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Published: September 23, 2022 Updated: 19 October 2022

Service Tripsterwhich has long offered to book one-day tours from local guides in various countries, has introduced a new product. Now you can find and book multi-day tours from regional experts on the company's website. These are unique programmes from locals who offer an unforgettable holiday and an introduction to the country's culture. So far there are tours in 7 countries to choose from. 


In this country you can book one of 15 tours lasting from 2 to 11 days:

  • Burning Armenia (4 days). Journey through Yerevan and its bars with a visit to the largest wine festival, Tatev Monastery and the underground dungeon. 
  • Caucasus Trip (7 days). A trip from North Ossetia to Armenia and Georgia. The program includes visits to the gorges of North Ossetia, ancient monasteries of Armenia, rest at Sevan, walks in Tbilisi and Yerevan. 
  • Armenian Pleasures (3 days). The author of the tour offers to walk around Yerevan, get acquainted with the ancient monuments of architecture and taste the local brandy. The peaks of Ararat, the Ararat Valley and the gorge of the Azat River await tourists. 
  • From Yerevan to Sevan (6 days). Travelers will be able to visit the Acropolis, Stonehenge, Swiss Village, Garni Temple, Karahunj Observatory and the town of Dilijan in the mountain gorge.
  • Symbols of Armenia (3 days). A visit to a vodka and brandy factory, Christian and pagan temples. Tourists will also be shown the "Symphony of Stones" and invited to a culinary master class. 
  • Ancient Temples and Nature (4 days). During the tour you can get acquainted with the capital of Armenia, climb the Cascade, visit ancient temples, listen to the symphony of the organ, ride the cable car and admire Lake Sevan. 
  • Fabulous Ararat and hot springs (2 days). The author of the tour offers to ride the cable car, buy in natural baths, visit an ancient cave and taste the local wine and snacks. 
  • Bright colors of sunny Armenia (4 days). Tourists will be shown ancient monasteries and temples, courtyards, "Armenian courtyards" and other protected places. They will also enjoy a flight on the "Wings of Tatev" and a ride in a convertible through the mountains. 
  • The tour will take you to the land of mountains and monasteries (3 days). During the trip you can see Yerevan, Sevan, temples and monasteries. The picturesque nature, national cuisine and homemade wine are responsible for the color.  
  • Time to collect stones (2 days). The tour will give you the opportunity to explore the buildings in the rocks, a museum recreating the life of cave life, a walk on the bridge over the gorge and the "Wings of Tatev". You can also taste the local cuisine and appetizing wines. 
  • Immersion Trip (11 days). Tourists will be able to stay in home mini-hotels, get acquainted with the nature of the country, ride the serpentine mountain rides, get acquainted with temples and fortresses. During the tour, you can ride the cable car and admire Sevan. 
  • Armenian flavor (4 days). The trip will combine acquaintance with ancient temples and modern culture. Tour participants will enjoy scenic nature and a memorable flight on the "Wings of Tatev". 
  • The brightest places of Armenia (5 days). Walks through the local streets, to Cascade and Sevan, ancient monasteries.
  • Six vivid days in Armenia. The program includes visits to the famous shrines of Echmiadzin, Zvartnots and Khor Virap, exploring Ararat, Lake Sevan and Yerevan Cascade. 


Several tours are available in Turkey:

  • Wellness Turkish Trip (9 days). A trip in which tourists are waiting for jogging, training, yoga, stretching, swimming in the sea. 
  • Cappadocia, born of nature's fantasy (3 days). Visiting five valleys, stone cities, monasteries, acquaintance with local cuisine and traditional crafts, take off into the sky in a hot-air balloon and photo session against the background of colorful domes.
  • Aegean Sea (8 days). Picturesque bays, empty beaches and sunsets on the yacht. 
  • Bicycle Trip (6 days). Walks through mandarin groves, farms and forests. Exploring the Lycian tombs, ancient Kaunos and Aegean cuisine. 
  • Cycling along the Aegean coast (7 days). Riding along the groves, walking in Kaunos, boating.
  • Ski holiday: Bursa and Uludag (3 days). Walking through the city of Bursa, to Suuçtu waterfall, to a honey farm. Also tourists will see the Great Mosque and its 20 domes.
  • The Cosmic Magic of Cappadocia (5 days). A visit to the open-air museum, sunset on the Pink Rocks, a walk through the labyrinths of the underground city, a pottery workshop and an introduction to local cuisine. 
  • Turkish Kaleidoscope: Cappadocia and Istanbul (9 days). Mosques and palaces of Istanbul, valleys with unusual rocks, cruise on the Bosphorus, bike ride, hot air balloon flight. 
  • Incredible Cappadocia (6 days). Caves, underground cities, local cuisine, beautiful sunrises and a traditional hamam. 
  • Hike along the Lycian Trail (10 days). Overnight stays on beaches, scenic nature and walking along mountain trails. The ruins of Olympos, the burning Yanartas Mountain, pomegranate and orange orchards, and clean beaches await tourists. 
  • Unfussy Turkey (8 days). The author has prepared different types of activities and invites you to visit a Turkish family during the tour. Travelers will try canyoning, trekking and kayaking.


