and communicate with the guides. The section for tour guides contains statistics, where the average response time, number of order confirmations, earnings, rules of work and information about the possibility to view the traveler's contacts before payment. It is noted that if the statistics after 5 orders is good, tours will be posted for free, if bad - payment will be required.

    Tripster rules of working with orders

    There are also tabs with excursions, reservations, appointments, calendar, and archive. In the calendar, you can mark the days and hours when the tour guide is not available. This means that customers will not be able to buy individual walks for that time, and the tour guide will not have to cancel orders, thereby worsening the statistics.

    Mobile application

    At the moment, Tripster does not have its own mobile app.


    How to buy tours on Tripster

    To book a tour on the website you can enter the desired city in the search bar, select it from the gallery on the home page or from the general list of settlements divided by continents. On the page of the selected city for convenience there are minimum prices and a filter by destination, places of interest. If there are offers for special prices, they will be listed under "Discounted". buy tours

    Below you can filter tours by price, number of people, and dates. There is a search bar by description, sorting by price and reviews, and the ability to choose only among individual or group options. All walks are collected in a colorful gallery, you can see the offer (individual or group), time, number of reviews and rating, guide's name and cost in the main photo. The guide can be contacted through the website, the client will receive answers to the email specified when registering. The guide's personal contacts will be available after the prepayment is made. At the same moment the traveler's contact information will become available to the guide.

    How to book a tour

    It is advisable to book the tour immediately after the traveler has decided on the date of the trip. Confirmation of the reservation will guarantee that the guide will not be busy at the right time. You can make an advance payment after confirmation of the order. This is done to ensure that payment is made after the customer and the guide agreed on everything and agreed on the date and time. Choosing an interesting option, you can read a detailed description of the tour, a calendar with free dates and reviews of travelers who have already used the service. There is also detailed information about the guide and the conditions of the tour:

    • number of people;
    • duration;
    • the possibility of carrying out with children;
    • method of conduct;
    • availability of a discount.

    On the same page you can go to the form of communication with the guide.

    Tripster Book Tours

    If the chosen excursion suits the traveler, he can begin to make an order. To do this in a new window, you need to select the date of the walk, the time from the options offered by the guide, the number of people. If there are seats available in the group excursion, information about its time will be indicated here.

    Tripster choose a tour time

    There is a separate field for questions and comments. After confirmation of the order by the guide, you will be able to make an advance payment in 20%. The client can give the remaining amount to the guide in person after the end of the walk. After the prepayment, the offer is considered booked, and the guide and traveler receive each other's phone number and email. When booking, the customer will receive a memo with contacts and the amount of payment, which can be printed out. Such a ticket can be kept as a keepsake or as proof of payment. After the end of the tour, the guide will put his signature on it.

    After that, the guide and the customer resolve all issues themselves and discuss any changes. The administration asks parties to be punctual. In case of a significant delay, it is possible to cancel the walk. If the guide is late, the traveler can demand a refund of the prepayment. If the latter does not come at the appointed time, the guide can refuse the order, the prepayment in such a case will not be refunded.

    How to book cheap tours?

    To allow the customer to save money on excursions, the service offers a category "With discounts" in each of the cities where there are similar offers. The amount of the discount is indicated on the main picture of the tour. You can also save money by becoming a member of a recruited group for an outing. If there is such a possibility, it will be indicated in the order form.

    Excursion refunds

    The customer can cancel the tour at any time. If the cancellation is more than 2 days before the start of the walk, the customer can count on a refund of the entire prepayment. If the cancellation is for less time, the money will not be refunded. If the tour is cancelled by the guide, the prepayment will be refunded in full. If the traveler has made an agreement with the escort to buy tickets to exhibitions, etc. or has other expenses that cannot be refunded when the tour is cancelled, Tripster will refund the money minus such expenses. Exceptions to such rules are possible for a reason: refunds

    You can request a refund as follows:

    • Check whether the cancellation is in accordance with the company's return policy;
    • to prepare proof of force majeure, if the reason for refusal is such a problem;
    • write to the email service, sending a link to the order and indicating the reason for cancellation.

    More Tripster site features

    Additionally, Tripster has a service "Best Price Guarantee". In order to offer its customers walks at affordable prices, the administration has agreed with the guides that their excursions will have the lowest price. The service is ready to prove it: if a traveler finds an identical excursion from the same guide at a lower price, Tripster will conduct it for such a client at that cost. Before payment you should write to [email protected], where the lower price was found, and wait for confirmation of the reduction.


    Pay for the tour at

    You don't have to pay the entire cost of the selected offer, but 20% of its value. You can do this with Visa/Mastercard and МИР. The remaining amount must be paid to the guide after the walk is over.

    How to pay for the tour online?

    Visa/Mastercard and МИР cards are offered for payment online.


