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Experienced and reliable exchanger of digital money offers safe and fast transactions, favorable exchange rates, convenient personal account, etc.
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    ExchangeX is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: July 6, 2018 Updated: July 29, 2022

    ExchangeX - one of the most experienced and popular services for working with digital money, offering its services to Internet users in the market since 2007. The project has a lot of advantages: fast and profitable exchange of the most popular types of electronic money, convenience and transparency of cooperation, high-quality support service, etc. Today all this only attracts the attention of holders of digital currencies to the site (customer reviews can be left below).

    And yet, exchanger ExchangeX - is it a scam, a fraudulent resource or a reliable and safe platform that guarantees fast transactions, favorable rates and safety of users' electronic funds? Find the answer to these questions by reading the review of the exchanger. reviews


    Exchangex currency exchange platform

    ExchangeX is a modern and functional space for conducting profitable transactions, convenient primarily for those who need to quickly and profitably exchange electronic money. The project has already established itself as a successful and reliable organization, not the first year of working with clients and providing them with stable quality service. There are quite a large number of those who "live" here on the Internet quite actively: people make purchases, render services, work in companies, participate in stocks, transfer money, invest it, do trading, for example, at forex.

    Each such organization often uses different methods of payment, so electronic money became widespread, followed by currency exchange services. Today there are quite a lot of such services, but if we talk about a reliable platform for work, ExchangeX is a project proven by time, having a stable positive reputation, high ratings, offering some of the most favorable offers on the market.

    ExchangeX will help to quickly and easily exchange funds provided by sponsors, employers, forex brokers, make quick money transfers as payment for goods and various services. Here you can work with such popular online digital currencies as WebMoney, PayPal, Skrill, Yandex.Money and Qiwi. On the page with exchange rates you can view the entire list of available pairs for making a request - more than 70 items, of which it is easy to find the option that suits the user. For example, it can be transactions in the directions PayPal -> WebMoney, Skrill -> WebMoney, WebMoney, Skrill, PayPal, QiWi -> YandexMoney, etc. In addition to these options you can apply for the payment system, which is not on the official site of the exchanger exchangex.ruYou only need to specify it in your order. user reviews is an exchanger distinguished by its simple operating principle, it attracts by the availability of digital money, which is especially popular in our country. It is a great alternative to the usual banks with their endless queues and lengthy money exchange procedures, which offers safe operation and the possibility of convenient round-the-clock transactions via the Internet without leaving home. Going to the site, you can immediately make the first application to exchange money by pressing the button "Submit an application" and that's all - you become a member of the system, and no special registration procedure is required.

    Note here the convenience of the site, its usefulness and informativeness. The project will please you with a simple and comfortable design, lack of bright colors, lots of tabs. It is easy to get started here, it is worth to study the section with questions, a forum. The site supports the Russian and English language, which makes interaction with it comfortable. About the current exchange rate, as well as the reserve of funds - that is, the money available for exchange on the site, you can find out in a special information block, located on the main page of the resource on the left.


    Exchange of electronic money in

    Exchangex offers exchange of popular digital currencies in our country: WebMoney, PayPal, Skrill, Yandex.Money and QiWi. On the site you can see the full list of available pairs for exchange - it is more than 70 items, for example:

    • PayPal -> WebMoney, Skrill, etc.
    • Skrill -> WebMoney, WebMoney, Skrill, PayPal, etc.
    • QiWi -> PayPal, WebMoney, YandexMoney, etc.
    • WebMoney -> Skrill, PayPal, YandexMoney, etc.

    Receiving applications

    The project accepts exchange requests from clients automatically through the website. Processing of these requests: 9:00-24:00 MSK. Exchange terms: 0-24 hours. customer reviews

    ExchangesExchange Commission

    Minimum fee: 3-5 USD (150-300 rubles), it may be less for regular customers, for those who exchange large amounts of money.

