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Online service for instant and profitable purchases of excursions throughout Georgia, affiliate program and extensive booking options.
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6000, Georgia, City Batumi, Sh. Ximshiashvili Str., N17, F. N46
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Sightseeing excursions, Sightseeing trips, Sightseeing searches, Sightseeing cruises, Sightseeing trips, Photographer's services, Sailboat cruise booking, Sailboat cruises for sale
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Instant booking of unique car and walking tours to the most diverse corners of Georgia
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Registration8% for each paid order
The service allows you to plan a unique trip
Tourists and guides can use the service by signing a contract with the service to sell their services through the site
All information, payments and personal data of users that pass through the site are secure
You can book not only tours, but also transfer services, photographer and more.
Ability to book tours at low prices
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    6000, Georgia, City Batumi, Sh. Ximshiashvili Str., N17, F. N46

    Georgia For Travel is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: March 10, 2020 Updated: July 4, 2022

    Website Georgia4travel - is a portal of Georgia for Travel, which is a unique service that will help you plan a perfect trip to Georgia. You can choose any tour from those presented on the site. It can be a photo tour, a tour through different regions of Georgia or a winemaker's tour. The site has many suggestions that will interest even the most sophisticated tourist. The service is designed for guides who can offer their services to meet clients who need those services.

    It looks very interesting and, according to the information on the site, profitable for those who are planning their trip to Georgia. But isn't Georgia4travel a scam? Let's take a closer look at it and find out. reviews


    Why Georgia4travel

    Georgia is a unique country. There are many amazing places there, to visit which as an independent tourist is quite difficult. The service was created in 2019, but in this time it has already managed to collect on its site a lot of offers from tour guides, who offer their own tours. The ability to instantly book a tour and pay for it through the site with a bank card makes the service more convenient. customer reviews

    The benefits of the service:

    • The service allows you to plan a unique journey;
    • You can book not only tours, but also transfer services, photographer, you can even book a yacht for travel;
    • All information, payments and personal data of users that pass through the site are secure;
    • To take advantage of the service can not only tourists but also guides themselves, concluding a contract with the service to sell their services through the site;
    • Using the service, you can make your trip really unusual and do it quite profitable. user reviews


    How to sign up for Georgia for Travel

    You start your tour in Georgia at home from your mobile device or computer. To start, you need to choose a tour, date interval, and guide, and fill in your personal information and pay for it. Only service partners need to register on the site. If you want to become a partner of the company you need to click on the button "Login" in the upper right corner of the site and fill in a small questionnaire. The questionnaire is very simple, and it will not take you much time to fill it out.

    Personal Cabinet of Georgia For Travel

    A personal account is not created on the company's website if you decide to book a tour. If you want to become a partner of the site, your personal account will store your data and information about your bookings. registration

    Mobile application

    Georgia4travel does not have its own mobile app.


    How to buy tours on

    In order to buy a tour on the website you choose a service to begin with. You can choose an excursion with instant reservation without waiting for a response from the guide, ask the guide a question, and so on. Instant booking is not available for all excursions. to choose excursions

    How to book a tour

    After you have read everything you are interested in about the tour, asked the guide a question and selected the dates, you need to check the calendar on the same page with the available dates and click on "Book". After that you will have to fill out the form with your information and confirm the reservation. to book tours

    How to buy cheap tours?

    When choosing a tour, pay attention to the calendar. Among all the dates there are dates with the possibility to book tours at a discount at that time. It all depends on the tourist season. buy tours

    Tour return

    You can get a refund for the purchased excursion not earlier than 7 days before the date of the excursion. Please note that when booking a tour you must make an advance payment - 20% of the cost of the tour. The rest is paid depending on the conditions of the booked service, you can pay it in full or pay the rest of the amount to the guide. If you cancel the excursion, the prepayment is not refundable. refusal of an excursion

    More Georgia4travel website features

    In addition to selecting and booking excursions, both individual and group, you can become a partner of the service and offer their services.


    Paying for and receiving tours on the Georgia for Travel website

    When booking the service on the website of the service, as we have already written, you make an advance payment - 20% of the cost of the service. Or, if there is such a possibility, depending on the conditions of the service, you can pay the entire cost through the site.

    How to pay for tours online?

