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Open Quotex demo account

Demo account at a broker Quotex can be opened without registering on the site qxbroker.com. It allows you to master the tools of the platform, understand the functions of the trading terminal, test strategies and practice trading. The demo account has an update function. When you reopen it, you can set the balance yourself.

How to open a demo account?

Open a demo account at BO broker Quotex can be accessed from the main page of the official website. Click "Open demo account" button to open demo account. In the opened form confirm that you really want to trade without risk. After that you will get into the trading terminal, where you will get 500,000 rubles. This money can be used for learning trading, testing strategies, mastering tools, etc.

The main feature of Quotex demo account is full compliance with the trading account. Here you can use the same instruments, adjust contract parameters, see profitable and loss-making trades. The broker does not set any time limits on using demo account. It means that you can use it not only for training, but also for testing new strategies.

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Updating and configuring settings

Once the money in the demo account runs out, you can update it. To update your demo account, click on the button with two circular arrows. After that, the account will be upgraded and virtual money will appear on it again. The broker does not limit the number of updates. If you want to change the recharge amount when upgrading, you can adjust the demo settings yourself. To do this, click on the pencil icon. In the field that opens, enter the desired recharge amount.

Functional limitations

The Quotex demo account is designed for learning and testing strategies. Without registration on the broker's website this account has some limitations, for example:

  • No access to deal analytics.
  • No access to the profile.
  • No access to the marketplace.
  • There is no access to communication with the helpdesk.
  • No access to signals.

When you try to access these features, you will be prompted to register on the site. Once an account is created, you can use a training account with support for all the features of the platform.

How to trade in a training account?

If you are new to binary options trading, first of all you need to get acquainted with the functionality of the trading terminal. Making the first contract is not difficult. To do so, select an asset (in the upper left corner of the page). After choosing the asset, study the chart and try to forecast the price movement, as it will change, for example, in 5 minutes. After that set the time of the contract, the price and make a bet on rise or fall of the price. After the contract time expires, you will see the result. If your forecast is correct, you will make a profit. If not, you will lose the bet.

Technically, trading binary options is easy. It is more difficult to master the principles of analytics, finding entry points and tools. To make it easier for beginners, Quotex broker offers free built-in signals. Opening the signals, you can see the forecasts made by analysts. Open the forecast, study the chart and try to understand why the analyst made such a forecast. At the same time, you should study, read books, articles, receive consultations from experienced traders.

When you realize that most of your contracts are profitable, you can fund a real account and start earning from binary options trading. Also read on our website how to register with Quotex broker, what signals are available on the platform, what strategies you can apply, how to withdraw your earnings and who needs to verify your identity.

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