    Currency of operations

    The project conducts currency exchange operations in rubles and dollars, but it is possible to make requests for other currencies, be sure to specify this information in the application on the site. Also, commissions differ depending on the system from which funds are transferred, and the currency of exchange. from PayPal in euros:

    • to Qiwi and Yandex.Money - 11.5% or 3.5 euros for amounts less than 30.43 euros;
    • To Skrill - 15% or 3.5 euros for amounts less than 23.33 euros;
    • to WebMoney in euros - 12.5% or 3.5 euros for amounts less than 28 euros;
    • To WebMoney in rubles and dollars - 10% or 3.5 euros for amounts less than 35 euros.

    with PayPal in rubles:

    • To Qiwi and Yandex.Money - 11,5% or 300 rubles for amounts less than 2608.7 rubles;
    • to Skrill - 15% or 300 rubles for amounts less than 2000 rubles;
    • to WebMoney in euros - 12,5% or 300 rubles for amounts less than 2400 rubles;
    • To WebMoney in rubles and dollars - 10% or 300 rubles for amounts less than 3000 rubles.

    with PayPal in dollars:

    • to Qiwi and Yandex.Money - 11.5% or $5 for amounts less than $43.48;
    • on Skrill - $15% or $5 for amounts less than $33.33;
    • to WebMoney in euros - $12.5% or $5 for amounts less than $410;
    • to WebMoney in rubles and dollars - 10% or $5 for amounts less than $50.

    With Qiwi:

    • to PayPal in euros, dollars and WebMoney in euros - 9,9% or 300 rubles for amounts less than 3030,30 rubles;
    • to PayPal in rubles - 8,3% or 300 rubles for amounts less than 3614,46 rubles;
    • to Skrill - 12,4% or 300 rubles for amounts less than 2419,35 rubles;
    • To WebMoney in rubles and dollars - 7,4% or 300 rubles for amounts less than 4054,05 rubles;
    • to Yandex.Money - 8,9% or 300 rubles for sums less than 3370,79 rubles.

    from Skrill in euros:

    • To PayPal in euros, dollars, WebMoney in euros - 7.4% or 3.75 euros for amounts less than 50.68 euros;
    • To PayPal in rubles - 5.8% or 3.75 euros for amounts less than 64.66 euros;
    • To Qiwi and Yandex.Money - 6.4% or 3.75 euros for amounts less than 58.59 euros;
    • On WebMoney in rubles and dollars - 4.9% or 3.75 euros for amounts less than 76.53 euros.

    from Skrill in dollars:

    • to PayPal in euros, dollars, WebMoney in euros - 7.4% or $5 for amounts less than $67.57
    • on PayPal in rubles - $5.8% or $5 for amounts less than $86.21;
    • to Qiwi and Yandex.Money - 6.4% or $5 for amounts less than $78.13;
    • On WebMoney in rubles and dollars - 4.9% or $5 for amounts less than $102.04.

    with WebMoney in euros:

    • to PayPal in euros, dollars - 6.9% or 2.5 euros for amounts less than 36.23 euros;
    • To PayPal in rubles - 5.3% or 2.5 euros for amounts less than 47.17 euros;
    • To Qiwi and Yandex.Money - 5.9% or 2.5 euros for amounts less than 42.37 euros;
    • on Skrill - 9,4% or 2,5 euros for amounts less than 26,60 euros.

    with WebMoney in rubles:

    • To PayPal in euros and dollars - 14,4% or 150 rubles for amounts less than 1041,67 rubles;
    • to PayPal in rubles - 12,8% or 150 rubles for amounts less than 1171,89 rubles;
    • To Qiwi and Yandex.Money - 13,4% or 150 rubles for sums less than 1119,41 rubles;
    • to Skrill - 16,9% or 150 rubles for amounts less than 887,57 rubles.

    with WebMoney in dollars:

    • on PayPal in euros and dollars - 4.4% or $2.5 for amounts less than $56.82;
    • on PayPal in rubles - 2.8% or $2.5 for amounts less than $89.29;
    • to Qiwi and Yandex.Money - 3.4% or $2.5 for amounts less than $73.53;
    • on Skrill - $6.9% or $2.5 for amounts less than $36.23.

    with Yandex.Money:

    • to PayPal in euros and dollars - 6.9% or 300 rubles for amounts less than 4347.83 rubles;
    • to PayPal in rubles - 5,3% or 300 rubles for amounts less than 5660,38 rubles;
    • To Qiwi and Yandex.Money - 5,9% or 300 rubles for amounts less than 5084,75 rubles;
    • to Skrill - 9,4% or 300 rubles for amounts less than 3191,49 rubles.



