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    FlashObmen is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: 7 November 2019 Updated: July 29, 2022

    FlashObmen - exchanger e-currencies, which is created for those who need to quickly, safely and at an affordable rate to transfer different types of e-money and cryptocurrencies. There is also a referral program for partners. There is also a special service "merchant", which will help organize the reception of currency on the client's site or in the online store. API of the project is clear and functional. System contains all set of functions for comfortable and safe conversion of the common digital money and cryptocurrencies. The software is created by professionals with observance of modern security rules.

    The advantage of the service is the reliability and attractiveness of the courses in all areas. The site has a 24-hour online chat, where operators are always ready to answer all customers' questions. It is also possible to contact the consultants by the phone number indicated on the site. Other advantages of the service:

    • almost instant and secure currency exchange that takes place in manual mode;
    • bonuses for invitations and discounts even without registration;
    • merchant connection.

    But due to the age of the exchanger, many customers are worried whether they will encounter scammers. To find out that FlashObmen is not a scam or a fraud scheme, study the review of the service.

    FlashObmen is a scam? Reviews


    FlashObmen currency exchange platform

    FlashObmen works with payment systems Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, Payeer, QIWI, Exmo, Advcash and cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dogecoin (How to make money on cryptocurrency?). As for bank directions, the project allows you to transfer funds from and to cards Visa/Mc, Monobank, Sberbank, Privatbank.

    These are popular destinations for which exchanges are made every day by thousands of people. Therefore, many companies try to create sites where it can be done quickly and without problems. This makes it possible at any time of the day without having to stand in line at banks and other financial institutions. Each service tries to attract the maximum number of clients and offers for this purpose discounts, affiliate programs, optimal conditions and affordable prices. FlashObmene is a project that works recently, but has already proved to be a reliable exchanger. For convenient work of users the administration has developed an intuitive site with several sections, where there is all the necessary information for transactions.

    When entering the site, the service warns that it does not offer income schemes and conduct all exchange operations only on the site flashobmen.com. To avoid falling into the trap of scammers, do not respond to messages and agree to exchanges not through the site, but directly.

    At the top of the home page there are contact information and opening hours. There are also buttons for registration, logging into a client account and switching from Russian to English. Below there are columns with the names of the directions. Under them you can see the latest reviews, news and reserves for each of the currencies that are available for exchange.

    flashobmen.com exchange platform

    In addition, at the bottom there are statistics showing the number of registrations and exchanges. Below them there are buttons that take you to the sites of the exchanger's partners, among which there are forums and monitors, where you can read the reviews of other clients.

    FlashExchange exchange statistics

    The "About Us" section contains information about the service and its advantages. It's also important to study the "Rules" block, which spells out the terms of exchanges, rules and obligations of the parties. The "Questions" page contains the answers that users are most often interested in. "Reviews" is a page that contains the opinions of customers about working with the service. Now there are already collected about 3000 comments from users. All of them are satisfied with the cooperation, note the efficiency of work and affordable rates.

    FlashObmen about the service

    There is no other information on the resource. Nothing distracts or interferes with your work. Fast execution of the transaction and the same fast processing are the undoubted advantages of the exchanger.


    E-money exchange via FlashExchange

    FlashExchange allows you to exchange money between payment systems Yandex.Money, Perfect MoneyPayeer, QIWI, Exmo, Advcash and cards Visa/Mc, Monobank, Sberbank, Privatbank. You can also buy and sell cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dogecoin.

    The exchange takes place in manual mode, but applications are processed very quickly. Transfer to the wallet after payment is made instantly. If the funds have not come within 20 minutes, you must check the status of the application in the "Exchange Transactions" personal account, if there are no errors, you need to contact support in online chat. It is not possible to pay the transfer directly into your wallet. You can only do this through the application, created on the site. Direct payments are refunded minus a commission.

    Receiving applications

    Make an application for flashobmen.com you can do on the main page and in the "Exchange" section. To do this, you need to select the directions for the transfer in the "Give" and "Receive" columns. After that, an exchange calculator will appear on the right, where you need to specify the amount available for the transfer. Under the line with it you will see the minimum or maximum, if any. Also here will be noted information about the fee of the PS, if it charges it.

    In the "Receive" line will appear automatically calculated amount to be received. Below you will need to specify the contact information: email and phone number. After clicking on the button "Make the exchange" the service will redirect you to further execution of the transaction. Following the instructions, you need to complete the transaction by paying for it and confirming it.

    flashobmen.com exchange calculator

    FlashObmen Commission

    FlashObmen commissions are included in exchange rates. Some payment systems take their own percentage for transactions:

    • Yandex.Money and Perfect Money - 0.5%;
    • Sberbank and Payeer - 1%;
    • Exmo - 0.61%.

    Currency of operations

    FlashObmen works with rubles, euros, dollars, hryvnias and cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dogecoin.


    Verification at flashobmen.com

    To enjoy discounts and other benefits flashobmen.com, it is necessary to fill out the registration form. To do this, enter your login, e-mail, password (your own or generated by the service) and agree with the rules of the project. They are written at the bottom of the registration form for convenience, so the client does not need to click links to other pages of the site. After the registration is complete, the user will have access to all the necessary information about their account.

    FlashObase registration on the service

    "Exchange transactions" - the history of all transactions of the client. "Finance" contains information about the balance in different currencies. Also here you can withdraw earned money and activate auto-withdrawal. In addition, here is the history of all financial transactions, including partner bonuses, merchant receipts, statistics on withdrawals and bonuses.