    Tripster bonuses

    Some guides offer discounts on their tours. You can see such offers by selecting the desired city and filter the appropriate options by clicking on the "With discount" button. It can range from 5 to 50%. The amount of the discount is indicated on the main offer picture in the upper right corner. Additional discounts are also offered for those customers who subscribe to the service's news.

    Tripster discounts


    You can find promo codes for Tripster deals on affiliate sites as well as travel blogs. Discounts can be as low as 70% for individual itineraries or cities. The code must be entered at checkout in the appropriate field:

    Tripster promo codes

    Referral program

    Tripster offers participation in a referral program. The partner installs walk advertisements on his site in the form of widgets or links. Contextual widgets are offered that analyze the content and show tours about the place the page is about. You can also connect a widgetbar that shows after a visitor has been on the page for a few seconds if they haven't seen the widget. This increases profits on 30%. In addition, autobuilder of widgets and links is developed. All you have to do is select the appropriate offers, copy the code and paste it into the site. This option is suitable not only for sites about travel, like the previous ones, but also for channels and communities in social networks. On a subdomain or iframe, you can set up a white label, your excursion vertical - a page with excursions on your site. It is suitable for travel sites that have their own audience. affiliate program

    The API is ideal for creating a directory of walks in your design. It makes it possible to provide real-time data. This method of cooperation can be used by online travel agencies selling tours to their clients. The service pays for all orders that referrals make on the site. The administration notes that the high average check allows affiliate program participants to earn more. Program features:

    • payments to 8% from the tour;
    • assignment of a referral to a partner for a year;
    • easy widget integration.

    In the "Partners" section of the website there is a calculator that allows you to calculate the approximate monthly earnings. Withdrawal of money is made every month. Payment can be made to the wallets WebMoney, Yandex.Money, PayPalaccount of an individual, a sole proprietorship or a legal entity.

    The company also cooperates with the CPA network Admitad. The seller pays remuneration for new clients brought to his site. The partner receives 8.46% of the cost of each excursion.


    Complaints about Tripster

    If a traveler has a problem, he or she can complain by phone or e-mail to the company. You can also tell about the incident on this page. There are positive reviews of the service online, which are about the convenience of the site, interesting excursions and service, and negative ones. They are associated with the fact that there are cases when the guide at the last moment refuses to walk or instead of him comes another person. In addition, there are complaints that the administration is not always able to solve problems quickly, including the lack of communication with the guide. In some cases, the guide offers to add people to the group, but does not calculate the discount correctly. If you consider that Tripster is an agent tour guide, then you can not be surprised by the occasional problems, as the service can not control all the guides.

    Tripster reviews Tripster Reviews reviews

    If there are any reviews about Tripster, we'll be sure to post them on social media. Sign up so you don't miss a thing!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Supervisory authorities

    TRIPSTER LIMITED is registered in Cyprus. It has an office at Arch. Makariou III, 155, PROTEAS HAUS, 3026, Limassol and registration number HE394908.

    User Agreement

    On the website you can read the terms of use of the service. The document has sections with placing offers, booking excursions, conducting outings, cancelling reservations, and information about marketing messages.

    Tripster terms of service


    When the order is paid by card, payment processing, including entering its number, takes place on a secure page, which has passed certification. Therefore, confidential data does not come to Tripster's site, its processing is protected, which means that no one can get the client's data.

    The card information handling uses the security standard developed by Visa and MasterCard systems - PCI DSS, which guarantees safe card processing. Transmission technology provides security on transactions through the use of TLS, Secure Code, Verified by Visa and closed networks with the highest degree of protection.

    Customer Service

    The service support team can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at +7 (499) 917-02-01. The company also has pages on social networks Facebook, VKontakte and Instagram.


    Is Tripster a scam?

    Service Tripsterwhich has been operating since 2008, acts as an agent for guides in 600 cities in 93 countries. The company's website allows tour guides to post their offers and travelers to find walks of interest and place orders. The site is clear and easy to work with, there is all the necessary information both for guides who want to offer their services to clients and for visitors looking for interesting places to visit.

    Choosing a tour and paying 20%, the client receives contacts of the guide, which can contact him and discuss all points of interest. On the one hand, it is a convenient option of work, but on the other hand, it turns out that the service is not responsible for the competence of the guide and other nuances of his work. In addition, there are complaints that the guides cancel orders on the last day, or change the conditions. In this regard, the administration can not affect the situation, too. The only thing that the service can do is to return the prepayment. But if the guide had bought tickets to museums, etc., then there will be no refund for them. Also, customers should keep in mind that in addition to paying for the walk itself, you need to prepare money for site visits, ticket fees, food and water for the tour guide. In general, the service Tripster - a convenient platform that allows travelers to find unusual excursions and guides - clients for their walks. Tripster is not a scam, and the problems that arise with users are more often related to the human factor.