    Verification in the system is optional and transactions can be performed for unauthorized users. However, authorized clients receive a number of advantages. To register, when making an application, you specify the e-mail address, full name, phone number, other means of communication, etc., the mail should receive information for work. Verification of user data is carried out manually by a manager, and subsequent operations are already carried out automatically at a certain time - from 9:00 to 00:00 Moscow time.

    The fraud protection program works around the clock, applications are initially in Chacking status, their thorough check is made. After the first application all authorized users get even more benefits, can use separate privileges, commissions, affiliate program. On the site it is forbidden to conduct transactions in favor of third parties. answers to questions


    ExChangeX bonuses

    The exchanger offers several discounts.

    Discount to 22%

    Special discount for those who constantly use the service to exchange large amounts of currencies: for the turnover of 50 USD - from 2%, for the turnover of 51,200 USD - 22%. By choosing Exchangex for these transactions, the user can enjoy the benefits of constant cooperation.

    Personal commissions

    Such commissions are proposed by the draft for those clients who work with him for a long time.


    Complaints about Exchangex

    Exchangex Exchange works in the market for quite a long time, that's why there are a lot of reviews about it from users on the web today. Most often, customers praise the responsibility and honesty, stability and safety of its work, fast transactions, favorable commission for transactions, transparent terms of interaction, convenience of the personal account, professionalism of technical support managers, who are always going to make concessions to users, the option of currency reserve, the lack of connection with fraudulent programs.

    It should also be noted that a representative of the company works on the forums, who tells about promotions, answers users' questions, and explains the details of cooperation with the project, which makes interaction with it more reliable. Negative aspects are also noted, although much less frequently, such as the long responses of technical support, the complicated procedure of checking user data, and large commissions.

    If there are any reviews about ExchangeX, we'll be sure to publish the information on social networks. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Regulation and licenses

    License and regulator

    The safety and reliability of the Exchangex exchanger is proved by the personal certificate of WebMoney merchant (issued by the Certification Center on September 20, 2005), which allows the participant of the payment system to exchange money in the automated mode. It should be noted that the number of transactions at the site and the presence of user claims are taken into account when calculating this index. Moreover, a passport photo was provided to checking service, all data of WMID creator was confirmed, the place of user's registration was checked. So, thanks to the big experience of work the site has high BL level (business level: more than 1883) which proves its successful activity.

    Where to complain about the exchanger?

    If there are any problems, customers can send a complaint about the project:

    • WebMoney regulator, which issues personal certificates to such projects and the presence of complaints from customers of the company for him - a reason to review the certification and status of the project;
    • Exchangex managers, who are interested in fast problem solving and long-term cooperation with the client. It is not for nothing that the site of the exchanger says that the company "Every client is important! And this is the law!

    Customer Service

    Technical support is carried out in different ways (ICQ, Skype, e-mail):

    • ICQ: 444840968, Skype: (Karina, the first consultant).
    • E-Mail: [email protected]
    • Phone: on request, for large customers only.

    It is worth noting that exchange operations, as well as correspondence, and communication with managers are carried out only in the interface of the site, which is reported here in several places at once in order to prevent possible cooperation between users of the project with scammers who offer to exchange money on behalf of the company, most often in Skype and ISQ, but eventually deceive them. information about cheating how to spot a scam

    User agreement

    This document, which in this project is called "Rules", is important to study for a user who plans to make a currency exchange request here. It publishes information about how the exchange procedure takes place, in which case there may be penalties, as well as information about commissions, etc. On the page "Rules" on the left there is a fair recommendation to study this information and strictly adhere to it, otherwise, in the case of violations the service will put penalties, reject the application. What does it say in the "Rules"? Let us demonstrate by examples. For example, here you can read that all customer requests take the status of "pending" and are processed by the company staff, including the verification of information about the user, who must be prepared to provide the manager with additional information: exchange rules

    In addition, the document also states that the submission of an application is not a guarantee that the operation will be performed, as it does not serve as a commitment of the project to perform the application. Managers may not carry out the operation of exchange, to abandon it in case of any doubts: refusal to exchange

    When starting to work on a project, you should understand that the terms of currency exchange are always different, and the manager informs the client about this. At the same time, with long-term cooperation these terms are reduced, can be performed in an accelerated mode, if the company is confident in the safety of the transaction: exchange terms


    Exchangex is a scam?