    In the "Affiliate Program" you can find the partner level and statistics of referrals with a complete list. Also here you can find an affiliate link to attract new clients. In "Details" you can add accounts in different payment systems. After their saving you can use these requisites in execution of transactions and withdraw the earned money to them. "Feedback" contains a form in which you can leave your opinion about the exchanger. The "Payment acceptance at the website" section allows you to connect a merchant for your online store or other resource.

    flashobmen.com what is a merchant


    FlashExchange bonuses

    FlashExchange offers the use of an affiliate program and cumulative discounts.

    Affiliate Program

    FlashObmen invites all users, site owners and administrators to join an affiliate program. To participate in it, you have to:

    • register on the site;
    • invite friends via a personal link available in the Client Cabinet.

    From each operation of a referral, the partner receives income as a percentage of the profits of the service. The percentage depends on the partner's level. The amount of discount for personal transfers is also calculated based on this level. It is determined by the total volume of transactions (personal and clients invited using the affiliate link) according to the following formula: personal volume + (volume of referrals) / 3. Levels of the affiliate program:

    FlashExchange affiliate program

    Cumulative system

    The service offers a cumulative discount, which depends on the total number of exchanges. The more transactions were made on the project, the higher the discount. It is calculated according to the same scheme as the percentage of charges for the affiliate program. If the user exchanges money himself and invites other clients, he will be able to sum up the amount of transactions and get discounts for exchanges.


    Complaints about FlashObmen

    Although FlashObmen is a young exchanger, there are more than 2,000 reviews on Bestchange. There are also about 3,000 comments on the site itself. All customers praise the efficiency of technical support and processing exchange requests. There are no complaints about the service.

    FlashObmen customer reviews

    If there are any reviews about FlashObmen, we'll be sure to post them on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

    FlashObmen regulation and licenses

    You can perform exchange transactions online by obtaining authorization documents, such as a WebMoney Authorization Certificate. Before making transactions on a particular site, it is necessary to find out whether the operators of the service have such a document.

    License and regulator

    The site flashobmen.com does not specify that the company has a WebMoney certificate. To be confident in the reliability and honesty of the exchanger, it is better to clarify this point with the administration of the project.

    Where can I complain about flashobmen.com?

    To make a complaint about FlashExchange you can write to the operators through online chat on the website, by e-mail or by calling the phone number listed on the website. You can also complain about the service on this page.

    FlashExchange Support Service

    FlashObmen provides support in several ways:

    FlashObmen User Agreement

    The agreement is available in the "Rules" section. It is noted that by using the technical means of the project by submitting an application, the client instructs, and the exchanger for a fee performs actions to receive and transfer the required amount to the requisites specified by the user. Any positive difference which may arise as a result of such actions is transferred to the benefit of the project as a premium payment for commission services. The agreement also specifies the terms of transactions:

    flashobmen.com user agreement

    The project is not responsible for damages caused by such an error if incorrect details of the recipient are provided. If there is a delay in the receipt of funds or they were not credited at all due to the fault of the payment system, the exchanger is not liable for damages. In this case, any claim should be presented to the payment system itself, and the project can help within its capabilities.

    If after the verification of the bank card the user sends money from another account or uses the services of third parties, FlashObm may terminate the contract and return the funds received to the card from which the transfer came. In this case will be withheld 10% of the received amount as compensation for the time spent on the service. Warranty obligations:

    FlashExchange warranty obligation

    Transfers from cards in England, Germany, America and Canada are delayed for the time required to verify the cardholder. Until the checks are completed, no action will be taken on these funds.


    FlashObmen is a scam?

    FlashObmen - a young exchange office, working with popular payment systems, cryptocurrencies and banking destinations. The administration has developed a website with secure software and hired professional operators who answer customers' questions in the online chat 24 hours a day and help conduct transactions. To attract even more users, the project offers affordable courses, a multi-level affiliate program, which also accrues personal discounts, as well as a merchant that allows you to connect payments on your site.

    Despite the fact that there is no information about the license and other approvals, the absence of complaints and claims, positive feedbacks on the site and exchangers monitoring indicate that FlashObmene is not a scam, but a reliable project. It is constantly developing, so clients like to work with this modern and safe service.



    FlashObmen has been offering e-money and cryptocurrency exchange services for just over a year. Now it offers clients:

    • handy site;
    • manual mode of application processing;
    • participation in the affiliate program;
    • a cumulative discount;
    • merchant connection.

    Those users who have already transferred title units or cryptocurrencies with FlashObmen can tell about how the transaction went on this page. This will allow other clients to evaluate the project's work and make the right choice. In addition, comments affect the overall rating of the exchanger, which makes it easier to determine the safety of the service.

    Deposit and withdrawal
    Transaction speed
    Customer Service


    • complete divorce

      I wired them money on my card to buy euros and send them to paypal. No money, no service. I was blocked on Telegram.

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    • We found a lot of reviews about...

      We found a lot of reviews about the service. Most of them are positive. Clients are satisfied with the speed of crediting funds, The company’s technical support does not cause criticism. The work of technical support does not cause criticism either.

      Particular complaints about exchanger we did not find. This means that users have no problems. But it could also be that they just don’t leave comments about them. So we ask those who have done translations on FlashObmen to leave their feedback. Perhaps you can tell us about disadvantages in the work of the project. If you have a positive estimate the service, also share your opinion in the comments.

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