    In order to pay for the selected service online, you only need your bank card. Payment must be made no later than 48 hours before the start of the excursion. You can pay by bank cards of payment systems Visa or Mastercard.


    Georgia For Travel bonuses

    The company does not yet have a bonus program.

    Company stock

    It is possible that the company will still have seasonal promotions, but so far there is no information about them on the website.

    Loyalty Program

    The company has no loyalty program.

    Gift certificates, vouchers

    The company has no gift certificates.


    The company does not use a promo code system on its website.

    Discounts for congress participants

    Discounts are provided not by the service itself, but by its participants. Therefore, it is up to them to provide discounts to participants of travel congresses.

    Referral program

    The service has has developed its own affiliate program. Thanks to this program, you can get up to 8% from each booking made through a transition from your site. The service remembers the data of those who come to its site and the addresses from which the transitions are made. Within 3 months, if a client who came to the site through your link and booked a tour during that time, you will be credited with a percentage. referral program


    Complaints about

    The company has not been operating for very long, but there are many reviews on its work, and most of them are positive. Clients of the service praise the way their trips were organized, praise the guides and the way their tour was structured. Since the service is most often used to book not just a walking tour, but a real trip through the mountains or in remote regions of Georgia, many customers praise the way the trip was organized - the road, lunch on the way and so on. There are practically no negative reviews of the service. reviews

    If there are any reviews about Georgia4travel service, we will definitely publish the information in social networks. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Georgia4travel supervisory authorities

    The company is not a travel agent. It is an intermediary online service between clients and guides, so it does not have a travel agency license. The company is not a tax agent.

    Georgia for Travel User Agreement

    The service's user agreement can be found in the basement of the company's website. The document is quite small, but interesting; it regulates the operation of the service and the procedure for providing services. user agreement

    If you plan to provide your services through the site, in paragraph "2" spelled out all the data that the service provider (guide) must provide. guide data

    Please note that if you pay for the excursion through the service, you will have to make an advance payment in any case. The rest you can pay either in cash to the guide, or through the service by agreement with the guide. service prepayment

    And the last point of the agreement concerns the security of the data that is provided on the site. data security

    The contract is quite small. But you should read it before using the service.

    Georgia For Travel website security

    The site is protected by a security certificate, which should guarantee the security of your data. All financial transactions through the site are protected by payment systems. Customer Service

    You can contact the company's support team by email.


    Is Georgia4travel a scam?

    Georgia4travel - is an online service, which will help you make your vacation in Georgia more interesting and diverse. The service has been working recently, but there are already a lot of positive feedbacks from customers, who managed not just to book an interesting excursion, but also to get a real pleasant adventure. We have studied how the online service Georgia4travel works: its portal, documents, payment and work system and came to the conclusion that the service itself is not a scam. But there are a few things to pay attention to and keep in mind:

    • The service is only an intermediary, the service itself is provided by guides, who post information about their excursions on the site. Therefore, before booking, look at the rating of the guide, you can read reviews of his work on the Internet;
    • Service is not registered in Russia and is not a tax resident, so it will be better to choose the option of payment when you pay in advance only a prepayment, even if the conditions allow you to pay for the tour in full.

    Otherwise, Georgia4travel portal is designed to make your trip to Georgia really unique. You just need to choose the region you would like to visit, the date and the excursion.



    Many guides now prefer to work individually, giving not just tours, but organizing entire trips, thinking of everything from meeting at the airport to meals at roadside cafes. That is why portals and online intermediaries have begun to appear to help such guides find their clients.

    Service Georgia4travel - this is exactly the kind of service. There is no bonus system yet, but an affiliate program is already in operation. It is possible that the service will continue to develop, and there will be additions for users. What is convenient is that you can see the rating of each guide offering his services, as well as the simplest mechanism not only to book the service, but also the possibility of providing their own.

    Variety of tours
    Quality of services
    Customer Service


    • Online service for booking excursions throughout Georgia...

      Online service for booking excursions throughout Georgia "Georgia For Travel" has a good reputation, although it cannot be said that it enjoys great popular. Its customers were satisfied with the following points: low prices, interesting excursion programs, convenient website and high quality of service. In a small number of negative reviews, clients of the service write about problems with refunds. And our visitors have booked tours with Georgia For Travel? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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