    Exchangex Exchange - is an experienced service operating in the market of such services for more than 10 years. Today the company is the leader offering high-quality digital money exchange services. The project is trusted by a large number of users, for whom the speed of transactions and favorable commissions are important. On the official website the company offers a fast exchange of money and transparent operations, it is easy and simple to understand the principle of work here before you start transactions. For this purpose there are reference sections available, after reading them you can immediately start executing a transaction.

    The brand is also thinking about promotions and favorable commissions for regular users. It is possible to exchange more than 70 types of currencies of the most popular payment systems in our country. The presence of the checked personal certificate in WebMoney makes the work more secure and reliable, as the status and success of the brand is confirmed by a large number of performed transactions. Technical support of the service is distinguished by professionalism, openness, it confirms clients' requests as quickly as possible.

    Users in numerous reviews praise the managers for their correctness, for the constant concessions on their part, for help in solving difficult situations and fast transactions. The official website of the project has a notice that the services of currency exchange in Skype on behalf of the company offer scammers, the same brand manager often writes about it online, warning customers against possible loss of money. This confirms that the company cares about its reputation and its users' money and is one of the strongest factors of brand trust in the Internet audience. Let's also note here that the company has not been noticed in fraudulent schemes, has no stories of deception and divorce of clients.

    The principle of the project is very simple and in order to take advantage of its advanced features, it is enough to make the first transaction on the official website, then the identity verification of a new user will be initiated. After that, the client can easily exchange currencies by logging into a personal account, he will receive a number of benefits that make cooperation with the site more profitable.

    We would also like to point out again that most of the comments about the project are positive, and most often users praise the reliability and honesty of the service, safety and transparency, fast transactions, favorable commissions, convenient personal account, etc. There are also negative comments, but they usually refer to the lack of communication with the managers, large commissions. There is an active online manager from the company, who answers users' questions and tells about promotions. Still, is the Exchangex exchanger a scam, a scam and a fraudulent resource? We are not ready to draw such a conclusion about the service, which has a successful experience, positive reputation, large customer base, etc.



    Exchangex is definitely worth attention of the Internet audience as an experienced and reliable resource, which allows exchanging the most popular digital money quickly and safely. Users are waited by transparent work of the project, convenient personal cabinet, actions, simple process of registration of the application, fast communication with technical support. Professionalism of service confirms its status in the project WebMoney.

    At this point, we will not unequivocally conclude that Exchangex - is a scam and fraud. However, we would like to ask users of the resource here to leave their feedback on his work, because these comments can affect the rating of the site, in time to warn other customers about the problems of the project.

    Deposit and withdrawal
    Transaction speed
    Customer Service


    • Terrible exchanger not only that 15 hours...

      Terrible exchanger not only that 15 hours on me mocked, then they need to send the documents, the personal account, where I got the money in my account, I asked to withdraw quickly for they write that if you ask that will translate, no on the contrary increased the time for 72 hours. Technical support is terrible in short I would have already been able to get a visa to Germany in that time. In the end, all the reviews are bought, wrote that I would write a bad review about you, immediately The same rejected the application. In general, guys do not advise messing with this office and dakumentov require who knows them tomorrow they break in and all the documents on in the hands of burglars badly and very badly!

      Reply to this review
    • There are many reviews about the project...

      There are many reviews about the project on third-party sites. Most customers say that transactions are fast. The site works The personal account is stable, the personal account is easy to use, and the technical support staff is competent and professional. Rare complaints are about the long waiting time for enrollment funds. There is also a problem with the difficulty of verification. Not all customers are answered in a timely manner, some have to wait a long time for answers to their questions. They also don’t like the fact that in case they need to return the money, a 10% commission is charged. Would you recommend it to your friends? Exchangex? Tell us if you did translations with it and if you liked working with the project. You can do it in the comments below.

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