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Bonuses, promo codes and promotions Quotex

Bonuses Quotex - This is a great opportunity to increase the deposit, and therefore the chances of making a profit. BO broker regularly gives its customers gifts that can be used as a means to enter into contracts or to obtain certain benefits. To use the gifts qxbroker.com with maximum benefit, you need to know a few rules.

Deposit bonus

This gift is given by Quotex to new customers on a deposit of $100 or more. You will get 30% to your deposit when you top up your account. This promotion is valid for new customers only. The money received can be withdrawn only after complying with the wagering conditions. After wagering you will be able to withdraw all money from the balance. The gift for depositing to the trading account may vary depending on the amount of the deposit. For an amount less than $100, you can get 20%. To receive 20% to the deposit you need to deposit 3,695 rubles. The gift is not credited for a lesser amount of deposit.

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Quotex has a great selection promo codes. They are distributed on the platform as part of ongoing promotions or from the company's partners. Promo codes entitle you to a variety of actions. Let's look at the types of promo codes:

  • Cancellation of the transaction. The coupon allows you to cancel a losing trade before it is hedged. The size of the trade must not exceed the maximum for the certificate. You can cancel a trade up to $3 for free without the coupon. To cancel for free, go to the market and cancel the trade that meets the set parameters.
  • Cashback. If you incur losses during the validity period of this certificate, the company will return you a portion of the money spent. The money is returned to the client's account and is available for use and withdrawal. The validity period of the coupon may vary. Coupons are distributed by Quotex partners or as part of ongoing tournaments and drawings.
  • Percentage of turnover. With this coupon, you can get back a portion of the money from open contracts. To get a refund, enter the secret code in the promotion field on the Market page. The promotion is valid for a certain period of time, and refunds are made according to the terms of the coupon.
  • Bonus to balance. Holders of this certificate can transfer bonus money to their balance without wagering. Coins are instantly transferred to the account without any additional conditions or restrictions on use. After the transfer, the funds are available for withdrawal. It is possible to receive a coupon as part of the events at the broker or partners of the company.
  • Automatic cancellation. The certificate gives the right to automatically cancel unprofitable trades with a difference of a certain number of points. The cancellation conditions are determined by the type of coupon. Certificates are distributed free of charge by partners of the company.

All available promotional offers can be viewed on the "Market" page. In order not to miss the prize giveaway, subscribe to the news of the company and its partners.

How to get and use the bonuses?

In order to get the deposit increment after registration, press the "Get 30% to deposit" button in your personal cabinet. After that, you will be prompted to fund your trading account. Enter the amount of payment and you will see what gift is available to you. After the deposit, you will receive a payment + bonus funds on your balance. To get a secret code, participate in promotions of the company and the broker's partners. Secret codes can be obtained in social networks and on websites of partners for participation in tournaments, contests and promotions. Certificates have a limited validity period.

How do I cancel the bonus?

If necessary, you can cancel the bonus at any time. You can do this in your personal cabinet. After cancellation, your balance will be reduced by the amount of the promo code. You can also cancel the bonus automatically. Automatic cancellation takes place when you withdraw funds with bonus accruals. In this case, you will receive the amount minus the free accruals. Also read on our website how to withdraw money from Quotex, how to register, how to use free signals, what strategies are allowed on the platform and how to open a demo account without registering on the website.

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