    Tripster - is one of the few companies, which allows you to find offers from local guides in 600 cities around the world. The service allows you to choose excursions of interest using convenient filters, communicate with guides, make reservations online, and pay only 20% of the cost of the walk. After booking, customers are sent a beautifully designed ticket, which will indicate the date and time of the tour, the amount of the remaining payment. After the walk, it can be kept as a memento with a signature left by the guide.

    If you have used the service, leave your review about it on this page. Those who are going to travel are often looking for interesting and unusual excursions in the places they are going to. It is important for them to be able to evaluate the work of a particular project or a particular guide. It is easier to do this with comments. In addition, the evaluation of a site affects its overall rating.

    Variety of tours
    Quality of services
    Customer Service


    • Employee level ----- zero / Complete absence of management in the company

      Especially for guides and agencies!
      There were many different controversial situations —— customer service is always on the side of tourists, regardless of whether they were drunk, behaved inadequately or gave ultimatums, are you out of your mind?
      Absolutely incompetent people, it’s like they were recruited to work with Bazaar, or how do you explain the lack of tact in actions and the ability to conduct dialogues
      Company management? No, no, …… I haven’t heard.
      They’re probably sitting If there was a competent management such characters as Zhenya and Nastya would have been fired a long time ago
      After calling in. Support service about the blocking of excursions, no one eventually call back, a lot of bazaar

      As they will see this review —— 100% will start to justify themselves according to the standard scheme.
      Tripster, don’t embarrass yourself, if there are still questions, I’ll explain to you again who you really are
      If write an answer, then I will be happy to post a detailed description of the situation of your jams and how you cover up the boorish behavior of tourists

      Reply to this review
    • Terrible service

      On 05/08/22, we had a sightseeing tour of the Hermitage. Plan was 2 hours, the result was 1 hour and 20 minutes, the guide Elena came 15 minutes later, the whole tour was rushing and yawning. She did not tell us a single interesting fact about the Hermitage, she simply showed us around the Hermitage and read us the inscriptions on the signs at the bottom of the exhibits (we could have done that by ourselves!!!). And this is an individual tour at a cost of 3000!!! I recommend the company to be more responsible in their hiring!

      Reply to this review
    • Money Scam

      As soon as the money was transferred tour was canceled. Spent the whole day on the registration

      Reply to this review
    • Yes, an intermediary, but a necessary one

      I constantly use this service and am generally satisfied.
      I like the non-standard excursions very much.

      Reply to this review
    • Tripster's staff was recruited from Kaschanko

      Wasted time on the abominable office, no one to contact, want to write, do not want to fuck off. Two months of bullshit tripper, but did not end with anything. If you are stuck with at least a third-rate communication and give your time for insane nonsense, then you to the staff tripper, they are on this case received the highest!

      Reply to this review
      • eduard Morozov 1 December 2021 at 16:55

        It is not clear who you could not contact and for what reason? In several years of excursions I have never had a reason to contact Tripster, I only talked to the guides.

    • The attitude to customers is at the...

      The attitude to customers is at the level of 0. The company’s employees are arrogant and incompetent. They write in standard phrases, like robots. In a word-Give me the money and go away.

      Reply to this review
    • My experience is negative. In fact, the...

      My experience is negative. In fact, the site pimp / intermediary taking a percentage of 20-25% of the cost of the guide. Prepayment in the form of a reservation. Which you will not get back if you refuse in 48 hours. But will sell 12 hours before the start, which excludes the possibility of return. There’s no information on the itineraries. When I needed to make sure the itinerary was different from the buildings I had previously visited, there was no answer. In general, if you do not have someone to give you extra money — transfer to these scoundrels.

      Reply to this review
    • Reviews of the online service Tripster are...

      Reviews of the online service Tripster are very mixed. Some customers are dissatisfied with its work because of overpricing, inconsistency and Lack of communication between employees, double bookings (the same time can be booked at the same time) and cancellation of excursions right before their beginning. But there are also many positive reviews of the company on the Internet, in which customers note the user-friendly website, the ability to communicate with tour guide, individual approach, payment system, compliance with the stated on the site and adequate prices. And what our readers have to say about Tripster service? We want your opinion!

      Reply to this review
    • Great tour by Irene in Bologna! I...

      Great tour by Irene in Bologna! I don’t know if all their guides are like that, but I got the most wonderful one! I saw a side of the city that not every tourist can. All these old streets, ramshackle houses, in general, super! The service is great!

      Reply to this review
      • Alla 25 November 2021 at 18:17

        Are you a woman or a man?

    • Turn your free time into money with...

      Turn your free time into money with the service Yandex. Instant withdrawal from $1

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