Many tours are also offered in Georgia. Tourists can choose one of these options:

  • Across Georgia (10 days). Drive across the country, relaxing on a deserted beach and in Telavi, where the famous movie "Mimino" was filmed.
  • Mountain landscapes of Svaneti: from the sea to the peaks (2 days). You can climb the Tower of Svaneti, ride the Khatsvali cable car and scenic roads. 
  • Svaneti: a history among the mountains (3 days). Ancient towers, walk to the glacier, Dadiani Palace, Ushguli community. Acquaintance with Svan traditions and local cuisine. 
  • Lost in the mountains of Svaneti (2 days). A walk among the mountain ranges away from civilization. You can take a cable car ride and get acquainted with Mestia, the towers of Svaneti, the Inguri Reservoir.
  • Fabulous Kakheti (2 days). You can taste Georgian wines and immerse yourself in the local culture. Tourists will enjoy picturesque views, amazing legends and ancient fortresses.
  • Bright Colors: Tbilisi, Kakheti and Stepantsminda (5 days). Mountains, Tbilisi courtyards, local cuisine and relaxation in the SPA. 
  • Autotrip: weekend in a hospitable country (3 days). History of ancient temples, Kazbek and the cozy streets of Tbilisi. 
  • Georgia along and across (10 days). The tour includes a journey through 5 regions of the country. Visit high-altitude villages, temples, swimming in the sea and tasting local food and wine.
  • Mysterious Hevsuretia: fortresses and villages (2 days). You can explore the ancient towers, walk through the abandoned streets and enjoy the views of the mountains.
  • Undiscovered Svaneti (4 days). Mysterious Mestia, picturesque mountains and delicious Georgian cuisine.


You can choose a tour to Uzbekistan from a small list of offers:

  • Diving into a Fairy Tale: Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent (6 days). Walks through the winding streets and bazaars of the East. 
  • Mosaic panel (7 days). During the tour you can visit Tashkent, Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand, learn how to cook pilaf and enjoy a folklore show. 
  • Tajikistan and Uzbekistan: nature and history (10 days). Walking in the Fann Mountains, Dushanbe, Samarkand and Bukhara.
  • Tasty tour to the heart of the East (7 days). You can taste the most delicious pilaf and learn how to trade at the local bazaar.


Only 3 tours to Morocco are available on the website so far:

  • See Morocco and fall in love (12 days). A camel ride in the desert, an overnight stay in a tent, exploring local villages, and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. You can also see how argan oil and saffron are made and learn how to weave carpets. 
  • In Morocco only girls (12 days). Girls' night out with dinners in local restaurants, walks through colorful streets and meeting golden sunsets. During the tour a professional photographer will take many unforgettable pictures. 
  • Beautiful far away (10 days). You can walk through the colorful streets, see the magical palaces, the blue city, meet the sunrise in the dunes and taste the oysters. 


In Abkhazia there are two tours to choose from:

  • 2 days in Abkhazia. Visiting Lake Rizza, local gorges, overnight at the mountain lake and acquaintance with waterfalls. 
  • The best places in Abkhazia (4 days). The beauty of the mountains, the history of Gagra and Pitsunda, visiting New Athos, caves and local waterfalls. 


In Iran you can book the author's tour "Iranian Mosaic" (7 days). During the trip you can visit six colorful cities, see the palaces and shrines, spacious squares, colorful markets, and taste the mouthwatering samosa.

To book your tour, go to Tripster to the section "Multi-day Tours". Select the country and offer you are interested in. On the page with detailed information about the trip you can find out the duration, the number of people in the group, the price. There is also information about accommodation and meals, the program, what is included in the price and what you will have to pay separately. You can find out who the organizer of the tour is, and read reviews about him. If you still have questions, you can ask the author of the trip. Stopping at one of the proposals, it can be booked, indicating the dates and the number of people. After confirming the reservation, the user pays 10% on Tripster (the rest of the amount will have to be transferred to the organizer). If the reservation is cancelled 48 hours before the start of the trip, the prepayment will be returned to the tourist's card. 

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